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Chapter Seven: Seize

“Someone, please help!” Sirius screamed as he frantically searched for some sign of a heartbeat from Isabelle. “Isabelle, Isabelle,” he coaxed hoping that she’d miraculously take in a deep breath of air and be perfectly fine. To his dismay she was lying absolutely still and there was really no heartbeat to be found.

Thoughts raced through Sirius’ mind: What should he do? Was there a spell that he had in the back of his brain? No, that was impossible. He heard Lily speak of something called CPR, but he didn’t remember how to do it.

“Sirius, what’s wrong?” James questioned as he walked into the room, he obviously took no notice to the urgency that was in Sirius’ voice.

“Not breathing, Isabelle is!” he managed to choke out.

It took a moment for James to comprehend what his best friend had just told him and then it hit him like a brick to the face. “What happened?” he yelled running towards the bed and checking Isabelle for himself. “Go get McGonagall!” James ordered.

“Like hell I will, you go get her. I’m staying with Isabelle!” Sirius shouted back.

“A dog running through the castle looks a lot less suspicious than a stag! Just make sure no one sees you change back,” he instructed. Sirius sadly knew he was right and now wasn’t the time to argue anyway. He turned on his heel and bolted for the dormitory door opening it and changing into his dog form in what seemed like milli-seconds.

“Sirius you’re elbow is in your scrambled eggs,” Remus politely informed his friend as he got back to reading the Daily Prophet.

Sirius grunted and shifted his elbow so it was now on top of his buttered roll. He wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him. He was paying attention to who was six people across from him.

It was bright and obscenely sunny late September morning of the Marauders sixth year at Hogwarts and the they had just sat down along with their fellow Gryffindor’s to a nice and hearty breakfast. Sirius, unlike the rest, piled his plate high but barely ate a thing.

“Would you stop staring at her already?” James queried as he accidently spit little bits of un-chewed foot at Sirius. Sirius mechanically wiped the food off of his cheek without any emotion. “Padfoot!”

Sirius broke from his trance and looked at James. “Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night-- I guess I’m drifting off.”

“That’s quite a lie,” James accused. “You’re staring at Bontecou again! You’re wasting a perfectly good breakfast to stare at a girl who doesn’t even know you.”

“She does too!” Sirius retorted even though his tone seemed as though he was attempting to convince himself “She’s always at the parties that my family throws.”

“That doesn’t mean she knows you!” Peter sang from across the table. It was his pathetic attempt at involving himself in the conversation.

Sirius scowled and slammed his elbow back down on the table which caused the plate to go cascading towards the floor with a resounding crash and crack. Isabelle looked up instantly and caught Sirius’ eye. He partially opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out. While he silently cursed himself for being quite the idiot Isabelle half-smiled and turned back towards her friends.

He was now thoroughly embarrassed and could feel the blood rushing to his ears and turning them a shade of pink. Sirius couldn’t understand why Isabelle was so difficult to talk to; maybe it was the fact that unlike every other girl who was never at a loss for words Isabelle was shy. Maybe it’s because she didn’t believe in incessant jabber if it wasn’t needed. Maybe because she was very similar to Sirius: a Gryffindor born into a line of Slytherin Purebloods.

James lightly threw a roll at Sirius’ shoulder. “Why don’t you just talk to her?”

“It’s not that easy, Prongs.”

“Yes, it is!” James looked confused. “I speak to Lily all the time.”

Sirius wryly smiled as he stabbed his scrambled egg. “Let, me rephrase that: it’s not easy to talk to her without making an idiot out of myself.”

“Ha, ha, you’re a regular comedian, Prongs.”

Sirius sat with his back on the stone wall outside the infirmary door. His head was resting in his hand that was propped up by his flexed right knee. He had ran straight to Professor McGonagall’s office and notified her immediately about the situation. Sirius was then told to go alert Professor Dumbledore while she and Madame Mirr went to go retrieve Isabelle. By the time Professor Dumbledore and Sirius got back Isabelle was in the infirmary behind closed doors. Professor Dumbledore obviously filed in after her, but not before telling Sirius to kindly wait outside.

He was now left without any information regarding Isabelle’s condition and it was absolutely killing him. How could anyone forget that he was sitting out there waiting for some confirmation that she was alive and well?

She couldn’t die, she couldn’t leave him.

It was a few minutes after midnight and Isabelle was sitting in her grandparent’s drawing room upon her favorite couch right next to the fireplace. She looked down at her perfectly manicured nails and picked at them in hopes of occupying her mind with other various thoughts.

Her mother had gotten married today to the indescribably wretched Edward Faulkner. In fact, the party was still going strong when she excused herself from dancing with her ex-boyfriend Aiden McCauly moments ago. Truthfully, all she wanted to do was go back to school, where she should be on the last weekend of October. She should be in attendance of the Halloween feast eating and gossiping with her friends, not forced to be the maid of honor at her mother’s wedding.
But no, being the understanding daughter that she inevitably was she had agreed to be there for her overjoyed mother because it just meant ‘so much to her’.

Isabelle looked at her reflection in the mirror to the right of the fireplace; her dress was magnificent, even she had to admit that her grandmother’s taste was impeccable. She was wearing an exquisite garnet colored gown. The gown was chiffon with an empire waist and dawned intricate beading along the spaghetti straps. The train flowed beautifully behind her when she walked, showing off her strappy-silver stiletto’s. Her hair was loosely curled with a few pieces in the front picked up to open up her face, while the rest was left to naturally cascade down her back.

She sighed.

The wedding was truly magnificent, no matter how unfit the groom. The party took place in her grandparent’s lavish yard under large white tents. The crisp autumn weather, for any other family would’ve posed a serious dilemma for an outdoor wedding but the Bontecou’s bewitched the surrounding area so it was like a warm spring evening. The color scheme was silver and garnet, so it was only fitting for there to be garnet roses with silver stems and leaves adorning each flat surface.

The yard comfortably fit the five-hundred witches and wizards that were in attendance and, surprisingly, there seemed to be no need or want from anyone. Isabelle’s grandmother had really outdone herself with planning this event, she made a mental note to compliment her.


Isabelle shifted her gaze upwards and before her was a handsome young man with his hands in his tuxedo’s pockets and a nervous look upon his face. She noticed that his ensemble was quite acceptable if his shirt wasn’t un-tucked, his hair wasn’t ruffled, his bow-tie wasn’t undone and the first few buttons to his collared shirt were still buttoned. Oh, Sirius Black.

“Hi, Sirius.” Isabelle warmly smiled hoping that she didn’t come off as annoyed by his presence even though she really did want to be left alone. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Well, yeah,” he mumbled while casually ruffling his hair some. “My family was invited and-- er that included me-- I guess.” The conversation that he had been planning in his head for the past three hours wasn’t going has smoothly as he had hoped.

“No, no. I didn’t mean it like that,” Isabelle corrected herself. “I just meant that I hadn’t seen you here since there are so many people. Of course you were invited, are you having a good time?”

Sirius half-smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s nice,” he commented, his voice filled with honesty. “I actually came inside to see how you were. I saw you dancing with--erm-- McCauly and then you just rushed inside-- I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I’m fine,” Isabelle half-heartedly answered as she played with the hem of her dress.

“Did McCauly do some--?”

“Oh, no! No, not at all. It’s just been a really long day and I needed a few minutes to myself, I guess. Aiden is perfectly fine, he’s doing quite well actually.”

Sirius internally scowled. “Are you two still together?” he blurted out. This conversation was not going as planned. At this rate she was going to believe that he was a crazed stalker in less than two minutes and thirty seconds.

To Isabelle it was almost cute that Sirius was stumbling over his words, she never expected a guy like him to be capable of imperfection. “No.”



“Uh,” Sirius mumbled. Forget the two minutes and thirty seconds, Isabelle would surely put a Magical Decree of Restraint on him in the next thirty seconds if he didn’t close his trap. Where was food when you needed it? He could just shove it in his mouth to stop himself from talking, but no, when he’s in dire need of food there’s none to be found. The moments passed by and with each one it became increasingly awkward. “Can we start over, please?”

She smiled, finding his awkwardness somewhat endearing. “Sure.”

“Sirius...Sirius...Sirius!” James called shaking his friend by his shoulders.

Sirius looked gobsmacked--he really needed to quit daydreaming, it was undoubtedly unhealthy. It took a moment for him to snap back into the present moment, but once he did Sirius was back up on his feet faster than you could say ‘Quidditch.’ “What’s the news?” Sirius questioned hoping for an answer that he could deal with.

“I gave Lily your mirror, so she can talk to us while she’s inside the infirmary. She said that Isabelle is going to be alright, they’ve got her breathing normally again,” he happily stated.

A wave of relief washed over Sirius as he leaned back against the stone wall. “Thank Merlin,” he mumbled, his hands covering his face.

If Sirius was looking at James he would’ve seen him smirk. “You’ll always care about that girl, Padfoot, won’t you?”

Sirius snapped his head back up. “No--I--I’m--just--she--no--WHAT?”

“You know bloody well what I said--”

“No, I am just concerned because I got her into this mess,” Sirius commented. He dearly hoped that would be enough for James to keep his mouth shut for the next few hours.

James snorted.


“Hmm.” James seemed to ponder for a moment as he looked as though he was surveying his best friend. “How do I put this delicately,” he began with his hand on his chin. “You, Sirius Black, undeniably love her. You’ve loved her ever since first year, remember on the train you just had to point out this girl that you knew from back home. You’re no fool, Sirius, but it’s about time you’ve just come to grips with the facts and pulled your head out of the Black Lake.”

He was defeated. “I--”

There was a loud thump as Lily Evans walked out of the infirmary and shut the door behind her as she cut off Sirius. Her eyes were filled with tears and her body was visibly trembling. She leaned her back against the wall and slid down into a fetal position.

“Tell me she’s okay, Lily,” Sirius ordered.

Lily wiped her eyes with her robe sleeve and turned her piercing green eyes on Sirius. “She was okay--and...then--she--seize--she started seizing.”

Sirius slammed his fist into the stone wall.

“Madame...she...deliver...they’re delivering the baby...emergency...”

A/N: Hey, guys!! I think I got this chapter up a bit faster than my previous ones. I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for all the wonderful comments I appreciate each and every single one. Reviews fuel me to write more, so please review.

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