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Hermione took a short nap after the tour. ‘Who knew a tour of your new home could be so exhausting,’ Hermione thought as she got up from a much needed nap. She looked at the clock on her dresser and sighed. She only had 2 hours to cook up something for dinner that night. She quickly changed out of her morning outfit and changed into something that she could dirty up by cooking.

She walked out of her room after checking her appearance not once, but twice. Even though she was wearing old clothes she still wanted to look good. Who knows who would be watching her as she cooked. She walked quickly down the stairs and into the direction she had remembered that lead to the kitchen. Once she opened the door she smiled and sighed.

She felt at home in the kitchen. The rest of the house made her feel uncomfortable, like she didn’t belong there, but the kitchen was the coziest place that Hermione truly felt she could call her sanctuary.

She began to work by cutting up vegetables and fruits for the appetizers and dessert. She really didn’t know what everyone liked at the house so she just cooked up one of her and Draco’s favorite dishes. Polpette Semplici . It was the easiest dish there was that se could make and it tasted really wonderful. The meatballs were the first to make. After she made the she dipped the Italian bread crumbs into the milk then drained them. She put it all together and added some of her special meat sauce.

For dessert she made simple banana splits and put them in the freezer until it was time to eat it. She waited for a couple of seconds for the meatballs to cool down and made some extra food: Mashed potatoes , steak, green beans , and gravy. It was only for the people who preferred to eat something other than the meatballs.

She looked up at the whole kitchen, searching for a clock hanging somewhere. She finally spotted one above the kitchen door. It was exactly 2 minutes after 6:00. She had done well for her first night. She looked around the kitchen once again trying to find the device Draco had said would warn the people living in the house that dinner was ready.

She walked to a corner and found a small voice box with two buttons. One of the buttons said all and the other said talk. Hermione pushed the all button first then pushed down on the talk button. She hesitated a few seconds before finally speaking into it. She heard her voice vibrate throughout the manor. “Dinner is served.”

She smiled to herself and wiped her hands on her purples polka-dotted apron. She took it off and headed for the door that lead to the dining room. She opened it and found Traci, Mione and Josh already seated, talking animatedly to each other. “Mum said that we would be going to Hogwarts next year since we have missed a lot ,” Mione said as she stared contently at Josh. “Please tell us about it! How is it?”

Josh brushed his long blonde hair out of his eyes and smiled at the girls. “Well Hogwarts is really difficult at first to find all of your classes, but you get used to it after a while. The teachers are somewhat strict, but not that much if you do well in your studies. The professor you want to keep on your good side is that old fart , Snape. He should have resigned long ago, but they said that after the war, he couldn’t leave the castle. They said he didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

As Josh and the girls talked, Hermione went back into the kitchen and picked up after herself. Once she was done she walked back into the dining room and sat across from Draco who had arrived seconds before herself. At his right side was Stephanie, and on his left was Traci. Mione sat next to Hermione on her right and Josh to her left.

As soon as Hermione was situated comfortably in her seat. Draco spoke. “Wow, the food looks great Hermione. You really outdid yourself. And you remembered my favorite dish too.” Hermione smiled and tried to hide the blush creeping up on her face.

Draco noticed and smirked at Hermione then began filling his plate with everything he could reach. Everyone else followed his example and to Hermione’s surprise, everyone tried the Italian dish she had made.

“Mmm Hermione, how did you learn to cook? This is the best food I have tasted since… well ever!,” Stephanie exclaimed as she helped herself to seconds.

“So have you been married?,” Mione asked seconds after she finished her banana split.

Hermione looked surprised at Mione and tried not to look at Draco. “Well, I almost got married once, but he left me before the wedding or the date. But when he had proposed to me, I was the happiest woman alive.”

Mione smiled and Traci gave her own little “Awww” at the mention of the proposal.

“So was he Josh’s dad? Or was it someone else you met,” Traci asked as she picked up her fork with a banana dripping from it.

Hermione blushed and noticed a small blush creep up on Draco’s face. “Well, yes the guy who left me was Josh’s father. It really hurt me when he did. I hadn’t even known I was pregnant with Josh when he left. It was quiet frightening for me at the time too. I was only 18 at the age and being pregnant wasn’t really comforting either. But it lead to my beautiful little boy, so I shouldn’t really complain should I?”

Mione smiled and Stephanie looked sad. “Hermione, did you ever see that man after he left you? It just seems really sad that he didn’t even get to know about his son.”

Hermione avoided Draco’s eyes as he tried to make eye contact, probably to warn her not to say anything that could affect his marriage. Hermione ignored him and answered Stephanie. “Actually, I saw him recently, he had his own little family and he seemed really happy with his wife. “

Mione’s smiled disappeared and was replaced by a frown. “Did you tell him about his son? “ Hermione shook her head and frowned.

“I didn’t want to ruin his relationship with his wife. So how did you and Draco meet Stephanie?”

Stephanie smiled and told the whole story from when she had almost run over him with her car to when they had finally gotten together.

“That was a nice story. So do you want anymore kids? Or are you done with them?”

Stephanie smiled widely and said, “ Actually Draco and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. Draco really wants a son. He said he had wanted a son for a while. But after you and Josh arrived, he said he didn’t want one anymore. Said that he didn’t want anything any more. Only wanted his 2 special daughters.”

Hermione gave a small smile and excused herself from the table. “I have to go. I have been tired out from making dinner. I’ll see all of you tomorrow in the morning I think.”

Stephanie nodded and Draco stood up too. “I’ll take her up and wish her a good-night. I really want to talk to her since we really haven’t talked in a while.”

Hermione smiled to herself as Draco followed her out of the dining room and up the stairs, into her room.

Hermione looked expectantly at Draco and he just smiled.

“It’s nice having you back Hermione. I really missed you for all of that time. I think that your story down there was a bit too true. But it was brilliant. I almost forgot to give you your welcoming gift.” He dug in his pocket and pulled out a small ,velvet box. A note was attached to it. Hermione reached for it but before she could touch it, Draco had pulled her into his arms.

“Hermione,” he whispered as he hugged her tight. “I am so sorry for leaving like I did. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I loved you Hermione.”

He handed her the box and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before walking out of the door. Not waiting for an answer or explanation to his actions. Hermione looked at the box, then at the note. ‘I’ll read the note first.’ she thought as she unfolded the small note.

Dear Hermione,

It was nice seeing you after all of these years. I really got to thinking after I saw you, that I wanted you back into my life. I am terribly sorry I left you without a good-bye, but I had my reasons. I just hope you can forgive me for my actions and take this present, as a gift of friendship, and maybe, love.

Love always and forever,

Draco Malfoy

Hermione slowly wiped the tear that was coming from her eye and sat down on her bed. ‘Wow, he really does love me.’

She opened the little black box and, tried hard not to sob. It was the locket he had given her long ago and inside was a small picture of Draco and her sharing their first kiss as a couple.



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