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The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Olympe invited Hagrid to be a special guest professor at Beauxbatons for the second last day of term. Hagrid was delighted to take a special lesson with the third year Care of Magical Creatures class after lunch.

Madame LeBelle, the Care of Magical Creatures professor, greeted Hagrid enthusiastically before the students started arriving.

“I must warn you, ‘Agrid,” said Madame LeBelle, “Not all ze students speak Eenglish, but do not worry, I will translate for you.”

Hagrid nodded nervously. He wished Harry, Ron and Hermione were with him to give him a bit more confidence. But of course they were all back in England.

Slowly the students started filtering down to the open part of the grounds where Hagrid and Madame LeBelle stood waiting. The students looked at Hagrid curiously wondering who he could be. Some of them whispered to each other, causing Hagrid to go slightly red behind his bushy beard.

Madame LeBelle introduced Hagrid to the students and explained that he was a special guest professor.

“Zey are all yours,” Madame LeBelle then said with a smile.

Hagrid looked out at the sea of expectant faces and cleared his throat.

“Er… Good afternoon class, I’m Professor Hagrid,” Hagrid said. Madame LeBelle immediately began translating rapidly in French, causing Hagrid to become slightly distracted.

“Er, so fer today’s lesson I’ve brought somethin’ special. It’s somethin’ yeh’ll ‘ave never seen before.”

The students simply stared at Hagrid with expressionless faces.

“Yeah, so in these crates I ‘ave some creatures called Blast Ended Skrewts.”

Hagrid went to each of the crates and opened them. There were three crates altogether and each crate held two Blast Ended Skrewts.

“So yeh can all gather ‘round an’ ‘ave a look at ‘em,” Hagrid said with a nervous smile.

The twenty Beauxbatons students milled around the three crates and peered in at the Blast Ended Skrewts. Several of the girls jumped back away from the crates with a squeal when one of the Skrewts let off a small blast from its end.

“Don’ worry, these ones are still fairly young, nothin’ to be scared of,” Hagrid said, “Now the ones with the stingers are the males and the ones with the suckers are the females.”

“But what are ze point of zem?” asked a blonde-haired boy, in a bored tone.

“Er…point?” asked Hagrid.

“What are zey used for?” the boy asked, “Do zair stingers ‘ave magical properties or something?”

“Er…well…” Hagrid stuttered.

Thankfully Madame LeBelle stepped in and said something angrily in French to the boy. After that the boy remained quiet and didn’t ask any more questions.

At the end of the lesson Madame LeBelle asked the students to thank Hagrid for showing them the Blast Ended Skrewts. Then she escorted Hagrid to the castle to meet with Olympe.

“Are you ready to return home?” Olympe asked him.

“Ju’s gotta pick up me Skrewts,” Hagrid said.

“So you showed ze students some Blast Ended Skrewts?” Olympe asked, as they walked back to the crates.

“Yeah, only hatched ‘em a couple weeks ago,” Hagrid said proudly.

“And did ze students enjoy ze lesson?” Olympe asked.

“T’ be honest, they seemed a bit bored by ‘em,” Hagrid admitted.

“I fear ze students at Beauxbatons are not quite as lively as ze students at Hogwarts,” said Olympe in a comforting way, “Zey ‘ave been brought up to show restraint and reserved politeness.”

“Well, anyway, I want to thank yeh fer allowin’ me to share me Skrewts with yeh students,” Hagrid said, with conviction.

“Why ze pleasure was all ours, I am sure,” replied Olympe.

“Well I want to give yeh a gift,” Hagrid said.

“Anuzzer gift!” Olympe exclaimed.

“Olympe, I want yeh to ‘ave these Skrewts.”

“But ‘Agrid…” Olympe began.

“It’s the least I can do fer letting me teach yeh students today,” Hagrid said.

“Why zank-you, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said with polite smile that hid her true feelings about the Skrewts. In her mind Olympe was thinking that the Skrewts were nowhere near as nice as her previous gifts, but she knew they meant something special to Hagrid and were a gift from the heart.

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