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Kedar swept into the Palace magnificently, his robes swishing angrily around his feet. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Remus rushed in and came to a complete stop when they saw Draco.

“Thought I heard a familiar voice,” Harry grinned brandishing his wand, “now kindly leave before I finish you off like I did your pal Voldemort.”

“You wouldn’t want to upset the Princess, would you Potter?”

“Why would getting rid of you upset Princess Layla?” Harry smirked.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?”

Harry looked to Layla and Layla looked to Draco. Nobody said a word. Other members of the Order began to rush in surveying the situation and staying quiet.

“Draco helped me,” Layla said in a very quiet voice.

“Princess that’s what the Order is here for to help you,” Remus said slowly.

“Aren’t you a part of the Order?” She asked Draco.

“NO!” Angered yells, erupted from members of the Order and fierce protests.

“What have you done!” Harry demanded holding his wand at Draco’s throat.

“I think Potter, you should ask the Princess what she has done,” Draco smiled.

“Layla,” Harry’s voice softened as he held his wand at Draco’s throat, “what is he talking about?”

“You told me you were part of the Order!” Layla raised her voice.

“My mistake Princess, I know how unforgiving you truly are I hope you will not murder me as well as…”

“GET him out of here!” Layla demanded.

“Where to your highness?” Haruni bowed.

“To the dungeons.”

“It is a better fate than some your highness,” Draco said solemnly.

“Wait, Haruni, leave him in my room, watch him till I arrive.”

“Yes your highness.”

“Layla, what is going on?” Harry requested, releasing Draco.

“It’s my business Harry, I’ll sort it out.”

“Draco doesn’t play fair Layla,” Harry said and quickly ducked as a dagger zoomed past his head.

“Neither do I.” Layla swept out of the room, leaving the other aghast.

“Harry!” Hermione cried, “you can’t just let her go in there with him!”

“Mione,” Ron soothed, “she knows what she is doing.” Ron soothed Hermione but still looked concerned to Harry.

“Ron’s right, she’s tough, she’ll be fine.”

“Your highness please, let’s sit down and I’ll inform you,” Remus kindly offered to sit in a more private area.

“Layla, my Princess.”

“Don’t start those lies with me!” Layla fired up, “you haven’t said an honest word to me since we met!”

“I have Princess!”

“Like what?”

“Like how beautiful you are, how your eyes are embedded with emerald diamonds and your skin is a soft as a finely woven spider web, I didn’t lie about those things.”

“You’ve never said those things to me before,” Layla’s eyes softened and Draco could see her weakening.

“I wanted to say them Princess, I am hopelessly in love with you.”

Draco held Layla close to him, his body did feel good against hers and she could not help thinking that it would be so nice to relax in his arms. When she remembered she wasn’t a lowly slave anymore and this man did not fall in love with her but in love with the power she could create for him. The only man who had fallen in love with the slave girl was Harry.

“Get off her!” Ron rushed inside and crash tackled Draco off Layla.

“Guards take him to the dungeons, if he tries to escape he is in my Father’s hands” Layla commanded, “thank you Ron.”

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Just fine thank you.”

“Uhh…Princess the Order has to go back to London, we have duties we have abandoned and Harry must attend a ceremony for his defeat.”

“Harry’s going?” She asked.

“Well yes he has too, but I know he’d really like to…”

“Thanks Ron I’ll take it from here,” Harry interrupted appearing at the doorway.

“Alright…uhh Harry I’ll leave you to it,” Ron awkwardly exited.

“You’re going home?” Layla asked softly.

“I have to lots of business to take care of, ceremonies and lectures and classes to take, my whole life all I’ve had to do was defeat Voldemort, now I have, now I have to find something else in my life worth living for.”

“And that’s not me,” she nearly whispered.

“I don’t know.”

“But you knew enough to make love to me! Don’t tell me you didn’t feel so right and complete because I know you did!”

“Come with me to London then,” Harry offered, hope beginning to gleam in his eyes.

Layla looked away tears brimming in her eyes, “you know I can’t do that! I can’t leave my city when it needs me most.”

“Then this is goodbye,” Harry said slowly.

“It is,” Layla looked back into his eyes, her tears magically disappearing. “Good luck Harry Potter, I hope you find what you are looking for, you deserve all the fulfilment and happiness this world has to offer.”

Layla was shocked to see tears fill his eyes, “Princess,” he bowed to her, “I know you will make history in your rulership in Medina, you are such a strong and exceptional Princess, I know you will make this city as beautiful and as great as you are.”

Haruni entered, “Princess it is traditional for the royalty of Medina to wave off visitors from abroad.”

“I will be there in a moment,” she answered politely.

“I’d better get going,” Harry glanced awkwardly at Haruni.

“It was an honour knowing you,” Layla said earnestly, the slightest gleam of a tear gracing her eyes.

“Likewise,” Harry turned to leave.

“You must bow to the Princess on arrival and departure,” Haruni commanded.

“No, really it’s..”

Harry bowed to his knee and kissed her hand gently, Layla felt the back of her eyes begin to burn and her throat start to close up.

“Farewell Princess Layla,” Harry turned and left Medina forever.

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