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We returned to school the next day. People obviously asked questions. It was a little weird for most of the Gryffindor Quidditch team to vanish the day after their grand victory and reappear days later looking near death. 

            All the questions helped none of us. We were trying to move forward, but it was hard when all people wanted to know was where we were, what had happened, and were we all right. Obviously we weren't okay, but we would get there if left alone. There was a satisfaction in my noticing that Flint was nowhere to be found, and Slytherins had the sense to scatter if Oliver, Braeden, or myself drew within five feet of them. 

            The first week after was the hardest. Oliver and I spent most nights that week, one of us cradling the other, trying to stop the tears. We'd lost a father. He'd be the same if mine had died. 

            The second week came easier as we managed to get some sleep. The bags under our eyes, all of our friends' eyes, lessened. We all were healing, slowly, but surely. I seemed to spending more and more time as a tigress. I just felt extremely comfortable that way, compared to how awkward I felt as a human. Some would have said to use the spells, but I couldn't help but notice Oliver was happier when I didn't. 

            The end of the second week brought us all away from the castle again for the rehearsal dinner, and then the wedding.

            The wedding…wow. If you'd told me what would happen a year ago, I'd laugh at you like you were insane then fly away, but now…now I was happy, excited, and most of all, I was ready. Oliver and I had been acting like a married couple for a while now anyway, or at least that's what Braeden's been calling us, the old married couple. After which Katie would hit him upside the head and everyone laughed.


            Friday, the day of the rehearsal dinner:


            We had permission from Dumbledore to leave, so the eight of us took advantage of the fact that the rehearsal dinner wasn't until that night, and slept in. Oliver and I were the first awake. 

            "Wake up Oliver," I murmured to him. He woke easily, which was unusual.

            "Morning love," He greeted sleepily.

            "Morning," I replied. We lay there silently for a moment, looking into each other's eyes before Oliver spoke again.

            "We're getting married tomorrow," He smiled. I returned him smile, and gave him a peck on the lips.

            "Well, we have to get home first, and in order to do that we have to get out of this bed," And with that I removed myself from the bed. 

            I grabbed my things and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. I was mid-way through washing my hair when the shower curtain opened, allowing cold air to enter.

            "What? Oliver close the curtain, its letting cold air in," I ordered. You know, I hadn't thought about it, but Oliver had really seen me naked before. We were extremely drunk the first time we had sex, and we hadn't really done anything else in that neighbor hood. 

            "I can tell," He laughed, clearly staring at my chest. 

            "Well, I've got to finish washing, gawk if you like," I grinned haughtily. 

            "I think I like the idea of that," Oliver grinned. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair with Oliver still staring at me.

            "Are you going to bath yourself?" I asked curiously. Seems ridiculous for him to come get in the shower just to watch me.

            "I suppose," Oliver replied, as if he didn't like the idea. I laughed and handed him the bottle of shampoo. I reached for the conditioner, and then lathered my hair in that. I rinsed it out just after Oliver rinsed his.

            I grabbed the body wash and began washing. Oliver was just watching me again, with a dreamy look on his face. 

            "What are you thinking about?" I asked him as I washed my arms.

            "You, our baby, our family," He answered honestly. My eyes immediately flicked down to my protruding stomach.

            "That's sweet. I figured it be something sexual. No offense, but men do have a tendency to think about that," I joked.

            "Well, that's always on my mind," He laughed, "But it's not as if women don't think about it."

            "Really? What makes you say that?" I grinned as I washed my neck.

            "The fact that I noticed you keep looking from my eyes down to my cock and then back up to my face, trying to cover the fact that you looked anywhere else," Oliver laughed harder as I blushed at being caught.

            "Well I'm allowed to look too," I replied as I washed my stomach. I attempted to wash my back, but couldn't. Oliver laughed at me and said:

            "Here, give me that." I handed him the sponge I'd been using and moved my hair to the side for him. He washed my back, and I expected him to stop, but then he went lower. He washed my lower back, then my butt, and then my legs. It wasn't even sexual like some might think. It was really more of him being thoughtful.

            He knew I could move flexibly when I had the spells off, which he also knew I did as often as I did because he liked it. He stood up and grinned.

            "Turn around," He murmured in my ear. I followed his instructions complacently. 

            He washed my lower stomach, then skipped to the tops of my thighs then down my calves, but he did ignore part of my anatomy that had to be cleaned whether he did it or I did. Madame Pomfrey specifically mentioned that needed to clean.

            He looked up at me with a look on his face that kind of said, 'what now?'. 

            "It's okay," I replied. Those few words were enough to convey what was being said. He took the sponge and finished.

            Then I demanded he clean himself, after which we both dried off, dressed, and went to make sure the others were awake…

            "GEORGE! WAKE UP!" I demanded. Of course they weren't awake. That would require a level of responsibility my boys didn't command.  Of course simply yelling wasn't going to work. I'd already replaced the spells, so it was okay to do what I was about to do.

            I jumped on him, causing him to spazz out and literally jump out of the bed…. and straight to the floor.

            "Damn Fallon! Did you have to wake me up like that?" George asked. 

            "Yes," I replied, and pulled the same tactic on Braeden, while Oliver, laughing, tried to wake Fred, but could hold his wits about him enough to do that. 

            "Oi Fallon! What gives?" Braeden growled.

            "Good morning to you too. Time to get up; you were sleeping in too much. You've got to get going or we're gonna be late, and you know Mom and Moira are going to go crazy if we're late…well, if I'm late," I revised. Braeden gave me a funny look at hearing Moira, but said nothing.

            "All right. We'll get Fred, go check on the girls," Braeden sighed as he dragged himself up from the floor. 

            "All right," I agreed easily. Not to my surprise the girls were already awake and ready to go. They were just retrieving bags from their dorm and placing them in the common room.

            "We're good to go. Get your stuff down here, and we'll hurry the boys along," Angelina volunteered.

            "Thanks, I'll do that. I don't think Oliver is helping them any, so feel free to kick him out." And with that I made my way up to our dorm and carried down my duffle bag then Oliver's. Well, I was halfway down the stairs when Oliver grabbed the bags from my hands.

            "Don't do that, I've got it. You shouldn't be carrying too much weight anyway," He grinned.

            "As you wish," I replied. I wasn't about to complain. 

            About fifteen minutes later Angelina, Alicia, and Katie had managed to herd the boys into the common room. Everyone grabbed their things…well, Oliver grabbed mine, but anyway we gathered round and all touched a portkey.


            Grier Lodge


            "There you are! You barely made it on time! Come quickly," My mother buzzed about, "You girls, come with me. The seamstress we've hired wants to check to dresses and make any necessary adjustments. Boys, Mr. Grier is in the kitchen waiting to take you to get tuxes if you don't have them."

            Then we all separated according to my mother's specifications. We girls followed my mother to a sitting room upstairs that was now devoid of its normal furniture. Moira, and a lady I didn't recognize who must be the seamstress were waiting.

            "Okay, I'll start with our bridesmaids and then we'll get to the bride. So, my bridesmaids…?" The seamstress asked, as she didn't know who was who.

            "That would be us," Angelina gestured. 

            "Okay, you three, go to those dressing rooms. All three dresses are roughly the same size; I'll make any alterations when you come out. 

            My three friends went and changed, then came out. I had to try very hard to suppress a laugh. The seamstress had estimated the sizes based off of age, height, and pants size…but wow. The shoulders were too narrow on all three. The hips were to narrow on both Angelina and Alicia, but too wide on Katie, and dress was too high on Angelina, who was nearly as tall as me, and poor Katie was nearly tripping over the excess material at the bottom of her dress. 

            "Goodness! I got these wrong didn't I?" The seamstress laughed surprised, "Well lets get started with you Ms. Bell," The Seamstress now knew all of their names, having had the common sense to ask. 

            "My you girls have cultivated some wide shoulders," The seamstress commented.      

            The three of us looked at each other and laughed, then answered her comment simultaneously, "Quidditch." A few spells later the dress fit Katie like a glove.

            We went through this process with Alicia and Angelina, and then it was my turn. My friends first changed back to their normal clothes then demanded I try on mine.

            I walked over to a changing room and found my dress inside. I slipped it on, and surprisingly it didn’t fit horribly. It was slightly too short, and my chest was a little too broad, but other than that, it was a nice fit. 

            "Hurry up Fal!" Angelina called.

            "Yeah, we want to see!" Alicia added. I opened the door and walked out to stares.

            "Fallon that looks amazing," Katie delighted in saying.

            "Hunny, you look gorgeous," My mother responded.

            "Yes, lovely, now come here, I must lengthen it and…" The seamstress trailed off as she set to work. Roughly ten minutes later she stepped away, done. As she did so there was a knock at the door, and it started to open, but Moira shot a spell to close it quickly.

            "Groom's not supposed to see the brides dress," she explained quickly, "Who is it?" She added.

            "Braeden, now let me in, Oliver is down stairs," Braeden commanded. Moira removed the spell from the door and Braeden entered.

            "I've come to take lunch orders, we're going to go out and buy it," Braeden explained. We all told him what we wanted and he left.

            "So what are you going to do for a bachlorette party?" Katie asked.

            "I don't know, I wasn't really planning on having one," I replied.

            "Well, you should. Nothing wild," Alicia added thoughtfully, "But something."

            "Why don't we just have a girls night in?" Angelina suggested.

            "If you want, but you plan it, I don't feel like it," I offered. They chuckled at this. In case you hadn't figured it out, the seamstress had gone.

            "I wonder if Oliver's doing anything for a bachelor party," I thought aloud. 

            "Why don't you just ask?" Moira mentioned. It seemed like a good idea, so we four girls made our way downstairs to find the boys. Now that the seamstress was gone I took the spell off my stomach. 

            We found them in the kitchen, talking about the subject we wanted to ask them about.

            "Look guys, I don't want to do anything that wild. Just…lets stay here, have a quidditch match, play a drinking game if you must," Oliver urged.

            "Fine mate, it's your party," Fred resigned. 

            "Good, glad you think so," I smirked and entered the kitchen. I gave Oliver a peck on the lips.

            "Hello Fallon," Fred said nervously.

            "Trying to convince Oliver to go around acting like an idiot?" I laughed at Fred.

            "Of course not," He said unconvincingly. I rolled my eyes but said nothing.


            That Night


            We all ended up in my room. The boys were down the hall in Braeden's room. We were all sitting in on my bed, watching a movie called The Notebook. We were eating a ton of junk food, as could be expected. They'd already insisted on painting my nails. 

            Our night was rather tame. We watched a few more movies, ate more, talked about what to do with my hair for tomorrow, and eventually we all fell asleep scattered across my large bed.

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