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“I can’t stay long, you know that,” Victoire said as Teddy kissed her once again.

“I know, I know,” he replied. “But even seeing you for 2 minuets is worth it to me,”

“I’m so sorry; I wish I could stay for longer, actually no, I wish I could see you over Christmas,”

“I’m so sorry about that, trust me there is nothing I want more then to spend Christmas with you, but since I can’t- I got you a little something,” he replied while holding out a box.

“Oh Teddy, you didn’t have to-” she started

“No, but I wanted too- but you got to promise that you wont open it until Christmas day.” He replied

“Alright I promise-” she said.

The horns of the train started to roar, and Weston poked his head out of the “Victoire the train is boarding you need to get going,” he said

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she said, ” Alright then I guess this is goodbye for now,”

Teddy cupped her cheeks and kissed her again, “I will miss you so much” he said

“Likewise,” she replied while pulling away from his embrace, and walking to the train. She looked back and saw that Teddy had already turned his heels and was walking back to his apartment.

“Teddy- Wait,” she said and he turned around, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms and kissed him with all the passion she could muster.

“See you later,” she smiled, leaving teddy dumbfounded and she boarded the train.

The train ride was uneventful; she ended up sitting with Rose (her cousin), Albus, and James, though Victoire was struggling keeping up with her sanity. She pulled out a book when she didn’t have to mediate the situation between Albus and James though.

When they got to platform 9 ¾ Bill, Fleur, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and all of Victoire’s brothers, sisters, and cousins, were waiting for them with smiles spread across their faces.

Victoire stepped off the train and hugged them all, she was so very thankful to be home again.

“Hiya,” Lily Potter said as she was giving Victoire a big hug, “Victoire I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, Lily,” Victoire replied back.

“James tells us that you and Teddy are dating, I hope that you two get married, and then we can be officially like sisters!” Lily said with a smile.

Victoire almost choked on those words. She felt her checks getting hot, “Oh well, Lily- umm, yeah…” she trailed off.

“Victoire-” Fleur called.

“Yes mom,” she replied.

“Are you ready to get going?” She asked

“Yes!” She said eagerly, as she went with her mom and dad back to shell cottage.

Once they arrived Victoire took her trunk upstairs and started to unpack, “Victoire Dinner-” Her dad Bill cried.

“I’ll be down in one second.” She replied while closing everything in her trunk.

“So how has school been going for you honey,” Ask Bill

“Good Dad, Professor Longbottom says hello,” She replied

“And how is he doing?” Bill asked.

“As good as every, although his N.E.W.T. class is almost impossible,” She replied.

“So school iz ‘eeping you busy?” Fleur asked.

“More then ever mom,” Victoire said with a groan.

“Well that’s what we told you would happen, Honey,” Bill said.

“Yeah- I know, I know” she replied.

“Vell, Christmas iz coming up, ‘ave you gotten all your ‘hopping done?” Fleur asked.

“Most of it, I am going to apperate tomorrow to diagon alley, so I can finish getting a couple more gifts- because you know how its hard sometimes to find people presents in just Hogsmeade alone.”

“Alright,” Fleur said

“Then that leads me up to Christmas- what exactly are we doing?” Victoire asked

“Vell,” Fleur started, “We are going to ‘ollys for Christmas eve, and then we are spending the night so everyone will share a Christmas,” Fleur said.

“Sounds good,” Victoire replied

“Vell why don’t you go, and get some ‘leep,” Fleur started, “Tomorrow you have a big day-”

“Alright I will,” Victoire said while clearing her plate and going back upstairs to finish unpacking.

After she was finished with packing she decided that she would write a letter to Teddy.

Dear Teddy,
Miss you already, and I hope you’re enjoying where ever you are. Its almost Christmas and I will be sending your present tomorrow to you. You just have to promise me that you will not open it until Christmas. I hope you’re thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about you.

With love, Victoire

Victoire went downstairs and took out the family owl and gave him the letter, with that he was off flying into the sky.

She went back upstairs and fell asleep. The next morning she woke up and lazily went down stairs where her family was all eating breakfast.

“Good Morning Darling,” Bill said while not putting down the Prophet

“Morning, Dad” Victoire said while grabbing a piece of toast.

“When exactly are you planning on going to Diagon Alley?” He asked

“Well, I don’t really know, I was just going to do it as soon as I was ready,” Victoire said, “What time is it now?”

“It’s almost noon,” Replied Bill, “Fleur went over to Molly’s to help her prepare for all the meals tomorrow.”

“Alright,” Victoire said while heading back upstairs.

“Victoire,” Bill shouted

“Yeah dad” she replied

“Just make sure you tell me when you are leaving alright”

“Of course,” she said while she went upstairs to shower, and then get her robes and cloak on.

She came back down a half an hour later; Bill was no longer in the same spot. “Alright Dad, I’m leaving-” Victoire shouted

“Okay, Victoire be safe.” He replied

Victoire apperated to Diagon Alley, although Diagon Alley was normally busy, today it was absolutely scary how many witches and wizards were walking around trying to find last minuet Christmas Gifts. Victoire took out her list

James-- New Goggles for Quidditch in the Rain
Albus-- Daydream charm for school
Rose-- Honeydukes Candy       ♦check
Lily-- Honeydukes Candy           ♦check
Hugo-- History of Hogwarts
Mom-- New Robes for the winter time
Dad-- A book on Arthimacy
Weston-- New Goggles for Quidditch…
Delilah-- lovely Unicorn horn necklace  ♦check (her and Weston Pitched in)
Jonah-- New goggles for Quidditch…
Teddy-- ???

Victoire first decided to go to The Quidditch shop to get James, Weston, and Jonah the same present. After that she went to Flourish & Blott’s to get a couple new books for herself and the book for Hugo. The she was off to Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, afterwards she went to Weasly Wizarding Wheezes. She ended up chit chatting with her uncle George for a while. After she bided Uncle George goodbye, she walked around Diagon Alley, for the perfect present for Teddy.

“What should I get him,” She thought to herself as she paced around, she walked in and out of shop. Every time she came up empty handed, she really just could not think of something to get him.

She was walking by the Quidditch shop for about the hundredth time when it hit her, she knew what to get Teddy, She ran back the other way and walked into the shop, after she purchased it, she disapperated to Shell cottage.

“Hey Victoire,” Fleur called out from the Kitchen.

“Hi mom,” Victoire replied

“An owl came for you earlier today, I put the letters up in your room,” She called

“Alright, I am just about to head up there to put away all my gifts-” Victoire replied

“Okay, dinner will be in about forty-five minuets, I expect you downstairs for that,” Bill shouted

Victoire went upstairs and unpacked her bags (she hid all her present in the closet until had time to wrap them accordingly) she looked on her nightstand and there were three letters. She opened the one on the top, it was from Weston-

Dear Victoire,
I got home safely, and just wanted to make sure you did too. I picked out your Christmas present today, I will give it to you the next time I see you at Hogwarts.
P.s. don’t forget to watch the Quidditch game on Christmas; I know Jonah and I will be watching it.
Later, Weston

Victoire smiled and picked up the next letter, it was from Delilah-

Hey girl-
Want to tell you that my break has been okay so far. Hope you are having a good time back at your house. I want to wish you a merry Christmas and I Will send your gift to you tomorrow so it will get here exactly on Christmas. Oh, Jonah want to tell you hi ( he wont stop bugging me) and that he hopes that you will be watching the Quidditch game, cause he knows that he will… Umm yeah… that’s my boyfriend for you.
Alright well love you and see you in about a week… or two.

The last letter was from Teddy-

Hey love-
It’s been a full twenty four hours and I miss you more then ever. I can’t stop thinking about that kiss, and how much I wish I was with you, right now. Remember what I said about your Christmas gift; do not open it until Christmas. Firstly, I will know if you did, and secondly I will be really mad if you did… anyways wanted to just tell you how much I miss you, and maybe emphasize that I miss you more.

Victoire hugged the letter close to her heart, and looked over on the nightstand where the tiny box laid right next to her bed. She wanted to open it so badly, but she fought the urge, and just went downstairs to eat dinner with her family.

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