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Layla threw on her dark blue cloak and made her way out of the Palace, guards weren’t around and leaving the Palace was a lot simpler than she expected. It was now the dead of night but entering the city you would not have thought that, you might’ve thought it was very early morning on Christmas day. For the city was alive, children playing, adults chatting and laughing with one another. Even the guards appeared light hearted as they dragged supplies to repair houses that had been damaged.

Draco had certainly picked a secluded area to meet, a dead end street, with dim to no lighting. The sound of the happiness around them was almost lost to the darkness.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Princess,” Draco appeared heroically with an anxious Sandi behind him. “But someone needed a little persuasion.”

“That’s fine,” Layla turned to Sandi, “all this time you claimed to have royal blood and that I was so lucky to be attached with royalty,” she started pacing, “you made me feel so inferior to you, everyday.”

“None of that matters anymore,” Sandi grinned, “because you are a Princess and you are engaged to me and nothing can stop you from marrying me, so I will be Sultan and I will finally be royalty and there is nothing you can do to change it,” Sandi relished in his own victory.

“There is one thing that will break the bonds you have made,” Draco deliberated.

“Oh yeah and what’s that?” Sandi replied.

“Avada Kedavra!” Draco chanted, green light shot from his wand killing Sandi before his body had touched the ground.

Layla screamed, “you killed him!”

“That’s what you wanted?”

“No! No! I didn’t want him dead! I just didn’t want to marry him!”

“I’m afraid that was the only way then,” Draco looked sympathetic at Layla’s terrified face, “I’m so sorry,” he soothed slipping his arms around her, “if there was any other way I would’ve done that. Killing is such a messy thing.”

“What are we going to do with his body?” She asked.

Draco waved his wand and the body vanished, “he’s in prison now, no one will notice, let the rats feast on him.”

“Draco! That is an awful thing for an Order of the Phoenix member to be saying,” Layla was beginning to think double about Draco.

“Princess,” he knelt on one knee, “the way he talked about you as though you were merely a ticket to him getting royal angered me so much, I am sorry Princess, please do you trust me?”


Draco’s eyes glinted, “now I best be off,” he announced standing up.

“So soon,” Layla said softly.

“Will you miss me?” Draco grinned wickedly.

“I just wish I could give you something for helping me and not telling anyone.”

“You’ve given me more than enough Princess,” he bowed his head.
“I think it is best we do not let the Order know of our little rendezvous?”

“Will there be more of these rendezvous?” Layla asked flirtatiously…in her mind she thought desperately… ‘am I flirting?’

“I would like that,” Draco neared closer to Layla.

“So would I,” Layla inched even closer, ‘stop it Layla!’ She thought urgently to herself!

Layla drew away and fastened her cloak up, “then I’ll be seeing you soon?” She asked innocently.

“Yes,” Draco’s eyes snapped out of the trance he had just been in, “yes you will see me soon, take care Princess.”

“You too Draco, thank you,” Layla nodded and headed back to the Palace.

Remembering that she could apparate wherever she pleased, she did so to her Suite. Layla’s heart was still beat very fast and so loud she thought someone might hear it and ask her what’s wrong. She had just watched Sandi die, his death and been sudden and there wouldn’t have probably been any pain….but what did she care?
He was an awful person…but did he deserve to die like that…was Draco being honest with her?

Enough was enough for one day Layla thought, there is only so much a woman can take in one day, and these other problems could wait. First she wanted her mind to take in that she was now a Princess. In the distance she heard footsteps, quickly Layla slipped under the covers, her door opened.

“I thought you’d be asleep,” Kedar stood in the doorway, “may I come in?”

“Sure,” Layla sat up.

“I am sure this has been quite a day for you,” Kedar came closer but seemed awkward.

“You have no idea,” Layla curled her knees towards her chest.

“I’m so sorry dear one,” Kedar said suddenly, “when your mother died…”

“I know…now,” Layla tapped her head, “anybody would want to run away from that, I don’t blame you for running away, Dad.”

His eyes gleamed bright at the word ‘dad’.

“Ugh so tomorrow there is an announcement to the city,” he looked everywhere but at her eyes.

“What do I have to do?”

“You will have to stand on the balcony and wave and smile,” Kedar watched her face drop, “what is it?”

“Will I be able to actually make a difference?” She said softly.

“I think you won’t be able to help yourself,” Kedar grinned and relaxed, “from what the Order of the Phoenix tells me about you, you’ve already made quite a difference. But the business end of things will take place once you’ve settled in and I’ve taught you a thing or too.”

“I think I could teach you a thing or too,” Layla smiled and began to yawn.

“I think it’s bedtime for you miss,” he reached to pull the covers over his daughter, “get a good rest and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight dad.”

“Good night Princess.”

Layla felt as though she had only just closed her eyes when she was gently woken by Alesha one of her handmaidens. She seemed scared to wake her.

“Princess, I am sorry for waking you but your father requests that you get dressed for the ceremony.”

“Sure, no problems,” Layla said stretching out.

“Your father left this for you,” Alesha revealed a stunning pale turquoise and golden gown, it hung off the shoulders and a trail that went for days, “it’s amazing!” Alesha smiled.

After a few minutes of staring opened mouthed at it, Alesha hurried Layla to bathe and get ready for her official induction as Princess Layla of Medina.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Remus waited in the Palace, the rest of the Order were downstairs with the townspeople ready to watch the induction of the Princess and Sultan. Kedar looked quite anxious but magnificent; his tailored suit and robe, glinted gold and black.

“She’ll be here soon,” Ron grinned, “women take forever to get ready!”

“I’m sure you’d take a long time to get ready if you were being inducted into royalty!” Hermione playfully slapped Ron.

“My Gods,” Kedar exclaimed looking toward the doorway, everyone’s eyes followed.

“Does it look alright?” Layla asked.

She stood in a pale turquoise gown that hugged her figure and flared out amazingly to her feet with a small train, the gown was trimmed in gold and glimmered beautifully in the exotic light. Her hair was clipped delicately off her face with gold ornaments. Jewels glittered off her ears and throat, a picture perfect princess.

“You look beautiful,” Kedar embraced her.

“Like a Princess,” Remus bowed and kissed her hand.

Harry couldn’t find words he was speechless, “you look beautiful,” Hermione said for him.

Haruni entered from the balcony, “your highness, the city awaits,” he bowed.

“Are you ready?” Kedar asked his daughter.

Layla nodded her beautiful head and took her father’s hand and entered on to the balcony where the city could see them, the crowd burst into cheers at the sight of them. And then went quiet.

Layla watched as her Father silence the city and they did so immediately, she panned over the city, “I thank you,” he started humbly, “for coming to support my daughter and myself. I want to apologise for abandoning Medina, the God’s have forgiven me and I ask that you do. Losing those nearest and dearest to you can hurt so much as I’m sure too many of you here today know. But that will change, I want a community that accepts every kind of magical creature and wizardry level; Squib’s, half bloods, pure bloods, it doesn’t matter what we are as long as we all strive to be good and pure ourselves and not our blood.” At this statement the crowd burst into more cheers.

“Today myself and my daughter Layla will be inducted by the Gods into royalty,” Kedar looked to the skies, “Gods I ask that you bestow royalty on those who poses your generous mark!”

The skies darkened and two thick rays of light shone onto Layla and Kedar, shimmering flecks of gold and purple rained upon them.

“This is incredible,” Hermione whispered gripping Ron’s sleeve.

The gold and purple flecks began to piece together creating shimmering crowns. The crown landed gently on Kedar’s head and the tiara on Layla’s. Voices from above sounded, booming across the city.

“City of Medina please bow to your ruler’s, Sultan Kedar and Princess Layla of Medina.”

The crowd melted to their knees and cheered for their new rulers, Layla felt the tiara on her head and desperately wanted to look at it, a beaming smile crossed her face as the skies lightened and the Gods had left the city to celebrate. A enormous festival was being held in the city after the induction.

“And now welcome Princess Layla’s fiancée who will one day take over the throne!”
A voice was magnified and boomed over the city, the people didn’t think this was standard procedure but applauded and cheered along.

Draco Malfoy appeared on the balcony snaking his arm around Layla’s waist waving and smiling bright eyed at the applauding crowd.

“What are you doing!” Layla hissed.

“Who is this?” Kedar asked roughly.

“Now, now pap’s you don’t want to cause a scene in front of your city whom may I remind you will be deeply distrusting of you. Your little Princess here wants to marry me and I feel it’s only polite for me to introduce myself as their future King.”

“What are you mad? I don’t want to marry you!” Layla hissed, still maintaining a smile for the crowd.

“But I want you too and frankly my sweet Princess you owe me…big time.”

“We will go inside and discuss this immediately,” Kedar ordered.

Draco whispered right into her ear, “do you want me to tell Daddy what I did to your last fiancée.”

Layla gasped.

“That’s right Princess keep smiling.”

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