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Harry had not slept well that night. His scar had been burning and he knew something was very wrong.

While he lay flat on his back in the quiet of the empty house, he heard a dull scream. Jolting up in his bed, he whispered, "No." and ran to his window.

Not a light was on in the house next door, but dark figures were found next to the blue front door.

His heart leap in his chest and his feet carried him closer to her.



She had had a nightmare, a terror she thought would never end until the moment she woke. Emma sat up in her bed, tears streaming down her lovely face. She wiped them hastily away and was alarmed when a loud pound came from outside. With a fast jerk of her head, towards her bedroom door, she stood. She lead to the first floor, her throat swelling.

"H-hello?" Emma stuttered nervously in the dark.

Jumping at the sound of another pound outside, she ran.

The door caved in.

Emma's breathing became unsteady and quick. Her mind was flying with thoughts, thoughts of what would happen to her, if anyone would come for her.

Heavy footsteps drew near. She looked to both sides of her and knew she was trapped.

"Emma Cooper?" A voice haunted her ears. The voice then lowered. "Go upstairs, I'll search here."

Backing up, she hit the wall.

Finally her enemy came into view. "Hello."

"What do you want?" Her chest fell up and down hurriedly as she gasped for breath.

"You know it really is a shame we have to kill you," He walked closer, his black eyes following the line of her body. Then, raised his rough and clammy hand to her cheek and attempted to trace her jaw line. "after all you are exceptionally beautiful."

"Don't touch me!" She demanded, pushing his hand off.

"You know Emma, no one is here to save you. There's no one coming." He spat. "Give me any fight and your death will only hurt more."

Her eyes widened in fright and slowly tears fell down her pale face.

"Goyle!" The man barked and not a second later footsteps came pounding down the stairs.

"Oh, I see you've got her."

Suddenly another voice shouted. "Let her go!"

Everyone's eyes darted across the room to - Harry.

Emma took a shaky breath. "Get out of here!" she screamed. His heroics would only get him killed.

Harry shook his head. "I'll say it one more time, let her go."

"Potter." The man growled. "Goyle take care of him, and I'll finish her." He turned and looked her square in the eyes while she felt pressure on her neck.

This was it. This was the end.

Emma closed her eyes and waited for her fait. She heard shouts and then a silence. The grip on her arm loosened.


She was shoved against the wall harder and let go. A pain in the back of her head made her grip it. She moaned and saw through her blurry eyesight, a struggle.

"Impedimenta!" Harry bellowed as he pointed a strange object at the intruder. A bolt of light flashed and hit him straight in the chest, sending him straight into a wall. The boy then made his way to her.

Emma's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she shook her head as he kneeled down to her. "But,"

He interrupted, "Get yourself out of here."

"Harry, I -"

He took his hand in her own and helped her up. "You must leave."

"Can't you come with?"

"No. Now go."

For one moment she hesitated and left with a guilt in her heart.

His eyes followed her too long. Harry yelped in pain as a curse hit him from behind. Blood flowed from his body as he knelled down. He looked up to see the Death Eater smile menacingly. Harry's chest filled with hate and with one last ounce of energy, he spat a spell.

The Dark Lords follower shouted, hit a wall hard, and crumpled to the floor; dead.

Harry could feel all blood rushing out of his body as he looked away. Trying to cover up his wound with his hands, he fell weak gasping in pain. He collapsed to the floor on the broken glass.

Life was draining from him and his brilliant green eyes drowned in darkness as he became numb.

He waited for someone, anyone to help him.

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