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Disclaimer: I am JK Rowling I am extremely famous and own Harry Potter. 

Yeah. I wish.


With him around, I got away with more things than I should have been able to. I was a leader, people knew, and they became my followers. No one could doubt that I had power amongst my peers, and I liked it.

I guess though, if mum and my father hadn't seemed to have an unhealthy disgust for his existence, I wouldn't have been where I was in status. My old clothes draping him like a circus tent added to my controlling ability. Not to mention the fact that he was uncontrollably skinny while I was a wrestling champion.

There was always something weird about him, I knew it from the beginning. Mum kept her distance, and I being her "little boy" followed suit. She shoved him into the cupboard in the stairwell when he was 3, and he stayed there for more than 7 years.

My father was especially annoyed with him, threatening with no food or daylight. He seemed determined to exclude him from our perfect family. A family outing? Call Mrs. Figg! He'll do something terrible. I was jealous of the cake he got at Figg's house. He liked the cake I think. I know I would have. 

Family outings were more fun with him around, but I couldn't tell my father that. He gave me something to do. All except that one visit to the zoo. I will never forgive him for causing me to fall in that water. 

But I’ll tell you about that later.

My Auntie Marge expected us to crush him like a bug. She had something against his birth parents I expect, because she threw looks of disgust at him. I only liked her for the presents she gave me, so I expect he hated her. She gave him dog bones and such. I got computers and scooters. She told me that he was a peasant and I was king.

My school, Smeltings, "did not accept such filth as him, and recommended he go to a special institute." He was mercilessly made fun of in the primary grades, the teachers giving him detention every day for some reason. They said he was a no good boy.
I was expected to believe all of them.

Plus, my community pretty much hated him. They thought he was extremely weird and pitied my mother for having to keep him. My friends especially teased him. We chased him and we beat him up.

And I was proud of it.

At the time, I couldn't understand why my parents spoke in hushed tones about him, as if they were scared. Hah! I could beat him up with one fist, and they cowered from him.

So my fun was in making him miserable. It wasn't a great idea, but it passed the time. He wasn't scared of me though, so I took it to the extreme annoying him.

Everyone I knew said I hated my cousin. My teachers said it. My friends said it. My family, neighbors, and even just random people said it.

And I believed them.

I regret that.

A/N: Sorry it's so short, the chapters get longer soon after. This was my first fan fiction piece, so let me know what you think please! <Revised with the help of my MAGNIFICANT beta, Aurora Dawn.>

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