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~Ordinary Squares, Smelly Socks and Egotistical Prats~

I am unique. At least that is what I like to think. It is a much better way to think of myself than to think that I am strange or abnormal as most of the other students at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry think. I know I can be a little random at times. I also know that my bubbly personality is something of a nuisance at times. That doesn’t make me strange though, does it? Well, I don’t really give a damn what they think.

If I were to start caring what the rest of the student body thought then my life would get very dull and ordinary. And in my awesome opinion ordinary is for squares. Yes, I did say that being ordinary was for squares. I told you I was a unique sort of person. I am also a very random one, but I think I have said that already. Did I also say that I am very impulsive as well? Ha, I think not!

My impulsiveness has gotten me into more than one scrape, but somehow I always manage to get out of trouble. A prime example of my impulsive behavior would be the time in third year I told off Bellatrix Black. She had been taunting me all day and I finally snapped. I had called her a bullheaded pig then sent a hex to cause pimples her way. Needless to say that just infuriated her more and of course the group of Slytherin girls with her became enraged as well. Lucky for little old me Professor Dumbledore came around the corner just then. The disgruntled Slytherins had moved on their way and I had come out of the encounter unscathed. I decided the best thing to do for the next few days was to avoid those Slytherins at all costs.

Somehow I managed to keep my distance from them. Bellatrix is still after my hide, but not quite as persistent as before. She for some unknown reason moved on to easier prey. I know that is a first in Hogwarts history. Bellatrix never, I repeat NEVER stops until she catches her prey. Why she stopped going after me I will never know.

I think I should mention this other important fact about myself. For all my unique, happy, and impulsiveness I am a very shy person. To tell the truth my shyness has held me back. I have no one at school I really talk to because every time someone does talk to me my tongue feels like it has gotten too big for my mouth and barely any words come out. It is almost like I have been put under a silence charm.

I find this the strangest of my qualities. I have no qualms about going out and dancing on the grounds in the middle of a rain storm, but I am terrified of actually having an in depth conversation with anyone. No one yet to date has managed to pry open my tightly closed mouth. I sometimes think that my mouth gets gagged with smelly socks every time I try to talk to someone.

I must confess that I am experiencing more than a little nervousness at returning to school this year. The only reason I am nervous is because Hogwarts is doing the strangest thing it has ever done. Hogwarts is having a Christmas Ball. I am now going to mention that I am probably the only girl in school who does not have feelings for at least one of the Marauders. Nope, not a one. I have grown to greatly dislike those egotistical prats! So, I will be the only girl who is not going to be trying to court their favor. I am nervous about the ball because I have never EVER dressed in a dress and I have never gotten as my grandmother says “all dolled up”.

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