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“I'll be back around six tonight,” he shouted up the stairs. He shook his head of light brown hair at the lack of response. In his heart, he knew that she didn't love him anymore. For some reason, he remained faithful and loyal to her. He rolled his eyes at his confused state of romance. Sighing, he tugged his cloak on and picked up his briefcase, preparing to use the Floo Network to get to his job at the Ministry of Magic.

The flames licked the area around his feet as he tossed the sandy powder down, shouting his workplace while doing so. For some reason, he always loved this. It was like a daily adventure, for you never knew if you'd end up precisely where you wanted to. Today, he ended up in the Control of Magical Creatures area rather than the Department of Ethic Laws. He smiled, forgetting his morning troubles.

“Good morning, Seamus,” one of the secretaries said. Again, he flashed a charming grin that lit up his blue eyes. Today was going to be a good day, he thought. Not only was he getting another co-worker, people were actually greeting him today. Some days, people didn't greet each other and he knew it would be a bad day. But today, he was being greeted. There was no way to wipe the smile from his face. 

A quiet tap came upon the door to his office. He looked up from the pile of parchment and quills that were no longer of any use. He was happy to see a new face at his door. From the tinted glass window, he could see the woman's face. She looked delicate and fragile with pale skin and ginger hair that hung softly around her oval-shaped face.

“Come in,” Seamus said happily. The doorknob turned so slowly that he nearly jumped out of his seat so that he could whip open the door himself. He chose not to, for he did not want to scare his new colleague.

“Mr. Finnigan?” she said quietly as she shut the door behind her.

“Seamus,” he corrected as he stood up to shake her hand. “You must be Noelle.”

“Yes. Mr. Thompson sent me to your office. He said that you'd train me.” She smiled weakly.

“Of course. Well, since it's nearing the end of the day, I can give you a little tour of the office. Would that be all right?”

“That would be lovely.” He quickly put away what he had been doing so that he could show her around. Noelle look about the room, her sad blue eyes falling on each painting and photograph in the room.

“Is that your wife?” she asked sheepishly. He shook his head.

“No. She's my girlfriend.” The word was like poison on his tongue. How could he call her that when he knew that she didn't love him anymore? Lavender Brown didn't know what love is; only lust. He winced in pain.

“Are you okay? You look like you're crying.”

“I'm fine.”


“So, tell me about yourself,” he said in an attempt to brighten the mood.

“There's not much to say, really. Oh!” She look at her watch as she said this. “I'm really sorry. I have to go! I was supposed to be home at six. I'm sorry, but could we do this tomorrow?”

“Of course,” Seamus said, confused.

“Thank you!” Noelle shouted as she ran quickly from the office.

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