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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters, settings, or concepts related to Harry Potter. Any similarities to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series is coincidental and not intended.

December 21st

I entered the filthy human establishment, my nose immediately wrinkling up with distaste at the foul smell that infiltrated my overly sensitive nose. It was only by glancing at the ruddy faces of the pub’s patrons that I could measure the drastic change in temperature from the frigid winds of the exterior, and the immense relief that the warm room provided. I knew my own cheeks would remain as pale and bloodless as the snow that already lay in mounds on the streets of London. I pursed my lips, ironically blood red as fate would have it, and briskly walked over to the bar where the more…desirable customers usually sat.

I primly perched myself on a stool and flashed a warning glance at the fumbling bartender. He dropped another glass in his haste and my temper flared at his clumsy human reactions. Being a mortal left much to be desired physically. A sardonic smiled played its way onto my lips as I watched an intoxicated group of men proclaim their potency and strength, erupting into a violent foray. If only they knew how weak they all were, how breakable. It would be so easy to break their necks and feel the desperate rush of blood…

I shook my head of those thoughts, carefully placing them in a separate compartment of my mind, saving them for later. For now, I was to play the role of a siren, not the voracious monster that grumbled within me. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of someone approaching. Skimming through their thoughts, I quickly picked up some key facts: it was male…and it wanted me. Again, I found a malicious grin crossing my face as I pondered the lack of self-preservation some humans had. It was a wonder that they always seemed to be attracted to those things that were the worst for them. I was a predator, an impregnable enemy, and yet men were drawn to me like moths to a fire. I moistened my lips before twirling around.

The human looked slightly startled at my swift movements and faltered. Taking the lead, I stood, fluidly repositioning myself closer to him. In my heightened state of arousal, I could smell him warm blood and hear the alluring pulse of his body. I had to repress the low growl of want that nearly escaped from my mouth. My hand gently went up to caress his neck, his face, tenderly tracing the line of his lips. His mouth parted and I grinned in triumph.

Confidently taking his hand, I led him outside into a dark alleyway. Curiously, I wondered if he was frightened yet. As I faced him, my eyes bore into his, extracting the information I was looking for. In the mean time, I leaned into him and pressed my lips to his chin. It was a tribute to his impressive height that I had to look up to him. For a short moment, I mourned his loss as he was exceptionally attractive for a mortal with a sharp, chiseled jaw and soft gray eyes. His face was an interesting riddle and if I had had the time, I would have loved to examine it, every crevice and every secret.

But there was no time, and I traced his jaw with my lips as I penetrated his mind. I had just reached his throat, able to feel the throbbing blood under my mouth when my entire body froze.

I pulled away harshly, my entire façade falling away. The human reached out for me, but I slapped his hands away in fury. “You’re a wizard?” I hissed through clenched teeth.

“Of course,” he said indignantly. His low, husky voice sent a surge of hot frustration through my body. Judging by his cowering expression, I guessed that my blue eyes were blazing with anger.

“Fool,” I snapped, nearly throwing him against the brick wall in my impatience. His clothes and hair in disarray, he looked up at me in disbelief and…another emotion that I did not wish to process. I had been so close to drinking and finally satiating my thirst, but the damned human had to be a wizard. For half a second I considered taking him anyways, but the threat of Kali and her…my coven restrained me. “Find another way to die,” I muttered softly before stalking away.

I reentered the busy main street, which was packed with Muggles for the taking; but I was too vulnerable to lay another trap. My mask of seduction had been removed as I had prepared to give into animalistic desires. Now, it would be a fight not to attack every damned mortal who came within arm’s reach. I knew that I had to avoid the temptation, and the only way to do that was to return to my prison.

I turned onto Knockturn Alley, the precariously high heels of my shoes clattering against the cobblestones. The flimsy piece of silk that covered my body had earned many dubious stares in Muggle London, but here I was one of many, bonded in our isolation. I opened the door to our residence and walked into the front room. It was ominously quiet. I approached another door surrounded by two large thugs who leered at me. I simply raised an eyebrow and entered the guarded room.

The blast of noise that reached my ears nearly deafened me. Kali had never been one to reign in a party. The courtiers of our mock court had deemed it a proper time to celebrate and she had joyfully let them carry on. The more time they spent inebriated, was less time they were plotting.

Avoiding the raucous festivity around me, I headed straight for the front of the room where, just as I had expected, Kali sat on her throne-like chair, a gaggle of young male vampires surrounding her. I kneeled briefly before meeting her eyes. She smiled warmly at me, but I had no doubt that it was due to my misfortune. Kali was still incredibly jealous after being alive for thousands of years, and I suspected that even after ten millennia she would continue to be the most envious creature to have crossed my path.

A spasm of amusement darted through my mind as I saw her beckon over one of her favorite…concubines. It was Spencer, the hotheaded vampire who I had created to be my mate. He had disappointed me multiple times and my hopes for happiness had been dashed, but I continued to uphold the pretense that I was infatuated with his stormy eyes and strong body. I desired him, there was no question about that, but I had long ago realized that he held no more attraction for me than that of “eye candy,” to use the human expression.

Their secret smiles, whispers, and caresses surprised no one, and bothered even fewer. Kali’s vanity was well known and commonly endured. No female had any lasting claim on a male when Kali’s roving eye fell on him…not if she wanted to remain a part of the clan.

My musings were interrupted by the slamming of the front doors. A ripple of shock swept through the party and every eye was on either Kali, gauging her reaction, or on the opened doors. One of the thuggish guards entered, holding a thrashing figure in his arms. He kneeled before Kali before rising and brandishing the body, which had gone surprisingly limp at the sight of Kali.

“We found him wandering around the premises,” muttered the guard, his deep voice reverberating around the silent room. “We would have killed him, but he’s a wizard…and we thought that you might want to know.”

Kali ignored the human, who was now wriggling in his captor’s grasp. “Who was in charge of the front door?” she asked, her icy voice dripping with venom.

Every other vampire in the room trembled, praying the name that left his lips would not be their own. “Diane,” he muttered, and a low scream guided every curious, malicious gaze in the room.

The shaking, petite creature gaped fearfully at Kali, who merely beckoned her forward with a crooked finger. My eyes fluttered shut at her piercing shrieks of pain, only opening after an ominous silence filled the hall, signifying her demise. There was a scorch mark on the floor where she had stood in front of Kali and I could see the human staring, disbelief etched all over his face and mind.

I, along with many others, edged closer for a better view of Kali and the captured human. With an immense shock, I realized that he was my wizard, the one who I had nearly killed. Would he tell Kali the story of his near demise? Would he be able to pick me out among the tens of beautiful creatures surrounding him? A powerful fear gripped me so that I could not move nor speak. I refused to be another scorch mark on Kali’s floor, but there were far too many bodies for me to reach the exit in time. I would have to fight her. She would, no doubt, have more popular support, but I was younger than she was by a millennium and had the greater strength. Although, her power of combustion was formidable…

“What is your name, human?” Kali asked thunderously.

“Malfoy…Draco Malfoy.” His voice cracked as he spoke, but I was otherwise impressed by the steadiness of his voice and his intelligence at answering the question. I had seen many individuals, both mortal and immortal, lose their lives for irking Kali.

“And you are a wizard, Draco?” Her voice was now a purr, something that scared me more than her angry voice.

“Yes,” he answered defiantly, but without any trace of the disgust that illustrated his voice earlier. I was definitely intrigued by this human. How had he managed to get by the numerous guards Kali placed throughout the building?

So intent was I on reading his mind, that I nearly missed Spencer’s heated exclamation. “No human can enter here. He must die!”

This let off a chain of cries, all calling for his blood to be spilled. Calmly counting, I ascertained that the males who called for death were in the minority, although some were higher up in Kali’s mind.

Kali, who seemed to be enjoying the impassioned shouts, shook her head like some venerable king. “We do not kill wizards,” she said wistfully. “That is the code we live by.”

“Then turn him,” insisted Spencer. “Or he will expose us! His kind are the reason why we must live in secrecy, and now they try to destroy our very existence! Kill him, I say. Or if not, at the very least turn him so it will be his secret to keep as well!”

Kali became very still, taking all he said into consideration. I could see the wheels of her mind turning, through her golden eyes, and knew that her limited integrity was battling back her fear of exposure. Finally, she raised her hand to quell the clamor and I smirked at her diplomatic decision.

“We do not harm Wizard kind,” she repeated to many disappointed sighs. “But we must protect our own interests. Since it is the Christmas season, we will be merciful. The human has twelve days to decide his own fate. He can either become one of us for eternity or die a noble death.” She peered over at the human, “Do you have a decision now?”

I watched him hesitate, thoughts of glorious immortality swirling in his mind, but was gratified when he shook his head. At least I had had good taste in choosing my meal. At least he was not a fool, eager for the glory of immortality.

“Very well then,” she clapped, signaling the guards to take him to a little chamber off the room. I wondered in wry amusement how she was planning on maintaining the human for twelve days. Kali’s greatest downfall was her lack of long-term planning; she lived in the moment. It was rather ironic considering her age, but perhaps it was her method of remaining youthful.

Later that night, as the last vestiges of celebration were dying, Kali called me to her. She held my face in her hands in what many would consider an endearing gesture. I knew better. She held my face and examined it as one would a jewel. She checked for any imperfections, any proof that she was once again the reigning beauty.

Disappointed with what she saw, Kali pushed me away, carefully arranging her face. I supposed that she often forgot that it was useless to do so with me. It was not in her nature to remember the boons of others, as long as they were hidden from the naked I. It seemed almost silly that she could forget that I could read her face and eyes better than any other could. “Be careful, dearest Bree,” she said, her voice flitting between mockery and counseling.

“With what?” I muttered, peering up at her reverently. I too could play her game of deceit…perhaps even better than she could.

“The boy lusts for you, my dear,” she said, denigration coating her words now.

I bit back my sarcastic retort. I could not tell her that in fact there were few men who did not desire me. She would condemn me for my vanity, for mine could not coexist with hers.

“I will be careful,” I assured her. “He is only human.”

“One that escaped your trap,” she suggested, her eyes glittering maliciously.

“Yes,” I conceded.

“Very well,” she said once she had realized I would not put forward any further details. “You may leave.” As I walked out of the room, I saw her call forward Spencer and embrace him before the entire congregation. They exited like lovers and I returned to my quarters alone.

December 22nd

The residence was silent when I awoke from my sleep. As immortals, we had no need for sleep, but many of the coven were partial to long slumbers. I could never bring myself to lay dormant for more than a few hours, so I arose and decided to visit the library.

Continuing in her quest to have the only cultured clan in Britain, Kali insisted on having an enormous library filled with hundreds of volumes. I was among the few who even remembered this room existed.

I peered through the Shakespeare titles, torn between Hamlet and Macbeth. Finally choosing, I removed it from the shelf and blew away the dust that encompassed the volume. It was old, from the late seventeenth century, but between us, I was the older.

I sat in an armchair to read, but was soon interrupted by another presence. Sniffing the air, I was shocked to smell the scent of warm blood, fresh blood. “Human,” I called out. “Show yourself!”

He appeared behind the nearest shelf. I was pleased to see that he at least had the grace to look ashamed of himself.

“What do you want?” I snapped, annoyed that he remembered me from our previous encounter.

“I…I was wondering if…you” he placed his hot hand on my bare arm, creating an intensely pleasurable feeling. But after years of being immortal, I was immune to the seduction attempts of humans. I glared at the arrogant, presumptuous creature that, by all rights, should have been my food.

Extracting myself, I could feel my face harden with anger. Few vampires had such intimacy with me. How dare this mortal approach me?

“I could crush you with one hand, human,” I stated clearly. “One unguarded movement and your neck would be broken.”

“Are you trying to scare me?” he asked, his chin turned up in defiance.

I laughed coldly, scornful of his ignorance and mortality, “No. If I wanted to scare you, you would be dead from fright. Although,” I paused, my eyes sweeping over his face, which was alight with ill-hidden curiosity. “The idea is tempting…”

The human snorted in his stupidity, “I think that’s a load of crap.”

“Do you have a death wish, human? Because there are plenty of vampires who would be more than willing to do the job.”

“I’d have one if you were the one to bite my throat,” he replied cheekily. However, I had seen the dark shadow that had passed briefly across his brow, and I had access to his darkest secrets.

“What a weakling even for a human,” I whispered cruelly, “Not even able to kill himself properly.” I knew I hit a nerve when his jaw tightened and his eyes widened.

“What a weak vampire, attracted to a human!” he spat out before storming out of the room. Pressing my lips together, I resisted the urge to laugh at both his false assumption and at the ease with which humans were insulted. I returned to my reading, “Double double, boil and trouble.

A/N: Ok, first off, I know I should be working on “Lost at Sea,” but this came to me and I love the idea too much. It’s going to be short, only 6 chapters, but if I lose inspiration it can be a one-shot.

Before anyone asks, this takes place about 5 years after the Second Battle of Hogwarts/Voldemort’s death. I will tell the rest of the back story later in the fic.

I also want to apologize for the comment Bree makes about suicide; it was meant to hurt Draco, not to insult any readers.

As a sidenote, the last line there is a quote from Shakespeare's's definitely not mine.

Finally, any and all criticism/comments are welcome!

Edit: Dec. 24, 2007 (minor grammar things, etc.)

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