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“So how did you do James?” Remus asked him, craning his head to see the report in his hands.

“Not bad,” he answered, simply handing him the report before continuing with his lunch.

“Not bad? You got O’s in nearly every subject! Even potions!”

James just shrugged while Peter remained bowed over his own results and Sirius and Kristen switched. “I must say Miss St.Claire, I expected more from you,” Sirius told her with a look of disappointment.

“More? I did better than you!” Kristen exclaimed, yanking her results away from him.

He scoffed at her. “Yeah, in a subject no one cares about!”

“I think quite a lot of people care about Potions!”

“You got a good grade in potions?” Remus asked her, not doing too well at veiling his surprise.

“An ‘O’, just like James.” She told him spitefully.

“And a pitiful ‘A’ in History of Magic,” Sirius told him gleefully.

“Because you did so much better!” Kristen drawled sarcastically, shoving his results back at him.

“Would you two stop it!” James snapped at him, sounding considerably more irritable than usual, something that did no go unnoticed.

“Well!” Sirius exclaimed, looking utterly offended. “Who, may I ask, stuck a broom stick up your arse?”

“I’m just…not sure about this prank guys.”

Each one of their mouths dropped open in shock. “What do you mean you’re not sure? It’s in three hours James! There’s no time for backing out!” Kristen shot at him in a whisper, hoping not to attract anyone’s attention.

“What about Lily?” James moaned, looking at the red head. “She’ll hate me for sure!”

“She won’t know it’s us!” Sirius reminded him with a roll of his eyes.

“She’s not stupid!” James shot at him, near defensively. “Only an idiot wouldn’t know it’s us! The only reason teachers won’t be able to do anything is because there’ll be no evidence.”

“He’s right,” Remus consented. “But her dose will be light James, don’t worry!”

“We should tell her!”

“No!” Sirius and Kristen exclaimed in unison.

“Are you crazy?” Sirius yelled at him.

“She’d rat on us for sure!” Kristen told him fiercely.


Kristen paid no attention to Peter’s cry of indignation; she was having a hard time to adjusting her wording as to not offend his animagus form.

“I need her to like me Kristen! This is not going to work in that direction!”

“Get. Over. Her.” Sirius told him bluntly. “This is getting bloody ridiculous! She doesn’t like you mate! I mean, Hell, she liked Remus before she liked you!”

It was obvious Remus wanted to hit him for that remark, but he was, amazingly, able to hold himself back. “Lily is perfect for James, he just has to be patient.” Remus informed them all, smiling kindly at James and ignoring Sirius’s doubting look.

“Yeah right Remus. I’m a girl! I would know this stuff, and I definitely don’t see it.”

“That would be because you are completely unobservant. For example, it is one of the most obvious things in the world who is your secret admirer, and yet you haven’t got a clue, do you?”

“Yes I do!” Kristen informed him. “I think he’s a Gryffindor, he’s older than me, he has beautiful, light brown hair, brown eyes, and he’s tan.”

“Well, she got two out five,” Sirius said with a shrug.

“Really?” Kristen asked in surprise. “Which ones?”

“Well, I’ve already told you he’s in Gryffindor. As for the other one, I can’t help you there.” He replied with a wide grin.

“When you two are done flirting, could we please address my problem?” James inquired of them, sulking in the armchair.

Sirius and Kristen were far too use to these comments to even merit it with a blush. “Please James, I would love to hear are all your problems!” Sirius told him with tangible sarcasm.

“You know what, I’ll just find my own way to save her!” James snapped at them, sweeping away dramatically.

“What a drama queen,” Kristen said decidedly.

“It’s not even going to be that bad,” Sirius scoffed. “Just a simple –”

“Luke!” Kristen suddenly cried. “Shit! Today’s his birthday! Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! I totally forgot!”

“He’s only been your boyfriend for a month. You don’t have to get him anything.” Sirius reminded her.

“Well I, unlike you, like to be a good girlfriend, or I guess you would be a boyfriend. I give people presents on their birthday.”

“Oh how truly caring of you! Remembering everyone’s birthday! Oops, but I guess you forgot your boyfriend’s.”

“Why do you always get like this when I mention him?” Kristen snapped at him. “You always get so snippy with me and become such a jerk!”

“Merlin you’re an idiot,” Remus mumbled under his breath.

“Because I know what he’s after. Just like every other bloody male in this school!”

“It’s not your duty to protect me honor or whatever you want to call it! I am more than able to take care of myself.”

Sirius lifted his hands in surrendered. “Really? You’re going to stop just like that?” Kristen asked in shock, barely able to comprehend him surrendering.

“Yeah. Believe me, the instant everyone finds out that Luke Meyers managed to get in your pants; you’ll come begging for forgiveness.

“You prick!” Kristen told him, throwing the closest thing, which happened to be a very large Charms book, right at his head, reveling in the fact that he yelled in pain before she stomped out of the common room, apparently in search of a gift and completely missing the good telling off Sirius was about to get.
* * *
Lily Evans looked up just in time to see James Potter sidle up to her table in the library and sit down across from her, looking uncharacteristically down. The motherly side in her begged to comfort him and listen to his troubles. The Lily side just wanted to ignore him.

“Hey Evans.” Looks like it was going to have to be some kind of mixture of the two as he insisted on talking. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?”

He smiled at that, always ready for the feisty side of her. “You been doing that all day?”

“Pretty much,” She responded, her eyes on her paper as she tried to wrap up a paragraph in her Ancient Runes essay that was due in September.

“Really? Wow, that sucks.”

“Potter, did you come here just to get a rise out of me or was there an actual point?” Lily asked him, finally setting her quill down and staring at him in wait of an answer.

“Well, I was wondering of today just might be the day.” James smirked at her, looking incredibly flirtatious.

“For the last time Potter, no, I will not go out with you!” Lily slammed her book shut and was prepared to grab her things.

“Not that,” James stopped her, his smile ever growing. “To fly Evans.”

She stared at him, waiting for the laughter. She could hardly believe he even remembered that horrid day in first year. Surely the James Potter would think it absolutely hilarious that Lily could get straight Os, but quake on a broomstick. “I already know how to fly.” It was true, she could. There was just that extreme risk that she would kill herself in the process.

“Yes, buy can you do it well?”

Okay, he had her there. “What would you do Potter. Take me up in the air, thirty feet off the ground and then try and kiss me because I couldn’t get away without falling to my death?”

“Firstly, we wouldn’t go thirty feet off the ground, baby steps Evans. Secondly, I would never, ever, force you to do something, especially kiss me.”

Lily twirled her quill through her fingers, contemplating her options. On the one hand, she hated anything and everything to do with Potter and the egocentric-ness that surrounded him, on the other hand, she also hated being bad at anything. And there was no denying that she was bad, nay, horrible at flying. But still, tonight would be Dumbledore’s going away speech. And yet, she so desperately wanted to fly, and she felt that is she didn’t take the chance now, she wouldn’t get it again.

“On one condition,” Lily said slowly, hardly believing that she was even agreeing to this. “You will not ask me out after this. This doesn’t mean anything Potter. I still don’t like you, not in the slightest.”

“At least you didn’t say you hated me,” James replied happily, gathering her books for her with a sloppy grin. Lily sighed heavily at his jaunty walk out to the field, looking as if he’s just won some kind of prize.
* * *
“I can’t believe he’s not here, after all the bloody planning we went through,” Sirius growled angrily as they walked into great hall that night. The food had yet to be spread across the table and there were few students already seated.

“He might show up,” Kristen said, though she had little hope.

“This is stupid! He’s ditching us for Lily!”

“Because you’ve definitely never ditched us for a girl,” Remus drawled sarcastically, sitting in his usual place.

“That’s quite different. Those girls actually liked me, well, worshiped me actually,” Sirius smirked, “but Lily won’t give James the time of day!”

Kristen scowled behind his back before sitting beside him. She didn’t say anything to him about it, which probably should have been a warning sign for Sirius. It was never good to let Kristen fester.

“So did you find a gift for Luke?” Remus asked quickly before Sirius could continue to make an idiot of him

“No, I just broke up with him.” Kristen answered with a shrug.

“On his birthday?” Peter asked her, looking horror-stuck by the very idea.

“You really are an ice queen,” Sirius announced with a gleeful smile.

“Well, he was going to be mad at me for forgetting anyways, and I didn’t even really like him, just his eyes, and his hair, they were gorgeous. So I figured I’d skip the whole messy break up over letters during the summer and just get to it,” Kristen told them with a look of complete disinterest.

Sirius looked down for a moment before saying, “You know what, that is actually a brilliant idea. Remind me to find Victoria after dinner.”

“I do honestly wonder why I even associate myself with either of you.” Remus said quite bluntly. “That was completely shallow!”

“It’s not like I’m looking for marriage Remus! Who cares if I date guys just because they’re cute?”

“Ethics! Morals or maybe a conscience!” Remus informed her.

“Well we don’t have those,” Sirius told him smugly.

“You two really are perfect for each other,” Peter laughed, loving the immediate tension that erupted, even if there was no blushing.

“Are you kidding me? We would break up before we even went out. It would be horrible,” Kristen told him, finally smiling, though she scooted slightly away from Sirius.

“I bet I could get you to go out on at least three dates with me,” Sirius told her off handedly.

“No, you really couldn’t,” Kristen assured him.

Sirius raised in eyebrows in complete disbelief and asked, “Is that a challenge.”

“No, not at all!” She suddenly laughed. “We both know that would end badly Sirius.”

“Oh well, I figured you’d be to chicken anyways.”

“I’ll have you know, I’m a fox!” She told him defiantly.

“Believe me, we know,” he smirked right back, the real meaning of his words very clear.

“I’m going to ban you from James’s house this summer. It’s going to be torture enough living with him to add you to the whole equation.”

“You’ve met my mother! Could you seriously condemn me to every bloody day there with a clear conscience?”

Kristen was silent for a moment before replying decidedly, “Yes. Yes I think I could.”

The Great Hall was filling up, everyone was sitting and chatting amiably, some near tears at the thought that this was there last dinner here for an entire summer, or, for some, the rest of their lives. The marauders were quiet, excitement and tension building within the four that were present.

“Ah children, another year has gone, another batch of Hogwarts’ products about to be set off into the world.” Dumbledore smiled kindly upon them all, red and gold shining behind him. Somehow, the Marauders deduction of points was overshadowed by some of their intelligent peers. “One last night and then you’re free at last, at least for a few months.”

Kristen, surprising herself, felt tears form in her eyes. She didn’t want to be free from here. Yes, she and James had talked nonstop about all the trouble they could inflict on his parents while they lived together at the Potter Manor, but a very large part of her still yearned desperately that a letter would arrive from her parents, pleading forgiveness and assuring her of their love. Bridget and Belle had told her that she wasn’t mentioned in the house anymore. All pictures of her had been disposed of, her room cleaned out, it had become as if she never existed.

“We’ll be back soon, homework and all,” Sirius whispered to her, attempting comfort. It had the opposite affect though. No Remus, no Peter, no Lily, no Sirius and even no Dumbledore for an entire summer. Quite suddenly, her head was in her arms as she silently sobbed the ending of the year. This was it, and then a whole summer away. She kept trying to tell herself that she would have James. It would be like one long weekend from when they were younger. But there was no prospect of running into her father’s arms at the end of two days, no Dumbledore to spill her heart out to once a week, no Remus to give her gentle hugs when she felt down, no Peter to make her smile, and no Sirius to do whatever he did to her.

“I didn’t do anything!” She heard Sirius attempting to defend himself, no doubt having earned a glare from Remus.

Kristen wiped away her spontaneous tears. It had just been a bad day, a very bad day actually. Breaking up with Luke had not been easy, no matter what the others thought. Not that she had had any actual feelings for him, but it was just as Sirius had predicted, he had tried to ‘get into her pants’. Now she was sure he was going to spread some nasty rumor about her. “It’s not his fault. I’m just not ready to go home.” She assured them, looking up just in time to see the food appear.

“Well, glad to see you could compose yourself. Imagine, missing the fruits of our hard work in a moment of over emotional femaleness.” Sirius told her, loading up his plate.

“It’s great to know that you care so much for my emotions,” she mumbled back, putting just enough food on her plate so it wouldn’t look suspicious in the after math of everything.

“I’m a guy. We don’t care about people’s frivolous emotions.”

“I’ve noticed.” She replied icily.

Before Sirius could even realize the whole he had dug himself into, it began.

“I cheated on my Transfiguration exam!” A Ravenclaw second year shouted, looking positively jovial at his announcement and not noticing the fur lining his face.

A Slytherin girl stood up next, wings sprouting from her back and announced, “I had sex with Lucius Malfoy in the kitchens!”

Sirius instantly spat out the food he was eating, though it could have been from laughter and not sheer disgust from her announcement. Even Kristen was laughing now, especially at the students that were eating as they watched in glee, unaware that they would be in the same position mere moments later. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, it was a long time coming. There is more to the prank, and the next chapter holds just part of karma has in store for them. Here's the next quote to demonstrate that...
“Don’t you think they’re gone by now? I mean, honestly, how much could they possibly want to kill Sirius?”
“I snuck up to Samantha Valdez’s room in the middle of the night a few months back. I’ve gotten really good at silencing charms.”

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