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Seven Minutes In Heaven
Chapter 6
Without You

Lily gasped; eyes wide open and jaw down to the floor. “Wha-Wha-what in the world?” She asked herself. She looked at the letter again.

Dear Lily,

This is really hard to write. I don’t exactly know how to say it, so I will just go straight forward about it. I sort of overheard you when you said that you liked me talking to Molly yesterday. I didn’t mean to listen in, I was going in to tell you about a Prefect meeting. I am really sorry. I am not mad at you at all, I wish you had figured out sooner. You are amazing, Lily Evans and I would never be mad at you.



So. He had known all along. He had known this morning, when he was so tired. He had probably spent all night writing, and that was why he had been that ridiculously tired.
He had known when he passed out.

Lily sighed. My life just got even more complicated, she thought. She read the letter over and over again, getting more and more upset.

Suddenly she remembered the meeting, sighed, and went back to the Prefect Common Room.

Sirius walked back into the Seventh Year dorm. “What is happening to my life? James is conked out in the infirmary, Lily Evans was just drunk, and I am actually…” he paused for dramatic effect, “depressed!”

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius. “Oh get over yourself!” he said, annoyed. “Tonight’s the full moon and James is unconscious, I really need your help. Peter won’t be any use as usual, and a dog can’t exactly help by himself. Do you know any other Animagus?”

“No,” Sirius admitted. “So what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Remus said urgently. “Well, maybe there is something in the library about it.” He sprinted off.

“Yeah, because there is an answer for anything in the library.” Sirius muttered.

Lily Evans walked outside, thinking hard. She had just finished the Prefect meeting and she was exhausted. Fifth years always acted so cocky. Now that they weren’t little kids anymore, they thought they were on top of the world, the coolest people ever. It really got on her nerves.

She heard a strange voice yelling, that seemed to be coming from the Whomping Willow. “Why would anyone in their right mind be fighting the Whomping Willow?” She whispered to herself.

She saw a shadow raise their wand and shout, “STUPEFY!” The Whomping Willow stopped, suddenly. The shadowed figure walked to the trunk of the tree and bent down. He crawled forward and disappeared.

“Lumos.” Lily whispered and light appeared on the tip of her wand. She hurried forward to the Whomping Willow. She timidly stepped under the branches of the Whomping Willow and got down on her knees and crawled to the trunk of the tree. She saw a small opening and crawled through it. She saw a set of stairs, and stood up. She brushed herself off and carefully walked up the stairs.

“This must be a secret passage,” she whispered. At the top of the stairs she found a trapdoor, and pushed it open. She pulled herself through.

She gasped. “I am in the Shrieking Shack, aren’t I?” she whispered. She cautiously went up the stairs.

Suddenly, she heard a large roar. She ran up the rest of the stairs where she found a rickety broken door. She pushed through it.

There, standing three feet from the door was Sirius Black. And, a few feet from him, was
A great, gray, werewolf.

“SIRIUS! WHAT IS GOING ON?” Lily screamed. The werewolf roared again.

Sirius shouted “LILY! GET DOWN!” he ran in front of her. She ducked down.

Sirius changed from a human to a great big black dog. He (in dog form) started charging forward towards the werewolf and attacked him. He barked at the werewolf. The werewolf fell over. Sirius changed back, ran towards Lily and threw her over his shoulder. He ran out the door and closed it. He rushed down the stairs and back through to the Whomping Willow. Finally, he stopped at a tree at least 30 feet from the Whomping Willow and set her down.

“Sirius, what is going on?” Lily said breathlessly.

“That werewolf is Remus.”


“Yeah. In fifth year, the Marauders all found out. So now, we are unregistered Animagi and we keep him from getting too out of control.”

“Wow. Becoming Animagi is really advanced magic! How did the marauders mange to do it?”

“James figured it out.”

Lily raised an eyebrow. Just then, the werewolf- no Remus, broke through the tree, growling and snarling. Sirius and Lily got up immediately.

“Lily, go back to the castle, I can take care of Remus!”

“No, you’ll be killed!” She stood up quickly and drew her wand. As Remus got closer, her eyes got larger and larger. She trembled and Sirius put her behind him. He changed back into the dog, growling. Suddenly, Lily had an idea.

She quickly transformed herself to a great doe, behind Sirius (in dog form.) Lily galloped towards the werewolf Remus and jammed her legs into Remus as Sirius froze in shock. Then, Lily backed off and sped off to the castle steps, where she transformed back into herself.

Sirius ran to catch up with her and transformed back into himself. He panted, “You… are… an Animagus?”

She was panting as well. “Yeah…. I. Am…unregistered….”, looking at Sirius guiltily.

Sirius smirked the official Marauder smirk. “I am unregistered too. But you are a doe?”

“Yeah, why? Lily asked with an eyebrow raised.

“James is a stag.” Sirius said, continuing to smirk.



By this time, Remus had sped off to the forest. Sirius was beat up pretty badly, and Lily was pretty scratched up as well. “We better get off to the hospital wing,” she said, and so they went inside.

Madame Pomfrey, to say the least, was NOT happy to see them. “At such a late hour, and a werewolf! What were you thinking, Mr. Black? And putting Miss Evans in danger too! You two could have been killed!” she exclaimed as she shoved them into bed.

Lily spoke up. “It isn’t Sirius’s fault, about me being there. He told me it was dangerous but I didn’t listen to him. Don’t get him in trouble.”

“Well what was Sirius Black doing out there anyway?”

“The werewolf is Remus,” Sirius confessed.

Madame Pomfrey stared at him. “Oh.” Then, she handed them both a tub of ointment. “Put that on your cuts, and they shouldn’t hurt too much. But Mr. Black will need a sling for your right arm. It is sprained.”

Sirius groaned. “Perfect.” He muttered. He looked three beds down at James. “Wake up Prongs, the world is more boring without you.”

Okay, so not too much happened in this chapter, but I promise, the next one will be better. Review, and tell me what YOU want to happen in this chapter! And thank you for meeting my goal of twelve reviews last chapter! Why don’t we try for fifteen this time? And to the author of The Insufferable Know it All’s Guide to Girls, named Pottergirl17? It is your turn to update now!

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