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Colors swirled around them and soon Remus and Sirius were back in the bed room.


“That proved nothing!” Sirius screamed in frustration.


“Except we were complete arses.” Remus added; Sirius kicked the pensive. The letters appeared again only this time read.


“Secrets lie in the tears shed over what you believe to be right.”


“No more riddles!” Sirius yells.


“Wait, Sirius she cried on your shoulder in the second memory right?”


“Yeah, your point?”


“It means what she is hiding has something to do with you and snape since she cried on him in the first memory.” Remus concluded.


“You know Moony; you may be on to something.” Sirius reached for the pensive before Remus reached out and stopped him.


“No! No more memories not now. We have to get back before someone realizes you’re gone. Now come one.” Chests packed and ready they made their way back to the entrance room. There was one room Sirius hadn’t seen and he had a feeling why.


“Remus where did you find her?” The last room was to his right it was the sitting room. Sirius didn’t wait for an answer he turned and headed towards the room. Remus’s hand caught his shoulder.


“I really don’t think that’s the best idea.” Sirius shook him off and entered.


Once he entered he kind of wished he had just left. The book she was reading was still on the table everything was in order except there were blood stains on the carpet and a little way away from it was a burn mark. Probably from were the killing curse hit after it cut into Nichole’s arm.


Sirius was beyond angry at the sight. Peter tried to kill her in her own home the place that they all spent so much time in when the weren’t on business for the order.


“I should have been here.” He said sorrow and regret mixing in his voice. “I should have come to see her right after I escaped. I guess I was just afraid……”


“What good would that have done? The first placed they checked was here. You would have been sent right back to Azkaban.”


“It would have been worth it.”


“For you maybe. For her no.” Sirius sighed knowing he was right it was just it had been two years since he escaped, and not once had he stopped by to see her or ask anyone to get in contact with her.


“We should get back.” With that Sirius left the room not once looking back, but when about to leave the house all he could do was stare.


When they got back Sirius took the stuff up stairs. Nichole was still asleep peacefully; he quietly set the chests down throwing the pensive to the bottom, and placing her robes on the top.


He scribbled down a note and stuck it to the door. He was about to leave, but something stopped him. He turned around leaned down next to where she slept and kissed her lightly on her forehead.


She smiled; at first he thought he had woke her, but she just moved deeper into the blankets. Chuckling softly he made his way back to the kitchen to make it look like he had been there the whole time.


  Harry was sitting at the table eating and laughing at Ron and Hermione who were arguing.


“Morning Sirius.”


“Morning Harry, sleep well?” Sirius asked grapping a plate for himself.


“Yes very. Where’s Nichole?” Harry asked concerned.


“She is still asleep.”


“O, Well this may be weird, but last night I had a dream again….” Sirius turned his attention to him worried. “Nothing bad it was a memory from when I was younger. It’s weird because I was never able to remember it before.”


“What was it about?” Sirius asked curiously. It was very rare the boy had anything, but nightmares any more.  


“Well I think the woman in the dream was Nichole the thing is I was about six years old.” He had Sirius’s full attention now.


“Here Harry come with me…” Sirius motioned him forward. They had gone to Buckbeak’s room. “Wait here I’ll be right back.” He ran and quietly got the pensive back out of Nichole’s trunk and ran back to Harry.


“Harry I went you to think of the memory so I can put it in the pensive.” The boy closed his eyes; the silver thread flowed into the box.  “You know how to use one of these, right?” Harry nodded and for the third time today Sirius went into the pensive.


The sun shone brightly and a park scene began to unfold around them. A little boy with jet black hair set on bench crying.



Harry was about six years old his hair was messy, his glasses were taped in the center, and his clothes looked five sizes too big. He silently sobbed on the bench.


A woman sat down next to Harry. There was no doubt this was Nichole. She was about twenty-eight her hair was pulled back, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt; you could already see a few scars and bruises on her arms.


“Something wrong?” she casually asked trying not to frighten him. He wiped his tears on the back of his over sized sleeve.


“No.” He sniffled.


“Ah, ok well is someone around here looking after you?” she asked, but the look on her face showed she already knew.


“No.” He repeated holding back more tears and rubbing his knee.  She sighed and bent down in front of him rolling up his jean leg right above the knee.


“Did you fall?” he nodded.


“I was here with my aunt and my cousin then they left. I was looking for them and tripped on the side walk. Now my leg hurts and I don’t know my way back to their house.” He began talking really fast his voice cracking in a useless attempt to hold back his tears.


She reached up and pushed his hair out of his eyes. “There, There dear. It’s going to be okay.” She got her purse, pulling out a Band-Aid and her wand. Harry eyed her in confusion and she laughed. “It’s okay this will help.”


“It’s a stick?” She continued to smile at him.


“Not just an ordinary stick.” Waving her wand she muttered a spell and the wound began to heal a bit. She placed the Band-Aid over it kissing her fingers the placing them over top. “See all better. Now let’s see if we can get you home.”


“I’d rather not.” He said softly.


“Ok then. How about this you and I can go shopping to get you some clothing that actually fits?”  


“O no miss I don’t want to be any trouble.” Nichole grimaced slightly when he called her miss.


“Trouble no. It will be fun so what do you say Harry, want to come?” Harry gasped at hearing his name it was then Nichole realized her mistake.


“How did you know my name? I never told you.” She thought for a moment before smiling.


“Magic.” She said simply. “Now come on let’s go.” She held out her hand for him. The answer satisfied him because he took her hand and jumped off the bench.


“Wait, hold on.” She tapped his glasses with her wand to repair them. “There we go.”  The two began to walk away.   Colors starting swirling again, but there was no pull signaling they were leaving the pensive.


“Sirius that was the whole dream. Why are we not leaving?”


He thought this over and could only come to one conclusion. “I think the pensive found a memory Nichole already had in here dealing with this so it’s connecting the two.


Sure enough the lights dimmed; the day had turned to night with a sparkling full moon. Nichole was walking towards Number Four Privet Drive with shopping bags on one arm, and holding a sleeping Harry in the other.  


She made it up to the porch shifting the boy in her arms so she could knock on the door. It was a soft knock so she wouldn’t disturb Harry. Angry grumbles could be heard from the other side of the door.


It opened slightly to reveal an unhappy Petunia. “What are you doing here?” She said the word you with a great amount of disgust and dislike. 


“Petunia it is lovely to see you again.” The same tone was used, but she kept her voice low weary of the sleeping child. “As you can see I have come to return my godson. Who you seemed to conveniently forgot on you trip to the park this afternoon.”


“I would never forget my dear nephew! He wandered off and I spent the rest of the afternoon looking for him!” Petunia said appalled. Nichole stared at her; skeptical of her act and Petunia opened the door wider to reveal the reason behind her concern. Dumbledore, Moody, and Kingsley stood in the living room.  


“Well it doesn’t matter.” Nichole sighed. “If you would please show me to the boy’s room so I can put him down.” Petunia’s eyes flashed with panic before she answered.


“Uh... second door on the right.” She said pointing up stairs her voice filled with false kindness. Nichole gently set the shopping bags down and carried the boy up stairs.


The room was not Harry’s that much she could tell, but she laid the boy on the bed anyway. Tucking him in, she kissed his forehead and put a photo in his hand. “This will be our little secret. Good Night Harry.” She whispered.


Before leaving she turned gazing at him with a motherly love. She slowly shut the door and her smile faded as she walked back down to where everyone waited.


“Well Harry’s asleep.” She told them with an edge of despair in her voice. “Dumbledore, Moody, Kinsley nice to see you all.”


“Nice to see you to Nichole. I talked to Remus he would have been here, but considering the night it just wasn’t possible.” Kinsley told her and she almost look relieved.


“I’m kind of glad he’s not. I don’t need anything else to deal with at the moment.”


“You really should talk to him.” Nichole just started at Kingsley for a moment before looking away.


“No, sorry not going to happen.” She shrugged it off and Petunia cut in. Harry looked at his godfather questioning her attitude towards Remus, but he just shook his head. 


“If your done complain about your life I would like to say how dare you! I was worried sick about the boy and this whole time he was with the likes of you. God only knows how much you corrupted the boy. Tomorrow he is going to be parading around here talking about dragons, flying brooms, and things of that nonsense. What are my neighbors going to think?  ”


Petunia looked worried, but it was clear it was not over the fact her nephew had been missing. Nichole was indifferent to the fact Petunia was yelling at her.


“O don’t start with ‘o poor me’ crap Petunia if you were so worried about Harry then you would have made sure he was with you when you left the park.  As for the magic when I found him he had scrapped his knee on the side walk, and I used my wand to heal it so he wasn’t in pain. O and I fixed his glasses, but other then that there was no magic what so ever; I took him shopping because if you haven’t noticed he was drowning in your sons hammy downs.”  Nichole’s voice was stern and clear her fist clenched in an effort to control her anger.


“Ms. Tonaree it would have been helpful if you would have contacted Mrs. Dursley.” Dumbledore said his voice light and even.


“MRS. BLACK! My name is Nichole Antonia Black and I wish to be addressed as such. As for contacting Petunia I called her before we went shopping, look.” Her voice broke in anger and she led them to the answering machine. A digital red one was blinking and Nichole pressed the play button.  


“Petunia, its Nichole I’m calling because I found my six year old godson wandering around the park by himself. I’ve decided to take him shopping because it seems he had lost a lot of weight since the last time you took him shopping. I will bring him by later.” The message cut off, but even over the phone you could tell Nichole was annoyed.


“O well that’s all then a mere misunderstanding, It was nice seeing all of you, but I must get back to work.” With that Kingsley Apparated out of the house. 


“I think we all have things to get back to.” Moody said and was about to Apparate when Petunia started to talk.


“I don’t want her coming around here anymore. She dangerous and who knows what will happen to my little Dutters if she teaches that boy…magic. No I won’t have it not in my house.” She chocked on word magic as if it were some deadly disease.


“Now Mrs. Dursley, ‘Mrs. Black’ is one of the best Auror we have. Your family couldn’t be in safer hands.” Dumbledore told her, but Petunia thought other wise.


“Safer hands you say? Well I seem to think your losing your memory because her husband is the reason that boy is in my house to begin with. Those two were always alike who’s to say she not planning our deaths as we speak.” Nichole wiped out her wand and gripped it tightly at her side.  


“My husband is not a murder.” Her voice was a low growl her body was shaking in a fit of anger. Her eyes were burning into Petunia’s the look so menacing Petunia backed up against the wall, and almost hesitated to speak.


“Look he kills twelve people, and a friend right in front of her face, and she still thinks he’s innocent. He’s got her brainwash we’d all be safer if she was locked away in that hell with him,  ” Nichole finally snapped she thrust her wand into Moody’s hand and then approached Petunia their faces only inches apart Nichole’s voice was still a low growl.   


“If I was only that lucky because right now nothing can be worse then the hell that has become my life.” Nichole turned on her heels and ripped her wand out of Moody’s hand. Blinded by rage she stormed out the door.


She pulled her hair out of her pony tail as she ran down the walk way. In mid jump she transformed; her body melted away into a mass of orange and black fur. Her brown hair darkened to black forming the stripes on her face.


Her nails grew as her hands turned to paws; her teeth became sharper as she let out a deep pain  filled growl. One thing that didn’t change was her eyes; they were still a deep chocolate brown that glowed in the night with a swirl of emotion as she ran into the darkness.


The memory fade and Sirius was deep in thought. Every hour that Nichole was there the more of what she was hiding came out. That memory showed how truly depressed she was and being told she could no longer see her godson brought her to her breaking point.


“Wow. How could I not remember any of that?” Harry asked.


“That’s because the memory was blocked. You could think of it when you were by yourself, but as soon as people came around it was like it never existed.” Sirius explained and Harry became frustrated.


“Out of all the stuff I had to deal with they couldn’t have just left me with that one happy memory could they?”  Sirius didn’t say anything to that. Harry sighed. “That’s why she left isn’t it?”


“I’m not going to lie to you it was probably part of the reason, but there is more to it. So much more that I’m still trying to find out half of it”   Sirius sighed and lead Harry out of them room. “ Look let’s not mention this to anyone.”


Harry halfheartedly agreed to the request. Harry returned to his room, and for what seemed like the hundredth time today Sirius made his way back into the kitchen and sat at the table.


Molly, Remus, and Tonks were already there talking. But Sirius didn’t have time to join into the conversation because Nichole walked threw the kitchen door.


“Morning everyone.” She yawned. Sirius got up wrapped his arms around her; in reflex she leaned her head on his shoulder, and he softly kissed her hair.


“How you feeling, love?”


“Old.” She laughed to him it was the most beautiful sound in the world.


“Old?” he repeated confused.


“Yes old because that’s usually what you are when you wake up and everything aches.” 


“Um maybe the fact your body’s recovering from fourteen years of dark magic might have something to do with it.” Sirius replied she rolled her eyes at him.


“Get use to it dear it only gets worse.” Molly told her, and she just continued to laugh.


“O’ great something to look forward to.” Her sarcasm put a small smile on their faces.


“Nichole there is some food on the counter if you’re hungry.”


“Thanks Molly.”


“No problem. Well I’m going to finish cleaning the extra rooms.” She stood to leave.


“Here when I’m done I’ll come and help” Nichole offered setting Molly off on a rant.


“O’ No you don’t you still need to rest.”


“Molly I’m fine honest.” Her argument fell on deaf ears. Molly shook her head mumbling something about ‘Nichole not being happy until she is paralyzed from the neck down’ as she left the room.


“I think I’ll go help Molly.” Tonks said and left.


“Why is it every time I come into a room everyone leaves.”   


“I think it’s your charming personality.” Retorted Remus.

“Thanks Remus.” Chuckling Nichole grabbed a plate which Sirius took from her. “Would you sit down I’ll get the food for you.”


“I think I am perfectly capable of getting my own food thank you.”  She took the plate back from him playful glaring. “By the way thank you both for getting my things.”


“Don’t thank me it was Remus.” She raised an eyebrow in suspicion.


“Right nice try, but I know you went to the house.”


Author’s note: Sorry I’m ending it here it’s late and I’ve got writers block. Please review because I can’t fix anything if I don’t know about it. To those who have been reading thank you so much. Check out my other stories too. =]

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