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A/N: Well here's an other chapter to the story. Yay. Hope you all will like it. Before I end this note I would like to say thank you to all of my readers for reading this story and I would also like to thank clawz, converse_rocks345, Matt B, and k2_vet for reviewing the last chapter
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Chapter XIII: Being Watch

It's been a month since the total lock down and the students are adjusting to the changes the best that they can. The sun was barley breaking through the clouds. All of the students were sleeping in late and was enjoying it because on weekends was a day to relax in their common rooms.

Hermione woke up at her usual time. Crookshanks was at the foot of her bed sleeping away. Hermione smiled at him and began scratching behind his ears. Crookshanks began purring and rolled his body around to where he wanted to be scratched.

"You like that don't you?" asked Hermione as she began scratching his belly. Crookshanks purred louder and opened his eyes. Hermione soon stopped and began getting dressed. She quickly grabbed a pair of jeans and a fuzzy sweater. Once she was dressed she headed down to the common room. When she got there, there was a big crowd by the bulletin board.

"What's everyone doing around the bulletin board?" asked Hermione. She walk over to them.

"We're waiting for McGonagall to give us an update," answered Seamus. "She always post them on Sundays."

"The professors must still be deciding on what to post. It could take awhile before they can decide," said Hermione.

The crowd slowly went away and they began doing their own business. In the corner Harry and Ron had their usual game of chess. They were in their forth game.

"Hey Harry, you're getting a lot better at wizard chess," said Ron.

"Thanks I've been practicing," said Harry. He moved his bishop and removed one of Ron's pawns.

"Well it's showing. It usually takes me five minutes to win and it's now been ten," said Ron. He moved his knight and then smiled. "Check mate. Want to play again?"

"Nah besides I have to finish my Transfiguration homework," said Harry.

While Ron was putting the chess game away, Harry grabbed his books together and began heading off to where Hermione was sitting. Hermione was sitting on one of the comfy scarlet chairs. She had her books piled on her lap. She had her head down the whole time that Harry was there. She was so heavily into her readings that she didn't hear Harry talking to her.


She finally looked up. "Oh hi Harry. I'm sorry that I was ignoring you. I was just studying."

"So what has gotten you all worked up?" asked Harry.

"Oh I'm just doing some research for a friend," she answered.

"A friend? Which friend?" Ron was finished putting the chess board away and sat next to Harry.

"Just someone I know." She held up her book and continued to read. Ron and Harry notice the title.

"Hermione you're reading a book call, Physical and Mental Health. Is everything all right? Are you feeling okay?" asked Harry.

"I'm fine. I told you that I'm doing research for a friend."

Ron grabbed a hold of one of her books. "What's ano . . .anorex . . . anorexia nervosa?"

"Give that book back to me," said Hermione. She grabbed the book right out of Ron's hands and placed it back with the other books.

"I'm sorry but what are you studying?" asked Ron.

"She studying on eating disorders," answered Harry. "Who's anorexic?"

"Well it's not me," she said defending herself. "Let's just drop the subject. I would rather not say." She began reading her books, but Harry and Ron were still looking at her. Hermione never looked up to see them and so they began to do their homework. They were about to start writing when suddenly they heard a loud pop.

"Hey everyone it's here. The new announcement is here," said Dean.

Everyone dropped what they were doing and ran to the bulletin board. The message was hanging right in the middle. Hermione was one of the first to get there and began reading it.

"To all students:

Due to it being winter and the short hours in the day, classes will be shorter. Because of that classes will start at seven-thirty in the morning instead of nine. Breakfast will be served in the common rooms due to the fact that all entrances to the common rooms will be locked and won't opened till eight’ o clock. Since the doors will be locked all students are going to be given a time-watch. Lunch is at eleven and dinner will be served at three-thirty. Curfew has been changed as well; all students must get back to their common rooms by five’ clock."

When Hermione was done reading there were a lot of commotion going on with the new changes.

"Seven-thirty, I can't get ready at that time," cried Ron. "That is just way too early."

"Well you just have to manage with it like the rest of us," said Hermione. "But what I don't understand is what's a time-watch? I've never heard of it."

"A time-watch is like a portkey. It will transport you from one place to another. In the wizarding world parents would use a time-watch to make sure their kids would come home on time," explained Ron.

"So what does one look like?" asked Harry.

"It looks like a Muggle's wrist watch, but it won't show you the time. It will show you how much time you have until you have to go," said Ron.

"So how does a time-watch works?" asked Dean.

"Well the parent would set the watch according to what time they would like their kid to come home. The watch then goes on the wrist. The watch cannot come off until the parent needs to change the time," said Ron.

"So tomorrow well will get transported to our first class by this time-watch?" asked Dean.

"Yep, but the bad thing about it is that it will transport you no matter what condition you are in. So if you are in bed sleeping, you will end up in Professor’s Maddox classroom in your pj's," smiled Ron.

"Let me guess you had a mishap with the time-watch?" asked Hermione.

Ron didn't say anything but turned bright red.


In the next morning everyone had a hard time waking up. Their time-watches came to them last night and they were all nervous in wearing them. In the Gryffindor Common Room, students were eating their breakfast and were trying to wake up.

"I hate this," said Ron. His hair was all messy and his clothes were all wrinkle. "I can't wait till it's spring and class starts back at normal time." He propped himself next to the wall and began to snore. His friends notice this and he was soon waken with a squirt of water. "What the--?" He looked around and saw Hermione with a squirt bottle.

"You need to stay awake," said Hermione. "It's almost seven-thirty."

"Oh right." Ron whipped his face with his robes and grabbed his bag.

"So once it's seven-thirty will we feel anything?" asked Harry.

"Nope." answered Ron. And just then their watches beep and they were no longer in their common rooms, but in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

"Hello students," said Professor Maddox.

"Hello Professor," mumbled the students. They all slowly went to their seats and sat down.

"Now I know that it's early for class, but lets manage the best of it. Today's lesson is all about the sphinx. Who can tell me about the sphinx?" asked Maddox. He looked at his class and no one respond. Half of the students were nodding off to sleep while the other half just gave him a blank expression. "Come on class. I know that it's early, but someone has to know the answer." He looked around and called someone out at random. "Mr. Boot would you answer the question."

Terry looked at his professor with his droopy eyes. He kept blinking as if trying to summon the answer. He soon gave up and rubbed his eyes. "I would like to sir, but I'm afraid my brain hasn't woken up yet."

The class began to laugh at Terry's remark. Maddox became angry and silence the class. "Now the sphinx is a demon, a guardian demon to some. The sphinx has a head of a man and the body of a lion. There are different types of sphinx depending on the country it's from. Now the sphinx loves to tell riddles. If you answer the riddle correctly the sphinx will let you pass, but if you don't the sphinx will kill you. But if you ever come across a sphinx the best way to survive is if you ask the riddle first, because then you will have the upper hand and the sphinx will let you pass weather the sphinx gets the answer right or wrong."

"What happens if you don't know any riddles?" asked Neville.

"You can always just make up one," said Maddox. "Or you can go with the most famous one: What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evenings."

"So what's the answer to that?" asked Neville.

"Does anyone have an idea?" asked the Professor.

Hermione's hand went up. "The answer is man, because man crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two during adulthood, and uses a cane as an old man."

"Very good Miss. Granger."

For the remaining class time, Maddox had the students come up with riddles. When class was over, the students grabbed their bags and headed off to their next class.

"Boy I've never felt this tired in my life," said Harry. "And what's worse is we have Professor Binns next. Talk about dulls-vill."

They began walking over to the second floor landing and began climbing up the stairs to the third floor. They ran into a bit of a jamb when students were trying to get to their other classes. With the third floor closed the stair cases were packed.

"This is ridiculous," said Ron. "We can't get to class."

"It's the professor's fault. They shouldn't scheduled all the classes to end at the same time," said Hermione.

"You know it would have been much easier if Professor Maddox would have just change his classroom from the third floor to the fourth. Then we could have used the wild boar passage to get to Binns' class," stated Harry.

They slowly began to move but soon stopped at the third floor. They tried to squeezed through, but was pushed back.

"We are going to be late and it's all because of this," said Hermione.

"Oh is the Mudblood worried in getting a tardy slip?" came an evil sinker.

They all turned around and saw Malfoy smiling at them.

"Shut up Malfoy or I'll . . ."

"Or you'll do what get your boyfriend to go after me? Well last I heard he was still in the hospital wing."

"Malfoy shut up," said Ron. They turned their backs on him and began trying to get up the stairs. "This is useless."

Malfoy just smiled at the trio as they tried and failed. It became very amusing that he was soon laughing. "You three are just pathetic."

Harry quit trying and turned around. "What are you doing here? Why aren't you going to class.?"

"Oh just need to go down a floor. It won't be too much of a hassle when I use the short-cut."

Harry realized on what short-cut he was talking about and wasn't surprised that Draco would break a rule or two. "You're going to use the short-cut that on this floor. The one next to the old Charms classroom?"


"Malfoy you know as much as anyone that the third floor is forbidden," said Hermione. "We cannot and should not wonder the halls in there. With no sunlight the vampire could get anyone, and beside Dumbledore closed the entrance."

"So he thought," smiled Draco. He went over to the door and turned the doorknob. The door swung wide open. The Trio looked in. A cold breeze came rushing out, that Hermione quickly grabbed the door and closed it.

"This is wrong. We can't go in there," said Hermione. "The vampire could be in there."

"Don't be such a scaredy-cat. There's no on in there," said Draco.

Ron's eyebrow went up and gave Draco a suspicious look. "You've been wondering the corridors on this floor haven’t' you? Even though, Dumbledore told us plain and clear why we shouldn't."

"Dumbledore also told us that the vampire is after a girl, and I'm not going to listen to an old man on where to go just to keep the girls safe."

"Well unlike you we actually want to keep everyone safe, including the boys," said Ron. He turned around and began trying to wedge his way through, but got pushed back.

"Well Weasel, I dare you to use the third floor," said Draco with an evil smile on his face.

"Not a chance."

"Just as I thought. You're just a big chicken."

Ron stopped for a moment. His fists were clenched and his face was bright red.

"Ron just forget it," said Harry. He placed a hand on Ron's shoulder hoping that it would calm him down.

Draco knew that he hit one of Ron's nerve and started to run with it. "Just as I thought, you're not really a weasel, you're just a big fat chicken." He then began to cluck. Ron began to get even madder. He pushed Harry's arm away and walked up to Draco.

"No one calls me a chicken, Malfoy," said Ron.

"Then prove that you're not."

"Ron, you don't have to prove anything, especially to Malfoy," said Harry.

Ron looked at Malfoy with a hard cold stare. He stared at him for about a minute or two and then he made up his mind. Ron walked over to the entrance door and opened it.

"Ron, don't do it. You could get killed," said Hermione.

Ron didn't listen to her and walked in. Harry and Hermione took on look at each other and went in after him. The hallway was pitch black. They couldn't even see the tip of their own nose.

"This floor looks so different when its dark," said Hermione. "It's very spooky."

"Come on we've got to find Ron," said Harry. They lit their wands using the Lumos Solem. "Ron, where are you?"

They walked quickly as they searched for their friend, but they were having a bit of a problem. It was hard for them to direct themselves in the dark, and they kept going in circles. Even the portraits didn't know which way was north or south. They soon heard some footsteps, but they were too light of a sound to be Ron's, but they took the chance and follow the sounds.

"Ron where are you?" cried Hermione. "Come out please where ever you are. This is getting to be ridiculous."

The footsteps were getting softer and soon they could hear nothing. They stopped and began looking around. With the bright light shining from their wands they couldn't see anyone.

"Ron," yelled Harry.

Soon they heard footsteps. They were loud and coming right at them. Harry held his wand at and soon he could make out an outline of someone. "Ron is that you?" There was no reply and they waited for the figure to come. As the figure came close to them they could tell that it was a guy and soon the hair was visible. The bright red hair made their fear melt away.

"Oh Ron I'm so glad to see you," said Harry. "Where were you?"

"I was trying to get to the portrait with the oak tree," said Ron, "but it's too confusing to tell which way it is."

Hermione went up to Ron and hit him on the head. "You stupid, why did you let Malfoy get to you? We could be out going to our class instead we're trap on the third floor with the possibility of being a meal."

"Hey I wasn't going to let him call me a chicken," said Ron, " and beside once we get to the oak tree portrait we will be on our way to class."

"So how are we going to find the portrait?" asked Hermione. "We've asked help from the surrounding portraits and they couldn't even help us find you."

"That's because I didn't light my wand," Ron said sheepishly.

Hermione wanted to sculled at Ron some more, but was stop by her own frustration.

"Okay lets calm down for a moment," said Harry. "Now the oak tree portrait is located by the old Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. All we need to know is to which way it is." They looked around at where they were and began to walk. Not long they found their old classroom and the oak tree was visable. They opened the portrait and walked through. They found themselves on the fifth floor and right next to Binns' classroom.

"Thank God we've made it in time," said Hermione." And Ron don't do that ever again."

"Don't worry I won't."

The day went by rather slowly with the short classes amd when it was dinner, the students weren't all that thrilled with the meal.

"Looks like we're having another meal with garlic," said Hermione. She swirled her spoon in her garlic stew. She was getting so tired of eating garlic that she only ate half of it.

"Come on, you're the one that says that it's smart that we're eating garlic," said Ron. "With all of this garlic breath no vampire will come near us."

"Ron, with your breath you don't need to worry," said Harry. "You can ward off all of the students." Harry took a smell at his friend and quickly backed off. "Good god Ron, I think you're sweating garlic. You stink."

"You must be smelling the garlic garland that I made in Herbology," replied Ron.

"Well I'm smelling something, and what ever it is it's strong."

"Come on I don't stink that bad," said Ron.

"As a friend I'm telling you, you do," said Harry. "What do you think Hermione?"

Hermione smiled at her friends and made no comment towards Ron stench and kept stirring her spoon.

"Hermione are you okay?" asked Ron.

"Oh I'm fine," she replied. "I'm . . . I'm just not in the mood to talk about your awful smell."

"See told you that you stink," said Harry.

"Okay fine I'll take off the garland, but I'm going to keep a clove in my pocket." Ron took the garland off and ripped off one clove and stuck it in his front pocket. "There do I smell better?"



Dinner was coming to an end and Hermione, Harry, and Ron left the Great Hall early. They were getting tired of the garlic dessert that they went to the kitchen to see if they could find any real desserts. They spend about thirty minutes trying all of the puddings and cakes and when they finished they began heading back for their Common Room. They were on there way up the stairs when Professor McGonagall stepped out of her office and stopped them.

"Miss. Granger, can I have a word with you?" said the professor. Hermione walked over to her thinking that it was something awful. "I have some news for you about Mr. Galahad."

Hermione let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "How is Donny? He's been in the hospital wing for two weeks and I wasn't allowed to see him."

"I know, but I just went over to see him and Madam Pomfrey told me that he's allowed visitors."

Hermione smile went even wider and began hurrying over to the hospital wing. When she reached the doors, she began fixing her hair a bit and striating her clothes out. Harry and Ron finally caught up with her. They were breathing very hard, and Ron was about to collapsed.

"Good god Hermione, I never knew you could run like that," said Ron.

"I'm just excited that's all," she replied. "Are you guys going to join me?"

Harry and Ron both said no and told her that they would be waiting out by the door. When she was presentable, she slowly opened the door. She saw Madam Pomfrey standing next to Donny. She was handing him a red drink. He drank it down without any trouble and handed her the empty glass. When Madam Pomfrey headed towards her office, Hermione slowly entered the room. She saw Donny laying on the bed with his eyes closed. She was about to sit down next to the bed when Donny suddenly startled her.

"Hello Hermione."

Hermione looked at Donny's face and his eyes were still closed.

"How did you know that it was me?" she asked. She sat down and looked at his face. He was still pale, but looked much healthier.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. "I just knew."

“How are you feeling?” asked Hermione.

“I’m good, still a little weak,” answered Donny.

Hermione grabbed his hand a held it tight.

“Donny what’s wrong with you?” asked Hermione.

He gave one look at Hermione and then looked the other way.

“Please tell me,” she plead.

“It’s complicated.”

“Well I’ve been doing some reading in the library and think I know what’s wrong,” she said.

“You—you do?” Donny quickly turned his head towards her. His eyes were widening with fear.

“Yes. Ron told me; well in a way. Do you have an eating disorder?” The grip that she had on Donny’s hand tightens.

A sigh of relief came from Donny and he smiled. “No I don’t have an eating disorder. What on earth gave you the idea?”

“Ron mentioned your lack of eating and I’ve notice that you didn’t eat anything after the attack. Are you anorexic?”

“Hermione trust me I’m not. I’m a healthy person . . . well once I get better I will,” said Donny. “Also you’ve seen me eating in the Great Hall.”

“Of course we always eat together, but I’m still worried. Why did you stop eating during the lock down?”

“I’m sorry to worry you, and I can’t explain to you right now, but I can tell you that I wasn’t in the mood to eat.”

Hermione smiled and let go from Donny’s hand and reached towards her bag. She pulled out a thermos.

“Before coming here I was in the kitchen. Dobby gave my a thermos of soup and now that I'm here I wonder if you might want it." She opened the lid and steam was coming out.

“Uh Hermione . . . I shouldn’t be having soup. My stomach uh . . . is . . . uh still very weak. I need to stick with the diet that Madam Pomfrey has uh . . . made for me,” said Donny.

"But it's you favorite: tomato soup and I bet that you are getting tired of eatting hospital food." And began pouring the soup.

"That's very kind of you but . . ." He was sitting up now with his back to the bed post.

"Come on Donny this will help you get strong and put some color back into your face." Hermione scooped some with a spoon and slowly brought it up to Donny's mouth. She was about to feed him until Madam Pomfrey entered the room screaming.

" Miss. Granger, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Hermione sat the spoon down and looked at Madam Pomfrey.

"I was just going to feed Donny some soup," she answered.

"I think not." Madam Pomfrey went over to Hermione and grabbed the thermos. "Donny is still weak. I have a diet planed out for him and if he strays off from it he will only get sicker." She got rid of the soup and handed Donny a large glass full of a red liquid.

"What kind of drink is that?" asked Hermione.

"Its a smoothie; an old recipe that's been handed down to treat someone like Donny. It's high in nutrients and protein," said Madam Pomfrey.

Donny smiled at Madam Pomfrey and slow drank the drink. He only drank half and sat the glass down on the bed-side table. He then motion to Madam Pomfrey to let them be alone and soon she began leaving the room. Once she was out of sight, Hermione got on the bed and laid next to Donny wrapping her arms around him.

"I've missed you so much," said Hermione. "We've had our Harvest banquet last week and it wasn't special because you weren't there."

"I'm sorry and I've missed you too." He moved her hair from her face and kissed her on the lips. "Madam Pomfrey says that if I improve I can leave by Friday."

"Well that's good," said Hermione. "I don't think I could spend the Christmas Holiday without you." They laid there in that hospital bed just enjoying each other company for the rest of Hermione's visit.

"I wish I can stay here with you forever," said Hermione. "I feel so much safer with you."

"I bet you do," replied Donny. He got a glance at a clock. It was a thirty minutes till five. He sighed as he looked at her. "I'm sorry to bring this all to an end but it's getting close to five' o clock."

"No I don't want to go," said Hermione. She placed her head on his chest and hugged him even tighter. "Do you think Dumbledore would let me stay here for the night?"

Donny smiled and began stroking her hair. "As much as I like the idea I think it's best for you to be in the safety of your common room."

"Oh all right," said Hermione. She sat up and gave him a long good bye kiss. "I'll be back tomorrow after lunch."

Donny smiled and watched her leave. Once she was out of sight, Donny picked up his glass and began finishing his drink.

"Donny, wouldn't Miss. Granger be safer here with you than in Gryffindor Tower?" Madam Pomfrey couldn't help but to eavesdrop on their conversation. She went over to him and grabbed the empty glass.

"You might thing so, but no. Gryffindor Tower is the safest place in Hogwarts for her," said Donny.


As Hermione, Harry and Ron were passing the third floor, she notice that Hannah, Susan, and Justin was walking down the stairs.

"Hi Hermione. How's Donny," said Hannah.

Hermione stopped walking and answered her. "He's doing just fine. He might be able to leave on Friday."

"That's good news," said Susan. "Do you know what was wrong with him and why he collapsed?"

"He wouldn't tell me, but I'm thinking that he's anorexic."

The three Hufflepuffs all gasped and looked at each other.

"What ever gave you the idea?" asked Hannah.

"He's eating habits are very poor, and when he collapsed I believe it was due to starvation," replied Hermione.

"But Donny doesn't look like he's suffering from being a victim of anorexia ," commented Justine. "He looks really healthy. If he was truly not eating he would be very boney, which he's not. He has a normal muscle mass and he's very strong."

"I know, but it worries me that he doesn't eat," said Hermione.

"Well everyone is different. Some people doesn't need to eat that much to get full, while others need to eat a lot. Doesn't Ron eat like a pig?" stated Susan. She gave a look at Ron and his cheeks went bright red. Hermione nodded at her. "And look at how skinny he is. Hermione if this is worrying you so much you should talk to him."

"I have talk to him, but there is something he's not telling me," said Hermione. "I wish he would."

"Well boys have their reasons for being stubborn isn't that right Justin?" asked Susan.

"Yep. Trust me Hermione, Donny is being like every guy. It's normal for guys to keep secrets and we are the best in keeping our secrets," said Justin with a smile.

"That's not true," laughed Susan.

"Of course it is. When a girl has a secret they quickly go tell their best friends. Soon the friends will tell their friends and soon the secret will be all over the school and it won't be a secret any more."

"Okay you have a point."

"Hermione if Donny is keeping a secret from you, you can't force it out of him. When he's ready for you to know, he will tell you," said Justin.

"Thanks for the advice," smiled Hermione.

They continued walking to their common room, but without their knowledge a pair of red eyes were watching them from the shadows of the third floor.

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