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A/N: This chapter was written while listening to "Hello" by  Evanescence.
As Harry thought about his parents, he rembered watching other children at the neighborhood playground with the Dursley's. They all seemed so happy . He wondered what it would be like to have parents. When everyone talked to him about his parents, they would stare at him. It was like he was a broken toy.  They kept on trying to fix him when he wasn't broken.  He didn't really remember his parents. How could he be broken? He remembered wanting to shout at them.  It was as if he wasn't there. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, "HELLO! I'M STILL HERE."

Now that he thought about it though, he really was kind of broken. He just had never realized it. Whenever he saw Mrs. Weasley, she would hug each of her children a  pain would stab him in the heart. He wanted that. Although  the Weasleys tried to make him feel like part of the family, he wanted his own family. He wanted his parents.

The idea of talking to his parents after so long frightened him. What would he say? Harry had never been so nervous. It was so strange. Mum and Dad. Harry could get used to it. He liked the feel of it. He would finally be able to say those words. He wouldn't feel like such an outcast to his friends, all of whom had parents.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted however.

"Harry?" Ron called.


"They're moving under the blankets you covered them with. They're moving."

"My parents?"



Harry ruffled his hair nervously. Soon. They would be up soon.

Ginny watched what they had assumed to be Lily's body. She considered pulling the blanket off of her but fear quickly replaced curiousity. What would she find underneath? Would Harry be upset with her for not waiting for him? 

She turned away from Harry's mother and checked the hallway for one of the others. No one was out there. Ginny noticed the silence surrounding her. It hadn't really bothered her until now. Then the silence was broken. She heared what she was sure was breathing. Maybe she was just imagining things. 

Too nervous to move, Ginny stayed rooted to her spot. She tried to call for the others, but she found that her voice refused to obey her. She knew how much this meant to Harry, but she couldn't trust Peter. Not after everything he had done to them. To Harry. 

Ginny slowly started to build up enough courage to turn around and see what was going on. Just as she  was about to turn, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She tensed.

"Please be Hermione.' she murmured.

"Who's Hermione?" A female voice questioned, 

Just like that, Ginny fainted.

Harry's watched his father's body emerge from under the blanket. When he looked at his father's face, he found himself staring at a reflection. Except for the eyes and the amount of age his father had gained, they looked exactly the same.


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