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Chapter Name- Pain..

A/N: by now, you all know my beta- teenage_firestarter - shes great, thanks so much

Harry and Crystal had let the pain set in. You never know pain until you lose a child. Hermione hadn't yet told Harry about her time with Draco yesterday, but she planned to at this moment as she closed in on the house. They had let her borrow a horse to go out on a ride. She needed to think of so many things. How to tell him, how to tell Ron that Draco had been right, she didn’t love him the way he wanted her to. And mostly, how to convince them it was all true.

The horse could sense her fear, her anxiety, her stress. Several times it slowed to a walk, and threatened to stop if she didn’t come back to reality.

She knew it was, but they wouldn’t take it as well. Harry and Crystal were barely coping, but Ron was happy, as he had just asked Hermione to move in with him. She decided to talk to him first.

She turned Arian toward his house and took off after urging him forward. He ran at full speed, so the time it took to get there was not as long as she had hoped. She put a charm up so he could walk around without getting loose.

She walked up and unlocked the door with the key she was given by Ron. She unlocked the door to find him sitting on the couch reading the Daily Prophet. He saw her come in and set it aside, getting up to kiss her.

But she stopped him.

"We need to talk." She sat and told him of the day before.

He had a look of utter shock, but at the same time, she knew he trusted her. If she believed Draco, then he did too.

But she wasn’t finished.

"I also wanted to talk to you about our relationship. I.. well, Ron, its hard to say this, but I don't see you the same way you see me. I… I don’t love you as more than a brother. I've known you forever, I just don’t think of you this way. And I cant keep going on with it." She kissed hi on the cheek, and without waiting for a response, she walked out of the house, removed the enchantments, and took off on Arian, tears streaming down her face as she looked back at the front door which had been opened by Ron as he went to follow her. He was standing with his head in his hands.

She couldn't stand to do this to him, but she knew the feeling that she couldn’t describe earlier about Draco. She wanted him, she wanted to get to know the new Draco Malfoy. He was different, she was sure of it. And she wanted it.

Hermione had said goodbye to Draco at noon, and it was now three fifty-six. She was about to apparate back to the hospital, but fist she kind of ran a hand through her hair, and checked the chap stick she had put on earlier. She liked it because it had a tint to it. As she was leaving, one of the horses whinnied at her, so she tossed it a carrot, then took a deep breath and went back to the hospital.

She had her tour class with Draco. This was the class where they chose a group of two or three to tail the Healer assigned to them.

As she appeared with a pop in the back room, Draco's head snapped to the spot, he was obviously waiting for her to return with news of what had happened where ever she had gone.

"It's ok." She said with a great sigh of relief. She smiled at him. He wanted more than anything to be with Hermione, but he also wanted her to be comfortable, and to trust him, to feel the same. He would have gotten up to give her a friendly hug before he put together the pack they had to carry around, but he didn’t have time.

Before he could even say 'hi', she had run over and kissed him full on the lips. (Yes, I know, fast, but as you can tell, if they are in love, it will work in the end. that’s my view, so :P lol) She set her forehead against his after they broke apart.


"Yes?" He didn’t say it in his normal, hard, cold voice, he spoke with caution and care.

"I have liked you for a while now too. But I was afraid to tell you because I didn’t want to mess up my friendship. But they took it better than I expected. But I am still wary of you, as you were on the perfect path to be a Death Eater-" She stopped suddenly, and as if he was reading her mind, he rolled up the sleeves he had on and showed her two, perfectly clean arms. No trace of the evil sign anywhere.

"Draco-" But she couldn’t contain her happiness and kissed him again.

"Thank you. For trusting me. For seeing it. I knew I could come to you, but otherwise I was not known my Draco, I was hiding, afraid of what people would think. But you, I knew you would believe me. And its not a hoax, I have really changed, I am not the Draco you knew, I am no longer under curses and threats. I can be myself." He hugged her as they headed off to their next class together, determined to be partners in the tour.

As they walked along, she barely noticed when he slipped his hand in hers.

When she did notice it, she smiled to herself, then pushed up on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. She was barely pushing 5' 7", and he was 6' 1.5", so they fit together, even if she had to stand on her toes to kiss him. She knew that this was moving fast, but she had the strong feeling that it was right.

She began to have longer conversations with Draco, over the span of several weeks. They were very close, he had asked her out, and of course she accepted. He used large chunks of his money to take her out to nice dinners, and buy her things. He often showed up with large bunches of roses. Ron had realized he felt the same way about her as she had said about him. He didn’t even mind her dating, as long as she watched out for herself. Personally, Harry always knew that things would not work with couples within the trio. He and Hermione had dated for a very short period of time right before Crystal, but, he knew it would not work.

Hermione and Draco had been together for three weeks. Things may have been slower for them than for Crystal, but she knew this was right. She could feel it.

He was never cold or rude except when people were that way to her. This is one day after a particularly good evening at a local restaurant. He had picked her up from work (the training was over, and they had different shifts now at the hospital, but usually shared five or so hours during the time when they overlapped) and he took her out.

They had paid the check, and were off to Hermione's cottage. She went in and put on a kettle to make some tea. She came back and sat next to him, leaning into him almost.

"Thank you, Draco, tonight was amazing." She looked up, readjusted herself, and kissed him.

"I wanted to do something nice for you. You deserve it. I am still trying to make up for the times I treated you like shit." He looked down, as if ashamed of his own memories.

"No, I want you to forget that that ever happened. We are together now, and, well, Draco, I.. I-"

"I know, Hermione." With those words, he lifted her head and kissed her with love, almost as if there was too much and if he didn’t give some to her, he might burst. He began to slide down, letting her fall into place on top of him. He kissed her with an open mouth, a way he never liked kissing any of the girlfriends he had.

He licked her lip, asking for permission, and she gladly accepted it. She normally would have been repulsed by this kind of affection, she was never this way with Ron, and couldn’t think of being with anyone else, but with Draco, she was so free, so loved, so protected. It was right....

A/N: This will be continued in the next chapter, so yeah. I just wanted to separate it. It would have been ridiculously long if I hadn't. Please read and review. It helps keep me going.!

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