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This story is so many firsts for me, because, as I said, I’m trying to branch out. My first time writing heterosexual situations in a while. My first time ever writing Trio era. My first time working with a character with no purpose in the Harry Potter plot line. I really hope that I’m able to pull it off. Enjoy!

Dedication: For Krys. I cannot believe I am actually writing this. See what craziness you force me to do? Psh…love you.

An Eve to Remember

December 31


“You’re so beautiful,” Blaise whispered into Hermione’s ear as they walked, hand in hand, down the street leading to the restaurant where they would be spending a part of their evening. He admired her blush-ridden cheeks as snow fell from the sky, littering their hair. He reached up to her head and brushed the white flakes off, his hand lingering on her cheek as he pulled away.

Sooner than he could think, her arms were enveloping him in a tight hug. She looked up into his eyes and spoke quietly, “So are you.” She then stood up on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the nose. She giggled when his cheeks started turning a shade of pink as well.

She pulled on his hand and led him into the elegant diner filled with nicely dressed people. A man at the door took Hermione’s coat and Blaise gaped at her. Her dress was long, almost floor-length and was very form fitting. It showed off her large bosom and small waste, much to the delight of her date.

“You look fantastic, love.” he whispered to her while a host took them to their table.

“Thank you.” She replied before seating herself in the seat that Blaise pulled out for her.


The food had just arrived. While waiting, the couple sipped red wine and talked of all things imaginable. He held her hand firmly over the across the table and listened while she told him stories of her adventures with Harry (and Ron).

Ron was a sensitive topic for Blaise. For many years, Blaise had resented and hated Ron; he’d thought him horrible to have Hermione’s heart and abuse it so thoroughly. Even years later when Hermione told Ron that they’d better be friends and had started dating Blaise, the latter boy still disliked the former. He’d hurt Hermione so badly in sixth year and then came crawling back for forgiveness. Who could possibly have done that to someone so…perfect?

So, whilst she cut up her steak into the smallest, most organized pieces, Blaise stared at her beautiful face, wishing he’d have told her his feelings much earlier. It would have saved both of them much heartache.

But they were together now, and that was all that mattered. Blaise could hold her, love her, and treat her much better than that Weasley ever had. He would treat her better and make her love him to the best of his ability. He’d never been so in love in his life.


Blaise and Hermione had long finished eating their scrumptious meal, but they were in no hurry to leave the restaurant. They had ordered dessert, and waited patiently until soft, lovely jazz music started playing.

Blaise stood up, “Would you care to dance?” he asked.

Hermione was flustered; she’d only ever been asked to dance once in her life, and that was by Viktor Krum. The one time she and Ronald had danced was at Bill’s wedding, and she’d been told that they would be dancing together. So, being very welcome to the idea of dancing with this gentleman with whom she’d fallen in love with, Hermione grasped his hand with a quiet “Yes,” and proceeded to the dance floor.

The couple got into position and commanded the dance floor. Blaise spun Hermione in every way possible as they laughed together. Their skin colours contrasted as they danced, making the pair look even more graceful than they already were. Anyone who saw them might have thought that they were the perfect couple. Hermione and Blaise, however, knew they were the perfect couple.


After they’d danced their feet off and finished their delicious, chocolaty dessert, Blaise and Hermione left the restaurant. They walked back to their flat, once again being covered by snow. Hermione ran about, talking quickly and excitedly. Only spending a night with Blaise could make her this happy.

Blaise chuckled and put his arm around her shoulder as they walked. She slipped her hand behind his back and they walked like that, arm in arm. He stopped moving when they were right in front of their flat and pointed up.

Hermione looked at the place where Blaise was pointing and spotted a mistletoe left over from Christmas. She didn’t hesitate at all before she leaned up and kissed Blaise full on the mouth. He wrapped her hands through her adorably frizzy hair and pulled her closer.

It wasn’t long before she pulled away, much to the dismay of Blaise. But of course, it was New Years Eve and there was counting down to be done. So, the couple entered their flat, got dried off, and prepared for the New Year.


Hermione had turned the radio to the news station which was currently announcing what was happening in downtown London. Apparently, there were huge fireworks being set off all throughout the city. There was only one minute until the New Year, and Hermione wanted to make it count.

She enveloped herself in Blaise’s arms, so that they were hugging against a wall. She fiddled with his curly locks as he held her close and looked down at her face. The people gathered around London started counting down the seconds, starting with twenty. Hermione waited until they were down to ten before she counted along with them.

“Ten,” she said softly, hugging Blaise more tightly.

“Nine,” he answered, resting his head on hers.

“Eight,” she continued, planting a kiss on his neck.

“Seven,” he said sensually, bringing his hand down to cup her cheek.

“Six,” she said as she raised her hand to hold the back of his neck.

“Five,” he said as he put his hand on her chin, lifting her head.

“Four,” she grinned, bringing her face higher, to meet his.

“Three,” he smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Two,” she said, standing on her tiptoes so that their lips could finally meet.

“One,” he finished, though he was cut off by Hermione’s tongue against his own. This would surely be a New Years Eve to remember. 

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