Part 9 - Malfoy's Distraction

“Bloody hell, ‘Mione,” Ron muttered from across the table the next morning.
He had cooled slightly since his little quarrel with Hermione yesterday and finally persuaded her to tell him what happened with Lucius Malfoy since he was wasn’t listening the night before.
“So he was actually going to pull his wand out on you, on a student? That’s-“
“Illegal,” Ginny finished nodding. “Yes, Ron, we know.”
Ron sat there, shaking his head. “I swear if I was there I would have stunned him so hard that his slimy white hair would have turned a shade of grey!”
“Settle down, Ronald,” Hermione said softly, patting his forearm. “It’s ok, I can handle myself.”
Ron grunted slightly and went back to cutting up his breakfast roughly, spilling bits on his robes.

“Hey Hermione, want to come down and see Hagrid with us tonight?” Harry asked from across the table. “Have a cup of tea with him, we haven’t gone out to see him, all three of us, all year,” he offered.
Hermione thought, and then a small smile crept along her mouth, “What time were you thinking?”
Pondering for a while, Harry looked at Ron. “Eight to whenever.”
Thinking Hermione smiled, Draco wouldn’t be up for singing, it was the perfect time to get back with the boys again and see Hagrid, returning back to old times, if only for a few hours. “Yeah, I’m up for it.”

The four sat there, eating their morning breakfast when the owls came as usual. Hermione hardly got any mail except for the ‘Daily Prophet’ but today a large school barn owl landed on the table with a letter attached to its foot.
Hermione unhooked the letter and the owl took off.

‘You will still have singing lessons tonight.
Same time.
Same place.
Mister Malfoy is out of the hospital wing and has agreed to do so.’

“What is it ‘Mione?”
Hermione sighed and closed her eyes while scrunching up the piece of paper. “Just a teacher reminding me I have duties tonight starting at eight,” she lied, throwing the paper on the table then with a flick of her wand it burst into flame.
“So I guess you can’t come out tonight with us?” Harry asked in a low voice looking at Hermione intently.
Hermione shook her head quickly. “No, I’m sorry guys, I can’t. Duties.”
“You haven’t been out with us all year, can’t you skip once?” Harry went on protesting in a slightly angry voice.
Hermione frowned at Harry then stood up, shooting him a look, “Harry I’m sorry, but I have commitments.”
Harry looked taken back and narrowed his eyes at Hermione. “What about your commitments to us?” he growled.
Hermione didn’t understand Harry’s behaviour; he had always understood everything she did. He was her closest friend, apart from Ron; Harry’s relationship with her was different though. He was the brother who protected her, but never got angry with her.
“Harry, I’m not going to fight with you, another time, as I said, we have the rest of the year.” Harry’s eyes lit up like wildfire and his mouth dropped as he looked like he was ready to yell in front of the whole hall.
Standing up, Hermione spared at a glance at Ginny quickly avoiding Harry’s gaze. “Just got to pop back into the dormitory to grab something see you after Potions.”

Hermione made her way at a steady pace, feeling slightly annoyed, towards the Heads dorm stopping outside the portrait to see both the Snake and the Phoenix risen next to each other in full scale. “Alliance,” she said sharply.

As she walked in silence flooded the dormitory. “Draco?” She called wandering around in the room.
“Yeah, come up!” Came a voice.
Hermione paused, what, go up to his room? She pondered dumbly before walking up the stairs knocking on the door. “Come in.”
Hermione pushed her way in and froze seeing Draco in his boxers. “Draco!” she cried.
“Shit!” he growled, running into his closet.
Hermione spun around, mouth slightly open, weird much?

After a second or crashing around, Draco stepped out of his closet with pants on “Granger, what are you doing here?” he snapped, crossing his arms over his bare chest.
“You said to come up!” Hermione snapped back.
“I thought you were Pansy!” he growled, turning around sharply causing him to place a hand to his forehead, an obvious side effect from the ‘dopy potion.’
Hermione jerked her head back. “You gave her our password?”
Draco looked at her quietly while slipping a white button up shirt around his shoulders “Don’t act like it’s so personal,” he growled.

Hermione flushed in the face slightly. “So, you’re feeling better, I take it?” she asked, moving on.
Draco grunted slightly still making his way around the room.
Hermione glanced over with a smirk on her face. “I came to see you, you remember?” she asked then kept going, “Acted like a downright fool, you did.”
Draco whirled around and looked at her with wondering eyes. “What did I do?”
Hermione leant against the door and thought for a second. “Let’s see, I walked in and you waved dumbly at me, while playing with the coloured light that was hanging in the air from the stained glass window,” she chuckled, “Quite funny actually.”
Draco snorted, “You’re lying.”
“Oh, am I?” Hermione questioned. “Go and ask Madam Pompfrey,” she said then paused and smiled wickedly, “Or you could ask your parents.”
Draco’s jaw dropped. “What! They saw me like that?” he asked quickly and Hermione started laughing and nodded.
“Oh yes, then they had the hide to say that I did that to you” she went on and Draco cringed.
“So you talked to them I take it,” he grunted and Hermione shrugged.
“Not really talked, conversed in an unfriendly manner, yes.”
Draco sighed then dropped the subject looking around for his other clothes.

Hermione pursed her lips. “What did happen up there before I found you?” she asked, stepping into the room more, sucking in the surroundings a minute later.

Draco stayed silent for a moment, staring at the ground, memories blasting through his head.

Hermione looked up her eyes locking his, her fingers moving softly on the light fabric of his shirt the only thing separating her hands from his stomach.

“Sorry,” he muttered turning away making his hand collide with his forehead


Hermione dropped her hand and gazed around the dreaded music room. “Fine, I’ll see you in the common room Draco,” she whispered, taking off.


“She’s just a stupid Mudblood with problems, not someone who needs –caring or my sympathy or-“
“Or what Draco?”
“My time,” Draco replied.


“Don’t try to resist me you fool, Crucio!”
“Wow, we’re not pushy,” he commented, pushing the thoughts out his head, returning to Hermione who just gave him a stern gaze. “I think I blacked out,” he replied shortly after moving over to his bed sitting down.

Hermione nodded to herself and breathed in deeply. “Um, so Delarmour said Singing is still on tonight, correct?”
Draco bowed his head slightly, “That would be.”
“Great,” Hermione sighed.
Draco looked up. “Sorry you have to waste your nights with me then,” he snorted.
“It’s not that,” Hermione quickly retorted.
“Then what is it?” Draco asked turning around looking up at her. “Why is it you hate Music and Drama so much?”
Hermione jerked her head back slightly, “I have my reasons.”
Draco narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Well can’t you share it? So we can move around this barrier, and we can get you to sing.”
“Why can’t you tell me what really happened last night?” she retorted quickly, crossing her arms.
Draco stood up and snatched his shirt up, slipping his arms through the holes. “I said nothing happened; I blacked out,” he snapped right back.

Hermione gave a laugh. “And that tone of defensiveness and hurry isn’t a clue that really you’re hiding something?” she asked.
Draco screwed his face up as his jaw slightly dropped “Did you suddenly morph into Doctor Phil or something?” he asked, buttoning up his shirt. “Nothing happened, that’s that,” he finished.

“I don’t believe you,” Hermione pushed.
“Don’t you have a book your head should be stuck in?” Draco asked, turning around slipping a belt on.
Hermione huffed, “Well, the real reason I was here was to see how you were.”
“Well I’m fine,” Draco said shortly, his back now turned to her.
Hermione took in a deep breath, ready to snap.
‘No thank you, no nothing!’ She yelled in her head, resisting the urge to jinx him, but instead she spun around ready to walk out but then stopped at the door.

Draco glanced over his shoulder at the figure at the door contemplating angrily with herself, finally storming out.
He turned around, sighed, and buckled his belt up with a bit of aggression. “I just have to stay around Pansy and everything will be fine and I can move on from this stupidness.”

‘”Good plan Draco, stick to it.”


Delarmour’s class was made even more painful that day.
On top of Harry still being quite angry with Hermione for breaking a promise within the space of ten minutes of making, Delarmour subjected Hermione to her office halfway through the class for what Hermione didn’t know.

Padding across the wooden floor glumly, after spending the class by herself, Hermione stood once again in the colourful office of Professor Delarmour.
This should be fun. . .
Hermione waited and crossed her feet over, angling her weight on one foot with her arms crossed she stared off into space, while incense filled her nostrils till she was pulled out of her gaze by the closing of a door.

“Sit down, Miss Granger,” the airy voice of Delarmour commanded, as a chair then slid over form against the wall, in which Hermione sat herself.

Delarmour slid into her chair behind her desk and knitted her fingers together with a sigh. “I want to know exactly what happened on Monday night.”
Hermione glared at her. “You and every other witch and wizard, including myself,” Hermione retorted and Delarmour sat back.
“Whatever do you mean, Miss Granger?”
“It’s Malfoy’s problem, he freaked out, told me to leave, so I did. I waited in the common for him to come back for hours, he didn’t show up. I left the common room and went back up to the Music Room because I was worried. It was dark, I found a wand, then I found Draco who was passed out, and very cold from the cold air drifting through the window that we left open and he obviously didn’t close,” Hermione rambled on very fast then leant back. “That night in a nutshell,” she threw her arms up.

Delarmour looked at her in way which seemed to be detaching right from wrong, and the look had an adverse affect on Hermione making a shiver crawl up her spine in an unpleasant manner.

Still sitting in silence, Hermione deemed to break it with the one thing that bugged her to the bone. “Why am I the only one who has to do this as well?” she asked heatedly.
Delarmour raised her eyebrow. “I don’t understand.”
Hermione rolled her eyes. “I’m the only one with lessons, why? It’s not like I’m the worst in this class, it’s like your building me up for something with my singing, and this class is called Music and Contemporary Drama as well,” Hermione explained, as if Delarmour did not know. “I can do a Drama part you know, instead of wasting my, and Malfoy’s time on this.”

Delarmour smirked from her seat. “Miss Granger, I have my reasons, please do not argue against them,” she said, her voice turning slightly revengeful.
Hermione felt her eyes spark with anger. “If this has anything to do this my-“
“Stop, Miss Granger.” Delarmour held her hand out, palm facing Hermione. “I do not, want to start another quarrel, that would be quite unpleasant,” she said then sighed, “But I have heard all I need, now go back and keep practising.

Hermione glared at the woman in front of her with pure hatred then stood up straight out of her chair storming out without a word.

“Don’t forget your lessons tonight,” she chuckled and Hermione growled, slamming the door behind her.


The clock had just rung over Hogwarts signalling seven that night and Hermione stomped up the stairs of Hogwarts castle after having a run in with the Slytherin Head: Severus Snape.

Hermione made a perfectly good potion that day for a test; Wolfsbane: used to stop Werewolves from transforming at that time of the full moon.

The result is meant to be a deep shimmering metallic blue, and that was exactly the result Hermione acquired that lesson in the right amount of time after following all the correct instructions.
She presented it confidently only to get a sneer and a discouraging mark.

‘What’s wrong with it?” Hermione snapped at the Professor who looked up, his black greasy hair flicking in front his eyes.
“The colour, it is not nearly as metallic as my own, which I must say is the right way to do it.”

Hermione was deeply offended. It looked perfect, she had looked it up in coloured, illustrated books and even kept a picture in her pocket to analyse: it was the same.

She seethed, she took it further at the end of the lesson and just prior, dragging another teacher in the equation who ended up agreeing with Snape, since he was the ‘Potion’s Master.’
“Bollocks,” Hermione growled, walking up to the portrait, which had the Phoenix and Snake with their backs against each other – the snakes head held low.

Hermione walked into the common room to come to a sight that she felt pull at her heartstrings slightly.
Pansy Parkinson was on top of Draco Malfoy whose top was off and on the ground, Pansy’s soon to follow suit.

Hermione stood and watched for a second then dragged her eyes away at the noises being made. She then slipped her sachet off her shoulder and walked over to the back of the lounge, “Um, excuse me?”

With a howl, Pansy flung off Draco hitting the ground with a hard bang.
Hermione’s spirits felt lifted.
Draco looked up and around his eyes falling on Hermione and he gulped, “What are you doing here, Granger?”
Hermione looked around. “Last time I checked I lived here, too,” her eyes then fell on Pansy but she didn’t comment.

Draco looked up at Hermione from the lounge then rubbed his hands over his face as she walked past and up to the stairs, trotting up her own set.
“Rude, much?” Pansy commented, “All she did was come over and interrupt then walk off!” Pansy went on and Draco looked over and just chewed his bottom lip.
Pansy looked at him with her head to the side slightly. “You ok, Draco?” she asked and Draco looked over and nodded.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.
Pansy shifted a bit with an unsure face on and shrugged. “I don’t know; usually if something happens with Granger you’d chew her out then jinx her, this time you just let her get away with it.”
Draco scratched his brow. “I just-” he stopped, he knew why.
“I just didn’t feel like it, didn’t want to waste my breath on her, now come here,” he demanded, pointing then patting his chest.


Hermione came tearing down the Grand Staircase at quarter to seven, she had just finished some homework that was due in a few days and needed something to eat.
Running into the Great Hall, eyes turned on her, but she didn’t care, she needed food.
After spotting Ron’s red head, she collapsed next to him on a seat and started pilling whatever was in front of her on the plate and Ron laughed, “Hungry?”
Hermione didn’t answer but kept eating, it was after five minutes she looked up and noticed Harry wasn’t here yet, then assumed he was probably closing everything up after a Quidditch practise.

Shortly, Harry arrived; Hermione looked at his face, as he gave a small smile at her, obviously dropping what had happened that morning. “Hey ‘Mione,” he said and Hermione stood up and he frowned. “Where are you going?” he asked and Hermione pointed out the door, swallowing the last of her mashed potatoes.
“Duties, got to meet up with Malfoy to,” she trailed, “Discuss some things coming up at Hogwarts.”
Harry held out his hands in a sort of explanation. “Can’t it wait until you’ve finished eating and talking with us?” he said heatedly, “I need to actually tell you something.”
Ginny now glanced over from his side up at Hermione who pursed her lips and shook her head, “No, I have to go.”
Harry growled then dropped his eyes. “Fine, go,” he snapped.

Climbing the stairs, Hermione felt detached after her small fight with Harry. She hated fighting with him, since he was the other side of her, after fighting with him, it was as if she was fighting with herself.
Coming to the top of the stairs, she kicked her shoes off, flicking them up with skill and catching them walking along the corridor, slipping through the door at the end to where piano was being played.

Hermione threw her shoes against the wall making a loud slap that made Draco look up from the piano seeing her in her grey shorts and white singlet.
“See you came,” he commented, turning back to the piano.
“You expected me not to?” Hermione asked, walking forward.
Draco shrugged from the piano and kept playing quietly, pressing the keys very softly.
“I actually expected you not to turn up,” Hermione went on.
“Oh?” Draco murmured.
“Yes, you know, with your tongue down Pansy’s throat and everything all today, I would have thought you lost your voice.” Draco came to a halt and looked up at Hermione whose arms were crossed. “Tell me, did she do something while you were sick that earned a thanks or something?” Hermione pondered walking behind Draco. “Did she find you in this cold room and tell someone before you got terribly ill and sick?”

Draco looked up with sharp eyes and sucked in a sharp breath. “I know what you’re implying,” he went on and Hermione raised her eyebrows.
“Really? Educate me then.”
Draco stood up and held out his arms. “Thank you for saving me.”

Hermione huffed and watched him then dropped her head drawing circles with her bare foot.
“What made you so snappy anyway?” Draco asked, “Ever since this morning you’ve been all hissy.”

‘You mean the whole point that you gave Pansy our password for our private dorm and now just keep bringing her in, having very visual intercourse everywhere I can see!’

Hermione looked up at him and flushed in the face slightly. “Nothing, just in a bad mood, are we going to get on with this anyway?” Hermione asked, walking over to him dropping her arms to her side.

Draco gulped and looked down at the figure in front of him, “Fine.” 

Author's Notes: Hey loves, part 9, yay.
Good news too, I've finished all of my exams for Year 10. Hell yes.
So now I can focus on this story more, I've already written up to half of part 11 so thats good, I'm currently just trying to figure out which way I want it to go.

For now, I hope you enjoyed this, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in a review and I'll answer it in my next Author's Notes.

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