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Too Bad Chapter One: Bitten With Anger By LTDan A/N: Yes, I do know the actions of a typical seven-year-old, ’cause my brother just turned eight in June and I know a lot of his friends from school, baseball, and football… This will probably be novel-length; however, I will not be updating until I’m convinced people are reading this and it’s worth putting my time into. I really like the idea, but, incase you’ve not noticed, I have other things to do that are really overstaying their welcome on my To Do List. In other words, review it if you want me to continue. If you think it’s terrible, I’d appreciate your telling me why you think so… By the way, this was written as a whole story, but it was way too long to keep anyone interested in. Just the first verse was three pages. :) Disclaimer: Alas, I still don’t own Remus, and I dun own Peter, either.. I own Remus’s parents, though! *wide grin* Rating Reason: A bit of gore. I think Remy’s daddy says a wordy-dird, too… *~LTDan~* Father’s hands were lined with dirt From long days in the field And mother’s hands are serving meals In a cafe on Main Street With mouths to feed Just trying to keep clothing on our backs And all I hear about is How it\'s so bad, it\'s so bad Six-year-old Remus Lupin stared blankly at his father, who was giving him a very harsh look. “Why?” he said in a boyish beg. “Because I said so,” said his father, Brien, in a voice match his gaze. Remus scowled. He hated that line. It was his parents’ way of telling him he could not do something without a real reason behind it. Remus was a lot of things, but he was not stupid, no matter what his father might have thought of him. Still glaring, Remus worked up as much courage and anger as his little-boy body could. Balling up his fists, he looked angrily at his father. “Fine,” he said in a steady whisper. “Fine….” With a fleeting glance at the man before him, he ran out the battered screen door and into the cool night air and pale moonlight. Shivering, Remus ran across the dark, grassless earth, barely missing the game the Lupin family kept in front of the house. Blind with anger, he ran straight into the sinister, black forest to the left of his home. When he was deep in the forest, he rested his back against a great sycamore, tears leaking out his steel-gray eyes. He sank low to the ground, hugging his knees and placing his head in the gap between his arms and chest. Why, he thought, wouldn’t his father just let him do something for once? It wasn’t fair. Mickey Adams’s father let him have a new Quidditch pitch for his seventh birthday, and all Remus wanted was a new Shooting Star. He had never asked for a broom before. Why couldn’t his father just pretend to be a good father for once and — “AAAAAHHHHHH!” Remus screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to scramble upward, but a greater force was dragging him to the ground. His eyes were shut tight as he felt a claw scratch his stomach. The quick tearing noise that the stinging sensation was accompanied with told him whatever was ripping his flesh was also ripping his robes. Another claw to the stomach, and Remus opened his eyes—and uttered a second scream. A Werewolf, he thought between swipes. It’s over for me… After the seventh gash, Remus found himself pinned to the ground by the enormous wolf. Its front paws on his stomach, it leaned its head toward his left upper arm, and took a bite out of it. Remus opened his mouth to scream, but before he could utter a sound, a loud gunshot cut him off. The werewolf’s eyes widened as it lifted its head away from Remus’s arm, blood oozing out of its back. It lifted a single paw off of the boy’s body, and another loud crack! resounded in Remus’s ears. The wolf began to drip blood from the back of its head onto Remus’s bare, bleeding chest. Suddenly, he was aware of the pain covering his entire body, and he raised his head forward in an attempt to keep himself from losing consciousness. A broad, bold silhouette stood before him, his features blurred due to Remus’s own dizziness, and blackened from the dark trees overhead. Before he did black out, the last thing he said was, “Dad?” A/N: There WILL be more. I must continue the song. You might expect a novel-length fanfic...maybe... *~LTDan~*

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