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“Mother,” I groaned as she dragged me into a Muggle wedding gown shop. George and I had decided to do a Muggle ceremony, as the whole of my mum's half of the family were Muggles. It wouldn't have been the best idea to have that many Muggles squirming about Wizarding London. From behind me, my best friend from Hogwarts, Alicia Spinnet, pushed me into the store. I wanted to scream; it was as though everyone was against me on this matter. All I wanted to wear was a simply, knee length white dress. But no, my mother won't allow me to do that.

“Come on, Katie!” Alicia said excitedly, her pixie-like features brightening as she pulled out the biggest, puffiest dress I'd ever seen in my life. She didn't let me have an opinion on the matter as she started looking at the rack my mum was.

Sighing, I trudged over to join them. The two were talking excitedly about different styles of dresses and shades of white. Alicia had a reason to be excited, but Mum didn't. While Mum had been to plenty of dress stores for various family weddings, Alicia had never been in one. Her whole family was wizards and witches, therefore she did weddings the Wizarding way: with fancy robes.

I began to sift through the rack they were when I saw it. My heart literally beat faster as I fingered the intricate beaded details on the bodice. The creamy white color of it was just as beautiful as the pearl and glass beads that adorned it. I think I gasped when I took it off the rack. It was the length I wanted! And Mum might approve, for the skirt of the dressed puffed out at the waist like she wanted it to!

“I think she found one,” I heard Alicia whisper to my mum. There was simply no way I was going to wipe the smile from my face as I held it to my chest. She flicked her blonde hair over her muscular shoulder and took the dress from me as my mother looked at me. The way Mum was looking at me made me think I'd gone insane.

“You're getting married in February. You'll catch a cold, darling.”

“But Mum, this is the one I want.” She sighed and gestured at the dressing booths.


As I sat in bed that night, I was unhappy. I gave into the pressure of getting the dress that Mum and Alicia liked better than the one I had wanted. I looked down at my sketch book, saddened at the likeness of the knee length dress – or a “dress not gown” as Mum had put it – that I had drawn. I softly erased some of the spare pencil lines as I heard a faint pop.

“Not asleep yet? It's midnight,” George said as he threw his knapsack on the floor and took his tee shirt of. “You weren't waiting up for me, were you?”

“No,” I sighed, drawing in the eyes on the figure modeling my dress. He pursed his lips in concentration as he watched me. Then, I heard him laugh.

“The model is you!” he boomed.


“I'm sorry; I've just never seen you draw yourself.”

“Well, this is my dream dress.”

“Then I must say that you're breaking the one wedding rule that I know: the groom shouldn't see the wedding dress.”

“Don't worry; I didn't get this one – I didn't even get one similar to it.” Sighing, I closed the book and placed it and the pencil on my nightstand. When I turned to face him, his features were sad. I knew that it wasn't because of something that had happened to him today: it was that I hadn't gotten the dress I wanted. He rubbed my shoulders lovingly as I began to do something I'd never imagined doing over a dress – I cried.

“My boobs didn't fit in it, George!” I sobbed. I could see a grin twitching upon his lips as he fought the urge to laugh at me. Angrily, I turned my face away from him and allowed him to laugh.

“I'm fat,” I concluded. This only made him laugh more; he took my face in my hands once he had calmed down. A serious look came over his face, though his eyes were still laughing at me. I pouted at him as he smiled and kissed my forehead.

“You're not fat. You have boobs and an ass; it's cute,” he said. I bit my lip and laid down. Soon enough, he was lying next to me with his hand on my abdomen. Staring at him, I stuck my tongue out of my mouth.

“You're a liar. You're only saying that because you love me.” He sighed heavily and kissed my cheek, allowing me to snuggle up next to him. Even if I was a bit miffed at him, I couldn't resist being close to him. If he had murdered someone, I would consider running, but if and only if he did that.

“I do love you, but I'm not lying.”

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