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A/N:  I have changed Ember’s Name to “Caoimhe” Celtic for gentleness, beauty, and grace. Fits no?





James’s POV;


“James?” I looked up from the essay I was writing to look at Ali.


“Yeah?” I replied, getting up. I walked over to her bed and sat down in the chair beside it. Her intense chocolate eyes watched my every move.


“When’s the next Quidditch practice?” she asked. I sighed; I was worried she would ask. Truth be told, I was toying with the idea to replace her if she wasn’t healed for the next game.


“Monday night.” I answered, thinking that there’d be no way for her to be ready.


“I’ll be there.” She said firmly. I looked at her in surprise, the practice was two days away and the holes showed no sign of taking the ointment.


“What?” I asked stupidly. She smiled wickedly.


“I said I’ll be there.” She repeated. I looked over at Sirius sitting nearby. He looked just as surprised as I was. He stood up and walked over to us and stopped and sat at the end of the bed.


“But, Ali, how can you?” he asked. She shrugged and reached for her mug of coffee. After taking a long swig, she set it down and winked at us.


“Don’t worry about it, I have my ways” she said mysteriously.




“James, all you have to worry about is how many bats you can spare,” she added with a wink. Sirius and I sighed, not knowing what she meant nor wanting to know. I stood up and started walking to the door.


“Alright, whatever Ali. We gotta get to class. We’ll see you later, okay?” I said motioning to Sirius to follow. He nodded and turned to Ali.


“Yeah, bye Ali,” he shook his head, “I’ve never understood you Yanks.” Ali grinned.


“And you never will,” she replied. Sirius chuckled then followed me out of the Infirmary.


Shauna’s POV:


Hey guys! I need you in the Infirmary stat! Hurry up while everyone’s in class! I jerked when I suddenly heard Ali’s demanding voice pound into my head. I sighed and closed my book. I looked to see Twyla and Tyler sharing exasperated looks.


“What else could she possibly want?” Tyler grumbled. Twyla looked disapproving


“It very well could be important, Tyler! We are pledged to help the princess with whatever she may need! We promised the Elders we would look after her!” she snapped. I stood up, deciding it was time to intervene. I placed a hand on each of their shoulders and pecked each on the cheek.


“Don’t fight guys! Let’s go see what she needs and if it’s to refill her chocolate stash again, then we yell at her, okay?” I said. Tyler shrugged and Twyla nodded reluctantly. I sighed. Of course I would be stuck with a pair of headstrong twins!

What’s taking so long?!  Ali’s voice screeched in my head, I saw Ty and Twy jump about a mile, signaling that they heard it too. Tyler sighed and stood up.


“Let’s go guys,” he said, exasperated. We all stood up and followed him out of the library. For some reason we got special treatment and weren’t punished for skipping to many classes, which we were all doing now. When we entered the Hospital Wing, we saw and excited looking Ali waiting.


“Guys, guess what?” she said, excitedly. Tyler and Twyla shared highly significant looks and shrugged.


“What?” I asked, warily. Ali grinned her hundred what smile.


“There’s a Quidditch practice Monday!” she said. A unanimous groan filled the room.


“You called us out of class to tell us there’s a Quidditch practice?!” Tyler exclaimed, infuriated. Ali laughed and shook her head excitedly.


“No, silly!” she responded, laughing, “I called you out of class to tell you that I decided to heal my self and see what Caoimhe said!” Tyler and I started to get excited. We have been dying to see what Caoimhe’s decision was. If she was happy with Ali, Ali could live as long as the rest of us, if not Ali could die as soon as the next hour. The People we basically immortal, meaning we never aged past the mortal equivalent of 30. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t die. We will never die of natural causes, but if someone used magic or our magic simply died out, we would most definitely die. Also, we would die if someone drove a sword through our heart or decapitated us. But that goes without saying. I looked to Twyla to share in my excitement only to find her beautiful heart-shaped face set in a frown and her sparkling blue eyes troubled. Ali noticed this, also.


“What’s wrong, Twy?” Ali asked, concerned. Twyla’s frown deepened.


“Caoimhe’s wounds cannot be healed, Ali! We read it in the Text and we’ve found out the hard way. Remember Rune?” she asked, forgetting herself. A cloud passed over Ali’s face and her brown eyes darkened to an inky black. Twyla, realizing her mistake, visibly paled and took an involuntary step backward. Ali slowly sat up straight her arms and neck limp, causing her dark brown hair to shadow her face. Her head hung, her hair shielding her face from everyone’s view. The room noticeably got colder and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside, when two seconds ago it was a bright clear day. I glanced around nervously, having experienced Ali’s simmering rage before.


“I-I’m s-sorry Ali! I-I…..forg-got….” Twyla stammered, interrupted by Ali’s raised hand. She lifted her head slightly, but not enough to show her face.


“Silence,” she said quietly. Twyla’s mouth instantly clamped shut and Tyler wrapped a protective around his half-elf twin. Ali’s body seemed to rise of its on accord. Up and off the bed, the sheet sliding off her bared legs. Her whole body seemed to glow with Red Magic. Caoimhe’s Magic. With her head still bowed, she spoke, her voice layered thick with power, sounding oddly and horribly like Caoimhe.


“Of course she remembers Rune. How could she not? And you are right, Serenity, the wounds I inflict cannot be healed, unless I help heal them,” Caoimhe hissed, proving that she had momentarily taken control of Ali’s body, “And I simply can’t allow my sweet Laina to be confined to this hospital wing any longer. With each passing day her body grows weaker, as do I. I need her to be healthy in order to do what I have planned. Do not mention Rune in that context again, understand Serenity?” Twyla nodded dumbly, visibly shaking in Tyler’s arm. Ali, Caoimhe, smirked.


“Do tell Laina I’ve reached my decision. I’ve decided that she’ll reach 300. I do love chaos and destruction!” the evil witch chuckled and lifted her head. A collective gasp went through the room as the visible change in Ali was revealed. Her normal chocolate brown irises had disappeared completely, along with the pupils. What was left, the whites of her eyes, were glowing a bright, angry red. Those were the eyes of Caoimhe. When she smiled, she displayed two, inch long fangs and a long forked tongue danced out between them. We were so focused on that voice; we hadn’t noticed that Ali’s dark brown hair had grown another five feet long-skimming the top of the sheets (she floated a few inches above them) and a dark, inky black. If it were not for Ali’s tanned skin and lack of wings and a tail, I would think we were talking to Caoimhe herself.


Suddenly, with an evil grin, Ali/Caoimhe threw her head back laughing evilly and burst into blood red flames, casting an eerie red glow on the formally dark room. Soon Caoimhe horrible laughter died out, along with the flames, and Ali collapsed in a heap on the non-scorched sheets. Her hair had retuned to its normal color and length, as had her teeth and tongue. Her eyes were closed, so I could not tell if they had returned to normal, also. The storm outside had abruptly stopped and the lights flickered back on, returning the room to its normal, cheery self.


With a groan, Ali stirred, rolling on to her stomach. Tyler, Twyla, and I rushed to her side, wanting to help but sure how. Ali’s eyelids flickered opened and she met our blue and green stares with her normal, chocolate brown one.


“My back itches,” she croaked. Twyla and I instantly set to work undoing the bandages on her back. As we neared the last layer, we braced ourselves for the stench of decaying flesh that usually came with the holes in her back. But the smell never came, nor were we greeted by the angry red and black holes in her back. Instead were two red, blue, and purple bruises in their place.


“Are they gone?” Ali asked, her voice gaining back its vigor. Twyla nodded, and Tyler responded “Yes” and the same time. Ali grinned and satisfied grin.


“I told you I would heal them,” she said. Twyla nodded, and threw herself into Tyler’s arms, burying her face in his chest, as the sobs racked her slender body. Ali, hearing Twyla’s sobs, sat up and looked at her, concerned.


“Twyla? What’s wrong?” she asked. I went over and wrapped my arms around my surrogate sister’s shoulders and buried my face in her hair, as the tears over came me, too. Ali looked at Tyler, confused.


“What’s with them?” I heard her ask.


“Caoimhe took over your body,” he explained, “They were scared, is all.” Ali looked pained and visibly paled. I knew that was hard for her to hear. The only thing she had ever feared was herself, and when she can’t even control her own body, well, it must have shaken her as well.


“Well,” she said, quietly, “What did she say?” I lifted my head from Ali’s to see that Tyler smiled broadly and Twyla had lifted her head, eyes shining with tears and new found excitement.


“She said ‘300,’ Ali!” Tyler exclaimed, “300!” Ali let out a disbelieving squeak as Twyla joined me in hugging Ali.


“You’ll be able see my kids!” I cried. I was several years younger than she; about 20. But that didn’t matter to Ali. We were still very close. Ali’s face positively lit up when she heard what I said.


“Yeah,” she said, “I must’ve pleased her last week, huh?” Tyler smirked


“Well, let’s see: You destroyed your bed, you beat and told of like 5 people, and completely destroyed the DADA classroom and the Headmaster’s office. Yeah I think you pleased her,” Tyler responded wryly. Ali grinned and started to say something but was interrupted my Madam Gargey bustling in the room.


“I’m very sorry, Miss DaCosta,” she said, “I couldn’t find that brand of chocolate anywhere! I even went to London!” Everyone turned to stare incredulously at Ali, who grinned sheepishly.


I had to get rid of her some way! she said through our telepathic link. Tyler and Twyla rolled their eyes in unison while I looked at Ali exasperatedly.


Did you have to make her go all the way to LONDON?! I screeched back. Ali winched, then smiled innocently.


I just asked for a Hershey’s bar! she responded, innocently. I let out a frustrated huff, while Tyler snickered behind his hand.


Those are only available in AMERICA! I shouted. Ali’s smile widened


I know she replied, sheepishly. I rolled my eyes. Ali can be so immature! I watched wryly as Ali turned to the put-out nurse.


“That’s okay, Madam Gargey!” Ali reassured her. Madam Gargey smiled faintly and pulled out a vial of the familiar blue liquid. Ali groaned, not letting on that the holes were healed and she was fit to leave. I guess she wanted to give the woman the satisfaction of healing them. The stubborn wounds had made her confidence waver slightly.  Madam Gargey gave Ali a tight smile and shooed Tyler out of the room for the sake of decency.


“Flip over please,” she instructed Ali. Ali did so begrudgingly, keeping up the pretense with little effort on her part. The rest of us, on the other hand, were trying real hard to suppress our giggles. Twyla and I, that is. Tyler wasn’t in the room at that particular moment. Gargey unwrapped the bandages we had just replaced and visibly prepared herself for the awful stench that was sure to follow. When the bandages were completely removed, Gargey let out a startled gasp. Ali lifted her head, a look of perfect confusion on her face.


“What is it, Madam? It isn’t getting worse is it?” she asked, feigning worried. Gargey shook her head still stunned.


“No, Miss DaCosta! They’re perfectly healed!” she cried. Ali’s faux worried broke into a genuine 100-watt smile.


“Your ointment must’ve worked then!” Ali exclaimed. Gargey positively beamed under Ali’s statement, making Ali’s grin wider. Twyla clamped her hands over her mouth, her shoulders shaking with the concealed laughter. Ali sat up, holding the bandages to her chest to cover herself.


“Does this mean I’m free to go?” Ali asked.  Gargey looked up, a hesitant look upon her face.


“I would rather you stay here for at least one night. For observation, of course,” she replied, turning toward the cupboard to replace the vial. Ali slumped down in her pillows and pouted. When Gargey turned and saw Ali, she tutted.


“Now Miss Ali, you know that there might be a chance of internal infection! I would like to keep you here in case that happens,” Gargey scolded. Ali sighed and leaned over the side of her bed to pick up a shirt she had discarded three days before. She wiggled it over her head and told Gargey that Tyler could come in now. The nurse bustled off to tell Tyler just that and Twyla and I went over to Ali’s bedside.


“Now don’t tell anyone that I’m healed alright? I want my show-up on the Quidditch field to be a complete surprise, got it?” she said to us. We nodded and Ali grinned in response.


“Cool. Tell Tyler, ‘kay? I’m gonna take a nap,” she slid under the sheets just as Tyler walked in, an amused look on his face. Gargey had fled to her office, intent on giving us some privacy.  I walked to him, Twyla following close at my heels, and whispered what Ali told us in his ear. He looked at Ali’s sleeping form and nodded. The three of us walked quietly out of the room, switching of the light as we did so.



Monday Night James POV:



I’ll admit it, I was worried. Worried that Ali wasn’t going to make it. None of us had seen her since she promised that she’d make it. Tyler, Shauna, and Twyla told everyone that we could not visit her, as she was in critical condition and the effort of making nice with her friends would be too much for her.


Are we really that bad? I thought we were quite pleasant to be around. Well!


I turned to my bored team. We had been waiting for the past half hour for our star beater to show up, but we had been disappointed. My shoulders slumped as I addressed the team.


“Looks like we’ll have to start without her, mates. If this keeps up we may have to replace her,” I said, bummed.


“Now, that has to be one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had, Jimmy,” a familiar American accent said behind me. The team went up in cheers as I turned to greet our star beater. Ali was leaning on the handle of her broom with a smug expression on her face. While the rest of us wore practice robes, she wore a plain black hoodie and jeans. Her dark chocolate hair was thrown up in to a sloppy pony tail, her side bang perfect straight and to the side. I walked up, a huge grin on my face.


“About time you showed up, Yank!” I said, in mock anger. Ali just grinned and shook her head.  She mounted her broom and looked me in the eye.


“So where do we start, Cap’n?” she said, leaning forward on her broom. I grinned and turned to see the rest of the team mounted and ready to go.


“Alright team! Give me ten laps!” I bellowed. I watched as they zoomed by  and around the stadium, Ali in the lead.







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