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Katie got off as the train station with Remus. They turned around the corner and there was her family, her mother, Katherine, her father Kyle, and her little sister Kari. “Mom, Dad!” Katie shouted and ran to her family, leaving Remus to carry her trunk, plus his. “Hi honey, how was your train ride?” Mrs Weasley asked her daughter. “It was good, but long.” Katie said, hugging her sister. “So Kari, ready to start school this fall?” Katie asked her sister. “Yeah I am, I’m going to go to Hogwarts like you.” Kari said happily. Katie laughed at her sister.

The happy family and Remus left for the Weasley home. When Katie walked through the door there was an owl sitting on the rail of the staircase. The letter was from Evan. Katie opened the letter and read it to herself.

Dear Katie,
I am so sorry about Ginger. I hope I could come over one weekend. Talk to you later.
Love Evan P.S. I miss her lots too.

Katie went up to her room and unpacked. But when she walked into her room, she noticed there were bunkbeds. She knew right away that he little sister moved into her room because of the baby that’s on the way. Katie went back down stairs, and heard that Remus was telling her parents about the attack.


Later that night there was a knock on the door. Katie ran down stairs and opened the door. There standing on her doorstep was Harry Potter.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” Katie said shocked by him showing up.

“Hi to you too. Dumbledore sent me home too, so I decided just to come here instead.” Harry told her.

“I’m glad you did. Come in, I’ll take your trunk.” Katie told him. Harry nodded.

Harry walked in, took his shoes and coat off and sat on the couch. Mrs Weasley came half way down the stairs and said, “Who is it Katie?”

“It’s my friend Harry Potter, he came to stay here until summer if that’s all right.” Katie explained.

“Yeah, its all right Katie, I’ll go make the bed up downstairs.” Katherine said. Katie nodded.

“Have you eaten or are you hungry?” Katie asked.

“I’m a little hungry.” Harry said.

“I’ll make you a sandwich.” Katie told him. Harry nodded.

Katie hand Harry the sandwich. Harry took the sandwich, and wolfed it down.

“Hello Harry.” Remus said to Harry.

“Professor Lupin, what are you doing here?” Harry asked.

“I’m Katie’s bodyguard.” He told Harry. Harry nodded.

They talked for a while, then Remus said, “Well we should all go to bed.” Katie and Harry nodded in agreement.

“Harry, I’ll show you to your room downstairs.” Katie said to Harry.

“Ok.” Harry agreed.


Katie awoke late morning, when she went down stairs; everyone was crowded around the table. Eating chocolate chip pancakes, Katie’s favorite.

“Good morning sunshine.” Katie’s father said to her.

“Morning everyone.” Katie replied.

“Guess what?” Kari asked Katie.

“What?” Katie asked back.

“Michael is coming over.” Kari said to Katie.

“Great, when?” Katie asked her parents.

“This afternoon.” They replied. Katie nodded.

“Who’s Michael?” Harry asked.

“My older brother. He’s on the order.” Katie told him.

“Oh, ok.” Harry said.

Then there was a knock on the door. “I thought you said he was coming this afternoon.” Katie said running to the door. She opened the door, and standing at the door was Michael. Michael is tall; he had red shaggy hair and light blue eyes. “Hey kiddo.” Michael said to Katie. “Michael!” Katie screamed and hugged her brother. After hugging her brother, Katie went back to eat her pancakes. Michael saw Harry and said, “You much be Harry Potter, I’m Michael Weasley, nice to meet you.” Michael held out his hand. Harry took his hand, and shook it. “Nice to meet you too.” Harry said quietly. “Hi Mom, dad, Katie, and Remus.” Michael greeted them also. “So what are you doing here?” Katie asked. “Well to see you, and take mum to see the doctor, because dad has to go to work.” Michael explained. “Oh ok.” Katie said. “Katie could I talk to you upstairs?” Michael asked, Katie nodded in approval. They climbed the stairs, and went to Katie and Kari’s room. “What is it?” Katie asked once they were in the room. “You have to be careful.” Michael started. “Great, now I’m getting a talk about this again.” Katie said. “Well, you and Harry are teenagers, who have…” “Wait, you think Harry and I are a couple?” Katie said again, and began to laugh. “Well aren’t you?” Michael asked. “No…we are just friend.” Katie told her brother. “Oh…ok. But who is you’re boyfriend?” he asked. “Draco Malfoy.” Katie told him. “Draco Malfoy…that’s surprising.” Michael said, Katie smiled and blushed. Then they both went downstairs.

“Mum can I come with you to the doctor’s office?” Katie asked.

“Sure, but who is going to watch you’re sister?” Katherine asked.

“I’ll stay and watch her Mrs Weasley.” Harry offered.

“Oh, thank you dear.” Mrs Weasley said. “Go get ready then, Katie.”


They arrived at the doctor’s office and sat in the waiting room. “Katherine Weasley.” The nurse called. Katherine, Katie and Michael entered the room. Mrs Weasley laid down on the bed. “Ready to see your baby, Mrs Weasley?” the doctor asked. “Yes.” Katherine said. The doctor rolled the little think on Mrs Weasley’s growing belly. The doctor pointed at the screen. “There’s one baby.” He said. “Do you mean there are two?” Katie asked the doctor. “Yes there are two.” The doctor said smiling. Mrs Weasley looked at the screen and smiled. “Would you like to know the gender?” The doctor asked. “Yes.” They all said. “They are two girls.” The doctor said. Katie smiled.

On the way home Katie asked. “Do you have name picked out?”

“Yeah I do, Elizabeth and Katelyn.” Mrs Weasley said.

“Oh those are nice, they are Ginger and Paige Potter’s middle names.” Katie told her Mum.

“Really, hmm that’s interesting.” Mrs Weasley said. Katie nodded and didn’t talk until she got back home.

When they arrived home, Katie saw Harry and sat beside him. Katie’s Mum came in and went to her room to have a nap. “Are you leaving?” Katie asked her brother.

“Yeah, I work this afternoon. See ya kiddo, nice meeting you Harry.” Michael left.

Harry asked, “What’s wrong? I can see the gears grinding in your head.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking….” Katie started.

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