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Chapter 5 -Being Yourself

" I think I may have the solution to this, Oh wait I do! The reason we look different is because we are faternal quints. That means we do not look alike but we were born at the same time."said Ellie. 

" OHHH?!" all the sisters said in unison.The 5 sisters were not really dark but not really white either. They were tan. Their faces were structured differently from eachother. 

" I guess there is no reason to change so people can tell us apart. " said Sydne a little sad they didnt get to change. 

" Ummm...... I wouldn't be so sure of that. There is always room for change! " said Celone with a smirk on her face. All the sisters thought the same thing . This may not turn out so well. 

Next thing the sisters know they were trapped up in Celone's crazy ideas. The sisters all had black wavy hair with highlights. Hermione had red highlights since she ended up not liking the blue, Sydne had pink, Celone had green, Myla had black hair and yellow highlights and Ellie had a weird color of highlights crossed between blue and purple and black hair. 

Sydne and Hermione were estatic. They were exited because they will be untortured at Hogwarts with harsh names, jokes, pranks, and all together no one treating them like crap. It didnt bother them all the time it just bothered them when someone went too far and crossed the line about their blood well, lets just say I feel sorry for that person. 

Hermione thought " I am NO longer a mudblood so, say good bye Draco Malfoy to Hermione Mudblood Know- It- All Granger. Beware, now its Hermione Hauhn, Sydne Hauhn, Celone Hauhn, Ellie Hauhn, and Myla Hauhn. There are 5 of us now so you better stay away if you dont want your bloody butt kicked to the moon!" Hermione's speech was ready for when she confronted Malfoy. Hermione thought this as the sisters walked into the house to start disscussing what would happen now. 

They all got inside the house and got cozy on the soft plush furniture. 

" What about school. When do we leave!? Celone said exitedly. Tell us everything Hermione! Please?"

" Hey Hermione shouldn't get all the credit I go to you know! Why does she get all the attention?! HMMM?!"Sydne said with a hint of anger and saddness. She always heared people say she was boring but, not that boring. Her sister had already forgotten her. 

" Well ' sis' Hermione hasn't got to awnser many questions yet! I would like to hear her talk too! See what she thinks about certain stuff. I already know everything about you! " said Celone kinda annoyed. 

" If you know so much about me then what is my fave color?" 

" Pink." Celone said proudly. 

" What is my middle name? Hmm? " 

" Jane." 

" What is my favorite animal? " 

" A lion, also known as the symbol of your house at Hogwarts which is Gryffindor. " she said this like it was the easiest question ever. 

" Fine, what is my worst fear? " 

" OOHHH, That is soo hard! Your biggest fear is the fear of......of losing us." Celone said this with tears streaming down her face.
" You will never and I mean Never lose us. If you do we will go together never seperate." By this time all the sisters were huddled around each other tears streaming down everyones face. This was a very emotional moment. 

The sisters finally pulled theirselves together. Tomorrow they would go to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies and, talk about Hogwarts. They expected their letters soon. 

Hermione went to her room which was navy blue and baby blue. Dark navy blue plain walls and a fuzzy comforter on her queen size bed. Light blue carpet that felt like velvet. Light blue fuzzy pillows with white lillies on them and white sheets. 

Sydne went to her room which was way different. It had light pink sponge painted walls with dark pink hawiian flowers on them. Dark pink carpet that was shaggy. Her bed was queen sized and light pink with a lighter pink for the sheets. Her pillows were soft velvet hawiian blue with a mix of dark pink and light hawiian flowers. 

Celone's room had a silver, sparkly border around the room. Her walls were emrald green with bumps here and there. The carpet was of course her favorite color emerald green but, the carpet looked as though it had specks of sparkles all through it. Her whole queen sized bed was soft, fluffy, velvet of emrald green. But one thing that lay opon her bed was a medium sized light brown teddy. She never wanted anyone to know of Marcy, her teddy. 

Myla's room always changed according to her mood so the colors are never exact. 

Ellie's room was done up in the colors of yellow and black. Black walls and carpet but her carpet had specks of a goldish yellow in it. Her queen sized bed had black sheets and pillows but her pillows had yellow sunflowers on them. Her comferter was a yellow gold and her bed stand was straight gold......nothing else. 

They decided to go to sleep so tomorrow they could go to Diagon Alley. 

The Next Day 
Myla awoke grumpy. She wanted to sleep all day but they needed school supplies. She walked down the hall to the bathroom and while not paying attention bumped into all her other sisters. They waited in line for 5 minutes so Myla just said * Scourgify * and cleaned herself instead of waiting for Celone to get out of the bathroom. Her other 4 sisters did the same because they didnt want to wait and they wanted breakfast. Hermione went down the hall to the stairway and made her way to the kitchen. Instead of using her wand Hermione cooked the muggle way. She made pancakes, french toast, eggs, bacon, and she even had her own * Make an Omlet * booth. To drink she had milk, tea, water, orange juice, and sweet lemonade. Finally Celone came downstairs, sat down and started stuffing her face with pancakes. While trying to swallow and drink milk to wash it down she ended up choking on her partly chewed pancakes. The other sisters just stared in amazement at their sister. 

" Wowwwww! " said Sydne who expected a little more of her sister. Suddenly a tapping noise emmited from the window. Hermione looked up and saw a honey gold bird waiting impatiantly outside the window, she recognized as Tessie, a bird from Hogwarts. She opened the window to let Tessie inside, the small bird landed on the table and Hermione carefully untied the letters from Tessie's leg. She gave the bird a piece of pancake and it flew off with joy. Sydne picked up the letters and passed them out. Everyones letter appeared to be the same..... except for Hermione's. The girls were reading their letters when they heared Hermione squeal. They all looked up from their letters and Hermione was speechless. Sydne grabbed hold of Hermione's letter and all she could do was squeal also. They continued to pass the letter around the table and when it was back in Hermione's grasp they all started screaming and congratulating her on making Head Girl. Hermione ended up getting smushed beneath her sisters while in a group hug. The sisters had a celebration breakfast. 

They got on with 2 more hours doing nothing. Sitting around on their butts for 2 hours doing nothing seemed boring but, not for Hermione and Myla. They were going from Hermione's room to Myla's going through clothes. After what seemed like forever since they wouldn't let anyone in on what they were doing they chose outfits. Hermione was wearing a red strapless top that fit perfectly on her every curve and Arizona Jeans. She wore Fubu tenni shoes. Her make-up was a basic red lipgloss and mascara. She had put spells on her hair so it wasn't frizzy but wavy instead.Her hair was down. She wore a ruby brett to the side of her head to keep the hair out of her face. Myla wore a light yellow halter top with a black stretchy gouchos. She had on black flip flops. Her hair was up in pigtails and hanging down over her eye was a chunk of hair that was shorter than the rest. The make-up she wore was a clear lipgloss and mascara. The 2 sisters walked out the door and into the living room. They got the other sisters' attention and all that came out was "AWESOME!" 

" I want a make-over!" shouted the sisters. 

" Okay." said Hermione and Myla together. When the girls were finished they stepped back to admire their work. 

" What do you think Myla?" asked Hermione very pleased. 

" Well Hermione I think we did quite well! I'm pleased, are you?" 

" Yes Myla, I am VERY pleased with what we did!" 

"Well, If you 2 are done I would like to see myself!" shouted a very annoyed Celone. She grabbed a mirror and looked at herself. She saw that she was wearing a green plaid school girl skirt. It had gold sparkles on it. She also wore dark green flip flops upon her feet. But on her toe lay a silver,emerald snake toe ring.Her neaklace was 2 snakes intertwined together.She wore a tight green top that hugged her every curve and showed her belly button and ring with gold lettering that said " Soulja Boy " 

" This outfit is so me!" said Celone exitidly. Finally she calmed down and lost grip of the mirror and gave the other sisters a chance to use it. Sydne got it next. 

" WOW! Who knew Myla and Hermione had such good taste. I have never seen Hermione do anything not including a book! I guess there is always room for a change." Sydne said this as she admired her layered pink mini skirt. She also wore pink flip flops with heels and a pink tanktop. Sydne just wore her hair down with a pink headband that tied over the top of her head and under her hair that ties underneath and hangs down. 

Ellie grabbed the mirror from Sydne and looked at herself. She was wearing a flowing white skirt and a snug off-the-shoulder indigo top. Her shoes were white high heels. Her hair was in a ponytail with strands of hair hanging down. The girls were satisfied and went down to where the fireplace was. They stepped in 1 at a time and said Diagon Alley! They arrived at The Leaky Cauldron and decided to get a Butterbeer. Of course Celone, Myla, and Ellie didnt know what a Butterbeer was so Hermione explained it to them and convinced them to try it. They loved it! The sisters finished their drinks and went to Flourish and Blotts to purchase their books. Hermione squealed because she saw Harry, Ginny, Ron, Lavender, Luna, and Neville. Neville and Luna were currently seeing each other. Everyone thought they were so cute together. They had gotten together in 5th year. Ron and Lavender were seeing each other. They got together in 6th yr. after their little snog session in the common room. Unfortunetly things got bad and they broke up earlier in the summer. Ginny was seeing Dean but, they broke up because Dean moved to Arizona and went to Pheonix Feather School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

" Hey Mione, Syd.........uuhhh.... who are your, friends?" said Ron a little confused. 

" Oh! These are mine and Syd's long lost sisters.Celone, Myla,and Ellie." As Hermione said their names they stepped out of the line they had formed and struck a pose. Ron ended up staring at Ellie not paying any attention to Hermione while she was talking about her sisters personaities.Ellie was staring right back. Once they were all introduced Luna and Myla got very close. They were together whenever Luna wasnt with Neville. They had certain similarities that bonded this great friendship.After they had finished gathering all the supplies they would need they went to Luna and Neville's place. It was very interesting! 


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