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Ayanna sat across from her best friend Sabrina in the cafeteria “Hey Emma, did you hear what Youngren said.”
“Which part, the part about the home work or the people, A.J? Sabrina said dully.

What’s up with you Emma? Ayanna asked very concerned.
“It’s nothing Ayanna. God something must be wrong if she’s calling me Ayanna. Ayanna thought. Even though Ayanna was her real name she didn’t liked to be called Ayanna. Instead she put her first and middle name together to make A.J. It’s just that I’m having a couple of problems.” 

“Like what? Ayanna asked. She beckoned me closer so she could whisper her answer. “Boy trouble.” She whispered.
This was something Ayanna knew about .She had two ‘boyfriends’, One who just broke up with her because ‘he couldn’t handle a long distance relationship’. We later found out that he broke up with her because he found another girlfriend. Ayanna spent almost a month crying over her beloved boyfriend. Then she realized that her boyfriend was a jerk and decided to move on with her life. She just started dating a guy she and Sabrina knew for six years. A guy named Leo Archuleta.

Suddenly Leo sat down next to Ayanna; they kissed each other when Sabrina started gagging. “What the hell is wrong with you two, I’m eating! You two better watch out or else you’re going to scar me for the rest of MY life. Sabrina cried. Leo and Ayanna just started laughing.

There friend could be so melodramatic some times. “What about all the times Ayanna and I saw you kissing Victor Leo said .Sabrina started glaring at Leo. You see Victor was Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend and there break up was hard for Sabrina. They knew each other since pre-school and started dating when Sabrina was ten years old. Then when Sabrina was thirteen he broke up with her because he found some one older and prettier. She told him to go and have a good time just don’t come back and she hung up the phone. She was a nervous wreck after that and now all she could think about was school and how ugly she is which is NOT true.

Sabrina has wavy dark brown hair that is so thick it looks like a dark chocolate wave behind here back, big bright hazel eyes that give her a look of innocence, and pale skin. I think she looks nice but with Victor breaking her it destroyed her self confidence. She slowly got up and started walking away. “You ass whole you KNOW Victor is a touchy subject with her and here you are bringing him up. For that get away from me you jerk.” I said and started trying to find Sabrina. When I found her she was crying in the bathroom. “Why does Leo have to do that to me every time I mention you and him, huh?” She cried.

Sabrina came home and saw something on the table. A birth certificate?, she thought. Why would mom need a birth certificate? She looked at the birth certificate, it said
Name: Sabrina Lily Potter
DOB (date of birth): 01-01-92
Father: James Potter
Mother: Lily Evens-Potter
At the bottom there were two signatures. “Ah, Sabrina, I didn’t know you were home.” Her face fell as she saw what Sabrina was reading. “Call Crystal, Marci and Ayanna’s nana we have a lot of explaining to do.” 

Fifteen minutes later and a lot of “Why are we here’s” later they were sitting at the Cook’s coach.
“Okay, how do I put this?” Crystal said.
“You’re adopted!” Ayanna’s nana cried. “What the suspense was killing me.” Sabrina spoke now. “What the hell do you mean were adopted?” Rage dancing on her face and her fist clenching, tightly. Suddenly she started laughing. “I knew it, you always treating Adrienne better and Ken loving Kendra more. They have the looks of the Cook’s. The brown hair with a reddish tint and how can I forget the lovely chocolate brown eyes.” She sat down again. Ayanna stood watching her friend in shock. Just like Leo and Nathaniel. “Like Sabrina said “What the hell do you mean were adopted?”. I mean warn a person before dropping news like this on them.” Sabrina got a chuckle out of this. Out of all her friends Nathaniel made her laugh the most.
“Well if we’re adopted who are our parents?” Leo said. “I mean we have to have parents don’t we?” 

“Sabrina your parents are dead, but you do have a living brother. Nathaniel thankfully you’re my son, but you have a different father than your brothers and sister and you have a half-brother. Ayanna your parents live in England, but your nana still your nana and you have a sister. And Leo your parents are still alive, but there in a hospital.”
“Why.” Leo asked. 

“Well, Leo your parents were tortured into insanity by a cruel woman name Bellatrix Lestrange and your brother was sent to your dad’s mother.” Marci said. By the end of the tale Ayanna sat in the corner crying and Sabrina looked at her friend on the verge of tears. 

“Now that we know do we have to go with are parents?” Sabrina asked.
“Yes you do.” Priscilla Cook said as she looked at the little girl she raised since she was a few months old, she knew every thing about her. The other moms and grandmas were looking the same way, like they were never going to see each other again. The teens were looking like they were gonna kill or hurt someone especially Sabrina, Nathaniel was trying to calm her down and was doing horrible at it. “Sabrina I understand you’re upset, but you’re overreacting. We’re all upset about it but that doesn’t give you a reason to lash out at your adopted parents.” Nathaniel said to Sabrina. He was just trying to reason with her but she was beyond reason. “Lash out…Lash out. You haven’t seen “Lash out” yet.” Then she shoved him. “Look, Nathaniel. 

Leo has his parents even though there mentally ill. Ayanna’s parents are living. You have a mom and a twin brother. What do I have? A brother sure, but parents no.” She wiped a tear away. Then she started walking out the door. “Where are you going?” Nathaniel asked. “Home,” It was a simple answer yet it moved him. “Leo, Ayanna come on.” And they all went to get their money to get plane tickets to meet thier family.

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