"What jerks!" Lily yelled while waiting for Walter to come pick them up. "What the bloody hell is their problem?" she finished while rubbing her hands together for warmth.

Nate walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her resting his chin on her head, "I don't know."

"Why does Raine even like him?"

“I don’t know he must have been nice to her.”

"Well, he was nice. But, when Raine steps out of the picture he turns into the biggest arse ever!"

“Well he doesn’t feel he needs to be nice to anyone but his friends and her probably.”

"Whatever. When is Walter going to be here?" Lily questioned.

"Right now." Walter replied as he appeared behind them.

Lily jumped and squealed. "God Walter, why do you have to sneak up on us like that?"

"Sorry Lily. So where am I talking you guys?"

"Back to the Potter's, I suppose." Nate said.

"No. Nate, I have to go home. My mum and dad were expecting me home an hour ago. I'm sorry." Lily stated.

“No problem we’ll take you there first.”

"Alright." Lily finished before Walter grabbed both her and Nate's arms and appartaing them to Lily's house. When they landed in front of Lily's house, Lily looked at Nate. "Well, thank you for tonight Nate." Lily said before giving Nate a kiss on the cheek. "I had a good time."

“I’m glad. We should do this again. Sorry about everything though." Nate replied.

"Ah, it'll be fine. They're probably sleeping anyways. And if they ask I'll tell them what happened." Lily stated before opening up the door to her house. "Thanks again for tonight Nate. And thank you Walter, for apparating us everywhere." she said before walking into her house.

"She seems nice." Walter replied.

"She is." Nate said. "Now, where do we go? Back to the Potter's or do we go home?"

“Well you’re staying at the Potter’s aren’t you?”

"I think so. I was supposed to go back to the Russo's sometime after Christmas. I don't know if I will now."

“I’m going to take you to the Potter's and tomorrow you'll go to the Russo's for the rest of break. Raine needs time to think things out for herself. Not with James' and your input.”

"I think James will give her his input anyways. You can't control what he does when you're not there." Nate stated.

“Can to. It’s called magic.”

"I know. But, you're probably thinking about using an Unforgivable Curse, aren't you?"

"No, I was thinking of making it so he can't communicate with Raine in anyway."

"Raine wouldn't be able to handle not being able to socialize with someone her age Walter. You know that."


"So, why are you going to put her through that?" Nate questioned.  

"So she talks to someone like Lily who want give her unbyist answers.

"Okay. Why not just have her talk to Donnalyn or Ella? They're still at the house."

"Because she hates them both. Oh and that Donnalyn is planning a wedding and that Ella is evil."

"What about Ophelia?"

“I can ask her I guess.”

"Okay. Just, make sure Ophelia can stay for a while. Raine might take up a couple hours of her life." Nate stated.

“Or years.”

Nate laughed. "You right about that one, mate. Now, how about we go back to the Potter's it's getting late."

"Yeah good thinking because sooner or later someone was going to notice us still standing here." Walter replied grabbing Nate's arm.


When they got back to the Potter's Walter walked Nate to the staircase, "So I'll go ask Ophelia and you leave Raine alone, and can you send James down here."

"Alright." Nate said has he started climbing the stairs. When he reached his bedroom he knocked on the door and asked, "Raine, can I come in? I have to ask you a question." He slowly started to open the door before she could answer.

"Nate, hold on." Raine replied.

"Okay." Nate said while he stopped opening the door and stood there until Raine said it was okay for him to enter. Raine sighed got off the windowsill pulled the window shut. She looked around for a moment and then walked over to the door, "Alright."

Nate walked in. "What were you doing?" he asked concerned.

“Nothing why?”

"It took you a while to get to the door. Do you know where James has hidden himself?"

“Nope.” Raine lied.

"Tell me the truth Raine de Luca." He said sternly.

Raine looked at him dumbfounded, "I am."

"Raine. I know when you're lying. Just tell me where James is."

“I don’t know.”

Nate sighed. "Raine, please. Tell me where he is. I'm not going to hurt him or anything. I just need to talk to him for a second."

"I don't know where he is okay." Raine replied walking over to the bed and lying down.

Nate walked around his room. "When is the last time you saw him?" he asked.

“Less then thirty seconds ago.” Raine replied.

"Where was he then?"


"Walking where?" Nate asked getting annoyed.

“To the bathroom.”

"Whose bathroom?"


Nate sighed as he walked into his bathroom. "What was he doing in here?" he asked before opening the door to his bathroom.

"I believe he said something about having to pee."  

James who was just about to open the door anyways just stood there looking at Nate.

Nate, looking a little relieved said to James. "You need to go downstairs, now.”

"Okay." James replied walking out the door and down stairs. 

"God what did you think Nate?" Raine asked.

“Nothing.” Nate lied.

"Nate, come back here." Raine said walking after him.

Nate sighed. "What Raine?"

"What did you think?"

"What did I think about what?" he asked.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Raine, I'm not supposed to be even talking to you right now. I have to go." Nate said while walking away from Raine.


"No Raine! I'll talk to you later. I have to go." he replied while walking down stairs.


Nate just ignored her and continued walking down stairs. He walked up to Walter and sighed. "You need to get someone to talk to her, now. Do you know how hard it is for me to ignore her?"

Raine followed him down the stairs, "Nathaniel Tristan Beauchamp!"

Nate sighed once more and rolled his eyes before turning around and asked calmly. "What Raine?"

"You tell me what you thought right now."

"Thought of what?"

"You know exactly what I am talking about stop being a git."

"I don't have to tell you Raine. You need to go back upstairs, now. I'll be back up there in a couple of minutes."


Nate turned to his brother. "Walter, someone needs to talk to her right now." he said before walking to the couch and sitting down.

 "Raine, go upstairs." Walter demanded.

"What . . . ugh." Raine turned around stormed up the stairs and slammed the door.

Walter looked at his girlfriend. "Ophelia, do you mind going up there and talking to her?"

"Fine." Ophelia replied, walking up the stairs.

When Ophelia reached Nate's room she heard Raine crying softly.

Ophelia knocked softly on the door, "Raine sweetie, can I come in?"

"I don't see why not. Everyone else just barges in." Ophelia sighed and open the door. "What do you want anyways?" Raine asked coldly. As soon as Raine said that she realized that the words had come out hasher than she had wanted them too. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out that way."

"It's okay. You have every right to be angry. Do you want to talk?"

"Thanks, I guess. Talk about what? How my cousin is giving me the cold shoulder, how everyone keeps pitying me, or how my boyfriend cheated on me?" she asked.


"Yes, I do want to talk. But, where's Lily? It's not that I don't want to talk to you, it's just, she would be the one here instead of you."

"She had to go home. Her parents wanted her back an hour ago."

"Oh."  Raine said. "Where do you want to start?" she finished sarcastically.

"Hey we don't have to talk if you don't want to. Or we could talk about something else it's up to you."

"No, I want to talk. I just don't want to seem too selfish. That's all everyone tells me, that I'm a selfish bitch."

"Everyone use to tell me I was selfish too, but you're still growing up and the youngest it's normal."

"Well, why does Walter and Nate say I'm selfish if they know it's apparently "normal" for me?"

"Because they're jealous."

"Of what? I'm nothing special." Raine stated.

"Yes you are. You're gorgeous, smart, talented, should I keep going?"

Raine smiled. "Yea, but so is just about everyone else in this world. Everyone is gorgeous, smart, and talented in his or her own way. Like Walter, he may not have been blessed with good looks on the outside but he has the best personality ever." Raine laughed.

"Yes but you also get mostly everything you've ever wanted. People can't hate you it is like impossible and no one can ever say no to you."

"You see, I've got you on that one. Nate and Gideon have said no to me with in the last forty-five minutes and Gideon hates me. So, I guess it is possible.

“Gideon doesn’t hate you.”

"How do you know? He should hate me because of the way I acted. His father died and I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I should have been more forgiving."

"Nate did go talk him. You should hate him right now!"

"I can't hate him. When Nate was gone; I was left in this room by myself and I started thinking. If I were there for Gideon when his father died, we wouldn't be in this situation. If I had asked more questions about Gideon's life, he would've told me about his father and he wouldn't have cheated on me. If I hadn't been so selfish and thought about myself all the time, we wouldn't be in this situation. This whole thing is my fault."

"No it's not. He should have told you on his own. Don't blame yourself for this."

"Why not? Nobody is stopping me. Nate even told me before he left, to stay in here and think about what I did. Lately, he's been talking to me as if I were a five year old." Raine replied.

"I've noticed Nate has been changing, but that is besides the point. It's not your fault. Gideon was an arse even if his father died that is no excuse to cheat on you." Ophelia replied.

"Ophelia, everyone I love is changing. Some are changing for the worse, some for the better. Maybe you’re right about Gideon. But," Raine sighed. "I just don't know what to do."

"Ignore everything going on what do you want?"

"I'm not sure what I want. I want to be happy, I want someone that will treat me better than Gideon did, I want to stop seeming selfish, and I want everyone to stop treating me like I'm five years old." Raine said.

"Well I don't know what to tell you to get all that, but I think for now you should just sit back from guys. Put yourself really into your schoolwork, and sports. Get your mind off everything and make some new friends. Pay attention to people’s facial expressions and what they say. Look for hidden meaning in their words."

"It's going to be hard to really put myself into sports at school. The only sport we have is Quidditch and I'm on the team. But, so is Gideon. I already put myself into my school work as best I can." Raine said. "I'm already trying to make new friends. But I always come back to my old ones: Lily, Marlene, Dorcas, Emmeline, James, Nate, Remus, and Sirius. At school you don't really have friends outside of your house."

"Well try to get a new sport at school. What are your favorites? Join school clubs make friends with someone you never would."

"Lacrosse is my favorite sport, besides Quidditch. Most of the people I would never make friends with are in Slytherin. If I ever thought about making friends with one of them, everyone in Gryffindor would hate me. I'm not sure what clubs we have at Hogwarts. I didn't even know there were clubs." Raine smiled a little.

"So start a Lacrosse team. So if your friends now really care about they shouldn't stop speaking to you over another one of your friends. Look into the clubs every school has some. You'll be busy but you'll find you're happier.”

"Maybe your right. Ophelia, thank you." Raine said while giving Ophelia a hug. "We should talk more often. It would be nice to get to know the girl my cousin is falling in love with." Raine winked when she pulled away from her.

Ophelia laughed gently, "Of course. I'm always free to talk. You can write to me when you're in school."

"Alright." Raine smiled. "So, what's going on downstairs?"

"Walter is making it so James can't talk to you. So you don't get byist opinions and Nate is going to his friends tomorrow for the rest of break."

"Ah, sounds just grand." Raine said sarcastically. "What's going to happen if James talks to me? Or at least, tries to talk to me?"

“I don’t know.” Ophelia replied.

"Lets go and see!" Raine said while jumping off the bed and heading to the door.

"Alright." Ophelia agreed standing up and following Raine out the door.

As the girls walked down stairs Raine had a huge smile on her face before she yelled "JAAAMESSSS-Y POO!"

James looked up.

"Now, how've you been darling?" Raine giggled once she got down stairs. James glared at her and shrugged his shoulders. Raine touched his arm and put on a frown. "You don't want to talk to me? James! I thought we had something special!" Raine wiped a fake tear from her cheek.

James rolled his eyes and turned to Nate and Walter, "I'm going to sleep now."

"So, you'll talk to them and not me?" Raine playfully pushed James. "So, what we had is completely gone now?”

James nodded his head and started up the stairs. Raine ran past James on the stairs and stopped a couple steps in front of him, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Are you sure? Why don't you want to talk to me anymore?" James sighed picked her up turned around put her on the steps behind him and continued on his way. Raine giggled. "Oh come on James. I didn't do anything to you did I?"

James ignored her and continued to his room. Once there he walked in and shut the door behind him.

Raine turned around to face Ophelia and said, "Well, he didn't try and talk to me. So I didn't get to see what would happen. That was no fun."

"Ophelia you weren't supposed to tell her!" Walter exclaimed.  

Ophelia just smiled and walked over to him and kissed him lightly, " I think it's time to go home. You need to sleep."

Raine ran down stairs and gave Walter a hug. "Thanks Walt, for everything. But, just out of curiosity, what will happen to James if he tries to talk to me?"

"Nothing he just can't talk to you." Walter replied, "Well we're going. Night Raine, Nate." 

"Good night both of you." Ophelia replied while Walter wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Night!" Raine yelled.

“Goodnight Walter, Ophelia." Nate replied.

With that they both disappeared from sight with a slight pop. Raine walked over to where Nate was sitting. "Nate, what’s wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Raine." Nate replied.

"Why do you seem all, gr-ish?" she asked.

"I'm tired Raine that's all." He said standing up, "Come on."

"Where are we going?" she asked quickly while wrapping her arms around Nate's upper arm and leaning her head on his shoulder.

Nate led them both up to his room and pushed Raine on to his bed. He then walked over to his dresser stood there for a second shrugged and the removed his party clothes.

Raine immediately snuggled up in his bed and said, "You know Nate I just want to thank you for everything you've done today. And I'm sorry for everything I've done today".

"It's alright Raine." he replied grabbing some pajama pants and pulling them on.

Raine yawned and then said, "You never answered my question though."

"I don't know what you're talking about Raine." he replied walking over turning off the light and climbing in on the other side of the bed.

Raine sighed, "What were you thinking when I told you that James was in your room with me less than thirty seconds ago and then went into the bathroom?"

Nate was silent.

"Nate, please answer my question. I've answered so many questions for you today. Just, answer this one." she begged.

Nate was still silent.

"Nate, I know you aren't asleep. Just answer my question. What were you thinking?"

"Nothing Raine. Shut up I am tired."

Raine sighed. "Fine, good night then Nate." she said before getting up out of the bed and walking out of his room and going into her own. Once there she lay down on her bed. "What an eventful day today has been," she said before falling asleep, for the first time, on her own bed.

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