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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. I only own Izzie and Nellie.

Authors Note: I actually finished this on Sunday, but I had to go over it, plus, I wanted to begin working on Twelve before Eleven is released. It’s gone through quite a lot of changes, I actually took a big scene out and placed it in the next chapter. I need to work up to those Christmas Chapters. I might just make it.

Haha, Did you like the cliffy?

Thank you all so much for your tremendous support, It all means a lot to me and I love hearing from you guys.

If you spot any typos, please pick them out and tell me. Thank you. I have a tendency to miss some of them.

As always comments and opinions are welcomed.

Beautiful chapter image by laylacitababy@Tda

“I’ve messed up quite a bit tonight, so I might as well trash something else.” - Sirius Black

Chapter Eleven
Hypocrites, Break-ups, Firewhiskey’s and Me

Sirius glared at me and I felt my heart sink for a moment.

This looks so wrong.

I pulled away from Regulus quickly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Regulus frown but I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

Now it looks a little less dodgy.

Sirius looked at me, I looked at Regulus, he then looked at Sirius. What a nice triangle. Time seemed to tick by slowly as we said nothing. I was unsure of what to say and I bet Regulus is waiting for me to come up with all the ideas. I looked at Regulus, he shrugged; I moved a little away from him.

“Well?” Sirius said impatiently. “I haven’t got all the time in the world you know.”

I guess it was going to be me answering him then.

“Um, It’s not what it seems?” I began, Regulus looked at me for a moment, before rolling his eyes and looking away.

“Oh really?” Sirius sarcastic tone was evident. “What was it then? Did you get something in your eye?”

That could work.

“Yeah! I did.” I started rapidly blinking for effect.

Sirius rolled his eyes as Regulus let out a little chuckle.

“You’re hilarious Nellie.” Sarcasm was dripping from each word. I don’t know why he’s being sarcastic! I am funny. In that, you are such a fool funny or I’d so hate to be you funny.

“I know.” I grinned, but this only seemed to make Sirius more angry. So much for lightening the mood.

“You still haven’t answered my questions.”

“We’re dating. So what?” Regulus coldly answered, shrugging.

What a liar! We are so not dating. How are Regulus use me as a ploy to make Sirius angry. I could of stamped on Regulus foot right there and then, but I didn’t, I manage to stop the urge.

Sirius raised his eyebrow, “Really? Is that true O’Neill?”

He called me by my last name. Now that is strange and quite hurtful.

“No.” I responded, sending a sharp glare to Regulus, “We were dating…but not anymore.”

Sirius looked at me. He seemed to not believe in my words. He looked at Regulus and then at me again. He shook his head. “Whatever.” He shrugged, “I didn’t know she was your type Regulus. Mother and father would never accept it.” He smirked.

I felt the tears stinging my eyes but I was forced to blink them back. Why was he being horrible?

“What do you mean?” Regulus asked, I had to turn away from it all for a moment.

“She’s not Pureblood.”

Sirius knows?

“It’s over now anyway.” I mumbled, swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat.

“I didn’t think he was your type either O’Neill.”

“It just sort of happened,” I looked at the floor, I could bare to look at Sirius or Regulus at the moment.

“Suppose it did.” Sirius gave a little tut, “I wonder what Mother and Father will do if they find out…”

“NO” Regulus yelled, “You cannot tell them.”

“I can.” Sirius said all innocently, “It might just slip out one day…”

“If you hate me, fine, just don’t include Nellie into this.” Regulus growled.

“Why not?” Regulus didn’t say anything, “Oh Merlin, don’t tell me you love her!” Sirius began laughing.

Was loving me that funny?

“Little Regulus is in love!” Sirius let out another chuckle, “Who can believe it! And out of all with people he could of chosen,” Sirius paused and pointed at me, “He chose you.”

I couldn’t help it, I was crying.

I didn’t know Sirius Black could be so cruel.

“Look what you’ve done!” Regulus snapped, looking at me. He tried to comfort me but I shrugged him off.

For a moment, I was sure Sirius felt remorse,. because at the end of the day, he was human and he had concience but he didn’t show it. “Crying because you’re game is spoiled?” Sirius took in a deep breath, “I’ve had enough. I was obviously interrupting something, so I better go to let you two get on with things.” Sirius sent a glare at both at us before walking out, slamming the door behind him.

“No wait Sirius!” I called as I jumped off the table, didn’t land right and fell on the floor. My attempts are pretty pathetic huh? He probably didn’t even hear me and I’m lying on this floor and it’s cold.

I bit back the tears that were threatening to fall again.

If life was like a fairytale, he’d be in here within a second and be like ‘what Nellie?’ and I’d go and explain everything and we would be okay again. He’d be sorry for all of the nasty things he said.

You might be wondering why I care so much that Sirius is mad at me? Well, I care too much when anybody is mad at me. In the past, I’ve had arguments, then apologized so everything would be okay again, when most of the times it wasn’t even my fault. I am a pushover after all. I like peace, I don’t thrive off arguments, they don’t give me my sunshine!

Throughout my life, before Regulus, I barely argued with people, except Izzie, but like I said before, I can’t stay mad at the girl and they were only little tiffs that lasted for a couple of minutes. When Regulus came into my life, I argued with him quite frequently and it’s because of him, that arguments are happening in my life again.

I really do hate arguments.

“Why did you say it’s not what it seems? It was exactly how it seemed.” Regulus asked looking at me. I knew he was trying to remain calm but he was failing miserably.

How lucky am I?

Two arguments in the space of five minutes.

“No Regulus. You were about to kiss me and I was about to pull away.” I reasoned, It wasn’t really a lie, It what my noggin would have wanted to happen but I’m not too sure it would of actually happened that way.

Still though, lets pretend for a little while that it would.

Regulus turned away from me. “You’re lying.”

“Perhaps but you and I both know, I would have pushed you away eventually…” I sighed, which is a bit weird when you’re lying on your stomach.

This floor smells like wood. Probably because it is, but when we had a dog, Effie, our wooden floor used to smell just like her. Probably because once she found a comfy spot, she wouldn’t move and just sleep for hours! Effie was quite lazy. Old and lazy, she was my dads dog, that’s why she’s got such a normal name, well, a name that doesn’t go on for decades anyway. She died when I was seven.

Regulus didn’t say anything, so I continued talking. “Then you would have gotten the speech. Let’s be serious Regulus,” I sat up, “You’re putting your life in danger and I push you away because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the sensible thing to do.”

“You’ve never been sensible.”

“I know I haven’t, but it’s not all about being sensible, because our relationship was flawed like nothing I’ve ever known. It wasn’t healthy and eventually, It would have made us both obese.”

Regulus burst out laughing, “I was getting scared there for a moment. Thought you might have matured.”

“Me and maturity should never go In the same sentence.” I laughed.

Me go mature? I’d rather give up biscuits!

“Of course. How could I even suggest that? How preposterous!” Regulus let out a small chuckle. “Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’ve got Quidditch practice.”

“You need it.” I stuck my tongue at him.

Regulus rolled his eyes before picking up his bag and swinging it over his shoulder. “Haha, very funny Nellie.” He said no more but walked out of the room.

I was left alone, sitting on the floor for a moment, before I heard Izzie’s voice. “Nellie? You here? You’ve been an hour now!” Izzie walked into the room, “Why are you sitting on the floor?” She raised an eyebrow as she closed the door behind her and looked around, “And what the hell happened here?” She pointed to the smashed up tables.

“Izzie, It’s a very long story.” I sighed.

Izzie rolled her eyes, “I never got why people said that, the person asking still wants to know what happened.” She sat on the desk, “Get up off the floor Nellie, It’s dirty and you look like you belong there.” She looked at me, “I’ve just noticed that you’re soaking wet. Why? Do we have to go through the lesson that baths should not be taken in the middle of classrooms?”

I rubbed my forehead, “Izzie you ask too many questions and it’s beginning to hurt my brain.”

“Least it proves there must be something there. You need to have a brain for it to hurt.”

“Haha. Very funny Isabel.”

“I know, I’m a comedy genius. Nellie! Get up from the damn floor!” She gave a little tut, “You’ll be covered in floor germs!” Izzie shuddered, “Germs from shoes, which have feet in them, which have toes on the end of them! Ewwww.”

I shook my head as I got up, Izzie and germs don’t mix. I sat next to her.

“You’re all dusty.” Izzie made a disgusted face.

“Watch your mouth or I’ll spread the germs.” I said hovering my hand above her shoulder, Izzie shuddered. “Exactly.”

Izzie rolled her eyes, “You going to tell me what happened or not? The suspense is killing me.”

I didn’t say anything.


“What? I was just seeing if it was actually going to murder you and it didn’t. I’ve concluded that you were lying Isabel.”

“Nellie, It’s a saying.”

“Oh.” I didn’t know that, no wonder it doesn’t make sense, “Well…it’s a stupid saying never less.”

“Just get on with it!” Izzie growled.

“Well,” I began, “It started off with a girl called Nellie. She had nice knees, cool eyebrows and hair that resembled a cave woman. One day, Nellie had been a little clumsy and dropped all her stuff, by the time she picked it all up again, everyone was gone. Nellie believed her classmates had been swallowed by an giant, evil centipede that was on the loose, but that my dear, is another story."

Izzie rolled her eyes, “Get to the point?”

“No. You need the background story first.”

“I’m your best friend. I’ve known you since you were eleven. That’s enough background.”

I chose to ignore her comment, “Nellie was about to get from underneath the desk when two boys walked in, arguing…did you know the room is soundproofed?”

“Really? Wow, that is so like amazing!” Izzie squealed like she cared in a loud high pitched voice, which is totally unlike her as she doesn’t care about stupid things like that. “It’s a pity I don’t care.” Ah, there she is, Izzie is back.

“Anyway, Nellie recognised these voices as her old flame Regulus Black and her friend Sirius Black. Nellie just watched them, they didn’t know she was there, they argued about family, blood and all the rest of that crap. Then the fight got a little scary! Sirius and Regulus were hexing each other before Nellie came and saved the day!” Izzie snorted, “She went Accio and their wands came to her but Nellie got a little mixed up about which one belonged to each of them. She made a flock of pigeons with Regulus wand, then she gave her and Regulus a little shower with Sirius wand by accident. Regulus got huffy and walked out.”


“Then, Sirius talked to Nellie about how he felt because Regulus told Sirius he hated him and Sirius found out that Regulus was a Death Eater. Sirius and Nellie talked, Nellie cheered Sirius up, Sirius said he liked Nellie and Nellie said she liked Sirius too and was glad they became friends. Sirius left soon after. Then Regulus came back.” I took a deep breath in, It was quite a long story, “Regulus was about to kiss Nellie,” Izzie pulled a disapproving face, “When Sirius walked in,”

Izzie’s eyes went wide, “So he knows?” I nodded. “Wow. Carry on.”

“Sirius was like, what is going on! Regulus answered that he and Nellie were dating. Sirius asked Nellie if it was true, Nellie replied no but they used to date. Sirius said some very nasty things and made Nellie cry. Sirius mocked Regulus for being in love with Nellie, then Sirius was like whatever, I’m going. So he left. Regulus then said why did I say nothing was going on, when it clearly was and Nellie told Regulus how she would have pulled away. Regulus and Nellie talked before Regulus left leaving Nellie on the floor. Then Isabel walked in looking for Nellie, she is-”

“Okay, I got it.”

“So yeah, that’s the story Izzie. It was horrible, they were shouting at each other…saying the most horrible things.” I sighed, “And when Sirius found us…I can’t explain it Izzie, but I felt ashamed . When he started saying all those nasty things…I didn’t realize he could be so cruel.” I placed my head on her shoulder, “It has really upset me.”

“I can tell.” Izzie paused for a moment, “Tell you what, lets go out for a drink.”

“Izzie I don’t feel up to it-”

“Then it’s settled we’re off for a drink!” She pulled me off the desk and collected my bag for me, “Firstly of course, you have just got to get changed.”

Once Izzie had made up her mind, It’s almost impossible to change it. So that’s why I was changed and about to sneak out of the castle to go to Hogsmeade. We went to the one-eyed witch on the third floor.

Izzie tapped her and whispered, “Dissendium”

We only learned off this secret passageway in fifth year when we saw the Marauders go through it. After a little adventure we learned it goes into Hogsmeade, well to a trap door in the floor of the Honeydukes cellar anyway.

We made into Hogsmeade and went straight to The Three Broomsticks.

When I walked in, I noticed something,. Sirius was there with a glass of Firewhiskey in his hand, swirling it around. Peter, James and Remus were there too, talking about something but Sirius wasn’t listening. I looked at him, Sirius looked at me, he glared before downing his firewhiskey and turning away. The Marauders gave me a small smile, but didn’t strike up any conversation.

Me, being stupid, I tried to talk to Sirius.

“Sirius,” I said looking at him. He didn’t even look at me. It was like I didn’t even exist.

I wanted the world the open up and have me for dinner.

“Come on Nellie.” Izzie said, pulling my away from Sirius because all I wanted to do was talk to him until he responded. “Let’s get a drink.” Izzie pulled me towards the bar.

“A firewhiskey please.” I mumbled as I sat down on a stool. Even though firewhiskey tastes gross.

Drowning your sorrows is depressing!

"And a lemonade please." I added.


Now that is a drink that tastes nice.

The barman gave me a peculiar look before giving me a Lemonade and a Firewhiskey.

“We can go some place else if you want to Nellie?” Izzie asked softly as she ordered her drink.

“No, I’m fine.” I sighed as I look a sip of my Firewhiskey, followed by a sip of my Lemonade.

“You know what Nellie?” Izzie voice was so loud, I’m sure the Marauders could hear, “I don’t understand why he’s mad at you. Sure you dated his brother but really, that’s over now. It’s not like he has any kind of hold on you. I mean, what are you to him?” She downed her firewhiskey, “You’re allowed to date who you want…just not him again…he had no right to say any horrible things to you.” Izzie shot a glare at Sirius, “Or make you bloody cry. Eugh that family annoys me!”

“Calm down Izzie,”

“No, I won’t calm down. He has no right and when people hurt you for no reason, I can’t stand it and I won‘t. Neither should you!”

I ordered Izzie another drink. Perhaps it would shut her up for a little while. I’m just glad Izzie is talking to me and not starting trouble with Sirius, because knowing Izzie, it would end up with a broken nose and a few broken ribs, at least.

We sat there for a while, in silence. I began listening to the Marauders conversation as I sipped my drink.

“Padfoot, that’s your seventh Firewhiskey.” James said, as he downed was must have been his fourth.

“So? Stop acting like my mother.” Sirius snapped irritably. James did not say anything more, he just shook his head.

“Stop taking it out on us Sirius.” Remus warned.

Sirius sighed, “I’ve messed up quite a bit tonight, so I might as well trash something else.”

“Padfoot stop it.”

“Why are you so mad about it tonight? You’ve known since we saw them together on the astronomy tower.” Peter sighed, before his eyes went wide. He wasn’t supposed to reveal that. James and Remus looked at bit shifty as Sirius was trying to restrain himself from hitting Peter.

What the hell?

Why that little tin can!

I downed my drink before going over. I needed some air of confidence, I was about to go and shout at one of the most popular boys in the school.

“Hi Peter.” I said, smiling, “Do you mind repeating what you said a few moments ago? You know just for clarification that Sirius is one hell of a-”

“Git.” Izzie finished, as she came over, stumbling a little bit with a Firewhiskey in her hand. The girl is getting closer to her alcohol limit.

I made Peter scoot up to fit me and Izzie around the table.

“Isn’t this fun?” Izzie remarked, taking a sip of her Firewhiskey. “I’m thinking of becoming a spy. Any tips Sirius?” Sirius growled, as I giggled but my emotion soon turned to anger.

“So Sirius,” I began, “You got mad, for no reason, took whatever mood you was in out at me, said some horrible things and all this time you’ve known?” I hissed slamming my fist on the table.

I am Nellie and I am rather angry.

“Why didn’t you take it out on me before? Or at least discuss it with me. Or ask, you stupid jerk. I can‘t believe you spied on me!” My fist clenched, Izzie put her hand over it. I just felt so violated. I didn’t spy on him!

I am not a bloody television!

“No violence Nellie, I don’t think Mr Lupin will fix you up if you hit his friend.” Izzie mused, “Plus. You’ve got practice tomorrow.”

I sighed but I continued to tell Sirius what I thought of him at that moment, “You know what Sirius? You’re a hypocrite. You had no right to do any of those things and right now, I can’t even bare to look at you.” I admitted, before I got up and stormed right out of the pub.

To Be Continued

Next time on The World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie O’Neill.

“Listen Nellie-” I heard a voice say but I didn’t want to hear it.

“Save it. I’m not interested in what you have to say Black.” I spat, “Where’s Izzie?”

“She tried following you out, but she fell over. Don’t worry though, Remus is taking care of her.”

I couldn’t help but wonder whether she did that on purpose.

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