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Disclaimer: I do not own the character of the Harry Potter world or the world itself. I own Allie, Dee, Lydia, and the plot.

I rubbed my temples as I sat up on a cushy surface. Opening my eyes despite my throbbing headache, I looked at my surroundings. I appeared to be on a train that was whizzing through some countryside. Weird. Where was I?

The last thing I could remember was Allie going downstairs to get some cookies. I had bent under the computer desk to unplug her computer. I remembered holding the plug in my hand... but that was all. What happened after that?

I didn't have much time to think, because a red-headed boy, a brown-haired girl, and a black-haired boy stumbled into the little room I was in. My eyes widened. Oh. My. Gosh. Tell me I'm dreaming.

"Daniel Radcliffe?" I choked, staring at the black-haired boy. He gave me a funny look.

"Sorry?" he asked in a British accent.

"Aren't you Daniel Radcliffe?" I asked again. He shook his head.

"I'm Harry, and these are my friends Ron and Hermione. Are you new?" I blinked. No. Way.

"Um. Yeah." I stared at the trio and blinked again. I am in a coma. Yes, that is it, I must be in a coma. Or dreaming.

"Oh, you must be the American foreign exchange student!" Hermione cried. I raised my eyebrows.

"I don't think I'm supposed to be here," I stammered, trying to escape the compartment. Maybe if I went to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face, I'd wake up.

"No, sit down. We don't mind sharing the compartment with you," Harry said softly, gazing at me with adoring eyes. Why is he looking at me all funny?
"I just need to use the bathroom- er, the loo- for a second," I said, stumbling out the door. I frowned as I tripped over my shoe again. Why was I being so clumsy? When I looked down to see what was going on with my feet, two things happened. First off, I noticed that my feet looked smaller than they usually did. Then I realized that I had grown about three inches, putting me around 5'7" instead of my usual 5'4". Then a lock of pale golden hair fell into my eyes. My eyes widened as I pulled out my ponytail and a wave of blonde locks fell around my shoulders. I screamed.

"What's wrong?" the trio cried, their heads poking out the door. I shook my head.

"N-nothing! Nothing at all!" I squeaked. "Just a toad!" A nearby door slid opened.

"Did you find Tre-" a boy began. "Wow. She's hott." I gaped. It looked like the boy who played Neville in the Harry Potter movies. His face turned red and he frowned.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that," he stammered, locking himself back into his compartment. I continued on to the bathroom. Why had Neville said that? It was quite out of character for him. I sighed and entered the bathroom. I dampened a washcloth and laid it on my face, feeling the cool water on my skin. I pulled it off and gazed in the mirror. This was one heck of a weird dream. I tugged at my newly blonde locks. Why would I dream about having blonde hair? I'd never wanted blonde hair. I liked my reddish hair. It was fun. I took a step back and gazed at my upper body and frowned. Something was wrong. I turned and looked at my profile, then gasped. My chest. It was bigger. Why was my chest bigger?!? My bra was a 34B when I was on planet Earth. Why was I suddenly looking like a 32D? Or 34DD? And what happened to my love handles? My curves?!? Why was I skinny? I gaped at my reflection and reached for the doorknob, willing myself out of this crazy world. And what was I wearing? I would never wear such a short skirt! And my top! Waaaay too low cut! I was bouncing around like a two year old on a sugar high! I tried pulling the top up to cover my chest but the bottom rose too, showing a very tone- and tan- stomach. This was not right. I stumbled out of the bathroom.

"Well, hello there, beautiful."

"Oh my gosh," I whispered. In front of me stood the one, the only, the gorgeous Tom Felton. Or, in this case, Draco Malfoy. He snickered.

"Are my good looks that stunning?" I was torn between admiring his chest through his tight shirt and making a comeback for his self-absorbed remark as he gently pushed me up against a wall.

"I can show you more things that look good," he insinuated, nuzzling my neck. Whoa, moving fast much? Heck no. 

"What are you doing?!?" I screeched, pushing him away. He looked shocked at my rejection.

"I was just being friendly," he said defensively. I rolled my eyes in disgust.

"Well I'd hate to see how you treat girls you actually know." I stormed back to the compartment and sat down next to Harry and across from Ron and Hermione.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Malfoy thought he'd get to know the new kid," I spat. Harry jumped up, enraged.

"WHY THAT LITTLE-" I grabbed his arm and pulled him down.

"Harry. It's not that big of a deal," I said, confused. What was wrong with this kid's temper?

"Sorry, I just don't want to see him hurt you. What is your name, by the way?" he apologized.

"Demeter," I said without thinking. "Sorry, I mean Dee. That's what everyone calls me." I frowned. Why had I said Demeter? I never introduced myself with the name that is my mother's sick sense of romance.

"Demeter. That's a beautiful name," Harry sighed, scooting closer to me. I inched away.

"We'll call you Demeter," Hermione confirmed. "Won't we, Ronald?"

"Yeah, Demeter."

We rode to the castle together in the flying carriages. The height made me a little sick, but oh well. It was kind of fun.

"Students, we have a new student entering into seventh year. Her name is Demeter DeMonte. She is an American foreign exchange student. Please make her welcome," Dumbledore announced, motioning for me to take a seat on a stool in front of everyone. I frowned as I walked to the chair. If I was in seventh year, then Dumbledore should be dead. And Malfoy should be in Azkaban, or something. McGonagall placed the Sorting Hat on my head. I sat in silence, hoping it could answer some of my questions. 

"You're a foreign exchanger and blonde.

You might not know what's going on.

In Love with Harry is the story

It's the same old, same old.

Don't fret; no need to worry.

The plot's already growing mold.

This girl has no talent or skill,

A mindless fanfiction writer.

You might lose some free will,

And the drama won't get lighter.

But if I were you, Demeter,

I'd hurry and get to the end fast.

This story sure isn't a keeper,

Complete the plot and be free at last."

I gaped as the Hat muttered one last comment to me.

"I'll try to make this easy." Then it loudly yelled, "GRYFFINDOR!" So what exactly was the Hat asking me to do? Make Harry Potter fall in love with me and then be released back into the real world? This was totally insane. I tried pinching myself as I was pushed towards the long table of cheering Gryffindors. Nope, no luck. I was still in this dream-turned-nightmare.

"Come sit here, we saved you a seat Demeter!" Harry called, beaming at me. I smiled. At least it wouldn't be hard to make him fall for me. He appeared to already be halfway there.

"Thanks, Harry!" I said, laying my hand on his shoulder and smiling. I hadn't had much practice turning on my flirt buttons, but now was as good of a time as any. I mean, this was ridiculous. As I drew the fork to my mouth, I felt a funny feeling in my stomach. I looked around. I no longer held a fork in my hand, but a notebook. I was sitting in what looked like the Gryffindor Common Room. I sighed. Apparently the writer had decided that the dinner scene was unimportant to the story. Didn't she realize that conversation was crucial to a relationship? I could never make Harry like me if she didn't give me time to talk to him. I picked up a feather quill and wrote a title at the head of the book. Stuck in a Harry Potter Romance. I skipped a line.

Day One.

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