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The movie had just finished up, and James and I were cuddled on the bed, to comfortable and content to move, when the phone rang. I lazily reached over and answered it on the second ring. 


“Hey!” and enthusiastic male voice answered me.
I sat up straight form where I had been reclining on James. Oh crap. It was Chad. Why, oh why did he have to be so stupid and persistent? Didn’t he realize I had no interest in him? well ok, I did kind of flirt with him a little, but, I mean, c’mon he couldn’t really think I was serious could he? 

While all these thoughts had been running through my head, James had propped himself up on one arm, and was staring curiously at me. When I glanced over at him to give him an ‘I don’t know’ sort of look, he almost took my breath away, his hair was tousled and his hazel eyes were exquisite and beautiful. I stared at him for a couple seconds, completely forgetting what I had turned to tell him in the first place. Then Chad’s voice pulled me back to the pressing matter at hand.

“So Lily,” Chad said, breaking the slight awkward silence that had occurred while I was ogling James “Did you get the flowers I sent you?”
The word flowers brought me fully back to earth. 

“Um, yeah I did.’ I said slowly and uncomfortably, wondering how on earth I was going to be able to keep James from finding out who was on the other end of the line. 

“Oh you did? Good.” I could hear relief break into Chad’s voice then he continued “Did you like the roses? Because I mean at first I was like ‘well I should get her lilies seeing as that’s her name’ but then I thought ‘well then again, she probably gets that all the time from other guys’ and I don’t want to be just another guy.” Chad kept talking, but I wasn’t listening, instead I was scheming.

While Chad prattled on about his choice of flowers, I came up with a desperate plan to get James out of the room. Still holding the phone to my ear as Chad talked, I walked over and knelt before the mini refrigerator in my room. I pulled it open and scanned the contents, finally grabbing a can of soda, and turned back to James. Covering the mouth piece of the phone with my hand I half whispered to James 

“Could You run down to the store and get some more of these?” holding up the can.
If James thought the request was weird, he didn’t show it, he merely nodded and heaved himself off the bed and headed down the hall. Watching form my doorway, I sighed in relief as the stairway doors shut behind him. now to take care of Chad before James got back. I began to actually listen to what Chad was saying.

“I almost went with carnations, but then I decided ‘hey, why not go bold? So then I tried to think of the boldest flower –” 

“Chad.” I interrupted. 

“Except then they didn’t have very many red roses so I- ” 

“Chad!” I said slightly louder, this time he noticed. When he spoke he sounded slightly taken aback. 

“Yes Lily?” 

“Was there a particular reason why you called?” 

“Uhhh…’ he said, trying to remember “Oh! Yeah! So I was wondering, since you didn’t call me after you got the flowers, do you wanna, you know, hang out tonight? Watch a movie or get a bite to eat or something?”
He sounded so hopeful, I really did regret what I had to tell him.

I was quiet for a few seconds, to collect my thoughts, and decide the most tactful way to tell him. I finally settled on:
“Chad, I-I couldn’t possibly. I mean, you are a nice guy and all Chad, but…it’s just…. Ok, you know my…er… friend from the club the other night?” I didn’t wait for him to answer, I knew I just had to plow right through my little speech. “ Well, we’re kind of a couple now, so, you know, I don’t think it’d be a good idea for us to go out or anything.” I finished my speech and bit my lip, waiting for him to answer. I really hated hurting people like that. I mean it was one thing with Potter and black who annoyed the hell out of me, but with some one who hadn’t done anything to really offend me, it didn’t feel so great.

There was silence on the end of the line for a second then Chad said, in a slightly tight voice
“Oh… ok…I see. Well, then, um, good-bye.” And he quickly hung up.

I sighed and returned the phone to its holder. I did feel better now that I had gotten all that unpleasantness over with, and without James catching on one bit. I laid back on my bed and rubbed my eyes. I was fairly certain Chad wouldn’t be bugging me anymore, especially with only 3 more days until we were back at the port in Florida, and then I spend a month at home before returning to school. Ah, school. Now there was a happy thought. I couldn’t wait to see my friends again and continue my classes. Then I wondered how every one would react to me and James as a couple. They would be shocked, most likely, but they would get over it. If what Alexis said was true, most of them had been expecting it for a while anyways.

Just then, James walked back in, bearing a pack of sodas.
“Oh, thank you!” I exclaimed, getting up to greet him. he grinned back at me, then bent over to unload the sodas into the fridge. 

“Wow,” I said, pretending to be shocked “You are handy to have around! Unloading my drinks and everything!” 

“You know,” he said, grinning as he straightened up to look at me “I don’t work for free.” 

“Well,” I said, feigning confusion “I don’t exactly have much to pay you with…” 

“That’s ok.” James said softly “This will do.” And then he slowly bent down to kiss me.

A/N hey people sorry about this chpater, , and sorry about how long it took to get it up,nothing really happens, but it was necessary for me to put it in there for the rest of the story... anyways please, please, review!!!!

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