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Chapter 4:  Professor; A Ghost, A Kitty, A Dwarf, And One Prejudiced Git...

Disclaimer; I own nothin but the plot, however much I wish I did.

       Upon waking Remus felt a brief moment of panic. As he realized he was no longer in his own bed at home, the werewolf bolted upright. He sat stiffly, trying to remember why he was here. A moment later he relaxed, allowing a grin to slowly spread across his face. Hogwarts. He was finally at Hogwarts.

He glanced at his watch and noted that it was six-thirty. Classes started in and hour and a half. He looked over to his roommates and decided that he should wake them up.

“Sirius? James? Peter?” Peter had introduced himself to his dorm mates the night before. Remus was still slightly wary of him- he could have sworn the wolf didn’t like him.

Remus waited a moment. But after a minute he rolled his eyes. “Guys?” HE asked, slightly louder. No response. “OI! WAKE UP!”


Wonderful. He gets stuck with the three who can sleep through earthquakes…

He contemplated a moment, then pointed his wand to his throat, saying a charm his father had taught him. They had thought that Remus wouldn’t go to a school, so they had taught him a bit already…



The three fell out of there beds, heads snapping around to look for the source of noise. Remus turned his face to one of innocence, and Sirius narrowed his eyes. Apparently that wasn’t going to work. “Quietus,” He muttered, discreetly waving his wand. “Yes, Sirius?”

  Sirius glared for a moment, and then his face slowly changed to a smirk, a mischievous gleam coming to his eye. Remus gulped. He had a feeling he was going to regret his moment of fun sometimes soon…



Within the hour Remus and his newly found friends were eating at the Gryffindor table (they had gotten directions from Nearly Headless Nick- though new, they had at least been wise enough not to listen to Peeves) and they were watching anxiously as their strict-looking head of house passed out time-tables. The four scanned theirs’ quickly.





8:00 am:   Tranfiguration-Slytherins


9:00 am:   Double Charms-Ravenclaw


11:30 am:  Lunch


12:45 pm:   History of Magic-HufflePuff


1:45 pm:   Double Defence Against The Dark Arts-Ravenclaw



The first years stood and took their bags from under the table. “McGonagall teaches Transfiguration, right?” Remus asked distractedly as they walked.

“Yea,” Said James with a yawn. He wasn’t used to waking up this early. “My mum said she’s really strict.” Peter looked worried. Sirius noticed this.

“Yeah, my parents said for detention they shackle you down in the 
dungeons,” said Sirius with a straight face. Peter paled, though James just rolled his eyes. Remus beat them both to an answer, though.

“Physical harm in detentions was outlawed in 1454, when Lucius Toyuinicklr died after a caretaker got injured and went to the hospital while Lucius was shackled to the ceiling. He died after four days.”

The other three stopped walking and stared at the werewolf. It took Remus a moment to realize they had stopped. He paused and looked back at them. “What?”

His friends slowly started walking again. “How did you even know that?” asked Peter, with a bit less fear now that he knew he wouldn’t have any punishment similar to what Sirius had said.

“It’s in Hogwarts, A History, Self-Updating,” Said Remus absentmindedly, still trying to memorize where they were going.



The four came into the transfiguration classroom less then a minute before the bell rang. Sirius, James, and Peter glanced around quickly and then sighed in relief as they didn’t see the teacher in the room. The Gryffindors laughed, minus a red-headed girl with startling green eyes who narrowed her eyes, though the Slytherins glared. Remus, however, quietly went to a seat in the bag and took out his things. He quickly glanced at the front of the room, flashed a brief, knowing smile to the surprised cat, than waited mutely besides his oblivious friends, amusement dancing in his eyes. The red haired girl seemed to notice this, however, and sent him an inquiring look. He just held a finger to his lips when his friends weren’t looking in a gesture to stay silent. She seemed to accept this, nodding and opening her book.

“Ah, bet the old bat’s going to miss her own lesson. Shame,” said James sarcastically. A few students smiled. Lily and Remus, as well as the Slytherins, stayed silent. Remus glanced again at the cat.

The stiff tabby cat, who some hadn’t even noticed, suddenly shifted. It walked to the middle of the desk, and the students paused to look at the cat. Remus didn’t bother to hide his smile. The cat suddenly jumped forward, her body shifting to a human’s. The glass automatically leaned back and gasped in shock. Lily smiled and glanced at Remus, laughing quietly to herself.

“Thank you, Mr. Potter.” Said the professor stiffly. She turned to Remus curiously. “If I may ask, how did you realize that I was not a normal cat, Mr…”

“Lupin,” Remus supplied. The teacher’s eyes widened for a second as she realized he was the werewolf, though she quickly hid the surprise. She obviously knew that, as a werewolf, he would sense the difference between her and normal animals. Also, there was that she hadn’t fled him. He answered quickly enough, however. He had to lie a lot. “It was your posture, ma’am. Cats have a more relaxed posture, and probably would have looked around a bit more.” The professor looked relieved that he had found a good excuse.

“Good eye, Mr. Lupin. A point to Gryffindor.”

The Gryffindors beamed at him while the Slytherins rolled their eyes. He was starting to dislike the Slytherins.

      Charms lesson had been quite interesting. A tiny professor standing on a pile of books had explained what they would be doing for the year. He had actually fallen off the chair when he read Remus’ name, much to the class’ amusement. He had spoken a bit about what they would be doing this year, and some different spells they would be learning. Thankfully, neither he nor McGonagall had treated him any differently, which he was glad for. Both Transfiguration and Charms seemed fairly interesting.

History of Magic… Not so much.

‘Everyones nearly sleeping in their seats-scratch that, I think Pete and that Hufflepuff are asleep…’ he thought. James and Sirius had amused themselves by joking about the professor to each other, to Remus’ irritation. Although even he had to admit that Binns’ droning was boring.

Defence Against the Dark Arts was perhaps the worst of his classes, much to his dismay. He had always loved Defence, but this teacher didn’t seem to like him so much.


The Professor swept into the room, glaring at them. “I am Professor Olliot,” he said icily. “You will not talk in this class unless I specifically say you may… And don’t get your hopes up.” He was quickly making himself unpopular. “Listen for your name. You miss it, that’s your problem, and you’ll be put down as absent, and all marks from the day will have a zero.”

The class shifted nervously. “Sirius Black?”


As the professor called out a few more names, Sirius whispered quietly to the others. “He’s friends with my parents… I’d advise you not to make him mad.” The three shot inquisitive looks at them, but said nothing.

“Remus… Lupin…”

The professor stiffened, his neck snapping to Remus as he meekly stated that he was there, which all of the students noticed. “I do not agree with the Headmaster, boy!” He barked, much to the confusion of the class. “You’ll be out of here within the month,” he muttered, more to himself. He snapped his attention to the list again. 

For the rest of the class, Professor Olliot seemed to be much harsher to Remus than any other student, which everyone had noticed. ‘How could he accuse Remus of not doing well enough when all they were doing was listening to his lecture so far,’ Sirius had said quietly to his friends. No one could answer. The class was tense and silent, other than the professor’s speech. When the bell finally rang, the class made a bolt for the door.

“Lupin! A word!”

His friends gave him sympathetic looks, before leaving to wait outside the door. As it softly closed, the professor eyed him, looking furious.

“I am going to be clear now, werewolf.” He spat. “I do not think you belong here. I think that you are a dangerous beast which needs to be put down. Don’t try for pity from me.” Remus winced. “You had better tread carefully in my class, Lupin.”

He dismissed Remus, who hurried out to join his friends. So much for a nice day…

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