Raine had just boarded the train back to school with James, Remus, Peter and Nate by her sides. They made their way to a compartment and sat down.

            “So how was your break Remus?” James asked sitting down on the other side of Raine.

            “It wasn’t so bad. How was yours?” Remus asked from his sit across from James and next to Peter.

            “Hectic.” James replied.

            "In a simple one word answer, yes, it was hectic." Raine said. "But, not all of it was. For like two weeks James wasn't aloud to talk to me and it was very lonely."  Nate rolled his eyes.

            "That's to bad. Did you read the books we gave you then?" Remus asked.

            Raine laughed. "You only gave me one book Remy. I didn't need to read it. I think I controlled my anger pretty well." Nate and James both snorted. Raine shot them a glare and then looked back at Remus. "Did you like what I got you for Christmas?"

            "Yes Raine thank you. Apparently they beg to differ though."

            "Don't pay any attention to them. They're just mad that they didn't get that book from you." She said sarcastically.

            "I'm sure." Remus replied standing up and grabbing a book from his bag.

            "You aren't going to start reading already are you?" Raine asked.

            "Why not?” he asked opening the book.

"Well, I'm not sure. Don't you guys have some important prank you want to play on the Slytherins?"

"No, Sirius isn't here." James replied.

"What? I thought someone was missing. Where is he?" Raine asked a little shocked.

"School, Raine. He didn't go anywhere for break." Remus replied.

"Shite, I forgot. I miss him." Raine said while wiping a fake tear away from her eye. "Well, I could take his place!"

"Nope." the remaining three Marauders replied together.

"Why? I can pull pranks too! In fact, I'm in the midst of pulling one right now!"

"Oh really and that is?" James asked.

"Well, I can't tell you." Raine said while looking innocently around the compartment.

"Alright well you still can't replace Padfoot." James replied.

"I know I can't replace him. He's like your bff. I just-er. Never mind. Let's just sit here and do absolutely nothing." She finally said.

"You just what, Ms. de Luca?" James asked.

"Nothing." Raine lied as she smiled up at James. "Nothing to worry your pretty little head, Mr. Potter."

"What did you do Raine?" Remus asked his eyes never leaving his book.

Raine gasped. "Why would you think I ever did anything Remus? I never do anything."

"Not going to work, what'd you do?" Remus demanded finally looking up.

Raine smiled cheekily at Remus. "Nothing! I just,” but they couldn't hear the rest because Raine lowered her voice to one, which was not audible.

“Raine!” Nate demanded.

"Yes Dearest Cousin?"

“What did you do?”

"I don't know, why don't you ask Peter? He was my partner in crime. He was the one who told me to do it!" Raine said while pointing her finger at Peter.

"What are you talking about, Raine?" Peter asked.

"Peter!" Raine whispered loudly. "You know exactly what I'm talking about!"

"No I don't." he loudly whispered right back.

Raine groaned. "Peter, Peter, Peter. You told me to tell Regulus that I was madly in love with him. To see if he would shag me and when he was about to, you told me to put a dung bomb down him pants. Then just walk off."

"Hmm I don't remember that." Peter replied.

Raine rolled her eyes. "Of course you don't remember. Because Regulus mistook you for some chick when I walked off, and you were then scarred for life after he hit on you."

"Raine we've only been on the train for seven minutes and you've been with us the entire time." Nate replied.

"Ah, you'd think so, but you'd be wrong." Raine stated.

"No one cares anymore, Raine." James replied, "You dragged it all out and there isn't any proof."

Raine sighed. "I'm still better at playing pranks than Peter here."

"Oy!" Peter yelled.

"What? You know it's true. Why do you think Sirius and James chose me to go with them to play that prank on the Slytherins a couple weeks before the holidays?"

"Because I was off with Faith and you were bugging them." Peter replied.

"Maybe so. But, I'm going with my story. It sounds a lot better. OH! Remy?" Raine cooed.

“Yes Raine?” Remus asked.

"Did you ever find out what the code was for the gift I received from James and Nate?"

"Nope." Remus lied.  

"Raine de Luca!" James yelled at the same time Nate yelled, "Raine Aida de Luca!"

"What?" Raine questioned innocently.

"What did we tell you?" James demanded.


"When we gave you your present." Nate declared.

"Hmm, I'm not sure. You guys tell me a lot of stuff. But, I never listen. You guys should know that by now. When you two tell me stuff I just kind of tune out unless it's seriously important. REMUS! I think you're lying!"

"No shite he's lying Raine. He's the one who put all the facts in a code for us." James replied.

"I asked you guys to at least give me a hint. But no so, I asked Remus. When I did I thought he loved me. But, I'm not so sure now." Raine said in fake hurt.

"Have you even looked at the code?" Nate asked.

"Not really. I sent it to Remus when before the party and he never sent it back. So, I don't have it."

Remus stood up dug around in his bag and tossed Raine the piece of paper, "Get to work."

"Yes sir!" Raine yelled as she saluted Remus. "Pssst. Petigrew." Raine whispered.

“Raine?” Peter asked.

"I need help with this one." she whispered softly.

Peter looked it over and read it out loud, "Take the fourth letter of your favorite flowers name."

Raine raised her hand.

"Yes Raine?" Remus asked.

"Mr. Lupin! Peter is cheating! I can't work like this. He won't stop talking and telling me answers to stuff!" she said childishly.

“That’s Professor Lupin to you." James replied.

Raine stuck her tongue out at James and said, "Sorry. Professor Lupin. Peter is cheating!"

"Peter you can ignore Raine now." Remus replied, "Raine the bloody questions are all about you."

"That's selfish. I won't accept it." She said.

"Erg! If you don't shut up and finish the bloody code James and I are going to take your present back and then you get nothing!" Nate exclaimed.

"You don't know where the present is!" Raine stated.

“I do to. Now shut up!”

Raine looked at Nate. "So, you've been snooping through my panty drawer?" she questioned as she looked down at the code and read the questions.

"No, accio Raine's present. Now you won't know where it is." Nate said as the pretty box flew to his hand.

"Nathaniel Tristan Beauchamp. You give me that present right now or I'll tell Lily about all those love poems you've been writing about her!" Raine said as she stood up.

"I haven't even been around for last two weeks like you would know what I was doing." Nate challenged.

"Alright. You aren't the only one with a wand. Accio the love poems Nate has been writing!" Raine yelled. When nothing appeared in front of her Raine looked around the compartment in embarrassment.

Nate grinned, “Get to work.”

Raine pouted and sat back down. "So, what is my favorite flower? Oh Yes. Plumeria. So, mm. Peter my love?"

"What Raine?" Peter asked.

"Would you like to read off the rest of the code for me? I'll give you five galleons!"

"Nope." Peter replied, "I'm going to find Faith. I'll see you guys later."

Raine groaned. "FINE! You stupid Party Pooper! I was trying to be nice to you. You ruined that."

All the guys chuckled, "I think Faith is more entertaining then you."

"Thanks. But, I could change that." Raine said as she looked down at the code. "Hey, what happens if I figure out the thingy?"

"Then you get the box back and you tell the box the code. I don't think you want to." James replied.

"Why not?" she questioned.

"Because they're going out."

"I could be more entertaining to you! Retard." Raine said. "Can I have the box Porfavor?"

"Whatever." James replied as Nate handed her the box.

"Thanks!" Raine said excitedly. "I'll be back in a second." Raine said as she stood up. "I'm going to pay a visit to Lily."

Nate instantly had grabbed Raine around the waist, “Nope."

"Let me go Nathaniel!" Raine squealed.

"No you have to get the box on your own."

"I am! I never said which Lily I was going to visit!" she replied.

"There is only one Lily."

"In your mind. But, not in mine! Her name is Lily Tevins. She's in Hufflepuff!"

"After you open the box I'll let you go."

Raine sighed. "Please, can I go now? I'll give you five galleons!" Raine lied.


"Damn. Fine. Let me go, I'm going to sit down." Raine demanded.

Nate sat down and pulled her with him, "Nice try."

"Thanks." Raine replied sarcastically. "Now, is the answer to the code Merry Christmas?"

"Not even close." James replied grinning.

"You're lying." Raine said.


Raine was starting to get angry. "Okay, well, what’s the question for the next one?" Raine asked handing the paper to James.

James sighed, "Favorite animal?"

"Dragon." Raine said. "Next."

James and Nate both grinned as they watched the box open.

Raine looked at the box with wide eyes. She hoped up from Nate's lap and dropped it on the seat next to Remus. "You bloody gits!" Raine yelled as she hit both James and Nate on the side of the head.

"Oy! Do you want us to take it back?" James replied.

            "No! Why the bloody hell did you give me a list of things to answer if only one of them was the answer?"

            "To piss you off." Nate replied grinning at his cousin.

            Raine rolled her eyes and hit them both on the side of the head again. "Unbelievable! I thought- goo- just." Raine growled. "Thank you oh so very much." Raine said in a low voice as she sat next to Remus.

            "Take it you like it, Raine." Nate replied.

            Raine picked up the box from the seat and looked inside. "Oh Merlin. This is beautiful." Raine gawked as she picked up a very expensive bracelet. "James, Nate. You didn't have to do this."

            "We wanted to, Raine." James replied.

            Raine looked up from her bracelet and looked over at James and Nate. She stood up and went over to Nate and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Nathaniel."

            "De nada." Nate replied hugging her back.

            Raine smiled and went over to James. "Thank you James." Raine said as she hugged James and then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're welcome." James said.

"Remus?" Raine asked as she sat in between James and Nate.

"Yes, Raine?" Remus asked.

"Why did you let them do that to me?"

"It's what they wanted."

"Well, I wanted to give James and Sirius their brooms back after our little spat and I wasn't able too. Instead you took them and gave them to McGonagall."

"Well you wanted to harm them."

Raine looked shocked. "I did not! I was just cleaning them up for 'em!"


"Where?" Raine asked looking around the compartment.

“You missed him.”

"Dang. Again? Hey, I got a question." Raine stated.


"Did Regulus stay at Hogwarts over the Holidays?"


"Dang. Okay." Raine said.


"No reason." Raine lied.


"What? I just wanted to know."

"Why because we just proved your prank wrong?" James asked.

"Nope. Because your favorite person told me to talk to him."

“My favorite person is?”

"Oh, I'm sorry. Not your favorite person. Someone else's favorite person." Raine apologized.

"And who's favorite person?" James asked.

"Not yours." Raine said.

"We've gotten that." Nate replied.

"Yep, I know."

"You're really annoying." Nate replied.

"Sorry about that." Raine said just as the door to the compartment slid open. "Oh, hey guys!" Raine said to Emmeline, Dorcas, and Marlene, "What's up?

"We just saw Gideon." Marlene said.

 "So?" Raine said.

"And he was well, he was flirting with another girl." Dorcas admitted.

"So?" Raine said again.

"What do you mean so?" Dorcas demanded her hands on her hips.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you guys knew." Raine apologized.

"Thought we knew what?" Dorcas asked.

"Well, Gideon and I broke up." Raine stated bluntly.

"You what?" Marlene asked.

"We broke up."

"What happened?" Dorcas asked shoving James aside and sitting down.

"But, it's okay. I'm over it. Some what." Raine said.

"How can you be over it what happened?" Dorcas demanded.

"Well, he cheated on me three times with two girls." Raine said.

"Oh Raine." Emmeline said shoving Nate over and sitting down.

"What?" Raine said as she looked up at Emmeline.

“Are you okay?”

"I'm fine Emmeline. I found out along time ago. Well, not really but, I'm fine. I got all my anger out by beating up Fabian." Raine smiled.

Emmeline grinned, "Well other then that how was break?"

"Alright, It was kind of lonely though."


"Well, I had no one to talk too."


"I had no one to talk too. Nate left to visit his friend in Italy and James wouldn't talk to me." Raine stated.

"Why wouldn't James talk to you?"

"Because he's a bloody git." Raine smiled.

"Oy!" James exclaimed.

"What James? Emmeline, I even kissed him to try and get him to talk to me! It didn't work!"

"What?" Emmeline exclaimed.   

"My cheek and I'm not a git. It was your brother's fault" James replied.

"Aiden's fault? How so?" Raine smiled. "I kissed him and he wouldn't talk. So, I made friends with the house elves. But, they wouldn't talk a lot.”

James groaned, "Your cousin their all the bloody same anyways."

"Well of course they didn't talk their house elves." Emmeline replied.

"No the bloody hell they aren't!" Raine yelled. "They are two completely different people!" Raine turned her head away from James and looked at Emmeline, "Well, I know. I tried to write Sirius and everyone else but my owl kinda went missing for a couple days with no letters on her leg when she returned."

James and Nate both looked at each other. 

"That's odd." Emmeline replied.

"Yeah, it is. But whatever. So, how was your break?"

"It was okay." Emmeline looked at Dorcas who flushed slightly.

"Dorcas, what happened?" Raine smiled.

"Nothing Raine." Dorcas replied grinning.

Raine looked over at Dorcas and then looked over at Emmeline who motioned her head over to Remus. Raine smiled when she saw Remus raise his book so she couldn't see his face. "Remus!" Raine yelled as she jumped up from her seat.

"Yes Raine?" Remus asked still hiding.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

“Tell you what?”

"You dog! Why didn't you tell me you and Dorcas got together? Jez, no one is telling me anything these days! First Nate and Lily, now you and Dorcas? I'm so happy for you guys!" Raine said as she jumped up and down where she was standing.

Nate rolled his eyes, "Breathe Raine. Breathe."

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" Raine said excitedly. "Who needs to get together with some one now? Emmeline, Sirius, an- WAIT! Emmeline, why don't you and Sirius get together, next?"

Dorcas started laughing and Emmeline hid her face behind Dorcas.

"You didn't? Bloody Hell!" Raine yelled.

"I don't know what you're talking about Raine." Emmeline replied sitting up putting on a straight face.

Raine started laughing. "I'm not as daft as you may think! Emmeline! I'm so happy for you!" Raine squealed.

Emmeline grinned and Dorcas got up and sat down next to Remus who looked from his book and then wrapped an arm around her.

Raine squealed. "Yay! All my friends have some one special!"

"Now we have to fix you." Emmeline replied.

"I think I'm good right now Em." Raine said while finally calming down.

“I didn’t mean right now.”

"Well, when do you suggest?" Raine said sarcastically.

"When you're ready." Emmeline replied ignoring Raine's sarcasm.

"With whom?" Raine said once again, sarcastically.

"Whomever you want. Well you stop being negative."

"I'm not being negative! I'm being sarcastic, duh." Raine said smiling.

Emmeline glared at Raine.

"So, Marlene how was your holiday?" Raine questioned ignoring Emmeline's glare.

“It was good.” Marlene replied.

"Care to elaborate?" Raine questioned.

Marlene blushed, "Not really."

"What happened?" Raine said getting excited.

"Later Raine, please." Marlene said blushing harder while Emmeline start to laugh.

"Okay." Raine said disappointed. Five seconds later Raine looked up at Marlene and said. "It's later now! So, tell me what happened!"

"No. Not here Raine." Marlene said glaring at Emmeline.

"Fine." Raine said. "Where's Lily?" she asked deciding not to press the issue any further.

"Perfects meeting were someone else is suppose to be." Emmeline replied looking at Remus.

Remus immediately looked away from his book and then dropped it, gave a quick kiss to Dorcas, then left. "Well, what an exit!" Raine applauded.

Dorcas laughed leaned down picked up his book and then put it back in his bag. Emmeline grinned and leaned back into her seat. Marlene finally sat down next to Dorcas.

"So, everyone now has a love interest, as soon as I lose mine. Why couldn't you guys get together while Gideon and me were dating? We could've group dated!" Raine stated.

"We just had to be difficult Raine. Sorry." Emmeline replied. 

"Anyone want to play exploding snap?" James asked.

"I'm good," Raine said. "I think I'm going to go for a walk."

"I'll come with you if you want." Emmeline said.

"No, I'm okay." Raine said as she got up and opened the door to the compartment. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes,” she said before closing the door to the compartment and walking towards the front of the train.

"I wonder what she's going to do." Nate said.

"Maybe she's just going for a walk." James said as he shuffled the cards.

"Yeah and her middle name is Aida." Nate replied.

"It is isn't it?" Marlene asked.

“Yes.” Nate replied.

"Oh, then why did you say that? Did you need a reminder?" Marlene asked.

"I meant to say isn't Aida... you know. Raine didn't really want to go for a walk she went to do something."

"Oh." Marlene said. 

 "Why does she always have to be up to something? Why can't she ever just 'go for a walk'?" Emmeline asked.

"Because it's Raine." Nate replied.

"And your Nate. So what?"

Nate groaned, "Have fun James. I'm going to find my friends. All these girls are annoying."

"Please don't leave me here!" James begged.

 "Oh, Marlene, Dorcas, he's going to go do something! He's not really going to find his friends!" Emmeline said mocking Nate. "You want to know why he's doing it? Because he's Nate." Emmeline smirked.

Nate turned around really fast and before anyone knew what he was doing he had his wand out pointed at Emmeline, "Silencio. I'll see you later James."

James laughed. "Bye Mate." Marlene and Dorcas just gasped as Nate exited the compartment.

Nate grinned and walked down the hall until he found his friends hanging out. He opened the door a dropped down in the open seat.

Raine continued walking until she saw some Slytherins up ahead, talking about her.

 "If you guys have something to say, say it to my face." Raine snapped.

"What are you doing down here all by yourself?" Evan Rosier asked grinning.

"Walking." Raine said. "Why?"

"Just surprised you would come down here all by yourself." Walden MacNair replied spinning his wand between his fingers.

"I'm surprised you're talking to a Gryffindor." Raine stated.

"We can be civil if want to de Luca." MacNair grinned.

"Wow, I'm shocked." Raine said while putting her hand over her heart.

The two boys grinned at her, "That and your brother Aiden probably wouldn't let like it if we went ahead and killed you."

Raine rolled her eyes. "Really? So, what do you guys want?"

"Who says we want anything. You were the want to walk down here de Luca." Rosier replied.

"So, you guys started talking about me. So, I just had to interrogate!" Raine said sarcastically.

"Didn't realize we weren't aloud to talk about Gryffindor trash like you." MacNair said.

Raine laughed. "I'm Gryffindor trash? How so?"

"You're a Gryffindor and a blood traitor." Rosier replied.

"How am I a blood traitor? Just because I'm in Gryffindor?"

“You're friends with those mud bloods." MacNair replied sneering.

"Doesn't mean I'm a blood traitor. I haven't married a half blood or a muggleborn yet." Raine stated coolly.

"Yet, de Luca. Yet." Rosier said.

"Who said I would?" Raine asked.

"There are only a few pureblood that want to have anything to do with you." MacNair stated.

"My parents are the kind that like arranged marriages. We have pureblood friends in Italy and in France. I might have to marry them." Raine stated. "For all you know I might have to marry one of you!" Raine said sarcastically.

"I've already got a fiancé." Rosier replied. 

"My parents don't like yours." MacNair said.

"Oh, oh well." Raine said sadly. "I've always wanted you. Both of you." Raine said seriously.

"Sure de Luca." MacNair replied rolling his eyes.  

"Shut up!" a shrill female voice yelled from just a little ways down the train.

"What was that?" Raine asked.

Both boys groaned, "Narcissa, she finally got the name of her to be husband."

Raine rolled her eyes and pushed past the two boys to see what really was going on. Before she was to far away Raine looked back and blew them both kisses. When Raine reached the compartment Narcissa was in she knocked softly.

"What?" Narcissa demanded from the other side.

"I just came to see if you're okay. Can I come in?" Raine asked politely.

"Fine." Narcissa replied.

Raine opened the compartment door and walked in and sat across from Narcissa. "Are you okay?"

"No." the pale blonde replied.

"What's wrong?" Raine asked concerned.

"I'm getting married to a man I detest."

Raine smiled a little. "And who would that be?"

“Lucius Malfoy.”

Raine scrunched up her nose. "Ew. Really?"

“Yes really.”

"I'm sorry." Raine chuckled. "But, it can't be all that bad. Maybe you can change him."

"He's a Malfoy they don't change. I've met his father."

"Well, have you met his mother? I have. Whenever they’re together, Mr. Malfoy will do anything Mrs. Malfoy asks of him. You can control any man if you do the right thing." Raine said.

"She died two years ago no one knows how, and that's because they were in public."

"Well, when she was alive she totally had him whipped." Raine said. "I hadn't realized she died. I'm not really informed with anything unless Ella tells me."

"Only when they were out in public because he was afraid she tell everyone he hits her. That's why no one talks about her death. Everyone thinks he killed her."

"Holy Merlin. Well, everything will be different for you. Lucius isn't as bad as his father. Yes, he is a little creepy, but that’s about it."

"Like father like son. At least Abraxas and Tatiana liked each other when they married."

"Don't worry about it. You know Bella would kill Lucius if he ever did anything to hurt you. Ella probably would too." Raine pointed out.

"You think they would ever find out?"

"Bella would notice a change in you. Trust me. She noticed a small change in me when James and I broke up. Bella will notice anything. Ella doesn't like Lucius any ways so at least she'd have a reason to kill him."

"Well other then the fact that he's higher up on the league of death eaters then they are."

"That doesn't mean that they wouldn't kill him." Raine said.

"They would murdered seconds later and Bella's to busy with Rodolphus lately. I haven't talked to her since school began."

Raine rolled her eyes. "You know, I'm trying to make you feel better."

"Well it isn't working."

"Look, maybe it would work if you weren't so pessimistic." Raine stated. "Maybe instead of looking at the bad things about marrying Lucius, you should look at the good things about marrying him."

"And those would be?”

"Being rich, having a huge house, not having to lift a finger for the rest of your life, not having to worry about what guys think of you, not having to try and impress guys anymore, do I have to continue?"

"First I have most of that right now and second I've never cared what guys thought because I knew one of them had to marry me if he liked to or not."

Raine sighed. "Fine, sorry I ever tried to help. Just tell me why you don't want to marry Lucius."

"He's an arrogant jerk."

"Is that all?"

"And I hate him."

"So, that's it?"

"He's ugly, he smokes."

"Is your list done yet?" Raine asked sarcastically.

"No." Narcissa said tossing her pale blonde locks out of her clear blue eyes.

“Well please continue.”

"He's lazy, he gambles, he spends more time looking in a mirror then I do."

"Okay, I'm going to stop you before you go any further. Once you get married, he will probably become more polite to you. You will grow to love him, because you have no choice. You have magic to change his looks. You can tell him that you will never kiss him unless he stops smoking. Remove all the mirrors from your house. Tell him that if he doesn't get up off his lazy arse, then you are going to put him under a standing spell. Finally, tell him that if he gambles his money then he also gambles his sex life." Raine took in a deep breath when she finished.

"Well since he is already sleeping with Ella. I don't think he's going to care."

"But, once you're married he can no longer do that. Seeing as how the Dark Lord does not approve of adultery he will probably get cursed and hexed."

Narcissa start to laugh, "Him not approve of adultery is that why he shags Bella, my married sister?"

Raine rolled her eyes. "Well, you can always ask the Dark Lord to keep an eye on Lucius. But, Lucius may actually care about his wife's feelings so he may not cheat on you."

"Lucius care about other people, that's funny de Luca."

"You never know!"

"He didn't even blink an eye when his mom died."

Raine sighed and looked down at the floor. "People have their own way of dealing with the loss of loved ones Narcissa." Raine said quietly.

"No shite de Luca."

"So, why are being like this? He could be a man whore because that's his way of dealing with the loss of his mother!" Raine said.

"He's been a man whore since he was like 13 and no only Prewetts do that."

Raine looked up and glared at Narcissa. "Forget I even tried to help. Go have fun being Malfoy's sex toy." Raine said before she stormed out of the compartment.

“I want be that man’s anything.” Narcissa declared to herself glaring at the window.

Raine continued down the hallway towards the back of the train. Raine accidentally ran into Evan Rosier on her way there.

"Can't stay away can you, de Luca?" Rosier replied.

"Piss off Rosier." Raine said as she stood up from the ground.

"Oh did Black hurt your feelings?" Rosier asked, "You know I was going to offer you help up."

"She did not hurt my feelings. She's just a selfish bitch that thinks she's to good to marry Malfoy." Raine stated.

"Well Malfoy is an arse, but something sure has your knickers in a twist."

Raine smiled. "I'm not wearing any knickers. And Malfoy maybe an arse but at least she doesn't have to marry Aiden or Nott."

"Thanks for that information de Luca."

"You're welcome, love." Raine said. "I've been meaning to ask you Rosier. Who's your fiancé?"

"She goes to Beauxbatons."

"She doesn't have a name?"

"She does yes, Aimee Stratton."

"I know her! She's a French Whore!" Raine said before skipping off down the hall.

"To bad Stratton is a British last name!"

"Doesn't matter!" Raine sang. "She's still a whore!"

"Well that makes her better then you!"

Raine stopped. "What do you mean?"

"What did it sound like?"

"What do you mean Rosier?" Raine asked again.

"It's better to be a whore then a prude, de Luca."

"I am not a prude!" Raine stated.

“Oh really.”

"Really." Raine said.

“Prove it.”

"How?" Raine asked.

"You really are a prude de Luca."

"How do you want me to prove to you that I am not a prude?" Raine asked seriously.

"Virgin or not de Luca?"



"I'm half virgin, half not." Raine said.


"Yep." Raine said.

"You're either a virgin or not. There is no half."

"Yes there is." Raine said.

"Care to elaborate then?"

"I haven't actually had sex. But, I've done things..." Raine trailed off.

“What things?”

"Things Rosier." Raine said.

"What things de Luca?"

"I've... Look, I don't want to talk about it out here. Can we go into a compartment or something?"

"Sure." Rosier replied leaning over her and opening the door to an empty compartment.

Raine walked into the compartment and sat down. Raine walked into the compartment and sat down.

Rosier followed in behind and shut the door and then sat across from her.

"What MacNair didn't want to join in the fun?" Raine asked sarcastically.

Rosier rolled his eyes, "No Slytherins don't go for threesomes."

"Oh. Okay then." Raine smirked as she looked out the window.

"What things de Luca?"

“I've given head and other things." Raine said still smirking. "What things have you done Rosier?"

"What have I done, everything de Luca. I'm not a prude."

"I bet." Raine said. "Is that all you wanted from me Evan?"

"You're the one who told me you weren't wearing any knickers."

"I'm not." Raine smirked. "Why?"

"You want to prove it?"

"I suppose." Raine said as she slid her pants down a little. "See, I'm not wearing any knickers."

"For all I know they're just lower then what you've lowered your pants to. Or you could be lying."

Raine rolled her eyes. "Don't you have a fiancé?" she asked as she lowered her pants a little bit further.

"Your point?"

"You're right. Never mind." Raine looked over a Rosier and said, "You see, I'm not wearing any panties."

"I still can't tell."

Evan stood up and walked over to her.

Raine held out her pants and said, "See, nothing."

“No I don’t see.”

"Look closer then." Raine said.

"Or you could finish removing those pants."

"I could. But, what's in it for me?" Raine questioned.

"You'd stop being a tease."

"But, that's the fun part!" Raine smiled.

"Being a tease is worse then a prude de Luca."

"Not really." Raine said as she lowered her pants even further.

"Yes because sooner or later a tease is going to find herself in a situation were she's no longer in control while a prude never would have gotten there in the first place."
"Sectumsempra." Raine heard the voice of Narcissa Black say.

Rosier fell of Raine holding on to his bleeding chest. Narcissa walked over him and held out her hand to Raine, "You okay?"

Raine pointed to her throat and opened her mouth. Narcissa flicked her wand, which removed the spell, and she took a step back onto Rosier’s stomach.

"Come here." Narcissa replied to Raine while pointing her wand back down at Rosier, "Incarcerous."

Raine stood up, pulled up her pants and buttoned them and then walked over to Narcissa.

Narcissa wrapped one of her arms around Raine and led her out of the compartment were they ran into Severus Snape.

"Sev could you be a dear and go take care of Rosier for me?" Narcissa asked.

"Yeah I suppose Cissa." Severus replied moving aside so they could pass.  

"Come on let's go get you cleaned up." Narcissa said pulling Raine into one of the bathrooms, "Out now!"  Every girl that was using the bathroom quickly fled in fear.

Raine started to cry. "Thank you Narcissa. If you hadn't come along I don't even want to think of what was going to happen."

"Male Slytherins for you. It's okay Severus was just walking by so if I hadn't been there he would have." Narcissa replied handing her some tissues.

"How did you know? He had put me under the silencing charm and you probably couldn't hear what was going on." Raine asked.

“I could hear you fighting him."

"Really? For someone on the other side of the compartment I thought it would've sounded the complete opposite." Raine said while wiping her face.

"Raine does it matter you're okay now."

"You're right. Thank you so much Narcissa." Raine said before giving her a hug.

Narcissa hugged her back, "Are you done crying now?"

"Yea, for now." Raine gave a small smile.

"Good sit down. I'm going to redo your face and cover up those." Narcissa replied indicating to the appearing hickies on her neck.

"Oh. Okay, thank you." Raine said while sitting down on a chair located in the corner of the bathroom.

Narcissa pulled out her make-up and started on Raine. About ten minutes later, "All done; go look."  

Narcissa had highlighted her cheekbones and made her eyes really stand out. Her hair was falling down her back in her own pretty curls again.

Raine stood up and walked over to a mirror. She gasped. "Narcissa, thank you. Thank you so much!" Raine said while giving Narcissa yet, another hug.

"Vous Ltes bienvenu." Narcissa replied hugging her back.

When Raine let go of Narcissa she looked into her eyes and said, "I'm sorry for the Malfoy sex toy thing."

"It's okay dear." Narcissa replied, "I know I'll have to be with him enough to get pregnant and then my parents will get leave me alone."

Raine laughed. "So, I think I should head back to my compartment. I told my friends I'd be back with a couple of minutes and I've be gone almost an hour."

"Do you want me to walk you?" Narcissa asked.

"Well, what is Severus doing with Evan?" Raine asked.

"He probably murdered him, but there are more Slytherins."

Raine smiled. "Yes, please." Raine said as she headed for the door. "How do you handle being in the same house with them?"

“Bella was my sister.”

"That helps out a lot." Raine said as the two girls walked down the hallway.

"You have no idea how much." Narcissa replied as she glared at a Hufflepuff boy that darted out in front of them.

Raine smiled. And soon the two girls were standing in front of Raine's compartment. "Thank you again Narcissa."

"You're welcome. Raine." Narcissa said.

"Same. Be safe and stay out of Slytherin area want you?" Narcissa replied.

"I'll try." Raine said. "Bye Narcissa." She finished before closing the door to her compartment and sitting down next to James.

Instead of turning back and heading back to her own compartment Narcissa keep walking up the corridor until she came to a compartment. She slid the door open and leaned against the frame and said, "Prewett."


"I heard you broke up with Raine, Gideon."

"Yeah, so? Why is any of your business?" Gideon asked.

"Should it not be my business?"

"What do you mean?"

Narcissa moved forward, "Why did you break up?"

"She found out I was cheating on her." Gideon replied.

"Oh, that's to bad."

"What do you want Narcissa?" Gideon asked getting slightly annoyed.

"You're not very nice, Gideon."

"What do you want?"

Narcissa pouted lightly, "Who said I wanted anything."

"Okay, why are you here?"

"Can't I just be here to see you?"

"Narcissa, please leave. I don't really want to talk to you right now." Gideon said.

"Oy, I'm not here to be mean."

"Then why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk to you."

"About what, exactly?" Gideon asked.

"I don't want to talk about here."

Gideon sighed. "Where do you suppose we talk about it?" Gideon asked.

"Somewhere else. Your friends are starting to creep me out."

Gideon stood up. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes," he said as he walked out of the compartment. "Now, what do you want to talk about Black?"

“Direct aren’t you.”

"Yes, I don't feel like playing games with you today Narcissa. What do you want?"

“Oy if you're going to be mean."

Gideon sighed. "I'm sorry Narcissa. What would you like to talk to me about?"

"I don't know what to do." Narcissa said, "about my arranged marriage I know I haven't talked to you since we were little but..."

"You have no choice but to get married Narcissa. What else do expect to do?"

"I don't know Gideon. I can't marry him."

"Yes you can. And you have too." Gideon stated.

"Merlin Gideon why do you have to be so mean. I know I've not been the nicest, but I've never actually been mean to you."

"What the bloody hell else am I supposed to say? I can't do anything about your arranged marriage to Malfoy!" Gideon said.

"I know, but can't you at least say something to make me feel better. For gods sake I did just save the girl you still have feelings for."

"What do you mean you just 'saved her'?"

"Rosier, Rosier was trying to rape her."

"What?" Gideon yelled. "I'm going to kill that bloody git." Gideon said as he started walking towards the front of the train.

"Gideon Ignatius Prewett, come back here. Severus already took care of him and she's okay."

Gideon turned around. "Why didn't you tell me sooner Narcissa?" Gideon asked.

"Tell you what? That. You're not with her anymore, Gideon."

Gideon walked towards Narcissa, "I know but, I still have feelings for her. I would've saved her if you came here and told me!"

"Yeah well if I came up here to tell you it would have been to late."

Gideon sighed. "Well, thanks, I guess."

"I'm sorry about what happened between you two." Narcissa said her hand on his arm.

"Yeah, me too." Gideon said. "Sorry about your marriage to Malfoy."

“It’s okay. I know it’s to late for anything now. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your dad’s funeral.” Narcissa replied.

"It's okay. I understand you couldn't be there."

"So are you okay?" Narcissa asked

"I don't know Narcissa." Gideon replied.

"Want to talk about it? Or do you just want go back to your friends?"

"Narcissa. I'd love to talk about it. I just.... can't right now."

"Alright, well you know where to find me." She replied leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"In the Slytherin area. I know." Gideon stated while rolling his eyes. "It was nice to talk to you again Narcissa."

"Yeah, sorry I didn't talk to you before, but you know."

Gideon nodded his head, "Yeah, I know. Now, go back to your compartment before the other Slytherins start calling you a blood traitor."

Narcissa rolled her eyes, "They're all to afraid to do anything to me anymore. I'll see you later though Gideon I need to go see if Rosier is dead yet."

"Alright." Gideon laughed. "Bye."

Narcissa waved and started walking down the corridor back to her own compartment glaring at anyone who dared to cross her path.

Gideon sighed as he turned to go back into his compartment. Once he shut the door he sat down next to the window.

"What was that all about mate?" Caine asked.

"Oh, Narcissa just wanted to talk about her arranged marriage to Malfoy." Gideon replied while looking out the window.

"Ouch." Fabian replied.  

"Wait, why would she want to talk to you?" Caine asked.

"Huh? Oh, I don't know. She did say something else, but never mind."

"What'd she say?" Fabian asked.

"Evan Rosier just tried to rape Raine." Gideon said as he looked at his brother.

"What?" Fabian demanded.

"Did I stutter?" Gideon asked sarcastically. "Rosier just tried to rape Raine."

"Is she okay?" Caine asked.

"Yes. At least that's what Narcissa said."

"And you didn't go check? That's one of my beaters you're talking about." Caine demanded.

"It wouldn't seem right for me to check on her." Gideon stated.

"You can always replace her." Fabian said.

"Ugh. I can't replace her!" Caine replied.

Gideon glared at Fabian. Fabian shrugged, "Why not? She's always giving you too much attitude and you're always threatening to take her off the team anyways..."

"She's the best beater we've got and who else can keep those stupid 'marauders' in check." Caine said sighing.

"There are only two of those 'marauders'. You can always give them extra laps if they do or say anything you don't like."

"I'm not replacing her end of story."

Fabian sighed. "What if she resigns from her position?"

"Then I'm going to be having tryouts for two places." Caine replied looking at Fabian.

Fabian laughed. "But, I won't have anything to do with it. What if she resigns because of Rosier?"

"No but I'm getting tired of you right now."

Gideon glared at his brother and Caine. "Will you two shut up? Jez, you're worse than two third year girls!"

"Oy." they both declared at the same time.

Gideon rolled his eyes, "Well, prove me wrong. Show me how seventh year men act."

They both glared at him and the Fabian said, "Well they don't sit around and sulk all day."

"I've only recently been sulking. I have a right too. I wasn't there when some Slytherin tried to rape my girl!" Gideon shouted.

"She's not your girl anymore. You were the one who said you didn't want her back. Even if she would take you." Fabian replied.

Gideon sighed. "Boy am I an arse?" he asked rhetorically.

"No, you're just confused over everything." Fabian replied.

"Over everything? I'm not confused over the fact that I no longer have the girl that I love. I'm not confused over the fact that Dad is dead." Gideon sighed, "I'm not confused over a lot of stuff Fab."

"No. Really? Is that way every time you think of Raine you still call her your girl? And dad has been dead for almost six months now."

"Fabian, just shove off." Gideon said angrily. "You're confused about everything too."

"Even if I am I don't sit around sulk about it all day!"

"Yeah, instead you shag every thing in sight!"

"Like you weren't!”

"I only did it three times! How many did you shag while you were with Emmeline?"

"Emmeline. I didn't want to hurt her more then I had to."

"Why did you have to hurt her in the first place?"

"What was I suppose to stay with her when I don't love her? Was I suppose to just cheat on her like you did with Raine?"

Gideon glared at him, "No, but, just-. Forget about it." he said as he looked out of the window again.

"Oy. Sorry mate. I. I just want you to stop sulking." Fabian said.

"You only made it worse." Gideon muttered.

"I know. I'm sorry."

Gideon ignored Fabian and continued to look out of the window. Fabian sighed and leaned back into his seat.

"What am I supposed to do if Raine won't play Quidditch because of you?" Caine asked out of the blue as he pointed to Gideon.

"Shut up, Wood." Fabian replied.

Caine just looked at the Prewett twins and sighed. "Fine, but you two quit moping."

They both glared at him and then went back to their own things.

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