“Leave me alone, Ron,” grumbled Harry as he buried himself deeper into his covers.


“But why are you going to sleep so early? It’s not even 5 yet,” Ron griped in an annoyed tone. “We can get in a good pick-up game before dinner.”


“Because I’m tired and I’m not hungry,” replied Harry mentally wishing Ron to leave. He was lying in bed trying to fall asleep due to the fact that tonight was Trinity’s rave and he was planning on being out pretty late.


“Come on, this is a perfect day for Quidditch,” whined Ron.


“The Slytherins are out of the dorm for the time being, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to fall asleep without having Malfoy creepily watch me,” Harry said exasperated, “I’m tired and I’m going to sleep now,” Harry said burying his head beneath his pillow.


“Fine!” Ron growled; a second later the door slammed shut.


Almost as if this was the cue Harry’s phone began to ring. Groaning in frustration Harry sat up in his bed and fumbled in his bedside drawer in order to get his phone. After a few seconds Harry located and answered it.


“Hello?” He asked through a yawn.


“Harry, I need you to go to my office immediately!” A voice rang hurriedly into his ear.


“Who is this?” Asked Harry slowly drifting back to sleep.


“Harry!!” The woman’s voice snapped, a sound of an explosion sounded in the background, waking him up instantly.


“Karen!? What’s going on?” He asked quickly recognizing her voice now being fully awake.


“No time to explain, go to my office, they’ll tell you where to go from there!” She snapped.


“How the hell am I suppose to get there!?” Harry said hotly, he wasn’t exactly able to walk up to Dumbledore and ask for a portkey.


“Shimmer you idiot—“ the phone cut out and static replaced Karen’s voice.


“Bleeding Hell,” snapped Harry as he quickly threw off his covers and dove for his closet, haphazardly throwing his clothes and possessions out of the way as he reached for his shrunken trunk.


Finally locating it Harry enlarged it upon his bed and tossed it open quickly retrieving his guns and holsters, and throwing on his trench-like coat that Karen had given him, he quickly shimmered away hoping beyond hope that he was able to make a cross-continental trip.


Harry arrived in Karen’s office in a heap on the floor gasping for breath; the trip was definitely draining on both his magic and body.  Harry barely registered that he did not have to pass through customs as he heard the wild commotion outside the office door which was slightly ajar. Not seeing anyone in the office Harry picked his self up and opened the door widely entering the pandemonium that was erupting around him.


“All aurors to the scene!” A woman’s voice was announcing throughout the building.


Two irate men passed by streaming facts into quills that were quickly jotting down what they were saying.


“Forty confirmed dead as of 30 minutes ago…”


“Head Auror Karen Parker MIA… unresponsive to calls as of eight minutes ago…”


“What the bloody hell is going on?” Harry asked to a passing woman whom Harry recognized as one of the students from the auror school.


“Where have you been, Mars?” She snapped keeping her pace as Harry joined her hurried gait.


“Scotland, actually,” Harry returned coolly.


She stared at him for a few awkward seconds before something seemed to click in her mind, “…oh you’re Parker’s apprentice, you haven’t heard?” She asked motioning to follow her as she raced towards the far wall. “Downtown Los Angles was attacked about an hour ago, Vampires are everywhere!” She said pushing through a set of doors into a locker room, men and woman alike were stripping down to their knickers quicker than Harry had ever seen before, throwing on battle robes, no one looked over 25.


She noticed him looking around at the people as she explained hurriedly, “They called in the auror school as well, this is a large scale attack, almost all of the active aurors are already deployed in the field.”


“This is the real thing…” said a male of about 22 as he buttoned up his robe, “it’s not a drill?” He sounded ready to pass out, and his skin seemed extremely pale.


“They said Karen wasn’t answering,” Harry said distractedly, “she was on the phone with me when her cell cut out. There were explosions in the background.”


“I heard the vampires are using muggle weapons,” said a girl a little farther down strapping up her boots expertly.


The doors flew open and the locker room silenced as Minister Charles came into view.


“If I could have everyone’s attention!” He called unnecessarily as he already had every eye on him. “We have lost contact with Karen Parker as of 10 minutes ago.”


“We have unconfirmed reports of more than a 100 vampires in downtown, this is muggle streets, we’re talking about, dozens of people have been killed already, and we’re losing aurors as quickly as we’re sending them out. This is a Level 4 situation and if you don’t think you’re capable of helping I ask that you leave now!” He said, when no one moved to leave he nodded to himself.


“Good you’re going to break into teams of 6 and you’re going to be going in hot to the scene, do you understand? No one is there to back you up, you are the back up. We are sending you into the last know positions of our teams already deployed in the field; your mission is to find them. Kill any vampire in your way! But most of all survive!”


“Potter!” The minister snapped as he looked directly at Harry. Ignoring the gasping and the eyes all turning towards him; Harry mentally swore at the minister’s stupidity before answering him.


“Sir?” Harry answered trying to keep his annoyance in check.


 “You’re the most trained and qualified to lead the team into the hot zone to locate Parker.” Minister Charles said before snapping to the general crowd, “Pezel, Littlerock, Matinez, Rockested, and Gretalstone you’re with Potter!”


The minister turned to issue orders to the rest of the gathered as five people moved towards him. A large man obviously in his late twenty’s was the first to make it to him.


“Mr. Potter,” he said jutting out his hand vigorously, “a pleasure to meet you. My name is Vincent Littlerock, Level 3 Auror Student.” He  nodded to a blonde girl who sidled up next to Harry, “That’s Samantha Rocksted, 3rd level,” he pointed to a Hispanic man making his way through the crowd of people towards them, “that’s Fernando Marinez, 2nd level repeater,” he turned towards a tall man with deep brown skin near a locker still lacing up his boots, “Over there is Daniel Gretalstone 3rd level,” he growled slightly in irritation, “And the idiot over there talking to the minister is Marshal Pezel.”


“Talking,” scowled Martinez as he came to a stop next to Rocksted, “more like complaining about not being the leader.”


“Superstar doesn’t like the fact that the minister says you’re the most qualified to lead,” said Rocksted crossing her arms.


“I’m not exactly jumping with joy to be the leader,” scowled Harry not liking the idea of having people depend on him to make all of the decisions that could mean life or death. Nor did he like not knowing what they were capable of.


“Don’t take offense, Pezel is top of our level, thinks he’s the next Albus Dumbledore,” Gretalstone laughed as he came to a stand next to Littlerock, “Guess that title really belongs to you.”


Harry glared slightly at him before turning towards the rest of the group that had gathered, minus Pezel, “Alright, from what I heard of the area, things were exploding, so if I hazard a guess the area is going to be extremely dangerous on terrain alone. Karen would no doubt be right in the middle of it all, and if it is the vampire I think leading this attack we’re in for a hell of a time reaching Karen and her team. He’s going to be going for her blood, and anyone that gets in his way.”


“I could have told you that,” rang a voice to his left.


“Nice of you to join us,” Harry said in an overtly bored tone. “Anyway, I have no idea what you all are capable of, but if I’m the most qualified, we’re basically screwed,” said Harry scowling towards the Minister’s back. “The most I can say is keep your eyes open, don’t second guess, and most importantly watch out for yourselves, because no one else will.”



“Get down!” Harry snapped loudly into the evening’s air as a nearby building exploded into chalky dust filling their lungs and causing them to cough violently. Harry’s empty clip dislodged and hit the ground deftly as he pulled Rocksted down just in time to miss being pelted by debris. Pulling his guns around his back he reloaded by clinking new clips from his holster into place.


Vampires were everywhere and screams filled the air from muggle and wizard alike. They had arrived just in time to be hurtled backwards from the shockwave of what Harry guessed was a muggle mine that exploded meters from their entry point, Gretalstone didn’t have a chance considering he had landed on top of it.


It was going from bad to worse as Harry surveyed his remaining team. Pezel was sporting a broken leg and a dislocated shoulder from the mine’s explosion, and had received numerous cuts and abrasions from the encounters with the vampires, he unfortunately was unable to move even with the mild healing charm they had been able to administer. But Harry didn’t know how to fix a broken leg, and it would appear that neither did his team.


Rocksted’s hair was a matted mess of blood and dust. She had received a pretty bad head wound from the explosion but escaped from other harm, however, in the first wave of vampires to hit them she had been overwhelmed and had a twisted ankle and far to many cuts and scrapes to count.


Littlerock and Martinez had received some minor cuts but were otherwise unharmed considering they had been somewhat protected by Harry’s shield charm. He had been the only one smart enough to conjure one as soon as he arrived on scene, a decision he immediately regretted not informing his team to do. But he had thought it was common sense to create a shield upon entering a battlefield.


Harry had been the only one not injured on arrival, and was the first to react to the vampires decent upon them. He had emptied his clips within 5 minutes taking out no less that 20 vampires. It was then that the vampires changed their tactics seeing that Harry was unfazed by their onslaught. They changed to muggle weapons. Bullets flew through the air hitting Littlerock without warning in his left leg causing him to cry out in pain before ducking behind a fallen wall of a nearby building.


“Bleeding hell!” Shouted Harry in aggravation he was quickly losing team members and they hadn’t even begun looking for Karen yet. “Littlerock! Pezel! You’re done, retreat back to the ministry and report back to the minister!” Harry shouted seeing that they were no more help and only a liability in their current state. He had to find Karen and he couldn’t do that with them being injured.


Pezel seemed ready to argue, but was quickly swept away as Littlerock grabbed a hold of him and produced the portkey they were given for retreat. “Now what!?” Said Martinez as he appeared next to Harry and Rocksted.


“Now,” said Harry unsheathing his wand, “You close your eyes!”


“ILLUMINOUS MAXIMUS!” Harry shouted as he closed his eyes. A bright hot light exploded into the air, eliciting screams from anyone in the area not lucky enough to have had their eyes closed, “MOVE!” Harry shouted ignoring the colored dots swimming in his vision, he had been able to close his eyes, but the light spell had still had an effect on his vision. Rocksted and Martinez fell in line behind Harry as he hurtled over the fallen debris, avoiding vampires whom were stumbling around blind from the spell.


Martinez raised his wand and let loose a stream of spells most of which Harry had never heard of that obliterated the vampire closest to them. However, the vampires were recovering more quickly than Harry would have liked, and they had only made it a few meters from their previous location.


“Forget killing them!” Harry snapped into the deafening screams around them. “Just move!”




“That’s an order!” Harry screamed without thinking as he grabbed the two and pushed them roughly in front of him, “We have to locate Karen, we’re too over run!”


Harry was far faster than the two of them and had to keep his pace in check in order to not pass them and leave them behind, Rocksted’s injury to her ankle was noticeable, but it couldn’t be helped at the moment, and from the determination in her eyes, she wasn’t about to quit over some pain.


Martinez, however, looked ready to bolt in any direction he didn’t see vampires in, and when Harry pushed them down nearby a pillar of broken stones for a rest Martinez frantic panting was palpable in the air over the nearby explosions, “I shouldn’t be here! I should be at home with my family.”


Harry scowled at him, “And I should be at school catching some sleep before a rave I’m going to tonight,” he snapped at him, “But I’m not, we’re here, and it’s likely to get a lot worse, so either suck it up or leave because I’m not about to die because you’re scared.”


“Easy for you to say, you’re Harry Fucking Potter!” Martinez snapped.


“We don’t have time for this!” Snapped Harry thinking quickly. “We have to find Karen,” Harry said pulling them both down low as gunfire erupted across the street from them. A nagging feeling that something just wasn’t right inched it’s way into the back of Harry’s mind as he surveyed the area best he could from his lowered position.


The area was completely trashed where nothing was remotely recognizable, but even so Harry had been in downtown LA quite a bit on his vacation, shouldn’t it be packed with muggles? So far he had only seen maybe a dozen, and they were relatively unharmed. Shouldn’t there be dead bodies around? Not that he wanted any, but they hadn’t passed any corpses. Further more, the vampires weren’t feeding, or trying to feed. That was odd as well.


“Something’s wrong,” snapped Harry looking around.


“No Shit Sherlock!” Snapped Martinez, while Rocksted looked back at him in resigned hopelessness.


Harry ignored him, “Look around us, where are the muggles?” Harry pointed to the far right where red light could be seen blinking in the distance, “There’s another team over there, and over there as well,” he pointed to the far left. “But we were the only ones suppose to be in this area.”


“Maybe we misunderstood,” Rocksted said frantically, “Maybe the minister meant only this block was the hot zone.”


“I didn’t hear screams when Karen called,” said Harry after a second, “just an explosion.”


Harry swore suddenly, “This isn’t real! It’s a bleeding test!”


“But Gretalstone—“


Harry cut across her, “Did you see him explode? He just disappeared in a bright light, that’s not normal, even in the magical world!”


“Are you saying none of this is real!?” Martinez snapped.


“No I’m saying it’s staged, and that means it just got easier, because we aren’t in a situation where we can die,” said Harry smiling. “Martinez, How fast can you make it to that team,” Harry asked nodding to his left.



Harry was soon joined by no less than 4 teams. All battered and bruised, and many had reported casualties.


“Welcome to a new game,” said Harry smiling. “We were playing by our teachers rules, but I don’t like those, so we’ll play by mine.”


“How can you be sure this is a test?” Asked a female from the crowd hiding behind the fallen building they had congregated behind.


“Us being able to stand here without being attacked says it all,” said Harry. “We only get attacked when we try to advance forward.”


“Well if it’s a test, isn’t this cheating?” Voiced another female on his left.


“There is no cheating in a life or death situation!” Rocksted said scowling at the girl, “Listen to Harry.”


“Look, we each had an objective to complete right?” Everyone nodded. “Ours was to find Karen, and yours were to find other teams, If I’m right, they’ll all be together, and I’m betting they’re in the middle of this ‘town’,” Harry emphasized the word town with air quotes, “If we work together, we can get to them quicker and with no more ‘casualties’.”


“And if you’re wrong?” Martinez asked hesitantly.


“Look around you, we’ve been here five minutes, most of us are bleeding, that would have attracted the vampires if they were real,” Harry snapped. “But they’re not. So this is a test and I’m not about to fail it, who’s in?”


A slight mumbling could be heard of agreement from the auror students as they turned towards Harry.


“Good, here’s what we do.”


“What the hell did you think you were doing!” Snapped a gargantuan man of epic proportions, compared to him Uncle Vernon was skinny.


“I took hold of the situation at hand, sir, and reevaluated our tactics, finding them inept and unsuccessful, I implemented a new strategy,” Harry said trying his hardest not to laugh at the man’s expression. Apparently he didn’t like the fact that Harry’s new plan involved blowing up several cars in the road to attract the ‘vampires’ which turned out to be nothing more that avatars Karen often used to attack Harry with in training sessions, they were just spelled to look like vampires and be ‘defeated’ by the same means as real vampires, nor did he like the fact that the students banded together in order to charm the several large buildings still intact to levitate off the ground in order to create a clear path to the auror’s, including Karen, stationed in the middle of the area.


As it turned out the ‘town’ was actually a large bunker like area that was spelled to look like downtown LA, and the few muggles about were actually MLA officers in plain clothes.


“And once we were sure that no muggles were actually in the area, we were able to operate without fear of harming civilians,” Harry said contritely.


“That was not the object of this exercise!” Snapped the man.


“Wasn’t it, ToHoy?” Voiced Karen smiling to herself as she sat on the corner of a fallen wall made of bricks. “The objectives they were given were to kill as many vampires as they could, and to locate their auror teams. They’ve completed those in almost record time. No group has failed to complete their objective, a course first, If I’m not mistaken.” She smiled and gave Harry a proud wink, she apparently had found his tactics immensely entertaining. However, the Aurors Professors whom Harry had met before, did not look amused, in fact several of them were shaking their heads disappointedly at her words and whispering to their neighbors.


“They acted without orders, and what’s worse they disregarded the rules,” ToHoy said aggressively. Several of the professors nodded their heads in agreement.


Sir, if I may, I was a team leader, therefore I had every right to issue orders, as did the other team leaders, and There are no rules in a fight to the death, only ideas, if this situation had been real, I doubt the skilled aurors would have been sitting here in the middle of the course awaiting us,” said Harry without emotion, “Furthermore, I doubt our ‘casualties’ would be standing here with us.”


“It doesn’t matter if it was real or not!” Snapped ToHoy. “You fail this course!”


“I would have to disagree with that,” said a new voice Harry recognized as Minister Charles, “they all passed with flying colors, they completed their objectives, and it doesn’t matter how. Well done, all of you! Well done indeed!” The Minister came into view, trailed by two MLA officers whom were taking notes. “That showed ingenuity and the ability to act under pressure. Also, if the students were able to figure out it was a test, the blame rests with the ones whom created it. Obviously, there were several glitches in the realness.”


/”Obviously,” Karen said smiling to herself as ToHoy seemed to fume at this pronouncement. “Perhaps the students can point those out for you, ToHoy.”


The students smiled to themselves before turning to follow the Auror professors out of the bunker, “Karen, am I finished here? I have to get back to school before my absence is noticed.”


“Of course, Harry,” she smiled motioning for him to follow her, looping her arm with his she whispered into his ear as they left ToHoy’s earshot, “An unorthodox way of finding me, next time might I suggest a terrain spell?”


“What’s that?” Harry asked curiously.


“Oh I haven’t taught you that one yet?” She laughed to herself, “It displays a full kilometer around you as is, you can see it all in 3-D and any and all life forms, it’s a hard spell to do, but a boy that was able to conjure a corporal patronus at the age of 13 should be able to figure it out.”



Harry arrived inside the nearest secret passageway to the Gryffindor Tower, again he had landed in a heap on the floor struggling to catch his breath and steady himself against the dizziness he felt. He was tired, and very irritable, Cross-Continental shimmering was very draining and he had just had to take a test where he was shot at and was worried about Karen just to find out it was all fake. He was not in the mood to sit down in the Great Hall for dinner so he had agreed to have dinner with Karen before the trip back, but the small amount of energy he had recovered disappeared as soon as he landed.


Closing his eyes Harry tried to remember what life was like before he knew he was the boy-who-lived. Before the threat of death hung over his head, before he knew what real loss was, before he was hailed as a savior and next leader of the light, before he was looked upon as a leader. He remembered just sitting outside in the big tree on his schools playground watching the birds in the sky flying. Even just sitting down reading a book for no other purpose but pleasure, how he missed being bored.


Harry snorted audibly as he realized what he had just thought. He missed being plain old Potter, the little orphan of a drunken car wreck; just a boy who had no friends, a family that hated him, no destiny, and no real future. Yeah, that was a good thing to want to go back to.


He scoffed at his own stupidity. He was just tired, he told himself, he liked becoming an auror. Today was just a bad day, it would get better. After all he had a saving people’s thing, right?


Steeling himself to getting back into the spotlight of Hogwarts Harry stood up and brushed himself off. Karen had healed the cuts and bruises he had received; well in reality, she supervised the healer and asked many questions while he was healing Harry. But she took the credit; she had found the healer, hadn’t she?


A quick cleansing spell had rid Harry of the dirt and grim he had received during the test, and the small amount of blood was wiped away as if it had never been there. Running a hand through his hair he found himself ready to go back to the Gryffindor tower, it was not even close to curfew for 6th years, but he had a bad feeling he had forgotten something important and all he needed to make tonight worse was a run-in with Snape.


Exiting the door pretending to be a window that blocked the passageway Harry was in, he found the hallway deserted. Quickly making his way down the hallway he found himself face to face with the fat lady, issuing the password –chocolate frogs— Harry found himself entering a full commonroom and under the stares of not only the entire Gryffindor student body and that of the Slytherin’s staying with them, but also Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, and Headmaster Dumbledore’s stares as well.


“Er… hello,” said Harry uncertainly. “Did I miss something?”


“Yes, detention,” McGonagall said crisply. “Mind telling us where you’ve been, Potter, why your possessions seem to have been vagrantly thrown about as if there had been a struggle, and your reasons for missing your first detention tonight?”


“Was that tonight?” Asked Harry cursing mentally, he had completely forgotten about his detention.


“Yes,” Snape said, his lip curling in distaste, “Mr. Malfoy showed up on time. Do you believe yourself so far above the rules that you don’t need to attend the detentions assigned to you.”


“Now Severus, Harry has always attended the detentions given to him,” Dumbledore said serenely smiling at Harry.


“Honestly, I forgot,” Replied Harry not really knowing what else to say.


“And what pray tell was more important and amnesia causing that prevented your minute brain from retaining a simple date and time?” Snape said coolly raising an eyebrow archly.


“Other stuff,” replied Harry condescendingly.  “I assure you professors it won’t happen again.”


“I would sincerely hope not,” McGonagall said nodding slightly, a small glint in her eye suggested she might have an understanding of where Harry had been. “A make-up detention will be with me tomorrow night, Potter, at 8pm don’t be late.”


“I won’t Professor,” nodded Harry. “Was that all? I’m rather tired.”


“From what?” Snape snapped.


“I’m sorry, professor, but that’s classified under things I’m not telling you,” said Harry smiling as he nodded to McGonagall and Dumbledore before heading up the stairs.


“Well, we’ve found the boy, back to what you were doing!” Snapped Snape angrily into the commonroom. It was a few minutes later that Harry found himself in his room, McGonagall entering behind him. He was not in the mood for a confrontation, which was what he suspected McGonagall was about to do. Why couldn’t everyone just leave him alone?


She had closed the door, in Ron and Malfoy’s faces no less, and had cast an immutable charm on the door. “Am I to guess that you were with Miss Parker tonight?”


“Yeah,” replied Harry as he started to pick up his things that were scattered about trying his hardest to keep the irritation he felt out of his voice.


“We were very alarmed to find out that your room looked as if their had been a struggle,” McGonagall said frowning, “I would have hoped you to be more careful, the students and teachers alike notice your absence and even more they would notice a mess like this and think it strange.”


Harry sighed, not feeling sorry at all nor the guilt she was trying to inflict on him, “Sorry, I didn’t have much time, surely Dumbledore was aware of tonight’s test.”


“Yes, we were aware that a test was taking place tonight, but we weren’t let in on the details,” McGonagall said resolutely. “It is a fine line between knowing there is a test, and finding your usually neat room a mess. It was frightening to say the least, I have to say that Dumbledore and I will have to have a talk with Miss Parker, we can not have you disappearing like this. Especially, since it is unknown to the rest of the staff that you are apprenticing yourself. Had I been the first to be made aware of your disappearance I could have assured the students that you were unharmed and serving detention somewhere else on grounds for me, but due to the fact that Mr. Malfoy alerted Professor Snape to your disappearance I was unable to keep the situation under control.”


“Sorry, Professor,” Harry said packing away the rest of his items, knowing he wasn’t at all sorry, he had believed Karen in trouble and would have rushed off just as quickly if he had to do it again. “I’ll try not to let it happen again, but I was in a time crunch.”


She nodded as she seemed to debate her question, “Did you pass?”


Harry smiled a genuine smile as he let out a small laugh, “Yeah, I passed.” His irritation with her diminishing slightly.


She rewarded him with one of her rare smiles, “I knew you would.” She turned on her heel and waved her wand at the door, it opened and several bodies fell into the room, obviously having been pressed against the door in an attempt to hear through the immutable charm. “Remember Mr. Potter, tomorrow night. And 20 points will be deducted for your forgetfulness.”  She swept out of the room not even baring a glance at Malfoy, Nott, and Zabaini lying on the floor in a heap, Ron’s and the other Gryffindor’s laughter finally erupted now that McGonagall had left.


“That’s what you get for trying to spy!” Dean laughed.


“Er… didn’t the Headmaster suspend points for the time being?” Questioned Neville stepping over Nott who Malfoy had quickly pushed off of him.


“Mate!” Ron called stepping over Zabaini in a jagged tone, “Where were you?”


“Out,” replied Harry as he located his calendar and wrote down the detention, his irritation making itself know to everyone in the room.


“Yes, Harry we got that, where is out?” Asked Hermione as she and Ginny came walking into the room she asked with genuine curiosity.


“Not in here, but out there,” replied Harry turning to his wardrobe and removing the black bag containing his clothes for tonight’s rave, his shrunken guitar, his invisibility cloak, the marauders map, and his toiletries.


“Where are you going!?” Asked Ginny crossing her arms in a manner that reminded Harry too much of her mother for comfort.


“To take a shower, not that it’s any of your business,” Harry scowled. “Or am I suppose to ask you lot for permission?” Harry pushed past them and took the stairs two at a time ignoring Ginny calls. Harry was halfway to the Prefect’s bathroom, a place he was now allowed to use since he was Quidditch Captain, when Hermione caught up to him.


“Harry, wait up!” She called.


He sighed and turned around to wait for her, as irritated as he was; he knew she had nothing to do with it. She sported her own bag which was slightly open revealing some shampoo, “I thought I’d join you.” She said brightly.


Harry’s eyes widened at that, “WHAT!?” His voice came out a lot higher than normal.


Hermione, realizing how that sounded, was quick to back peddle as her cheeks turned a pretty red, “I mean, I thought I’d take a shower, as well, not with you in the sense of being in the same shower as you. Well, the showers in the Prefects bathroom of course, but not in the same stall as you. Not that I wouldn’t… I mean I’m sure a lot of girls would like to… I mean you’re very attractive… in you being my best friend sort of way…” she trailed off as her eyes looked anywhere but at Harry looking as embarrassed as Harry felt.


“Oh, yeah, yeah that makes sense, completely understand,” said Harry avoiding Hermione’s eyes, his hand finding its way to the back of his neck as he tried his best to get rid of the uncomfortable heat rising to his cheeks from the idea of Hermione and him showering together, in the same stall.


An awkward silence settled between them as they stood in the hall for what felt like hours to Harry.


“Should we go than?” Asked Hermione suddenly.


“What? Er... yeah, lead the way,” Harry replied sneaking a glance at her, she too seemed to be avoiding looking at him. They walked in gauche silence for nearly five minutes before Hermione broke the silence.


“Harry?” Hermione voiced as they neared the prefect’s bathroom.


“Mmmhmm?” Harry murmured not trusting his voice as visions of some un-friend like activities had been playing in his head the closer they got to the bathroom.


“Do you not trust me anymore?” She voiced hesitantly.


“What?” Asked Harry not understanding where the question had stemmed from, ”Of course I trust you, I trust you with my life, literally,” Harry said honestly, all naughty, un-friend like thoughts finding a new home in the back of his mind.


“It doesn’t seem like it,” she said hugging herself uncertainly. “You went away, and came back all different. You don’t tell me anything anymore. I know nothing about your vacation, or your new friends, and now you’re disappearing. And don’t tell me it’s a one time thing, you disappear all the time now.”


Harry frowned as he watched a tear escape from her eyes before she could blink them away, “Darn it, I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry.”


“Hermione,” Harry said his heart clenching as he realized he had made her cry. This was the first time he had made her cry without the help of anyone but himself. Usually Ron was party to it, or someone trying to kill him. He reached out his hand uncertainly, not quite sure what to do to comfort her. He finally settled on resting his hand on her shoulder. “Listen, I trust you entirely. There’s noone I trust more than you.”


“Not even Karen Parker,” Hermione said practically spitting out Karen’s name like a curse word.


“Not even Karen Parker,” Harry said not quite knowing why Hermione didn’t seem to like Karen; she hadn’t been anything but nice to Hermione when she visited.


“Doesn’t seem that way,” she said looking anywhere but at Harry.


Harry sighed, “Listen, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone, including Ron. He’ll just pitch a fit like he did in fourth year if he finds out.”


Hermione creased her brow in confusion, her nose wrinkling in the manner Harry associated with her trying to figure out a new spell, “Promise,” she said sincerely after a few moments of thought.


“Not out here,” Harry said looking around suspiciously. He pushed open the door of the prefect bathroom allowing Hermione to scoot in behind him before turning and locking the door behind him.



“An apprenticeship!?” Hermione practically squealed as Harry towel dried his hair. He had spent the better part of 2 hours explaining all about Karen Parker and the vampires that he encountered as they both lounged in the oversized tub in swimsuits Hermione had conjured, he even dived into detail about Czaritza, and found to his great amusement Hermione’s complete lack of information of the Council and their world, no doubt she would be hold up in the Library for weeks researching them.


“Do you know how rare an apprenticeship is for the auror academies? And in America no less, they have one of the best programs in the world! I mean, I suspected you were trying to get accepted into her program, but I never dreamed… did you know they integrate muggle technology as well as muggle tactics? They’re one of the only governments in the world to do so,” Hermione said showing great relief as she combed through her wet hair carefully.


“Yeah I know, that test today nearly kicked my arse,” Harry said throwing on his shirt. It had taken some explaining as well, but Hermione had held her tongue for the most part upon seeing his second tattoo. It was his body, and he was free to do as he liked to it, even if it was dumb. He hadn’t realized how much he had been keeping from her, but now that he told her a vast chunk of it, he felt a huge weight of pressure lift off his shoulders. The uncertainty he felt from earlier vanished completely, and he was excited about what had occurred in the bunker.


“But you passed!” She said proudly. “So you’ll be disappearing a lot this year,” she said nodding to herself, “and Dumbledore and McGonagall both know when, correct?”


“They knew tonight, but, McGonagall said they didn’t know where,” shrugged Harry.


“But wait, how did you get off the grounds without them knowing?” Hermione asked slightly confused.


“I shimmered to America,” Harry said laughing, he didn’t know how to explain it to her, “It’s something Karen developed, it’s still in the testing phase, but she was nice enough to teach me. It’s based off the houseelves form of apparation and disapparation.”


“You can’t apparate or disapparate on Hogwarts grounds,” said Hermione shaking her head disbelievingly.


Harry sighed to himself wondering how he could explain it best when he got a wicked idea. Grabbing his and her bags Harry laced his arms around Hermione’s waist which she squealed in shock at.


“What are you doing?” She asked in a high voice.


“Hold on tight!” Harry said as he shimmered away.



They landed with a thud at the base of the Eiffel Tower, luckily it was pretty late, and no one saw the bit of magic. However, a passing police officer did find two teenagers, one on top of the other on the ground looking guilty as can be, seemingly hiding in the shadows.


“Se déplacer le long d'avant que je vous arrête pour l'indécence dans le public!” Called the Police officer.


Harry who spoke not a lick of French understood the word arrête and indecence as bad, not to mention if he had stumbled upon them he would have thought something indecent was going on as well. Harry and Hermione both sprang to their feet and quickly moved off as the Police Officer went on with his patrol.


“Nice landing!” Hermione said in embarrassment.


“Yeah, I’m still working on those,” laughed Harry trying to ignore the butterflies his stomach was currently sporting.


“Alright, so you can leave Hogwarts grounds…. We left Hogwarts grounds!” She said panicky. “We’re going to be in so much trouble! I’m sure leaving the COUNTRY is a huge rule to break! We’ll be expelled for sure!!” She said starting to breathe shallowly.


“Calm down Hermione,” Harry said soothingly, “We’ll go back before anyone will notice,” he smiled at a passing couple and their two children who were trying to eat ice-cream cones before they melted, a losing battle by the looks of it, “but first I want some ice-cream.”


He headed off towards the small bistro on the corner, joined by a Hermione after a few seconds, “One bowl of ice-cream, and then we go back.” She said uncertainly.


Harry laughed, “Ah, I’ve really been a bad influence on you.” He said wrapping his arm around her shoulders after a few seconds of internal debate. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, like he imagined touching her like this might be; it actually felt right.




  While Harry had told Hermione all about Karen and his apprenticeship Harry hadn’t dove into details about his new friends, nor did he invite Hermione to the rave. Which no one could really blame him for. It was a stretch for Hermione to agree to stay out for one bowl of ice-cream; it was another thing entirely to agree to go to a rave.


So it was understandable that Harry was slowly making his way out of his dorm room having dressed in the dark among the snores of his dorm mates. The stairs creaked louder than he would have liked as he made his way slowly into the common room. Looking around at the empty, pitch black room Harry inched the portrait open after studying the map for any teachers or nosey cats that might be out and about.


Not needing the invisibility cloak quite yet, Harry made his way quickly down the hallways of Hogwarts, passing slumbering portraits. It was when Harry came to the steps that he felt as if he was being watched. Unfortunately, Harry had to remove his perimeter charm that he had erected around himself because it would set off one of the detections spells around Hogwarts to alert the teachers to any of the students venturing off grounds, he would have shimmered to the rave, but it wouldn’t due to be seen using that form of magic in front of other people, considering the magic wasn’t widely known, in fact only Harry and Karen knew of it. Besides, he was still to tired from shimmering back and forth to America, and then to Paris, to shimmer again that night.


Having tucked his map back into his side bag Harry turned towards the hall he had just exited and cursed to himself as he saw Mrs. Norris exiting a nearby passageway.  Both Harry and Mrs. Norris looked at each other expectantly waiting for the other to make the first move, when a sudden idea occurred to Harry.


“Kitty want a treat?” Whispered Harry pulling his wand out slowly pointing it at a nearby piece of crumpled paper some student had left lying in the hallway. Mrs. Norris watched the ball of paper curiously as it began to transform, a tail was the first to form, and soon a small white mouse replaced the paper. “Give me a head start?” Bargained Harry.


The mouse unaware of the danger it was in sat grooming itself as the nosey cat seemed to consider its options, and with a slight “meow” of agreement the mouse, now alerted to the cat’s presence, took off in a hurried gait. Mrs. Norris ignoring Harry shot past him and after the mouse; effectively giving Harry a few minutes head start before she reported back to Filch.


Harry took the stairs two at a time, not even hesitating a moment when hearing the hurried footsteps behind him. Jumping the last few steps Harry found himself throwing his invisibility cloak over his head as he quickly made it to the front door, inching it open he escaped into the night air, the ground moist from rain, a storm Harry must have missed when he went to Karen’s aid earlier.


Harry’s feet sunk into the ground as he made his way quickly across the grounds towards the forbidden forest. Dew clung to his pant legs and invisibility cloak as he stole his way into the darkness emanating from the forest like a blanket of black. There was no moon so he had to cross the threshold of the forest before he was able to ignite his wand. Throwing off his invisibility cloak and stowing it away in his bag Harry frowned.


“I owe you 10 sickles, I had to use my cloak,” Harry said into the darkness.


A wand ignited about 15 feet away, quickly approaching him, the dull yellow light illuminated Karen’s face, which was brimming with a sly smile.


“Wow, you must have been really bad,” she said laughing looking off into the distance.


“I heard footsteps behind me. I figured it would be better to lose our bet, than to be caught out of bed by Filtch,” shrugged Harry.


Her sly smile returned, “Perhaps it wasn’t Filtch.”


“Being caught by anyone would have proved disastrous,” returned Harry unamused by whatever she seemed to be amused by. “Can we get going? We’re already late.”


“I love that I am your date to this,” she smiled. “Are you really that afraid of being hit on?


“Is there a reason you’re talking so loud?” Frowned Harry.


“Am I?” she laughed, “Well I’m just excited, I’ve never been to a rave before. And the best part is I have neither obligation nor jurisdiction to break it up!”


Harry pulled back a low branch allowing Karen to go ahead of him before allowing it to snap back in place after him. “By the way, I like your dress.” He said for the first time noticing her dark metallic blue mini dress.


“Oh, thanks! I wore this when I was undercover as a hooker,” she said in her normal voice level, “I was trying to get abducted to a vampire factory, didn’t work, they recognized me.”


Harry made a non-committal grunt as he saw the lights up ahead. They approached the large man standing in front of the opening of the colossal wall Trinity had erected around the large arena area the Karen and he practiced in.


“You know if you hadn’t invited me to this and I found out you used our training area, I would have kicked your ass,” laughed Karen as Harry paid the bouncer 2 galleons for he and Karen and flashing his invite to him.


“Well, it’s a good thing I did then,” laughed Harry leading the way into the rave, they passed through the silencing charm and into loud music, and hundreds of teenagers and twenty years old dancing.


“AH! Harry, you made it!” Called a voice over the music. Harry turned just in time to be enveloped in a hug by Trinity. “Good to see you as well Karen,” she said nodding to her.


Before Karen could respond a male of about 26 with a goatee and dusty brown hair approached the small group of them, “Hey, you wanna dance?”


Trinity practically pushed Karen into the guys arms, “No worries, I’ll take care of Harry! He’s gotta take the stage soon anyway!”


Karen shot a look at Harry and mouthed the word, sorry, before taking off with the guy.


“So much for her being my date,” said Harry frowning slightly.


“Oh come on Harry, just tell the girls that hit on you you’re not interested,” laughed Trinity pulling Harry through the crowd towards the far wall where the DJ stand and a small stage was set up with the band equipment. It was about 20 feet away before Harry noticed that on Mark’s drums the bands name was printed in bold letters. Damnation Insinuated Existence, was in bold black letters, except for the first letters were blood red showing DIE as an anagram.


“Dude, bout time you showed up!” Laughed Chad greeting Harry.


“Yeah, the guys in my dorm took forever to fall asleep,” said Harry shrugging. “Do we have a set list for tonight?” Harry watched as Trinity moved off towards the door talking into her cell.


“Yeah, we’re playing a standard 8 song set, Breaking the Habit; Trapt; Still Waiting; Somewhere I belong; Runaway; Motivation; From the Inside; and Empty Walls. Trinity says she wants to be in front of the curve, and we’re the next big thing- especially when the wizarding world finds out you’re our lead singer,” said Brittney.


“Well that’s never going to Happen,” laughed Harry, “I’m Harry Jameson to everyone that knows the band, and besides you still have to replace me, this is a onetime thing.”


“Uh huh,” said Paris smiling, “It’s not like we can magically be transported here for practices and shows… oh wait,” she said sarcastically.


“Not funny, and besides this is a favor for Trinity we’re not getting paid,” Said Harry pulling out his guitar. “And Mark isn’t likely to like being around that much magic.”


“That pork thing that got us here made me sick,” said Mark frowning before cracking a smile, “But I wasn’t the one that lost his dinner,” he tossed a look over his shoulder towards Dylan who was talking up a girl with purple hair.


“Portkey,” laughed Harry shaking his head, “not pork thing.”


“And we’re not getting paid per say,” said Brittney, “But Trinity made merchandise to sell, hats; tee-shirts; bumper stickers; and she helped me mass produce our CDs.”


“Yeah, did you see what she did to my drums!” Said Mark smiling, “It’s freaking awesome.”


“Yeah, it’s pretty wicked,” said Harry shrugging.




Trinity tapped her foot impatiently as she observed the guy in front of her, “Well?”


“Er…” Came the blonde’s clever response.


“If you don’t have an invite, you can’t come in,” Trinity said in an irritated voice tossing a look at Rick the bodyguard that was manning the door and assuring no one entered without an invite, “Toss him on his ass.”


“I….I’m with Potter,” The blonde hesitantly said. Trinity paused before looking the blonde over with a critical eye.


“Like with him, with him?” Voiced Rick uncertainly, “I thought Harry was straight.”


“You’re with Harry?” She asked skeptically ignoring Rick’s comment.


“We go to school together,” he said indicating in the direction of Hogwarts, scowling at Rick.


She frowned in thought, “If you’re here with Harry, why didn’t he mention it when I talked to him a few minutes ago?”


“I… wasn’t sure I could come, so he—“ the blonde started but was interrupted as a loud crash was heard from inside.


“Rick, go see what that was!” She said looking over her shoulder towards the swirling lights of the rave.


“Sure thing boss!” Rick said disappearing into the purple light.


“What did you say your name was?” Trinity asked debating on whether or not she should get Harry to confirm the guy’s story.


“Draco Malfoy,” The blonde said bowing slightly, taking Trinity’s hand into his and kissing it gently.


Trinity giggled slightly before catching herself pulling her hand away, “Ah. No, you’re doing what Harry did, charming me with that wonderful accent! I won’t let it happen again, especially from a pureblood with such heavy ties to the dark arts. Why, my parents would approve, and where would the fun be in that!”


“There is no substantial proof that I am tied to the Dark Arts,” The pureblood Draco replied crossing his arms turning to look off in the distance.


“Your father’s tattoo is more than enough proof where your family’s loyalty lies,” Trinity said crossing her own arms.


“If I’m not mistaken,” Draco said turning an icy glare towards her, “both your parents have the same tattoo. How is it that Potter can befriend you?”


“I don’t follow my parents philosophy on Muggleborn witches and wizards, and I certainly don’t think muggles should be rounded up and disposed of,” She returned taking a more standoffish stance. “But most of all Harry knows my future doesn’t involve bowing at the feet of some damn half-blood that believes I’m below him and should fight his war for him. I’d rather party.”


“I didn’t think Potter wanted people to bow at his feet,” Draco said smirking.


“No, He-who-must-not-be-named is a half blood, or so Harry tells me,” Trinity replied, “Surely if Harry invited you, you two would be friends, and you would know that.”


Draco frowned, “Fine! So we’re not friends, Maybe I should just go back up to the school and perhaps I’ll run into a teacher…”


“I don’t take threats lightly, Mr. Pureblood, perhaps I should Memory charm you to ensure that doesn’t happen,” Trinity said raising an eyebrow.


“Oh come on, just let me in,” Draco said giving up all pretenses of threats.


Trinity smirked, “Why should I?”




“Hello everyone, for those of you who don’t know, I am Trinity Mason,” catcalls and loud applause were heard from the crowd. Trinity awaited them to subside, “Yes, thank you—“


“I love you Trinity!” A random guy shouted from the crowd.


“Oh well I love you too hun! Well whoever you are,” she laughed. “Alright, I am up here for a reason now, I would like to introduce you to my latest discovery and obsession, the band behind me, with the scrumptious singer to my left,” at that Harry rolled his eyes.


“They won the battle of the bands last month in Los Angles, they are a muggle band—,” cat calls interrupted her and she laughed, “Never say the wizarding world isn’t accepting, unless those were from the other muggles in the audience, then shame on you pureblooded bigots,” She smiled really big at that as a loud cheer rang. “But for you pureblooded bigots, the scrumptious singer is a wizard,” she winked at Harry. “Please give a loud cheer, for DAMNATION INSINUATED EXISTANCE!”




“Oh come on, one little drink won’t kill you,” Lance said wiggling the cup of unidentifiable alcohol in front on her face.


“I have work in the morning,” said Karen frowning, “I really shouldn’t.”


“How about I get you a cola then,” he said smiling sweetly.


“That would be great!” Karen said nodding happily.


“I’ll be right back,” he said before he stole away towards the queue for the drinks.


“Hey Karen,” called a familiar voice, Harry’s friend Jason appeared on her left, “you haven’t seen Trinity or Mya around her have you?”


“Can’t say I have, I’ve been too busy dancing with Lance,” she said nodding to Lance who was ordering.


“Oh, I thought you were Harry’s date,” Jason said frowning at the guy.


“Fake date, besides he’s on stage!” She said Happily, “And it’s not everyday I get a guy honestly interested in me, they’re always out to prove something considering who I am and what my job is.”


“Ah, well good luck with all that,” Jason said turning to look towards the stage, “He’s really good tonight, isn’t he.”


“He’s fantastic, but isn’t he always,” Karen said proudly. “I think he’s really playing to the crowd, and he’s back in the settings that inspired most of those songs.”


“It must be hard for Harry,” Jason said frowning.


“What must be hard?” Karen asked uncertainly.


“He went from having no responsibilities back into having the weight of the world on his shoulders, I mean I don’t think I could ever do what he does,” Jason frowned, “I was there when those deatheaters crashed the battle of the bands, they crossed the ocean to track him down, and so did Albus Dumbledore and his merry band of followers. Harry’s the same age as I am, and I don’t have that kind of pressure on me. He’s not normal, but when you watch him up there…”


“It’s as close to normal as he can get,” nodded Karen. “But he was never destined to be normal, no matter how much he wants to be.”


“But, he’s okay with it, Jason,” Karen said placing a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry yourself over it. Harry has a unique way of dealing with it and it works for him.”


“What, ignore it then run away to another country when it gets too much?” Jason scoffed.


Karen laughed at that, “No, we got to meet Harry in a very hard time in his life, but I’ve come to know Harry and he’s… more remarkable than anyone I’ve ever met.”


“Hey babe, they only had diet… who’s this?” Lance said as he sidled up next to her, throwing his arm over her shoulder one hand holding her plastic cup, and the other holding his brown beer bottle.


“Just a friend of a friend,” Karen said taking the cup from him and taking a sip before pulling a face, “tastes kind of funny, almost flat.”


“Isn’t that how diet always tastes,” laughed Jason.


“Goodbye Jason,” said Karen rolling her eyes at him, before moving off with Lance towards a more secluded corner.



“What are you doing to my hair?” Asked Draco as he drank down another of the small cups of alcohol the girl with pink hair, whose name he had already forgotten, kept putting in front of him.


“Relax darling, you’ve never looked better!” Laughed Paul, a bottle blonde male of 17, a friend of Trinity’s.


“Paul, I know your gay, but do you have to lay it on that thick?” Katie, a blonde this week, and known as Paul’s ‘fag hag’ said laughing as she wove her wand expertly through his hair. “You like red right?”


“Not particularly, reminds me of poor people and Gryffindors, and some of those coincide with each other,” laughed Draco, “Why?”


“Oh no reason, just making small talk,” said Katie cheerfully as she downed another shot. She turned to Paul and whispered, “That looks red right?”


“Is the Pope Gay?” Asked Paul in a stage whisper laced with sarcasm.


Katie pondered the question, “Openly gay? You know they have those alter boys, and why they wear skirts.”


“Really Katie,” scoffed Trinity walking up to the table, “Where your mind goes sometimes.”


“It went on vacation a few weeks ago, about the time she went bleach blonde, hasn’t come back yet, I think it lost it’s passport. Held up in customs, she tried to bring back vegetables.”


Trinity laughed at that, joined in by everyone but Katie and Draco, “Hey!” Katie said in an offended tone, “That was mean!”


“I don’t get it, why is that funny?” Asked Draco looking at everyone.


“Oh hunny, vegetables, when you’re brain dead you’re a vegetable. Get it?” Paul said smiling widely at his own cleverness.


“He doesn’t know that, he’s a pureblood and doesn’t know anything about the muggle world,” Trinity said picking at the small plate of food sitting on the table. “What’s with the pink?”


“It’s red!” Katie said uncertainly.

“You’re drunk hun, it’s pink,” Mya said pointing to her own hair, “Like mine.”


“What’s pink?” Asked Draco taking another small cup of alcohol.


“Um, how many of those have you had?” Asked Trinity uncertainly as she watched him place it next to a rather large pile.


“I don’t know, 6 maybe 7. Why do muggles make their drinks so small!?” Draco asked laughing as he picked up two of the small glasses and brought them up to his eyes, “Ooohh, look I’m Potter before the makeover!”


“Potter? As in Harry Potter?” Squealed Katie, “Oh dear, don’t tell anyone I just did that.”


“What squealed like a girl?” Asked Paul laughing, “It was completely out of character for you.”


“Yeah it’s more your style,” Laughed Katie.


“Squealer!” Said Paul.


“Queer!” Laughed Katie.


“Fag Hag!” Laughed Paul.


“I am aren’t I,” she said batting her eyelashes.


“What’s a fag hag?” Asked Draco looking at Mya, “Oh what’s that! And look at the little umbrella in it! Is that in case of a small shower.”  As he snatched the umbrella out of her drink and held it above his head. “I’ll have one of those! And don’t hold back on the umbrella!”



“Great set guys!” Said Brittney handing Harry a bottle of water.


“Thanks,” said Harry, “you haven’t seen Karen around have you?”


Brittney frowned, “No, can’t say that I have.”


“Harry!” Called a new voice.


“Hey Jason!” Said Harry smiling, “What’s up?”


“Not much, you haven’t seen Trinity have you?” Jason asked as Mya and Jessica came into view.


“Not since she left the stage,” Harry said shaking his head as he greeted the girls.


“This party is out of control,” Said Mya springing out of the way of a fist fight that was breaking out.


Harry whipped out his wand and put a body bind on the two offending guys just in time to stop them from tumbling into the crowd behind them. “I know what you mean, I was just looking for Karen in hopes she could police it.”


“I think Trinity invited too many people, this is nuts!” Said Jason as his eyes traveled over to Jessica who was talking animatedly to Brittney.


“Yeah we have to break this up, besides it’s nearly 4 am anyway,” Said Harry pushing his way towards the DJ.


“Parties over, cut the music!” Harry had to practically scream in order for the woman manning the DJ to hear, She nodded and the music cut off.


A loud ruckus began as the partygoers realized the music was off. Harry picked up the microphone, “It’s 4am Parties over! Time to pack up and head home!”


 Jason laughed as he took the microphone out of Harry’s hands “As the saying goes; You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”


“There are portkeys outside!” A new voice chimed in, “Different locations they leave in 20 minutes,” Trinity continued as she climbed up on stage. “Harry,” she said indicating for him to join her.


“Hey,” He said sheepishly joining her, “the party was just too out of—“


“I agree, no worries, I’m actually in need of returning something to you,” She said smiling a forced smile.


“What?” Asked Harry following her through the throngs of people and making his way outside of the area and followed Trinity past the port-a-potties that Harry hadn’t know were there. “Trinity where are we going?”


“I found her in the toilet when I was searching for a free one,” said Trinity lighting her wand expertly to show Karen sitting on the ground with her head in her hands.


“Karen?” Harry asked hesitantly.


“Harry!?” She asked looking up groggily her eyes unfocused.


“Merlin, what’s wrong with her!?” He asked bending down to get a better look at her.


“I think that guy slipped her something,” Trinity said crossing her arms, “Max the bodyguard said he had to send a guy to your hospital , St. Mungos, he was bashed in the head by a beer bottle, he should be fine, until she wakes up in the morn and kills him.”


“Should we take her to St. Mungo’s too?” Asked Harry in a slight panic.


“I tried, she wouldn’t let me!” said Trinity. “I was thinking you could convince her.”


“No!” Said Karen suddenly trying to pick herself, “Too many questions, to many lies, too many inquires… god paperwork! Your friend can help!” She said falling back down into a sitting position.


“What friend?” Asked Harry.


“Oh!” Trinity said suddenly as she dashed off disappearing into the thinning crowds.


Just as Harry was afraid Trinity wasn’t off doing something productive for him she returned with his bag thrown over her shoulder and Jason trailing behind her, “He won’t be any help,” she said exasperated, “He’s drunk off his ass!”


“Who?” Asked Harry questioningly. But he should have saved his breath for not a second later Mya and Paris arrived sporting a drunk and stumbling blonde haired git with streaks of pink running through it.


“Malfoy!?” Harry exclaimed disbelievingly before he shot a dark look at Karen, she knew he had been followed because of her reaction before. But Harry immediately forgave her because of her condition.


“I don’t have time for this!” growled Harry.


“Her…minnie,” said Karen suddenly.


“Right!” Said Harry hoisting Karen up, “Jason, can you help with ferret boy?”


“Sure thing Harry!” Said Jason relieving Mya and Paris from the burden they were carrying.


“Trinity make sure there isn’t any evidence of this rave, in case we’re caught on the way back into Hogwarts!” Harry said, “I’ll call you tomorrow. Jason, I’ll shimmer you back to the states as soon as we get help, alright?”


“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to see Hogwarts, might as well help out while I can,” said Jason. Harry took his bag from Trinity before lighting his wand, Jason following suit.


“You know Potter,” hiccupped Malfoy suddenly, “Father’s wrong, Muggles aren’t that bad! They make wicked drinks!”


Harry groaned in irritation, before Jason laughed, “I think it best we put a silencing charm on him, if we’re trying to be sneaky.”


“I’m going to shimmer us into Hogwarts,” said Harry unable to even consider trekking the entire way with a drunk Malfoy and a drugged Karen.


“Fine with me!” Said Jason smiling as he grabbed Harry’s arm, right before he shimmered away.


Harry and his three travelers landed at the top of the steps right before the long corridor that led to the Gryffindor tower.


“Bleeding hell,” gasped Harry, “I’ve never shimmered three people at once.” Harry was exhausted as he practically dragged Karen to the portrait of the Fat Lady.


“My what’s all this?” Asked the fat lady.


“Chocolate frogs,” said Harry ignoring the portrait in favor of getting Karen to the couch.


“Where should I put the blonde?” Asked Jason.


“Up the stairs, 6th landing, on the empty bed,” said Harry, “And don’t take the silencing charm off of him.”


“Can do!” Said Jason mock saluting him.


Harry lit a fire before turning towards Karen, “I’ll go get Hermione.” He said before crossing the commonroom and removing his wand to freeze the stairs.


“Harry—“  Karen’s voice called but was interrupted by the portrait door swinging open.


McGonagall came storming into the commonroom, “Alright, who pushed Umbridge down the stairs!?”


Harry froze, his wand pointed incriminatingly at the stairs. His eyes locked with McGonagall’s before her eyes flickered towards the stairs and his wand.


“Crush the Grapes of Wrath with Thor’s Hammer, and you get a hell of a wine!” Giggled Karen before placing her finger across her mouth, “Shhh… the walls have ears, and pretty, pretty shoes.”


Harry groaned slightly in frustration and worry.


“Is she drunk?” Asked McGonagall pulling a stern look.


“No,” said Harry frowning, “Some arsehole slipped her something at a party she was at.”


“What do you mean slipped her something?” Asked McGonagall her brow creasing as she crossed the commonroom and bent to examine Karen.


“Some times guys in the muggle world slip drugs to girls in order to—“


“Yes, I am quite aware of that, Potter,” McGonagall said flashing a light in Karen’s eyes, “Come on help me get her to the Hospital Wing.”


“No!” Karen said deliriously, “To many questions… I’m fine.”


“She’s not suppose to be here,” said Harry frowning, “she refuses to see a healer. I’ve already tried.”


“I’ll stun her then—“ said McGonagall only to be cut off.


“Threatening an auror Minerva, that’s a new one for you,” Snape’s voice echoed in the room.


Unbeknownst to them the portrait door swung open and Snape and Dumbledore had been admitted.


“Albus,” she said ignoring Snape, “Miss Parker’s been drugged and refuses to see a healer.”


“Drugged?” Snape and Dumbledore said at the same time. But while Dumbledore seemed pensive about it as he frowned, Snape seemed livid as he crossed the room with three large steps before bending down to examine Karen.


“Who did this?” Snape growled angrily.


“Lance, trance, prance, TAP DANCE!” Karen said giggling to herself.


“How did she get here?” Asked Dumbledore frowning, “She isn’t very lucid.”


“The party was near here, she’s lucid enough to know that,” said Harry frowning with worry as Karen giggled some more before flicking Snape in the nose playfully.


“Boop!” She said in a falsetto voice.


Snape pulled a face that Harry couldn’t read, it was possibly him trying hard not to laugh, but Harry wasn’t quite sure that was possible, “Headmaster, I have a spell to make her more lucid, but it won’t last long.”


“Alright, maybe she’ll be more cooperative,” Dumbledore said nodding. Snape weaved his wand in a complicated motion enveloping Karen in a yellow haze, her eyes focusing almost immedietly before turning angry.


“Oh! That Bastard!” She practically screamed, “I thought my drink tasted funny! I’m glad I bashed the asshole’s head in with that beer bottle.”


“Karen, you know several forms of martial arts and you’re an auror, how did this happen!” Asked Harry in a disbelieving tone.


“Harry knowing all the defense in the world can’t help you if you forget you know it! Let alone don’t have enough control over your body to use it,” scowled Karen. “Bastard! I should flay him alive! I created a spell that does that you know… or at least I think I did.” Karen zoned out for a few seconds.


“I think the spells wearing off,” Snape said frowning.


“No, she’s always like this,” said Harry sighing, “Karen, come back to us… you, drugged, guy in St. Mungo’s.”


Snape shot Harry a look at that but turned his attention back to Karen, “Huh, oh yeah right, got lost there. We were dancing and he got me a diet cola, but it tasted funny so I only took a couple sips. The next thing I know I’m backed up against a wall and his hand is disappearing up my dress, so I grabbed his beer bottle and slammed it into his head.”


“Miss Parker, the spell your under is temporary, we need to have a healer look you over,” Dumbledore said seriously.


“No, I’m not suppose to be here. And the Party I went to wasn’t exactly legal,” Karen said her eyes becoming glassy. “I’ll be ripped apart in the papers and it will be bad press for Minister Charles, especially seeing as it’s an election year. No, I’ll be fine, just need to sleep it off.”


“Your treatment would be in the strictest confidence,” Said Dumbledore frowning.


“You have a legal obligation to report any and all patients that are not Hogwart’s students to the British Ministry,” Karen said shaking her head. “If I can’t sleep it off here, then I shall go someplace else.” Karen tried to walk towards the portrait door but stumbled and fell straight into Snape.


“Considering you’re incapable of walking at the moment, nor do you have access to a muggle beer bottle, I would have to say you don’t have any choice in the matter,” Snape said silkily as he lifted Karen into the air, “Off we go then.”


“Put me down! You have no right to… I am not some damsel in distress. I can kick your ass—“ Karen’s voice died as the portrait door swung close.


“Well,” said Harry clearing his throat. “I really should be getting back to bed…”


“Not so fast Harry,” Dumbledore said turning his blue eyes onto him, “I have to ask you Did you push or know of anyone who pushed Professor Umbridge down the stairs?”


Harry snorted slightly, “Someone actually pushed the toad down the stairs?”


“Harry…” Dumbledore began in a stern tone.


“No, Professors’ I did not push her down the stairs,” Harry said honestly which Dumbledore clearly saw after a few seconds of searching Harry’s eyes.


“Good, I truly believe she tripped myself,” Dumbledore said unsticking two lemon drops and popping one in his mouth before extending one towards Harry which he declined. “Her scream woke me up, and I didn’t see anyone fleeing the scene.”


Harry frowned at that, “Headmaster, your room is near your office,” he knew that because of the Marauder’s Map, “that’s no where near the steps… so how did—“


McGonagall’s cheeks had turned a very cherry red and she seemed to be looking anywhere but at her student and Harry remembered her room was near the—


“Alright, I’m just going to accept that her scream was so loud it traveled all the way to the other side of the castle,” said Harry nodding to himself shaking terrible thoughts out of his mind, “Good night professors.”


Harry climbed the stairs to the 6th years dorm two-by-two and entered the room, “NOT ON MY BED!” Harry snapped as loudly as he could without waking the occupants in the room, which included a slumbering Malfoy with pink streaks in his hair, which was lying flat on his stomach above Harry’s covers.


“Dude, it’s the one he went to,” shrugged Jason as he watched Harry flick his wand at the ferret which lifted him off of Harry’s bed and tossed him ungently onto the other empty bed which belonged to Malfoy.


“Great, now I’ve got to burn it,” scowled Harry ignoring Jason’s laughter.



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