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The next day Victoire, was packing her trunk getting ready to go back to shell cottage to see her family. She eagerly threw close in her trunk. She could not wait to go home and have this well deserved break, away from all the stress. Once she was done packing (it was Saturday and the train left the following Sunday morning) she went down stairs and to the great hall where everyone was enjoying lunch. Victoire took a seat next to Delilah who was sitting alone.

“Where are Jonah and Weston?” She asked?

“OH, you know them, today is the big day they wanted to go out to see the teams practice,” she responded. “When we get back from break, the Ravenclaw team is going to have to play the Slytherin team…”

“I can’t wait for the game, I was talking to James earlier, and he has never been so nervous,” Victoire shrugged

“Well I don’t blame him, first of all it’s his first truly big game, and second of all he has a lot to live up to being seeker and all…” Delilah replied.

“Yeah, your right, I think Teddy had that same problem,” Victoire said.

“Well isn’t Harry Potter his godfather, I don’t know what it is with you guys, it’s almost like Quidditch runs in your blood.” She laughed.

“Well, not me,” Victoire smiled

She was just about to bite into her sandwich when a familiar looking owl dropped a letter on her lap. She placed her sandwich back down on her plate and opened the letter.

She glanced over it and instantly her heart sank.

“What’s it say?” Delilah asked

“Here-” Victoire said while tossing the letter away toward Delilah’s lap.

She took the liberty to read it out loud,

“Dear Victoire,
I am sorry to inform you that I will be away in Albania, for the entire Christmas break… I am very sorry that I won’t get to see you, but I will be thinking about you frequently. I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy New Years.
Miss you already- Teddy…

“It’s not that bad-” Delilah said

“I donno, it’s hard enough to see him already, with everything that is going on, its just getting even more tough.” She sighed, “I guess I was just really looking foreword to seeing him.”

“It’s alright babe, some how, some way you’ll get through this,” Delilah smiled, Victoire just shrugged.

“C’mon let’s go watch the game!” She said cheerily.

“Ugh- I donno…”

Victoire groggily got up from her seat and followed Delilah out of the Great Hall. They walked up to the Quidditch pitch where they found Jonah and Weston, each took a seat by them and they all wait in anticipation.

“Hellooooooo, everyone.” The voice of Fred Jordan came on the loud speaker.

The crowd just roared in anticipation.

“Here comes the teams-” Fred’s voice rang through out the stadium…

The game was amazing; Gryffindor beat Slytherin, in a game that was definitely considered to be a nail biter.

“James Potter is quite a good seeker,” Weston said to Jonah.

“Yeah, I agree” Jonah replied.

“A perfect way to end our day, that’s for sure,” Victoire smiled.

“Exactly,” Delilah replied

“Alright well I have to go and pack,” Victoire said while entering the common room.

“Sucks for you Victoire-” Jonah said.

“Wait you guys aren’t going home for the break?” Victoire asked

“Nope, Delilah and I are staying her for the break, but we are going to go home for Easter break,” Jonah replied with a grin.

“So I guess it is going to be me and Weston in the compartment together?” Victoire said

“Ohhh,” Weston replied

“Ohh, what?” Victoire asked

“I’m sorry Victoire but, remember there is a head boy and girl compartment,” Weston replied.

“Oh Weston, don’t give us that, we all know your hooking up with the head girl,” Jonah replied.

Weston must have turned a violent shade of red, reminding Victoire of the color of a cherry tomato. “Am not-” he mumbled.

“What’s that Weston?” Delilah heckled.

“Nothing guys,” he replied while looking down at his shoes.

Victoire let out a soft smile, “Alright I’m gonna, go and pack,” she said

“I’ll come and help you,” Delilah replied as they walked upstairs.

The next day Victoire woke up relatively early, she got dressed, and went downstairs and sat by the common room fireplace for a little bit, waiting for one of her friends to come out.

Jonah was that first one out of the common room.

“Hey,” Victoire smiled giving him a nice hug.

“Victoire, I’m starving do you want to go down to the Great Hall?” He asked.

“Yeah, I was actually waiting for someone to come out of the dormitory so I could walk with them,” she smiled

“Alright let’s go then,” replied Jonah.

They walked side by side to the Great hall and sat down and talked about the latest thing in Quidditch (of course) until Delilah and Weston came down. They all laughed and joked, until it was about time for Victoire and Weston to board the train.

“Alright guys,” she said. “It is about time that Weston and I get going,”

“Oh, you’re right Victoire, my trunk is already out there, what about yours…”

“Mine is already at the station too,” She replied

“Alright, well I guess we will say our goodbyes.” Weston said while give Delilah a Hug and Jonah a half hug (those male bonding type of hugs).

“Try not to have too much fun while I’m away,” she smiled while giving both of them hugs.

“Alright, bye guys,” they replied as Victoire and Weston left the common room tower and walked down to the carriages.

They arrived at the platform, both eagerly excited to go home.

“Victoire,” said Weston.

“Mmhmm,” she replied.

“I think someone is here for you,” he said while pointing a finger into the crowd.

“What?” she asked skeptically, her eyes were grazing over the crowd.

“Look right over there,” Weston said while moving her head slightly to the left.

Victoire’s eyes scanned the crowd one more time to see what he was talking about. In the distance she could see a vibrant shade of red hair. It was Teddy; he was walking up to her right now. Victoire’s stomach had butterflies the size of elephants.

“Baby,” she said while running to him and jumping into his embrace, “What are you doing here?” she asked

“I couldn’t bare the idea of not being able to see you Victoire,” teddy smiled while kissing her on the forehead.

“Teddy, that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard,” she smiled.

“You know what’s cuter?” he asked

“What?” she replied?

“I picked this hair color out because I knew that you would notice it.”

“Oh Teddy,” she laughed and then came into his warm embrace once again.

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