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Hi!!! My name is Brittany Parskin. I have a twin sister Stacy. We were sitting in the Slytherin comon room one saturday and we were bored as all hell. We were talking to our friends who include all of the slytherin girls inour year. Oh by the way its our 6th year and Harry and all of them are the same age as us. We wanted to play a game but we couldn't think of one.

"What game could we posibly play?" I asked no one in perticular.

"I would say spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heven but all the guys are at quidditch tryouts." Stacy said.

"Why aren't you two their?" Daina asked.

"Well, we told Marcus that we had to get our nails done for a wedding and we couldn't mess them up cuz we didn't feel like getting them done again." I told her.

"What did he say?" Pansy asked.

"He told us that if we still wanted to tryout after the wedding he would let us and if we were better than who ever was on the team we would get the spots." Stacy said.

"Oh...yall know he likes yall two....he lets yall walk all over him." Kristy said.

"Yeah....but I know that I would never date him.....what about you Stac?" I asked my twin.

"I don't know....he does have a nice body......then again I think that's the only good thing about him..." She said.

All of us laugted. After we all cought our breaths and calmed down I asked agin.

"Really, what are we going to do today?" I asked.

Daina was the one who answered."Hey, how about we play that game we played in 
fifth year."

"Which one?" Stacy asked.

Fifth year was one of our craziest yet. We just started to party hard and play some pretty fun games.{If you catch my drift.}I mean we alwaysed partied because practicly every night in the Slytherin common room they found a reason to party. One night their point for parting was because Draco got a new girlfriend. How dumb can some people be. But last year we started to drink alot more and we found out that if enuff guys drank alot we could get them to do some pretty funny things.

"The name game." She replied.

My eyes lit up. "I completely forgot about that one."

"How does it go again?" Stacy asked tring to remeber.

"We put the names of all the hot guys from every house then we take turns picking a name then you have to find that guy and kiss him in front of everyone around." I said.

"Oh yeah....I'm in."Stacy said.
"Okay....I'm going to write the Slytherins, Stacy you take the Grifendors, Pansy you take the Hufflepuffs, and Daina you take the Ravenclaws." I told my three BFFs.

We each grabed a note book from our purses and started to write. After a good 20 minutes or so we were all done.
We put the names in a hat and begin our game.

"Wait," I said "when we go to kiss who ever we have to all of us goes to watch to make sure they do it. Cool."

"Yeah." The others answered.

"Well who wants to go first?" Asked Jill.

"I will." I said.

I put my hand in the black bag with the names in it. I pulled out a a slip of papaer. When I saw the name my jaw  dropped. I had to kiss......DRACO!!!!

"This isn't fair...we all know I hate him." I said with a puppy dog eyes.

"To have to do it." Stacy said.

"The good thing is we know where he is." Said Kristy.

"Ughhhh....lets go." I said and walked out of the portrit hole and out of the castle.

We walked to the quidditch pitch. Instade of walking to the stands where alot of girls were, what can I say the Slytherin guys draw a croud, we walked straight to the feild. When Marcus saw us he flew right in front of us and landed like he always did to try and show off.

"So what can I do for you girls...decided to try-out today?" Marcus asked.

"No not today...remeber nails. Actualy we came looking for your seeker, Draco. Where is he?" I asked tring not to  sound mad.
"He's in the air hold on I'll get him." Marcus said and turned. He Blew his wistle and everyone who was in the air stoped. He waved for them to come down and the all obayed. Great. More People to watch.I thought as I turned to the girls who were all having giggle fits. 

"I hate yall." I lipped to them.

When the rest of the team landed they looked at us like we were crazy.

"Draco. Britt needed you." Marcus said with a flick of his hair.

"What?" He asked as he walked up to me.

I looked at him dead in the eyes. After about two second I leaned in and kissed him. In front of everyone. All the guys on the Slytherin team hooted and wolf wistled. All of the girls on the team and in the stands gasped. When I pulled away Draco just staired at me. I turned to walk away when he said.

"Britt, what was that for?"

I froze..."Ummm....because I always wanted to." I said tring to hold back giggles.

We all ran for it before we colapsed on the ground. When we caought our beaths...again. We all looked at each other.

"So....who's next?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.

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