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Anxiety had finally taken its toll on Hermione Granger, and she was not far off from a complete mental breakdown. Everything seemed to be striking her across the face one traumatic event at a time. She felt doomed and trapped inside her high-demanding life, and needed to get away from all of the madness for a while in order to spare herself of the possibility of being locked up in solitude at St. Mungo's hospital.

She was recovering from her fifth year at school, and the strain of being a prefect. Not only that, but she was extremely concerned about her best friend Harry Potter, whom she fretted about night and day, worrying whether or not he was still alive. Voldemort had finally stepped into the spotlight of the world, ready to avenge Harry and wrench the throats of muggle-borns everywhere.

Although she was a very strong young woman and could balance more stress in her life than most girls could, she knew that she had to get away, just for a while at least.

“Final boarding call from flight 273 to Paris, France.”

Hermione turned to her parents and hugged them both goodbye.

I’ll miss you both…I love you,” she whispered tearfully as she picked up her bags and began to hurry towards the boarding tunnel to the airplane. Before leaving, she turned her head back and gave one last fleeting look at her parents. Somehow, she felt as though this would be the last time she would ever get to see them again…

Once the plane had departed from London, Hermione sat back in her squashy chair and leaned her head against the palm of her hand. She breathed in deeply, almost as though she were absorbing the calmness that had been missing from her life for a very long time.

She closed her eyes, and for once, she had nothing to fret about for the time being. She was off to France to live with her Aunt for the summer to live in the countryside, and she knew that this would be time for herself to rejuvenate, and feel sane again.

The lids of her eyes suddenly began to grow heavy, and she could feel a wave of exhaustion hit her body so that she felt limp and relaxed. She allowed her breathing to become steady and rhythmic, and let the blackness of sleep enter her mind…

Everything around her was dark, and she could hardly see through the black, stormy night as she frantically dashed through a wooded glen, feeling as though her soul was filled with irrepressible fear. Lightning slashed across the sky with its white, jagged blades, while the deep rumbling bellows of thunder shook the ground with anger. Hermione, fatigued from trying to run through the thick mud that had formed on the forest floor, leaned against a large pine tree to catch her breath. Her ringlets of auburn hair were dripping with rainwater as tears shed down her hot cheeks.

Another blasting drum roll of thunder echoed through the sky, and Hermione heard a distant twig snap. She froze.

Pressing herself against the tree she held her breath, afraid that any sound she made would draw attention to her hiding spot. She listened—listened for what seemed like an eternity until—

A strong furious hand grabbed Hermione’s arm, and she let out a scream of terror—

And that’s when she woke up from her nightmare.

Gasping for air and wiping her sweating forehead with her hand, she looked up and realized that a boy around her age had accidentally bumped into her arm, on account of it had been dangling in the middle of the aisle.

“Sorry,” mumbled the boy as he continued on down the aisle of the plane, lowering the baseball cap he was wearing over his face, almost as though he were hiding his identity from Hermione.

“Right,” she muttered irritatedly under her breath as she massaged the pain out of her arm, “I’m sure you are.”

Still clutching her arm, she laid her head back against the seat, thinking about the strange, but frightening dream she had just experienced. It had been so strange…almost realistic in a sense…

“Care for a drink, dear?”

Hermione glanced up and saw a flight attendant towering over her with a plastic cup in hand, waiting impatiently to fill it.

“Uhm, yeah. I’ll have a water please.”

“Hermione, darling!” greeted a beautiful, middle-aged woman as she took Hermione in her arms, “Oh let me look at you! Turn around! Turn around!”

Hermione bashfully twirled for her aunt and blushed as her aunt gasped admiringly.

“You look absolutely stunning!” remarked her aunt as she took Hermione’s hands, “your hair is so glossy and well-kept! You’ve grown into a magnificent young woman, if I might say so!”

“Why, thank you Aunt Loretta,” replied Hermione shyly.

Aunt Loretta tossed her long brown hair over her shoulders, and beamed at her niece profusely, “We better get going! Come with me, I’ll help you with your things. The taxi is waiting for us outside.”

Loretta lifted up one of Hermione’s suitcases, and Hermione the other. She hurried along beside her aunt, anxious to get to her home.

“We have so much to catch up on!” exclaimed Loretta as she pushed her was through the spinning doors that lead out into the city of Paris, “I’m sure you have plenty to share about that remarkable school of yours. You’ll have to tell me all about it in the cab ride home.”

Hermione grinned as Loretta handed her suitcases over to the taxi driver.

“Well, are you going to stand out here all day Hermione? Get in the taxi! I can’t wait to hear everything you have to tell me!”

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