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The hollow look in his own eyes scared Scorpius. He held his broom and watched himself walk out of the common room. Turning to follow, he heard Sharpe call his name from the doorway. He turned to the black boy standing just outside the door to their room.

“What did you say to her?” Sharpe turned from looking at the wall.

“You mean him don’t you?” Scor marched across the room and grabbed Zabini by the front of his robes.

“Tell me what you said to her!”

“Whoa, Lily calm down!” A pop echoed through the room and Sharpe’s eyebrows shot up as Scorpius felt himself grow taller and his hair shrink back into his head.


“Just tell me what you said.” Sharpe looked at him in awe.

“I was just talking about Rose, and telling you…her that I was going to give Rose a note.”

“A note?”

“Yeah, to tell her I like her.” Scorpius pushed the broom into Sharpe’s hand and headed off after Lily. The pendant bounced on his chest as he made his way down the hall. He knew Lily had taken the news badly. He had hoped that maybe her feelings for Sharpe were waning a bit, but the look on her face as she left said it all, but was that truly the problem? Each time he had seen her (himself) today, she had seemed more depressed. He had thought it was just the change in facial features at first, but by lunch the change was noticeable not only in her expression but also in her speech. He needed to get the pendant back to her.

He looked all around the castle wondering where she had gone to hide. As he headed down the staircase to the entrance hall he passed Hugo.

“Hey, Weasley, have you seen Lily?”

“No. Have you checked that attic room?”

“Attic room?”

“Yeah, the one she studies in at the end of the History of Magic corridor.”

“No, I’ll go check there now, thanks.”

He headed back up the stairs and hurried down the hall to the dark corridor. The narrow stair gave him chills as he climbed, finally reaching the landing. He pushed the door open and muttered “lumos”.

A pale figure passed through a moth eaten cloth at the back of the room. No one needed to tell him who it was. His grandfather had described the terror that was Lord Voldemort in great detail. This was a figure from his childhood nightmares.

“Where is she?”

“Well, well, well…not who I was expecting to come to the rescue of the Littlest Potter. Another little Draco, is it?”


“Probably visiting the mermaids by now. You’re too late little Malfoy,” but Scorpius wasn’t listening. He ran as fast as he could down the hall. The halls seemed to stretch ahead endlessly. His heart raced frantically. She’s alright. She can’t be dead. Students headed to dinner raised their eyebrows as he passed. He saw Hugo walking ahead of him with some friends.

“Hugo! Get Potter…Lily’s in trouble!”


“Just do it! The lake!” and he pushed past him and ran to the doors. He didn’t stop running until he had reached the lake where he splashed through the icy water until it reached his waste and then dove down holding his wand, still lit, in front of him. Further and further down into the murky silence he swam feeling the pressure increase. The cold water made his limbs feel like they were on fire. He pushed aside some stringy water plants and saw her red hair swaying all around her. A grindylow held fast to her ankle. He wrenched the creature’s hand away, easily breaking its brittle fingers. He wrapped his arm around Lily’s waist and kicked toward the surface, digging his way through the water toward life. He felt the grindylow trying to grab his ankle, but he kicked hard and hit the water demon in the face. Kicking frantically, he made his way slowly to the fresh air above. His chest ached, his arms and legs screamed out in pain, but Scorpius fought his way to freedom dragging Lily’s leaden weight with him.

He felt the pressure lessen, saw the darkness dissolve, and with a gasp he broke the surface of the water coughing and spluttering. He pulled Lily behind him as he made his way to the shore drinking in mouthfuls of air. Wrapping both arms around her waist he pulled her through the shallow water, her arms and head hanging limp. As he pushed against her stomach to get a better grip, she retched and began coughing. He collapsed in the muddy water at the edge of the grass and pulled her to his chest, tears streaming down his face. She continued to cough and spit out water all over his robes, but he didn’t care.

He heard the sound of hurried footsteps and saw James and Albus followed closely by Rose and Hugo.

“Lily!” James fell to his knees beside them. “Here, let me take her Scor. We have to get her to the hospital wing.” Scor allowed James to lift Lily and carry her off, Rose walking beside them. Al and Hugo pulled him to his feet and pulled his arms around their shoulders, following James.

“I have to see the Headmistress.” Scor choked out.

“You need the hospital wing.”

“His ghost…Voldemort’s ghost…it’s here. He tried to kill Lily!”

“What!” They dropped his arms and he trudged off toward the castle both boys following. They neared the statue of the gargoyle and saw Headmistress Lovegood just coming out of her office. She looked around and smiled.

“Good evening boys. Been for a swim I see, nice night for it.” Her voice sounded faraway and dreamy.

“No, Headmistress, Lily Potter’s been hurt.” He tried to still his shivers.


“Yes, Voldemort’s ghost is here. He did something to her.”


“Can you contact her father?”

Without another word, she pulled out her wand and waved it in the air. A silver hare flew out of the tip and hopped off down the hall. “Let’s go to the hospital wing.”

When they arrived, Lily was lying in a bed at the end of the wing surrounded by a sea of red and black hair. Albus and Hugo joined them, but Scor stood off to the side listening to the Headmistress speak to Madam Abbott.

“How is she Hannah?”

“Well, she swallowed quite a bit of the lake, but I think she’ll be fine once I can get this sleeping potion into her.”

“I’ve sent for Harry.”

“Good. She’s been muttering something about Tom and says she has to meet him.”

Scor walked over to the bed, his clothes still clinging to him. He lifted the pendant over his head. As he came closer, James and Hugo moved to give him room. Her eyes were wide as she looked around at her cousins and brothers. Finally, they rested on him.

“Scor! Help me Scor!”

He bent over and slipped the golden chain around her neck. The opal rested against her chest and it seemed to glow. She relaxed immediately reaching for his hand. Holding it in between hers, she turned on her side and closed her eyes exhaling deeply.

He felt James pat his shoulder.

“Thanks, mate,” he whispered. Scor nodded in response.


“Lily!” Scor turned to see Mr. and Mrs. Potter hurrying over to them. He let go of Lily’s hand and moved aside to give them room. Ginny leaned over and kissed Lily’s brow stroking her hair soothingly while Harry took the hand Scor had relinquished.

“Mr. Potter?” Harry turned. “Um…can I have a word?”

“Sure.” They walked off a short distance.

“Voldemort is here in the castle.”


“Well, his ghost anyway. I think he did something to Lily.”

“She was visiting him,” Hugo said from behind Harry. “I saw her going to that attic after History of Magic.”

“And she just seemed so…unhappy, except when she wore that pendant I bought her.”

“You bought her that?”

“Yes, sir. It’s a patronus pendant.” Harry smiled and rested his hand on Scor’s shoulder.

“Well, let’s find out what this is all about. Show me this room.”

Scorpius led Harry out of the hospital wing and down the corridor. They made their way past the History of Magic classroom and down the hall to the stair.

“I hear I owe you a thanks for saving my daughter’s life.”

“I couldn’t just let her die.” Scor said, heat rising to his cheeks. Harry smiled.

“Reminds me of someone.”

They climbed the staircase and Harry pushed the door open lighting his wand. The ghost hovered in the middle of the room as though he expected them.

“Harry Potter. My you’ve grown. Have you come to avenge your daughter’s death? Ah, but what vengeance can be had upon the dead.” His cruel laugh chilled the air.

“You never do learn do you Tom. Even death hasn’t given you a clue.”

“But my death has not lessened my influence. I always had a way with naïve little girls. You cannot imagine how easy it was to convince your daughter she was better of dead, like me. So easy to fill her heart with despair.”

Scor clenched his fists and moved forward, but Harry held him back.

“As usual, you refuse to respect the power of love.”

“Love! Your love cannot bring her back, Potter.”

“No, but this boy’s love kept her from dying in the first place.”


“That’s right. My daughter is safe in the hospital wing because this boy risked his life to save her.” The ghost glared at Scor, and he felt anger welling up inside him.

“Malfoy? You think Malfoy loves your daughter? Malfoy’s do not love.”

“That shows what you know! My Grandmum lied to you because she loved my father! She did everything she could to save him from you! Just like I’ll do whatever it takes to save Lily from you! You monster!” Harry held Scorpius back with his arm.

“That’s right Voldemort, once again you are bested by the ancient magic, and you won’t hurt my daughter or anyone else again,” and raising his wand, Harry yelled, “Depello!” and the ghost vanished. Scor stared at the place where it had been.

“What did you do to him?”

“Banished him from the castle. He’ll have to find somewhere else to haunt.”

“Isn’t that bad?”

“Not really. Most of the places Voldemort held dear were very secluded and hard to reach. He won’t be much harm there.”


Harry turned and walked back down the staircase, Scor following close behind.

“So you fancy Lily?” Scor felt his cheeks burn. Harry laughed. “Well, don’t get any ideas right away. She’s way too young for a boyfriend right now.”

“Yes, sir.” Harry put his arm around Scor’s shoulder and then pulled it away again immediately the sleeve of his robe damp.

“I think you might need to change clothes.” They both laughed.

A/N: I hope you liked it. I got the idea for banishing Voldemort from book four where Myrtle tells Harry that Olive Hornsby went to the ministry to keep Myrtle from haunting her. Once again reviews are appreciated.

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