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“You have enough anger in you to last a lifetime don’t you? You’ll make such a pretty little death eater. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that you’ll be a death eater, or the fact that you’ll be marrying me. You know the custom right, wedding, honeymoon, as soon as we get back, you get the dark mark. I‘ve already got mine,” he said whispering in Rose'sear and pulling up his sleeve to reveal it. No matter how much she wanted to punch him, to fight back, she knew she couldn’t. Fear of him was her way in to his world, slowly she could pretend to grow used to the idea of being a death eater, and he’d let her in.

“Under the imperius curse my ass. Who did daddy dearest pay to get you off the hook?” she asked angrily.

“What would Mommy and Daddy think if they knew that you were marrying a death eater and not fighting until you die. What does the Order think?” he asked.

“You give me too much credit Draco, I’m barely a legal adult. Unlike Voldemort, the Order won’t take anyone that they feel is too young or not ready to die for the fight,” she combated walking into the bathroom to put on her pajamas.

After she slipped into her pink tank top and black shorts, she opened the door to find Malfoy standing talking to Blaise Zambini. She tiptoed over to her suitcase and put her robe inside before zipping it shut.

“Rosevine, do you mind stepping into the kitchen and getting Blaise a glass of water?” Malfoy asked.

“Do you mind not treating me like a house elf,” she muttered bitterly walking into the kitchen. She immediately knew that she shouldn’t have said it, but her tongue had always been her downfall. She searched around in the cupboards until she found the glasses and filled one of them with tap water, walked back into the room, and handed it to Blaise. She went back to her trunk and grabbed one of her schoolbooks and some parchment, deciding to go sit in front of the fire and do her homework. As she walked away she could hear them whispering about her legs.

Not even ten minutes later Malfoy walked Blaise to the door and returned to her taking her book away.

“I was studying,” she said.

“Don’t worry, you have no need to do well in school, you won’t be working after this anyway,” he said taking a seat next to Rosevine and placing his head in her lap.

“I can’t allow my grades to drop Draco or they’ll replace me as head girl. How would you feel about sharing a dorm room with Hermione?” she asked sarcastically. “Personally I think the two of you would be cute together,” she added, pushing her luck. Malfoy sat up and stared at her and she turned her head away. He grabbed her jaw and forced her to look at him.

“You will treat me with respect! No jokes about filthy little mud bloods polluting my air!” he said releasing her and standing. “I’m taking a shower, go unpack your things.”

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