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“Adalia, that was amazing!!! I mean today was amazing. I never knew Potty and Weasel can be embarrassed so much in one day,” Draco said in awe as he ran after Adalia. He was of course followed by Blaise who quickly added, “Absolutely breathtaking performance today. I couldn’t have done any better”.



Adalia smiled and turned around. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she saw the boys’ bruised faces. “Oh boys, I can’t be walking around with you both looking like that,” Adalia said as she examined their faces. Adalia brought her wand to both of their faces and said, “Episkey”. The boys felt their faces go hot and then cold.



Adalia looked at their faces and smiled, “Much better”. The boys shrugged and kept on walking. They were walking up the grand staircase when Draco asked, “Um… where exactly are we going?”



Adalia kept walking and didn’t turn around when she said, “We are going to the seventh floor”. Draco resumed walking but quickly stopped again. He had a confused look on his face and asked, “Why?”



Adalia sighed and this time she stopped and turned around. “We are going to the Gryffindor Tower so that we can retrieve a certain map that we were talking about earlier today,” Adalia said, irritation seizing her tone. She turned back around and continued walking up to the seventh floor.



Draco turned to Blaise who just shrugged in return. Draco and Blaise caught up to Adalia and followed her to the Gryffindor Tower. “How do you know Potter doesn’t have it with him?” Blaise asked curiously.



Adalia smirked and said, “Well… while you were all fighting, I raided his abandoned bag. It wasn’t in there so I decided to check if it was in his robes. That’s when I walked into the Great Hall and observed your struggle. His robes were flailing, but nothing ever fell out. I didn’t stop you after that and tried to enjoy the show, but then Ginny got hurt and that made me stop you guys. I was extremely pissed. I still am pissed; I thought you two would win without a struggle. I guess Ginny and I were wrong”.



“Hey! Potter and Weasley aren’t exactly the easiest of opponents. Sure they look weak, but they really aren’t. Quidditch does wonders to a person’s body. It doesn’t show when you’re looking at Potter and Weasley, but when it comes to fighting, it’s visible. Also, you know Weasley is a great chess player, which means he is a brilliant strategist, as much as it pains me to say it, it’s true. He really is a dolt; I mean if he actually used his strategic skills, nobody would think he is such an idiot. If we were to sway Weasley to our side and use his strategic skills, that would be absolutely amazing, absurd and repulsive, but amazing,” Draco said thoughtfully.



Blaise and Adalia stopped dead in their tracks and turned to Draco. “Are you bloody insane, mate? Why would Weasley join our side, he’s best mates with Potter. Plus, why would we want him on our side?” Blaise said incredulously. Draco was shocked. Did he really compliment Weasley just now? He was definitely losing his mind.



“Uh… sorry, I wasn’t thinking when I said that,” Draco stuttered. Adalia turned back around and continued walking as she said, “When are you ever thinking?” Blaise sniggered as Draco glared at the back of Adalia’s head.



“So… how are a group of Slytherins going to get into the Gryffindor common room?” Blaise asked smartly. Adalia rolled her eyes and said, “Um… hello? I am the Head Girl. I know the password for every house. God… you can both be such idiots at times… cute… but idiots”. Blaise and Draco smirked at each other. Cute definitely beats smart in their world.



Adalia walked ahead of the boys and stopped in front of the portrait of the fat lady. The fat lady looked at the three students and said, “You three are not in Gryffindor. Now go away”. Adalia frowned slightly and said, “We are prefects, and we have some business to take care of in the Gryffindor tower. So let us in”. The fat lady frowned and sneered, “Password?” Adalia smirked and said, “Amin mela lle” (A/N: It’s I love you in Elvish… lol, I got it from Lord of the Rings).



The portrait reluctantly swung open as the trio stood smirking at the fat lady. Adalia walked inside followed by the two Slytherin boys. The common room was empty but they walked quietly just in case. The boys looked around in disgust at the common room. They weren’t exactly used to all the warmth. The Gryffindor common room was the complete opposite of the Slytherin common room. While it was warm and cushiony up here, down in the dungeons, it was miserably cold and stony.



Adalia rolled her eyes at the boys’ faces and walked towards the 7th year boys dormitories. She entered and walked up the stairs. Blaise and Draco watched her with mild interest as she dug through Harry’s trunk. She pulled out a blank, old-looking piece of parchment and smirked, “Alright, I found it. Now let’s get out of here”.



The boys eyed the parchment and chuckled. Adalia looked at them weirdly and Draco said, “You dragged us up here to retrieve a smelly, old parchment. Adalia, you better not be lying about this map. I mean you got us all excited for nothing”. Adalia frowned at Draco and motioned for him to follow her.



“Since you both don’t believe me, I will have to show you right now. Anyway, I want to see who’s heading up here. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Adalia said as she touched the map with the tip of her wand. The parchment was instantly full of ink as a map of Hogwarts drew itself on the piece of parchment. Draco and Blaise were in pure shock. There were names connected to little dots that moved around the map.



Adalia smirked and said, “See, I told you I wasn’t lying. Now we really have to go because Potter and Weasel are heading back here. Stop gawking at the thing and let’s go”. Draco and Blaise snapped back to reality and followed Adalia out of the dormitory. They were half way through the common room when they heard voices outside of the portrait hole.



Adalia cursed under her breath and quickly turned to the boys behind her. They looked at her curiously when she held a finger up to her mouth and told them to be quiet. “I’m going to turn you invisible, so please don’t go and do anything stupid while we are in here. Just follow me,” Adalia whispered hurriedly.



“But how are we supposed to follow you if we can’t see you?” Blaise asked nervously. Adalia quickly thought about it and said, “Draco, take Blaise’s hand.” Draco looked at Adalia and asked, “What?” Adalia rolled her eyes and connected Draco’s and Blaise’s hands. “Don’t you dare let go,” she whispered dangerously. Blaise and Draco nodded and waited for her to cast the spell.



The voices were getting louder now and Adalia grabbed Draco’s free hand with her left hand. She grabbed her wand with her right hand and pointed it at Blaise, Draco, then herself as she whispered the same word three times, “Abeo” (A/N: Means to disappear in Latin). The three of them slowly began to disappear as the portrait hole swung open. Adalia gave Draco’s hand a squeeze, which obviously made him smile when he felt how nervous she was. He squeezed it back reassuringly.



They were now fully invisible and it was a good thing too, because Harry and Ron stepped into the common room at that very moment. They were both beaten up very badly and collapsed on the couch with angry expressions. The three invisible Slytherins stood frozen to the spot. They were probably thinking the same thing: time to eavesdrop.



Ron looked at Harry and groaned, “Harry, my face hurts. Can’t we go to Madame Pomfrey?” Adalia smirked and thought what a baby. Harry turned to Ron and said, “No, we are not going to Pomfrey for the second time in one day. We will not give those slimy Slytherins the satisfaction of seeing us at our weakest. I can fix your face and you can fix mine… hopefully”.



Harry turned to Ron and said, “Now sit still. I know what I’m doing… I think. Um… how does that spell go? Hmm… oh yeah! I remember now, episkey”. Ron felt his face go hot and then cold. He touched his face and everything was healed. Ron’s face lit up with a smile as he said, “Thanks Harry, now I can sleep without any pain. Good night mate”.



Harry frowned and said, “Hey, what about me? You are supposed to heal me, remember?” Ron shrugged and scratched his head as he said, “I dunno Harry… would you really trust me with a wand pointing at your face? Maybe you should just go to Pomfrey”. Harry glared at Ron and said, “Of course I bloody trust you, Ron. You’re my best friend. Just do it, and if you screw up, then I’ll go to Pomfrey. That way, the bitch queen won’t have the satisfaction of seeing me hurt because of her. I’ll be hurt because of you”.



Adalia rolled her eyes as she thought, bitch queen? What’s with the stupid nicknames? Ugh Potter, you are such an idiot. I’ll play along with your little plan to think that Weasel did that to you, but you don’t realize that I will only taunt you more because of it. What an idiot…



Another voice popped into her head as she watched Ron try to heal Harry. What did they do this time to earn themselves the title, idiot? Adalia smirked when she heard Ginny’s voice in her head.



Adalia thought back, nothing really, just being themselves. Adalia heard Ginny’s laughter echoing through her head. She wanted to laugh too but remembered that she was supposed to be invisible right now. Gin, I’m kind of trying to sneak out of the Gryffindor common room with Draco and Blaise at the moment, so I’ll talk to you later… in person.



Adalia waited for a reply from Ginny but there wasn’t one, so she took it that the fiery red head understood the situation. Adalia couldn’t stand watching Harry and Ron anymore so she sent them a dirty look, which they obviously didn’t see, and tugged on Draco’s hand.



Draco felt a tug on his hand and he understood that they had to leave. He was having so much fun watching the idiots. He knew how to spy on them and he was definitely going to do it more often. He tugged on Blaise’s hand as he was lead out of the common room, Blaise right behind him.



The portrait of the fat lady swung open. She looked around for any sign of life around her and closed shut with a look of confusion. Someone decided to push her open for fun, eh? The fat lady grumbled something that sounded like ‘good for nothing kids’. Draco and Blaise sniggered at the fat lady but were quickly pulled from their spots by Adalia.



Adalia dragged the boys up to the corridor where the Heads dorm was located. She stopped and said, “Nobody move, I’m serious”. She pointed her wand at where Draco was and said, “Appareo”. Draco instantly appeared and checked if all of him was visible. Adalia did the same to Blaise and then to herself.



Adalia walked up to the portrait and placed her hand on it. The portrait scanned her and asked her for the password. She said the password and climbed in followed by Blaise and Draco. When they were all safely in the confinements of the room, they burst into a fit of laughter.



Draco gasped for air as he said, “Potter and Weasley are such morons… HAHAHA… I can’t believe anyone can be that stupid!!!” Blaise laughed even harder along with Draco, who was now rolling on the floor laughing.



Adalia stopped laughing and smiled, “Well you better believe it Draco, because you just witnessed it. Potter is the biggest idiot I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I mean he can’t even heal himself. All he had to do was point the wand at is his own face and say the spell, but NOOO… he had to go and ask Weasel to mess up his face even more, not that it can get any uglier…”



Blaise and Draco were now both on the floor laughing hysterically while Adalia smirked at her own joke. She stood there thinking, Ginny, come to the Heads dorm. You are living with us now.



What!? How did you manage to have that done??? Ginny’s voice shrieked in Adalia’s head. Adalia clenched her teeth as her hands flew up to her head. Draco was laughing when he noticed Adalia’s face. He frowned and quickly ran up to her.



“Adalia, what’s wrong?” Draco asked worriedly. Adalia looked up at Draco and smiled. “Nothing, it’s just that Ginny has to learn how to control the volume of her thoughts,” Adalia said while still holding her head. Blaise turned to Adalia when he heard Ginny’s name and couldn’t help but laugh at the reason of Adalia’s sudden migraine.



Adalia rolled her eyes at Blaise and thought, Can you think any louder??? I swear this mind speaking thing with you will be the death of me… Oh my god… we can actually kill someone like this. Ginny!!! Thanks babe, you’re a genius!!!



Adalia’s eyes lit up as her idea struck her, and Draco couldn’t help but notice. Um… sure, I guess… anytime you need me, you know how to contact me. Don’t do anything to exciting just yet, I’m on my way, Ginny thought happily.



Adalia took out a piece of parchment from her pocket and smirked. Blaise and Draco smiled gleefully and ran up to the table where the parchment now laid spread out. They saw the students filing out of the Great Hall, along with the teachers. Blaise’s eyes lit up as he said, “I can’t believe we have something like this… This is bloody amazing!!! The Dark Lord will be happy to know that we have something like this in our hands!” Blaise smiled at Adalia who just smiled back.



Draco studied the map and saw Ginny slowly retract herself from the crowd of students. He smirked as he realized that she was on her way to the Heads dormitories. He turned around and saw Adalia standing a few feet away from him. He once again began to study her beautiful features and couldn’t stop himself from beginning to sweat. He looked back at the map and then back at Adalia. She was talking with Blaise, and Draco really needed to kiss her.



Suddenly, Draco thought of something and a rather large smirk drew itself onto his face. Blaise caught sight of this as did Adalia. Blaise eyed Draco curiously and asked, “What?” Draco chuckled and said, “Looks like your lover is coming to pay us a little visit”. Blaise’s eyes widened as he ran towards the map and pushed Draco aside. He quickly scanned the map and spotted Ginny’s name quickly advancing towards the Heads dormitories.



Draco smirked and turned back to Adalia. She curiously raised one of her eyebrows at him. Draco glanced towards the staircase that led to their bedrooms and then his gaze landed back on Adalia. Realization seemed to strike her at once but she didn’t budge. Draco’s eyes begged for her to go with him, but Adalia stood her ground. Instead of helping Draco, she began to do the exact opposite.



Adalia smirked wildly and said, “It’s getting rather hot in here. Can any of you feel the heat in here? Jeez! It feels like it is 100 degrees in here!!!” Blaise waved his hand dismissively while Draco’s eyes widened in horror. He knew what she was doing, and he couldn’t believe that she was doing this to him. Adalia took her robe off and purposely dropped it on the floor.



“Whoops! I’ll just pick that up from the floor right now,” she said as she began to bend down to retrieve it. Draco tried to look away but he couldn’t. Adalia’s skirt rose up as she bent down and picked up her robe. Draco gulped and quickly turned away from her when she picked up her robe. She spun around and smirked when she saw that Draco wasn’t looking at her.



Adalia walked over to the couch and dropped her robe on the arm rest. She turned back to Draco and said, “It’s still rather hot in here. I think I’ll just… make myself a little more comfortable”. Adalia slowly began to unbutton her button up blouse and Draco emitted a low growl. Blaise was too preoccupied with Ginny’s dot on the map to pay attention, but Adalia heard it and smirked.



Adalia smiled innocently as she buttoned up her blouse and walked towards the portrait hole. She walked past Draco, who was very much glaring at her at the moment, and proceeded towards the portrait hole. Adalia stopped before the portrait hole and glanced back at Blaise. Blaise looked up at Adalia and smiled.



Adalia pulled open the portrait and came face to face with Ginny, whose fist was raised in the air ready to knock. Adalia laughed at Ginny’s face and pulled the confused girl into the common room. “Hey Draco, where is… Blaise, stop covering my eyes, I know it’s you,” Ginny said as Blaise covered her eyes with his palms.



Ginny pulled Blaise’s hands off her face and turned around to face him. Blaise smiled charmingly at her and kissed her softly on the lips. Ginny smiled and kissed him back. Draco rolled his eyes at the loving couple while Adalia grinned cheekily at them. They broke apart and blushed when they saw how Draco and Adalia were looking at them.



“Sorry,” Ginny muttered embarrassingly. Blaise smiled at his lover and said, “No need to be sorry Gin, we live here now and we can do whatever we want. Also, I think it will tempt those two to get together”. Ginny smiled brightly and looked at Adalia who was laughing at Draco’s face.



Apparently, when Blaise mentioned Draco and Adalia getting together, Draco choked on his own saliva and turned beet red. He finally managed to stop coughing and glared at his three friends who laughed at him. “Yeah, yeah… don’t expect me to come running to your rescue when you are all choking,” Draco muttered angrily. This only earned him another round of laughter from his three friends.



Adalia stopped laughing first and said, “Alright… now back to business. Ginny, the reason you are able to stay with us now is because we have… this”. Adalia held up the Marauder’s Map and Ginny gasped in shock. “B- But… how?” Ginny stuttered. Adalia smirked and said, “Oh it was no problem really… We got into the Gryffindor dorms, went through Potter’s stuff, got the map, turned invisible, and ran out of there before we could get caught”. Ginny’s jaw dropped lower with every word Adalia said.



“Close your mouth Gin; you wouldn’t want a fly to go down your throat. I fear Blaise won’t want to kiss you after that happens,” Draco joked. Ginny snapped her mouth shut and sent Draco a piercing glare. Draco took a step back and laughed nervously, “I was only kidding”. Blaise smirked at Ginny’s power over Draco and rolled his eyes at his best friend.



“That’s great!!! This is awesome!!! Now they won’t know where I am and with who. Thanks Adalia, you’re the best!” Ginny said as she hugged her best friend. Adalia smiled at the red head but reluctantly pulled back and said, “You’re right, it’s great and all, and you can live with Draco, Blaise, and I, but you are still going to have to spend a lot of time with Potter and your brother. We wouldn’t want them to get too suspicious, now would we?” Ginny frowned slightly but nodded her head in understanding. This is what had to be done. This was the fastest way for her to be with Blaise.



“Well that’s not fair…” Blaise said unhappily. Ginny gave him a small smile and said, “Don’t worry Blaise; I’ll still spend my nights with you”. Draco smirked while Adalia rolled her eyes at her perverted secret lover. Ginny blushed a deep crimson after seeing Draco’s smirk and Blaise glared at him.



“Ginny don’t mind Draco, he’s just being himself. You’ll spend loads of time with Blaise and not only in bed. When we come back from dinner every day, you can spend your time here with Blaise, and let’s not forget me and Draco. What I do ask, is if you do get busy in bed, please… please don’t forget to put up a silencing charm,” Adalia pleaded.



Draco burst out laughing while Ginny and Blaise blushed. Adalia smirked and walked back to the map. She was about to put it away when she noticed something that made her roar with laughter. Draco, Ginny, and Blaise looked at her as if she was crazy. Adalia noticed this and said, “Don’t look at me as if I’m crazy. Come here, you’ll laugh too”.



Draco, Blaise, and Ginny came up to the map and looked over it. They all noticed what Adalia was laughing at and burst out laughing too. Harry’s and Ron’s dots were running around in circles in the boys’ dormitories.



“I think they found out that they’re missing something of great importance,” Adalia giggled. Ginny nodded in agreement and giggled at the two morons that she used to love. Draco and Blaise shook their heads and continued to laugh at Harry and Ron.






“Where the bloody hell is it?” Harry asked as he rummaged through his trunk. After Ron finally managed to heal Harry’s face they went up to the boys’ dorms to get the Marauder’s map, but they found that it wasn’t there. Harry flipped his trunk over and let everything spill to the floor. He searched in his pile of things, but it wasn’t there.



Ron looked at Harry and said, “Maybe you left it at my place?” Harry sighed angrily and said, “No Ron, I didn’t leave it at your place. I definitely took it with me. Someone stole it… and you’re the only one, other than me, who knows it exists. Ron you didn’t… did you?”



Rom jumped off of his bed angrily and said, “WHAT!? I can’t believe you would even think something like that. Bloody hell Harry, you could be so dense at times. If it was me, do you think I would even be sitting here right now? I’m not cunning enough to think of something like this. If I was, I would be in Slytherin. Ugh… thank god I’m not”.



Harry was looking around the room so he can avoid Ron’s eyes. Ron was right; he would never be able to pull off something like this. Harry sighed heavily and said, “I’m sorry Ron, I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just worried about the map being gone. If it got into the wrong hands, who knows what can happen…”



Ron’s facial features softened as he said, “It’s ok mate, I understand. Let’s just go to bed. We can think about what to do over the weekend. I can’t believe the first day of school was on a Friday, what a stupid thing to do”. Harry chuckled lightly and said, “It was probably done so we can get used to the atmosphere and the new teachers. Although, I don’t really see the point of getting used to the atmosphere or the new teachers, I mean it’s our last year”.



Ron nodded in agreement and said, “Yeah well… I’m tired. Let’s just call it a night, what do you say?” Harry shrugged and said, “Yeah, I’m tired too. Tomorrow is Saturday, so we can sleep in. Is this weekend a Hogsmeade weekend? If it is, I want to go”.



Ron turned back to Harry and chuckled, “Every weekend is a Hogsmeade weekend for us mate”. Harry smiled at that statement and said, “True”. The boys bid each other a goodnight and fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.






“They finally went to sleep. I thought they would never go. It’s actually a bit early for them, isn’t it? They usually sneak around at night, but I guess since the map is gone, they can’t,” Ginny said. The four Slytherins were sitting in the Heads common room enjoying each others company. They were waiting for Harry and Ron to go to bed, which they finally did, so they can make sure that Ginny wouldn’t have to go back to Gryffindor tower tonight.



“I’m so happy. You’re actually going to live with us. This is so awesome, and you are so amazing,” Blaise said as he kissed Ginny for the tenth time within the past fifteen minutes. Ginny smiled against Blaise’s lips and passionately kissed him back.



Draco rolled his eyes and said, “Can’t you give it a rest already? Seriously, you two just can’t stop sucking face, can you? If you can’t wait until you go to bed, then I’m going to bed. Good night”. Draco got up from the couch and fled from the common room. The remaining three teens watched him go and jumped at the sound of his door slamming.



Ginny turned to Adalia and said, “What’s his problem? I thought he was happy for us”. Adalia merely shrugged and said, “I don’t know why he had to blow up like that, but he is kind of right. You guys don’t stop making out and it gets annoying. I’m happy for you and you can do it as much as you want, but don’t expect us to always stick around and watch. I’m going to get some sleep as well. I hope you don’t mind staying in the living room tonight, tomorrow I’ll conjure another bedroom or two, whichever you prefer”. Adalia got up from the couch and sleepily made her way back to her room.



Ginny looked at Blaise guiltily and said, “Blaise, they’re right. We can’t always snog in front of them. It’s not right and I feel guilty now”. Blaise smiled at Ginny and said, “Alright, we won’t snog in front of them anymore, but nobody’s here now, so we’re good to go”. Ginny giggled as Blaise gave her a suggestive wink and dove in for a kiss.



Adalia put on a tight black spaghetti strap top and green boy shorts. She walked into the bathroom and walked across it so that she was at Draco’s door. She knocked softly on the door but got no answer. Adalia quietly opened the door and walked inside. She saw Draco in his bed, sleeping. Adalia sighed softly and whispered, “Good night, Draco”. She gave him small kiss on the cheek and smiled as she walked out of his room.



Draco lied in his bed, a soft smile now on his face from the kiss that Adalia gave him. He eventually fell asleep and dreamt of nothing except for Adalia.



After a quick shower, Adalia changed back into her sleeping wear and went down to the common room. She saw Blaise sleeping on the couch with Ginny on top of him. They were both fully clothed, except for their robes, but Adalia still thought they would be cold. She conjured a blanket for them and smiled at the sight. She was truly happy for her friends.



Adalia went back into her room and got climbed onto her bed. She got under the covers and decided that she was going to write a letter to her father tomorrow. She also decided that she was going to go to Hogsmeade along with Draco and Blaise. She would arrange for Ginny to meet them somewhere there. Adalia slowly drifted off to sleep and dreamt of crushing Harry and the Order.





A/N: OMG!!! I know I finally updated. I’m really sorry it took so long… stupid writer’s block. I couldn’t think of anything for a while and I’ve been really busy. I had to make up three weeks of school work… lol. That’s what I get for missing three weeks of school, but it wasn’t my fault… I was sick. Sure… blame it all on nature… ok now I’m rambling, sorry *smiles sheepishly*. Next update will be soon because I’ve thought of a lot of things to write, because this story is finally beginning to develop. It’s funny how I wrote three chapters for only one day. I will not do that for everyday because that would be like committing suicide. Ok… not really, but that would be like having my fingers fall off… which I really don’t want to happen. I need my fingers. Anyway, I know this was kind of boring… but I couldn’t really think of anything. Think of this as a filler chapter, you know… to finish the day. Ok… so I love all of you and don’t you forget it.

                                                Love, MalfoyHugger

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