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The Order members later feasted in the main hall, food was plentiful and alcohol too. But Harry did not join them, he stayed with Layla who constantly cringed at moaned in her sleep. The memories of her mother’s death, her horrific upbringing with Alem fed back into her mind making a peaceful sleep impossible.
Harry watched her face twitch and pained memories etched along her eyelids, or would the true fear erupt once she woke up?

For Harry could not imagine her state of mind; all her life she had been treated like dirt, only to find that she was a Princess. The responsibility and the critical choices that came with such a title would be overbearing for anyone but could this tortured beauty in front of him be the greatest Princess the Wizardry World had ever seen? Harry thought so, there was something alluring some passionate about Layla, he had noticed the moment they had met. Which is why Harry waited for the Princess to wake, he waited for so long…and the heat made him increasingly drowsy…the spices in the air made his eyes fall close.

Layla awoke her eyes springing open, had it all been a dream? She was not so naïve, the awful recollection of memories swam through her head once more. She felt as though she were a part of a mystery novel, deep down part of her had always known there was something different about her. But never in her wildest dreams had she expected this to be laid upon her.

Turning over in her bed she was startled as Harry’s sleeping figure sat beside her. Poor Harry, he was so afraid to be hurt again, getting up she gently brushed his bangs off his face with a click of her fingers he was laying in her bed. He must’ve waited with her till she woke.
In the distance she could hear Remus, Ron, Hermione and other members of the Order laughing and chatting away. An unfamiliar deep and soothing voice boomed over the top of everyone else’s, her father. Slightly dejected that he was not waiting here with her to wake, Layla pulled a quilt over Harry.

A shadow crossed over the room, Layla turned startled.

A blonde man knelt down and lightly kissed her hand, “your highness.”

“You’re that man from London,” she realized.

“Yes, Draco Malfoy a pleasure to meet you Princess,” he bowed his head again.

“Why are you here?”

“The Order invited me but they must not know I spoke with you,” he paused, “they get jealous if I get a private meeting with the Princess.”

“Why must you talk to me?”

“I understand you are engaged?”
“I ‘was’ engaged, he cheated on me,” Layla wondered where this was going.

“Yes, I heard, I’m so sorry,” his stone grey eyes bored into hers, “what you must understand is that once a Princess is engaged…”

“A bond is made…” she finished quietly, “but I never knew I was a Princess!”

“Yes, we know that but the magical laws do not.”

“I don’t want to marry him,” Layla whispered, “I don’t love him!”

Draco placed his hands on her shoulders, “I’m going to help you.”

“But why?”

“To be with one you do not love is a travesty also I see your heart is beating for someone else,” he gestured to the sleeping Harry. “Meet me two blocks over from the gates and we’ll talk to Sandi and sort this whole mess out. Don’t tell the Order, it is just another problem for them to fix and they have so much on their minds, fixing Medina and rebuilding. I think it’s best if we just get this over and done with tonight and no one will be none the wiser yes?”

Layla watched his eyes glint in the candlelight, “yes of course, thank you for helping me.”

He knelt down and kissed her hand again not taking his eyes off her, “It is a pleasure, Princess.”

He left the room as suddenly as he arrived, Layla felt herself get a little giddy from his affection and the way he called her Princess. When Harry’s voice whispered in the dark room.

“Layla,” he smiled, “seems we swapped places.”

“You were exhausted, it’s been a big day for you.”

“And you,” his smile faded, “how are you…feeling?”

“Not too bad actually,” and this was the truth something about Draco’s visit had cheered her up.

“But I am still very tired, I think I might bathe and then sleep through the night, I think the memories have stopped but I am very tired.”

In one swoop Harry had lifted Layla cradle like into his arms and took her to her bedroom.

“This is your suite Princess,” he mocked a posh London accent.

“Why thank you,” Layla giggled.
Gently Harry placed her on her bed, their eyes locked, their breathing increased. This time there was no partner’s, no one to stop them, no one to bring them down, no one to say no.

“Layla…I,” Layla put a finger to his lips and kissed him softly. Their kissing became more and more passionate as Harry lay beside her, hands writhed along each other’s body’s, clothes were strewn all over the Suite and sweat beaded on their body’s. They locked eyes once more deciding this is what they wanted and connected for the first time.

Harry finally put Layla to bed, actually sleeping this time and left her to see what the other’s were up to and to let them know how Layla was. Harry had a hard time not skipping down the Palace, he replayed the love making session over in his head and how beautiful she had looked and how perfectly their body’s seemed to fit. His smile was quickly wiped off when he realized her father, the Sultan was a few meters away. Composing his face into a polka face he entered the room, the talking and laughing died away instantly.

“How is she?” Kedar demanded at once.

“Layla is actually coping well, she woke up and we had a little talk and she seems quite balanced, she has just gone to bathe and then back to bed,” Harry reported.

“Well yes, her mind has had quite an ordeal,” Hermione explained, “she should be exhausted. Has she stopped cringing and moving in her sleep?”

“Yes, she seemed quite peaceful when I left.”

“That’s great!” Ron exclaimed, “c’mon Harry dig in, it’s great food.”

Harry took a place at the table and received a little wink from Ron, ‘he knew!” Harry thought! Harry busied himself with food and drink while his face went back to it’s normal colour.

“Your highness,” Arthur began.

“No, no, you may call me Kedar until I am officially inducted back to the throne, only because the penalty for not properly addressing royalty is severe, but I might change that law anyway,” he laughed and everyone else roared with laughter with him.

“Continue Arthur, my good man!”

“Well your daughter, Layla do you think she will accept her royalty?”

“She has too,” Kedar placed his chicken drumstick down, “royalty of Medina is chosen by the God’s you have to take it, she must also find a husband.”

“Well,” Ron grinned, “I’m sure Layla has someone in mind!”

“Who?” Kedar responded blankly.

“Oh…uh no one,” Ron stammered and concentrated hard on his food.

“You said my daughter had someone in mind,” Kedar stared at Ron hard.

“Yep,” he gulped, “just that…well Harry and Layla—“

But Ron was cut off by a flying dagger, Harry shouted ‘immpedima’ and slowed it down, the dagger clanged right on top of Ron’s dinner, he gulped again.

“The magic is already in place, my daughter is much more powerful than first thought!” Kedar smiled.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, grateful that the distraction had come.

“Your friend Ron called Layla by her first name and did not address her as ‘your highness’ or Princess. The God’s like her, that is why the punishment is so dramatic.”

“But you just said her name and no daggers flew at your head!” Ron exclaimed.

“Sultan Kedar may do as he pleases, he is blood,” Remus told Ron.

Remus looked to the Sultan, “a toast to Princess Layla, the new royalty of Medina, setting out to put this beautiful city right!”


Echoes of toasts and cheers to Princess Layla filtered to Layla’s ears but she did not turn back as she went to meet Draco and sort out this matter with Sandi, if only she had told someone inside, things would not unfold as they are about to…

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