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Chapter Name- Worthless

A/N: by now, you all know my beta- teenage_firestarter - shes great, thanks so much.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont kill me. My computer crashed lest week. Just now getting it up, I find it has deleted all of my documents. I am afraid that this may very well be the end of the line for this fic. Im so very sorry to my dedicated readers. I had the chapters done through this story and ch 2 of the second one. but its been so long since I wrote them, I cant remember them. im so very sorry. I have another fic that Im thinking about keeping going. and then I will try to write a few one-shots.. and maybe later I will be able to write again.
Trust me on this, I will in fact be backing everyting up that I do from now on.
Thanks for not.. strangling me. :)
peace to all

and, one more update.
I have officially found EVERYTHING
thank GOD for letting me save it to a removable disk before it crashed. im not sure where its at yet, but I will hopefully have more up soon~!!#!@#
love to all

Yo, this is an update, as of 12/01/2007, I have been finished with the story for a while, but the more I review it, the less happy I am with it. Also, with the loss of readers, I have been thinking about finishing, then stopping with my writing on here. I am not sure. I started the second part, the middle, and I have slowly been progressing on the other one as well. I am going to write my one-shot soon, maybe it will give me inspiration. I have had writers block like you wouldn’t imagine. For months. So forgive me, those of you who still read. Thanks so much. -xx_flame_inside_xx

Hermione woke the next morning with a start. Something was different. That’s when she realized that someone was with her. And they were on the couch. That’s when she remembered, and she smiled to herself. They had spent the night talking. Nothing more.

She kissed him on the cheek, and he moved slightly. She got up and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Halfway through the eggs, she felt a pair of arms around her waist. Then his lips on her neck.

She turned around in his arms, there was pancake mix on her cheek. The pancakes themselves. were already finished and off to the side.

"Good morning."

"Good morning. Hungry?" She pointed to the food behind her.

"Very. It looks good."

"I hope so, I've been at it for half an hour." She smiled and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Hermione, there's a problem. What about Harry, Crystal, and Ron. What will they think? They don’t trust me like you do. And I'm sure its tearing Ron apart."

"I know," She looked down. "But, Draco, I feel something here that I didn't feel with Ron. I don’t know how to describe it, but its right."

"Then, we need to talk to them. We need to get them convinced that they can trust me."

"Yeah, we can do that. Lets eat first, then we can go over to Harry's. I want to see Crystal anyway, and make sure she is still ok." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, then spoke once more.

"Ok, have a seat, eggs and pancakes!"

They sat and ate, talking about school, mainly.

Two hours later, they both got up and got dressed (Draco apparated home to get clothes and came back) to go to Harry's house.

"I don’t know if it would be best to talk to Ron right now. He's still upset about us breaking up."

"Okay. I'm not worried about him as much as Harry anyway."

"Can you ride?" She held up a bridle that was over the back of the chair by the window. Harry and Hermione had let her borrow Arian for a while, and she rode him quite often. 'They need exercise anyway, exercise that we cant always take care of, so busy with Lily and all.' Harry had spoken quietly when he got to Lily's name, obviously reminded of her brother.

"Not really, sorry."

"Its ok, I can."

They went out and got Arian ready, who had been staying in a temporary pasture while Hermione had him. She got on first, and he sat behind her. They rode bareback so it wasn’t uncomfortable for Draco.

"This is, umm… Different." He laughed.

"Its ok, just a short ride." She urged Arian forward, soon breaking into a gallop to get there faster.

When they arrived at Harry's house, the door had been left open, and the horses were unsettled. Hermione uttered two small, quiet words before rushing Arian into the pen.

"Oh no." She ran into the house, tears blinding her.

Draco was quick to act, he was right on her heels. As they ran, they pulled out their wands, ready for an attack.

She raced to the bedroom, where her eyes fell upon a body on the floor.

"Draco, take care of her, Im going to find Harry."

He did as she said, and she went back out to the hallway. Where could he be. They were on the third floor, the only rooms up here were the master bedroom and the small bathroom adjoined to it. As she passed the baby chair, she saw Lily still happy as could be in it. She went back down the stairs to the second floor. The only room she would not have seen in here was the kitchen, and the small dining room next to it. She checked them both, no Harry.

She went to the first floor, and there, Harry lay on the couch, where he could not be seen, it faced away from the stairs. He was bleeding.

"That bastard… used.. He used Sec-"

"No, don’t talk, Ill do what I can."

She took off his shirt to inspect the wounds. They were deep, but her training helped. She muttered several spells under her breath, and soon enough, the cuts were diminishing. When all of them were gone, she used a cleaning spell to take off the blood, then handed him back his shirt.

"Thank you, Hermione. Do you know where crystal is? After he got me, I couldn’t even move, I felt kinda like I was dying."

"She's upstairs, with Draco." She winced as she saw what was coming next..

Third Floor

Crystal tried to move, but he stopped her. She was in bad shape. After having Sectumsempra used on her, she must have gone through three cruciatus curses. He did all he could, but he still wanted Hermione's opinion. He picked her up bridal-style, and carried her to the first floor, where he knew she was, because he could faintly hear Harry yelling at her.

First Floor

"MALFOY IS IN MY HOUSE?! I cant believe you, Hermione. After all her put you through, you trust him!!"

"He's changed." Hermione spoke quietly. "I know he has. And yes, I trust him."

Harry knew to trust her when she was like this. She obviously knew what she was doing.

"Well, I still don’t like it. If something goes wrong, I will say 'I told you so' right after I save your ass." He smiled at her, then the both burst out laughing. "Oh, and right after I kill him, bring him back to life, make him clean up the mess, and kill him again."

They both could barely control their laughter, but as soon as they saw Draco with Crystal, they both went silent.

He walked over and set her on the couch without speaking a word. Then he stood back.

"I did as much as I could."

"Ill see what I can fix. Harry, you never told us who came in?"

She began to heal Crystal using basically the same spells as she did on Harry.

"It was Malfoy, it was your father, Draco." He turned his head to look at Draco.

"No surprise there. He's an asshole. Probably wants to impress Voldemort. He nothing against an Elemental, though. Worthless. Just like in real life." He said quietly, but fill with anger toward him father.

Hermione shot a glance up at Harry as if to say 'I told you so.'

She finished healing Crystal, who suddenly spoke, but only one word. "Lily."

"She's fine, Crystal, I just checked on her as I walked out." Draco said, this being one of the few times he had ever spoken to Crystal.

Crystal fell asleep, so the other three went upstairs to talk.

"So, we were coming over to see what you would say about Draco, because we are…" She looked at him.

"Working together." She covered it quickly. She knew if she said anything to Harry about them being together, he would tell Ron, so she decided to wait a while.

"And we are friends. But since I got the earful downstairs, lets just not. Please?"

"Yeah, ok. Im fine with it anyway. He saved Crystal.

They talked for what could have been hours, when a tired face appeared around the corner.

"Thank you, Draco. You saved my life." She smiled sweetly. "Im going to go check on Lily." She went upstairs.

"Yeah, we better get going, too. Its getting late. Lets go Draco."

"Bye Hermione, Draco." Harry muttered Draco's name so it was barely audible, but he said it. That was a good sign.

Hermione led the way, hand in hand with Draco, out to the pasture where the horses had settled down.

She took the bridle off of Arian and they decided to walk. They talked the whole way, holding hands the whole way as well.

They stopped once in the house, and took up the same positions on the couch.

Hermione fell into his arms.

"I think they took it well." She tried to hide all of the questions in her voice.

She wanted so badly to ask them, but was afraid of the answers. It was like he read her mind.

"I know you aren't ready to completely trust me yet, but you will learn to. I know its hard to put the past behind you, but you will eventually. I at least hope you will, because I love you. I always have. I always will. It seems fast, don’t think I didn’t think about that, but I did. I know its true. Even with the slytherin girls, I didn’t feel this. I was forced to date all those girls, and I hated it. I would have to put on this mask of who they wanted me to be. When they asked me to be a spy, I stopped. They wanted me to tail you and find out where you and Harry and Ron all lived, because then they could attack without warning. I said no. I refused."

He got up and took off his shirt, facing away from her. For the first time, she realized just how much of the truth he was telling her. There was a series of fresh scars running across his back. One ran all the way across his lower back, a second one was from the top of his left shoulder blade to the lowest left part of his back. That one was the longest, there were three more spread across his back.

She sighed and stood. She walked to his front, stood pn her toes, and whispered in his ear like what she was saying was a precious secret.

"Thank you." She had a tear running down her cheek. He wiped it off with his finger, then kissed her gently.

"What you did means so much to me." She spoke a bit louder this time, but still with sorrow.

They fell asleep in each others arms again that night. Hermione spelt peacefully, while Draco suffered with his painful dreams again. More of, they were memories.

A/N: Thought I would explain how they started on the third floor when they first arrived at the house. There are two entrances. From the front, you enter right into the third floor, making muggles think it was simply a small vacation home. But yeah, that’s it. In the back, theres a normal entrance to start on the first floor.

Also, Im extremely unhappy with this chapter. Its pushing me to rewrite the story from here on... eesh

There ya go. Till next time.

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