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Chapter 18: Take One For The Team

I waited patiently for him to answer my very serious question. Finally I was rewarded when he gave a little chuckle.

“No, Peter turns into the rat, I can transform into a dog”

“A dog eh? Well I guess that’s better, still it would be way cooler if you were the stag”

“Hey!” He cried indigenously “What’s so cool about a stag?”

I rolled my eyes, “Antlers are wicked, obviously” He could be so thick sometimes.

“How’s Amy?” he asked.

“Good, how’s your head?”

“So far it seems there is no major damage”

I patted his leg awkwardly “Well that’s good.” I wondered if I should apologize next. I mean knocking someone down a flight of stairs usually warrants that kind of thing. At least I think so anyways. I was in severe berserker mode at the time.

I didn’t have to apologize though, a moment later he sighed and motioned for me to come closer. I crawled over and he pulled me towards him so I was resting next to him with his arm around me. I would never say it out loud but I liked the feel of his bare skin against mine.

“I didn’t like seeing you so upset” he said quietly. I could feel him lightly tugging at my hair. It had grown pretty fast over the year and now reached my shoulders.

“I was really scared” I admitted after a moment.

“You remember New Years?” he asked. I cringed, how could I forget my big emotional relapse in the middle of dancing fiends. Right in front of Sirius too.

He continued “I never wanted to see you like that again; it was so different from the Paige I knew, the one that I had been developing a slight crush on recently. After things cleared up and I saw you again, I knew that my crush was a bit more than a slight fascination”

I breathed heavily, unsure of what to say. Never having a boyfriend before, I wasn’t used to all that heavy stuff that came with it. I slipped my arms around his torso and moved in closer. I didn’t know if I could be open with anyone else besides Amy but it was nice slash scary to know that maybe I was heading towards that with Sirius.

“It was about your mom wasn’t it?”

I finally spoke. “Yeah”

“Amy mentioned it once, but wouldn’t go into details; you don’t have to tell me or anything right now"


“It’s fine but I would like to hear it someday”

My mom, it’s been awhile since of I'd thought of her with everything else happening. I felt a slight pain, is it wrong to still miss and care for her when I never want to see her again at the same time? I sort of wanted to tell Sirius but I wasn’t ready yet.

But I could be one day. I wondered if our relationship would ever be normal. Then I wondered if normal was a good thing. I had an idea though.

“Hey Sirius”


“Wanna go to the last Hogsmeade visit this weekend with me”


“So after you guys chit chatted then what happened” Amy asked me.

I was sitting on the edge of her bed the next morning. Amy was going to be in the hospital for a few more days but luckily she got permission to go to Hogsmeade village this weekend.

“We made out then I fell asleep”

“While making out?”

“No I said, this is cool and all but it’s like 2 AM and I’m tired, and then I went to our dorm”

“Paige you didn’t”


“Paige honestly-“

“Kidding we didn’t actually make out, we just fell asleep I thought it would be more exciting if I ended the story like that”

“What about in the morning?” she prodded further.

I reacted with mild disgust “Ew, snogging with morning breath?”

“No I meant how did you leave things in the morning?”

“He woke me up and said morning and then I said morning and we went and had a shower, not together by the way”

“Good to know of your continuous moral virtue”


Amy did something unexpected next. Her eyes got all watery and she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight until I made fake suffocating noises. That girl with her hugs.

“What was that for?” I asked when she finally freed me.

She wiped her eyes “It’s just nice to see you and Sirius get so close, I was worried you weren’t really that into it and that he was going to be satisfied the chase was over but I was obviously over thinking it."

“We are the ultimate super couple” I agreed. “Soon we shall finish each other’s sentences and get matching jogging suits.”

She laughed but still looked a little sad. I knew she was thinking about Remus, who hadn’t come to visit at all today. It was only the afternoon so there was hope but she was still convinced he hated her. If I couldn’t knock sense into Remus, I could give her my best advice.

I cleared my throat and sat up important like. “You know what I recently discovered to be successful is-“

“I’m not taking my shirt off in his presence Paige” she said rolling her eyes.

I pouted at her. “Fine, but you can’t argue with my positive results”


So Amy was slightly better, I think. I was all responsible today and got her notes and homework for her. It was exhausting work. I was going to visit her after a quick re-fuelling so I hurried down to the hall since I was already late for dinner.

I smiled my biggest smile when I sat down to a yummy looking supper at the Gryffindor table. Everyone was looking slightly glum. Lily wasn’t there so I would have to face the Marauders alone today.

“Hi everyone” I said cheerfully. So a big secret was revealed and everyone could be in a lot of trouble if more people found out. Dessert was pudding today; things were obviously looking up already.

Remus was picking at his dinner and only nodded at me. James gave a small smile along with Peter and Sirius shoved a filled plate towards me with a grin.

“Figured you’d show up, you were practically salivating the apples we were transfiguring today”

“Fganks” I said, mouth already full of food. I swallowed. “I hope you are this chivalrous on our fabulous upcoming first date”

James snorted his pumpkin juice “Date? You guys are going on a date” he asked laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“I’m just trying you picture you on a date”

I was not amused when Remus and Peter started sniggering along with him. Even Sirius had an amused look.

“What do you mean” I asked. What was so funny about me on a date?

“It’s just; you don’t seem like the sort of girl who goes on dates and gets excited about them” James clarified.

“I am sweet” I cried.

That sent them all into fits of laughter. Well good to see everyone all cheered up at my expense.

“So I’m a little scruffy and unromantic, I can totally be the perfect date” I argued.

They did not listen and started making jokes about me punching the barmaid and chewing with my mouth open. Even one about me eating a flower given at the start of the date although I don’t know how that came into the conversation or why it was even remotely funny to them. I’ve never mentioned to anyone that I used to eat daisies as a child and those days are long behind me anyways.

I stood up and cleared my throat. “That’s it!” I declared.

Sirius stopped laughing for a moment and grab my arm “We were just having fun, don’t go cancelling on me now love”

I gave him my evilest grin “Oh I wasn’t thinking of cancelling”

He stopped grinning and looked at my face with slight panic “Err, what then?” he asked hesitantly.

“You’ll see Saturday, I’ll give you such a date that you’ll be begging for me to punch the barmaid”

He paled.



“Paige” Amy asked with concern in her voice. The glorious Saturday had finally arrived.

“Yes” I answered as a rifled through a trunk for clothes.

“Why are you going through Annabelle’s things?”

Ah Annabelle, that was her name. She was one of the girls who shared a dorm with us and I had chosen her trunk for a very special reason.

“Looking for something to wear on my big date” I replied cheerfully. I had noticed a particular style she had going for her and today I was going to emulate it.

“Since when do you like things that are pink, and girly”

I didn’t reply, I had hit the jackpot with a pink frilly shirt/dress combo, puffy sleeves and all. Excellent.

“Oh god that’s hideous, not to mention the property of someone who isn’t you”

“A small insignificant detail”

I pulled it over my head and slipped it on. A bit snug, Annie certainly was a dainty creature.

“Okay when I saw you had curled your hair this morning I was slightly worried, now I am terrified”

I flicked one of my curls proudly; I could give Shirley Temple a run for her money. Okay next was make up. I made my way over to Kimberly’s side table and began to cake myself in blush, mascara, etc. Amy stopped speaking and just starred at me.

Lily came out of the bathroom after having getting ready herself and did the same.

Perfect. Now for the shoes. I didn’t have the heart to subject my feet to any torture so I just put on my white trainers that I hadn’t scoffed up yet. For an added measure I took a tube of lipstick and drew a heart on the toe of my right shoe.

“Bye girls, I’m going to Hogsmeade with Sirius Black” I giggled and skipped out the door. I took a moment on the steps to laugh my ass off at what I had said. Good thing I used them as a practice run. I resumed my delightful skipping.

Each Marauder was in the common room conversing so they didn’t see me enter. Good the more shock the better. I ran over to Sirius and hugged him tightly.

“Siri I’m so excited, this is going to be the bestest date ever!” I exclaimed, still giggling.

Everyone looked at me in horror as I masked my laughter with gleeful giggles. This was going to be fun.

Two arms grabbed me and dragged me upstairs. “HEY” I protested loudly. Drats, they were going to ruin everything.

When Lily and Amy finished dragging me, Lily muttered a charm that bound my arms and legs in rope.

“This is your first ever date” Amy lectured and she attacked my face with a wet cloth.

“You are not going to ruin it” Lily told me sternly as she placed my beautiful beautiful curled hair into a pony tail. She then got to work getting the heart off my shoes while Amy started rooting around her trunk.

Lily undid the bounding and I sat on my bed scowling with my arms crossed.

“Fine, ruin my fun” I muttered.

Amy held up a A nicely patterned short sleeved shirt and a simple black skirt and threw them at me. I scoffed and ignored them.

“Stop that, this is inappropriate!” I yelled undignified. When I refused to put on the outfit they yanked my dress off and started to put it on for me.

After wrestling me into the clothes they stood back triumphantly.

“Perfect” my best friend grinned and yanked my by the arm to drag me downstairs.

The boys looked relieved when I appeared again, this time looking normal.

“I can’t believe you guys stripped me” I complained.

I ignored the amused and curious looks on the faces of the males in the room. Perverts.

James coughed “Well?” he gestured to Lily..

Lily had agreed to a date with him. They really hadn’t had much to fight about to begin with so making up hadn’t took long. In the end it had been James begging, he couldn’t stand to be apart from Lily once any longer.

They left the room holding hands. I glared at Sirius. Amy and Remus didn’t look at each other. Finally she threw her hands in the air and left as well. Remus went upstairs. I crossed my arms and pretended I wasn’t alone with Sirius.

Sirius took my by the arms and positioned me in facing him. “Okay, I get it, I’m sorry for making fun of you a dinner, just please don’t change into that dress or act like that again”



“After we go to Madame Puddyfoot’s” I told to him darkly.

He groaned. Haha, being the ladies man that he was, I expected he had made frequent unpleasant trips there in the past. He must have thought it was behind him with me but he forgot that I was evil and slightly off balanced in the head.

The first step is always admitting what you are.


“Oh don’t you two look sweet, hello Mister Black” Madame Puddyfoot herself greeted us.

Sirius cringed. I raised my eyebrow at him “Just how many times have you been here to be on first name basis?” I questioned teasingly.

After having a relatively good time talking in the carriage on the way over, he had been under the impression I changed my mind. This was a mistake as I never back down, and besides, I was very curious.

“We have quite a few tables left” she told us “What would you prefer?”

I squeezed Sirius’s hand affectionately “Your most romantic and frilliest” I replied cheerfully.

“How lovely” she beamed and led the way to our table. I giggled as I looked around me.

Pink Pink Pink. Lace. Flowers. Hearts. Cupids. Couples snogging, couples looking uncomfortable. This was the best idea ever. I need to come back here one Valentine’s day to see if I would overdose on all the pink lace.

“Come on this is fun” I whispered to Sirius “I promise I won’t eat all the pretty flowers”

He smiled slightly as we sat at our table. A waitress in (obviously) a frilled pink apron came over.

“Cake” I said immediately. I had heard of their famous goodies and was excited to try them. The waitress looked at me as if I was a cavewomen before her quill scribbled cake on the parchment she was holding.

“I’ll have a slice of cake as well, and we’ll both have some tea” Sirius told her politely.

“Pft, what’s so good about full sentences anyways” I said as she left.

Sirius responded by putting his head in his hands “I can’t believe I have to be in the place again”

I sighed. I guess it was time to be a good girlfriend “Soooo” I brought up “Tell me about the upcoming Quidditch match….”


Okay Okay, Quidditch isn’t that boring. I managed to pay attention and learning about the follies of the Ravenclaw team wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t wait to see the captain Jeffery Frost and sneeze. Apparently he’s a Germ-a-phobe or whatever so all the Gryffindors pretend to be really sick when the Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor match comes up.

After tea and cake we wandered into Honeyduke’s where I bought some sugar quills. I was always meaning to get some to munch on in class inconspicuously. Sirius bought Remus some chocolate and some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans for himself. He was nice enough to give me all the chocolate flavoured ones.

“Where to next?” he asked me after we left the Quidditch supply store so I could try out brooms. I now had the urge to fly around since he gave me an things Qudditch talk. I could never afford a broom before so it was weird to wig out at the prices before realizing I could easily afford one. In the end Sirius advised me to wait because a newer model of the Comet brand was coming in this summer.

"Where to next?" he asked

“Bookstore, then the Three Broomsticks” I answered happily. Today was turning out to be really good.

“Bookstore eh?” he said questioningly.

“I want to get Amy a divination book to cheer her up, it’s her favourite subject” I explained.

He took my hand and smiled “What’s your favourite subject”

I didn’t hesitate “Runes” I replied. “I kick ass at Runes, just ask Remus”

“I’ll take your word for it” he replied, pushing open the door for me.

“I’ll be over in the Cursing section” he told me and we parted way. I suppose I should be concerned about that but I’m not.

I headed for a section titled “Telling the Future” and easily picked out the perfect book entitled Enough Omens, See the Good Tidings on Your Horizan. If Amy needed anything it was good tidings.

I was about to take my book to the register when a display caught my eye. A sign read Travel. I didn’t know Wizards made travel guide books. I walked over to the display and read the titles curiously, before picking up a few and reading their synopsis. The best one I found was the book Have Magic, Will travel. It listed not only interesting Wizard sites but a lot of muggle ones too. Some of them even had wizarding influence that was unbeknownst to muggles, who wrote in their history books that the origins remained “unknown”.

After putting it back I picked it up again and tucked it under Amy’s book before heading to the register. After paying for both of them I found Sirius intently reading a book on Cursing.

“Let’s go before you get any bad ideas” I said. He was startled from me coming up behind him but grinned and put the book back.

“It’s too late M’dear” he said throwing an arm around me and steering me towards the door. “On to the Three Broomsticks”

“Mmm butterbeer”

I was about to tell Sirius about the other book I bought, but for some reason I hesitated. I didn’t know why but I shrugged it off.

We chatted lightly on the way, each enjoying our seemingly successful date. It was only when we entered the Broomstick’s that my face fell. Amy was sitting by herself looking pretty depressed.

I turned my eyes to Sirius biting my lip.

“Let’s end it while it’s going well” he said kindly “I’ll buy you both a round and see you at the castle”

“You are some kind of awesome” I told him and wrapped my arms around him, giving him a kiss.

“I know” he agreed cheekily and kissed me back before heading to the bar.

I sat down next to Amy who began mumbling grumpily “Stupid couples, everywhere today”

“We are getting a round of butterbeer, and I got you a book” I told her meekly and took the book out of the bag.

She stopped looking annoyed for a moment to go over it but by the time the butterbeers had arrived she was in a tiff again.

“This should by stronger” she stated after taking a sip.

“Yes” I agreed. Agreeing with everything she said right now seemed to be a good option.

“All these couples need to learn what too much PDA means”

“Definitely” I said and look around. Two couple were holding hands on top of a table and another boy had his arm around a girl but that was it.

“I can’t believe he didn’t say anything this morning to me”

“Me neither”

“And he came to the hospital wing for 3 seconds and then just left after asking how I was feeling”


“I want firewhiskey”

“Yea—err actually do you think that’s a good idea?”

“Yes, not here though” she said with a disgusted face. “Hogshead” she said happily.

Personally I would have made the disgusted face at the idea of Hogshead but before I could she was alrighty out of her seat, eyes gleaming.

“Wait” I called but she kept walked.

I tried to tell her how bad her idea was the whole way there but it fell on deaf ears. Before I knew it we were sitting at the bar and Amy was demanding a shot of firewhiskey.

“Please Amy, this is mighty stupid” I pleaded with her. She ignored me and sat giddily. “Hush, this is exactly what I need”

The Bartender placed a small glass with the drink in front of her “I’ll start you a tab” he said gruffly and moved to take care of another patient.

As she reached for the cup I did something that was extra idiotic. I snatched the glass and chugged it all in one gulp. My throat burned and I gagged slightly. Ew, this stuff was truly heinous.

Amy swatted my arm “Paige, that’s very noble of you but I’m determined” she told me quite seriously. “Two more” she called to the bartender. “Now I have to make up for the one you drank”

As soon as he placed two more in front of her I grabbed one and chugged it again. It was much harder this time since I already knew the taste. I thought this would shock Amy enough to stop her but she grabbed the second glass before I could.

“Aimes, I’m only trying to help you, stop it before I get drunk too” Being a non drinker who had just downed her very first two shots, I was already feeling slightly odd.

Amy turned her head away from me “Two more!” she called.


A/N: Uh oh. This never ends well.

I’m taking one less class and not doing any extra stuff this term besides my part time job, so I should have a bit more time on my hands for updating. Getting close to the end with this one, I’m pretty sure I’ll be stopping at 21 or 22 chapters, but no worries, I have a spin off in mind.

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