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Chapter Three
The Next Adventure Begins


“Master Lupin! Master Lupin!” Dobby exclaimed as he appeared in front of Remus with a pop! Remus saw him holding an armful of parchment and looked at Dobby curiously.

“What is it Dobby?” Remus asked.

“Master Potter has given me letters for his friends Master Lupin.” Dobby said. “You and Mistress Tonks is also having letters for you as well sir.”

“What are you talking about Dobby?” Remus asked, sounding slightly angry. “Harry is dead.”

“I is knowing this very well sir.” Dobby said. “But I is hearing Master Potter being calling for me tonight. When I is going to his room where he called me from I is having this-” He gave Remus the letter from Harry. “is falling right into my hands sir. It is saying I is to use Master Potter’s phoenix to being sending all these letters, but I is not knowing how to find Blueblaze sir. Is you please being helping me in finding him?” Remus looked at the letter after this wild explanation.


I thank you for helping me so much while you were at the manor. I am also grateful that you continue to keep working here. I have a favor to ask of you Dobby. Please use Blueblaze to send these letters to my friends. There are two that belong to Remus and Tonks. As they’ve got ownership of the house, please give their letters to them for me. Thank you Dobby, and I hope to see you again one day.


“Dobby, let me see this letter you have for me.” Remus said before a letter was thrust into his hands and he opened it quickly.


Hello Remus. I guess this hasn’t been the best time for you. I know it can’t have been easy for you to lose another friend. I wish I could sit down and talk with you so you would know that I’m perfectly fine but its very hard to be heard when your not a ghost. It took a lot for me just to call Dobby so he could find the letters. So I guess a conversation would be very much impossible in my current state.

I want you to know I am happy. I’ve gotten to know Mum and Dad, and we three and Sirius are already planning a huge adventure. We’re going to start after a good rest, though I can’t say a good nights rest as time is very different here. What may seem like a few minutes to you could be hours, or even days, for us. But we’ll begin once we’re rested.

You don’t have to worry about us though Remus, we’re all very accomplished wizards and witch. We’ll be fine. What we want you to do is to smile, laugh, remember us all, and keep being the man you are. If you can do that we’ll be happy for you. But I’ve got to keep this short for now. I love you Remus. You have been family for longer than I’ve known. Take care of yourself and Tonks. Bye for now Remus.

Your friend,

Remus looked at the letter confused as tears started to fill his eyes. “I don’t understand.” He said. “How did he do this?”

“I is not knowing Master Lupin.” Dobby said. “But he is doing it not long ago. I is only just getting the letters now sir.”

Remus nodded and whistled shrilly. Blueblaze appeared in the room with a bright blue flash. “Please take the letters Dobby has to those who need to see them.” He asked of the bird, who only nodded in reply. Remus read through the letter again before  he heard Blueblaze disappear and looked up at Dobby. “I wonder what they are going to do now.”

Dobby looked confused. “Master Potter is always being protecting people sir. I is thinking he is doing it again sir.” He said. “But don’t being worried sir. Master Potter is saying he is hoping to see me again, so I think he is being coming back one day.”

“But Dobby, nobody can come back from the dead.” Remus said to him sadly.

“If anyone is coming back from the dead, Harry Potter is.” Dobby said with a stern and scolding look. “I is going to finish cleaning now sir.” And with that he disappeared with a pop!

Remus couldn’t help but laugh at what the elf said. “But if he does, I fear we’ll have even more of the dead returning.” Remus said. “Because I can’t see him leaving anyone behind.”


Ron had just fallen on his bed after the long hours of school, training, and then hanging out with everyone. He’d forgotten how good it felt to talk to all of them. He’d given up most of the things he used to enjoy just so he could keep on trying to be the best auror he could. He cringed as he realized he’d not even kept up with quidditch scores in the last few months.

He looked around his room and sighed. If not for the house elf Harry had bought for his parents his room would be in utter chaos. His desk was proof of that. His parchment was strewn all about the desk and quills were everywhere. He thought to clean it up but decided to do it the next day instead.

He’d just found a comfortable spot in the bed and was almost asleep when he heard and saw a burst of blue flame. Ron sat up quickly as he saw the phoenix. He knew it well. He still remembered Blueblaze well, and knew it was Harry’s phoenix. The phoenix dropped a note and then disappeared in a flash.

With all thoughts of sleep pushed aside in an instant Ron stretched and picked up the letter left by Blueblaze. He saw the writing and felt very confused. He knew the writing well but couldn’t figure out from where it seemed so familiar. He opened the letter and began reading.


Well mate, I see you’ve got yourself sorted. It is good to see you’re on the path to becoming one of the greatest aurors of all time. I think you’ll even surpass Mad Eye Moody some day. But do remember to calm down on the training before you become just as mad as well.

You have to remember who you are Ron. Only spending a little time to laugh with your friends and enjoy yourself is not a good thing. You are the person who taught me how valuable friendship really is. Don’t throw it all away now that I’m not around. Be the man you are, and forget the obsession to be the perfect auror. Just be who you are and everything will work out in the end mate.

Well, its time for me to end this letter. I’ve a few letters more to write and another adventure to get on with. Don’t worry about me Ron. We’ll meet up again when you least suspect it. Take care of yourself, and Hermione as well.

Your best mate,

A tear fell from Ron’s eye as he read the letter. When he finished he set it on the desk and laid back in the bed. “Being who I am wasn’t enough to save you Harry.” He said to himself. “How can I expect to keep people safe if I’m not strong enough to do it?”


Hermione was pouring over her textbooks at a feverish pace. She’d been telling herself for the past hour that she’d just read one more page. She barely noticed as the sight of Blueblaze bursting into the room. The only thing that caused her to glance up was the sight of a letter falling to her table. She grabbed it as she finished the paragraph she was reading before opening the letter and reading it carefully.


I see you still study just as much as you always did. Its good to see someone still acting the same when so many people are different. I do hope you’re not studying as much because you’re trying to distance yourself from everyone as Ron is doing with his auror training though.

I wish I was there to help you with your hospital, but I am honored at the title you chose. I just want to remind you that you still have friends around and you should spend more time with them Hermione. If you don’t then you’ll end up alone in the end, you and Ron both.

I just wished you’d both not do so much just trying to do things for me. I only asked that you two lived your lives like I wanted to. I never wanted to work myself to death, so why are you? Start living Hermione, because we both know living is something you can’t do forever.

Now that I’ve said what I need to, I’ve got to be off. I’ve still got one last letter to write. Take care of yourself Hermione. I miss you all. Goodbye.

Your brother,

Hermione looked at the note with a confused look for a second before looking for a book she hadn’t looked at since the summer. When she found it she began turning pages till she found what she was looking for. When she did she started reading, all thoughts of just one more page and class the next morning far from her mind.


Tonks stared nervously at the letter on her desk. She’d yet to even pick it up, but she saw what had delivered it. The blue phoenix that she recognized well. She’d been staring at the letter on the desk since the phoenix disappeared. After thirty minutes she slowly reached for the letter on her desk. When she opened it and turned her eyes to the page tears started to fill her eyes.


Why have you been so off lately? I’m not going to bother asking if you are doing well because I can tell you’re not quite well. Why are you so sad Tonks? You know that death isn’t the end. I promise you it isn’t.

You need to get yourself sorted because you are still the boss of one of the strongest auror teams. I’m not sure if you know it or not but soon something is going to happen with the death eaters. You all need to be on top of your game, even you. Now its time for you to stop moping about and get back to the Tonks I remember, the one who could make me feel like a loved little brother before yelling at me to get my head on straight. That’s who you are and that’s who you have to be again, regardless of the fact that I’m not there right now.

Now get back to acting like yourself, and spend some time with Remus as well. You are newlyweds after all. I’ve got to go for now Tonks, there’s an adventure waiting on me. Sirius and Dad are already in a hurry because I’ve spent so much time looking after you all. Besides, I’ve still got loads more to write to the others. Tell Kingsley I said he’s doing a brilliant job and that I said hello please. Goodbye for now Tonks.


Tonks had tears flowing quickly down her cheeks as she finished the letter. She set it down on her desk and leaned back in her chair, wiping the tears away as she read. It was the first time she’d cried since the honorary burial of Harry. But now that she’d read that letter she was certain of two things. She was sure that Harry wasn’t lying about the fact that death wasn’t the end, and that Harry could still see what was happening even if he wasn’t alive.

With those thoughts on her mind she went home to see Remus. In the morning she’d corner everyone and ask if anyone else got a letter like this as well, but for the moment she knew Harry was right. She needed to be a wife and check on Remus to make sure he was okay. She’d put that off for far too long. Tomorrow, she thought to herself,  tomorrow I’ll be what Harry expects me to be.


Ginny woke up in the morning and stretched lazily before getting dressed. Before she made her way downstairs she noticed a letter on her bedside table and picked it up. She carried it with her to breakfast wondering what it was and who could have sent it. Even more confusing was why it wasn’t just sent with the post in the morning. In the end it was Takeshi who made her rush to open it with one comment.

“That looks like Harry’s writing.” Takeshi said. “Did he leave you a letter?”

Ginny looked at the writing as her eyes widened with shock before she opened the letter in a flurry of speed and began reading.


Hello my love, how are you? It seems like ages since we last talked though it has only been a few months. I know I don’t write to you much now, but its hard work to write a letter when you’re not a poltergeist.

I’ve read what you said in your last letter. I apologize since I know I was never supposed to see it. I have to tell you that thinking about you even having a thought of killing yourself breaks my heart. Please never think like that again. If you do that everything I’ve been working so hard for since I’ve died is wasted.

I’m glad you are doing well though. You seem to be doing the best of everyone. I’m glad you kept your head about you. Its even better that you, Ryo, and Takeshi are getting on well because I have a favor to ask all three of you.

I need you three to restart Dumbledore’s Army. The death eaters aren’t gone and the students will be able to use all the defense and offence they can. Just don’t teach the slashing hex. Never teach it to anyone. Ask Ryo and Takeshi to keep my secret about it as well.

I have to stop writing now Gin. I’ve got an adventure that’s very important coming up. It could change everything. I just wanted to write to let you know I’m still here for you. I love you and I don’t want you hurt. Please be careful Ginny. Protect yourself till I can protect you when you need it again. Goodbye for now Ginny.

All my love,

Ginny finished reading with a warm smile though she had no idea what some of the letter meant. She knew that Harry was still looking out for her, and that he still loved her. That was enough for her.

“Guys, Harry asked you to keep his secret about the slashing hex.” Ginny said. “He also asked us to start the DA again since the death eaters are still around. You up for it?”

“If I can help I will.” Ryo said.

“I want to help.” Takeshi said. “But what can I do?”

“Self defense.” Ginny said. “Don’t worry, lets just do what Harry wants. He said to be careful, so we have to.”

“When did we stop?” Ryo asked with a slight grin.


Dumbledore sat looking at the letter that he’d received as well as the blue phoenix currently perched next to Fawkes. His current manner was completely abnormal to the headmaster and any who knew him would definitely be worried about him.

Dumbledore was a very modest man but most knew that he was rarely confused by anything that had ever happened. However, this current situation had left him so perplexed that even he himself was amazed. He laughed softly as he remembered that this confusion had started only hours ago after reading that letter.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

Hello sir. How have you been lately? I must admit I’ve spent quite a deal less time checking on you as you seem to be the strongest of everyone. I decided to write because I have heard on a few occasions that you are not quite your old self anymore. Many say you have finally started to act your age and this saddens me greatly.

Now you know sir, many might think you a hypocrite for telling us not to be sad because death isn’t the end if you yourself have become saddened since my death. I can assure you most easily that death is not the end. This letter should be proof of that.

Sir, you need to begin working out how to protect the school again. The death eaters aren’t going to stay quiet much longer. The students have to be safe. The founders beg for it, they beg for help. Please help us since I can’t right now.

Also, I’d be grateful if you could help everyone to get over what happened to me. Its not as bad as everyone thinks. I can do anything here, be anywhere, and I’m with my parents and Sirius. Things could only be better if we were all together adventuring through the afterlife, but that has to wait for now.

Please Professor, stop being upset about me. I’m well. Its all of you I worry about now. You have many students that look to you to keep them safe. Don’t let them down just because you lost as many students as you did last year. It wasn’t your fault then. You were surprised. You won’t be this time if you are prepared. So please be prepared.

I must stop now Professor. Doing this is very tiring and I have a hard adventure ahead of me now. Take care of yourself sir. Remember, its really not the end. Just a new start for me, and all the others from last year. Goodbye sir.

Your extremely grateful student,

Dumbledore shook his head again. There was no mistake that the letter was from Harry. He could not mistake that handwriting for anything. To add to the confusion Severus came to him earlier in the morning to say that he also received a letter from Harry, thanking him for all the work he had done to help promote wizard equality. Severus didn’t understand how this was possible and Dumbledore didn’t either. He knew, however impossible or not, that it had happened. Again he laughed at his confusion.

“Harry, dear Harry.” Dumbledore said with a slight smile and a twinkle returning to his eyes. “You always did have a certain flair for stirring things up. I always did admire that about you.”


“What’s that you have there?” Rena asked Kei as she walked into the office.

“A letter from Harry.” Kei said. “Its addressed to all three of us.”

“Well?” Rena asked.

“Well what?” Kei asked.

“What does it say?” Rena exclaimed.

“We were waiting for you to come so we could all read it.” Jen told her.

“Well, I’m here so open it up.” Rena said as she leaned over Kei’s shoulder as he opened it and they all began reading.

Rena, Kei, and Jen,

Sorry for only writing one letter for you three, but I’m not that good at this yet and I have a lot of letters to write at the moment. I know you three will understand. I hope you three are doing well since you’ve come back from the founders. I haven’t seen you much except for that night with the werewolves and those death eaters.

Anyway, on to more important things. The death eaters seem to be up to something important. They arranged a meeting together. If you can find out where you can take them all out in one move. I couldn’t find out any more than that however. I suppose it’s a start though. Be careful, as I won’t be around to help you lot for a while.

I’m heading out for something that’s very dangerous with my parents and Sirius so I won’t be able to look after you. I know you three are incredible witches and wizard, but I do worry about you. You are my friends after all. Please be careful.

If everything goes as planned I will send word to you all again. If not, I fear you’ll never see me again. Its one of those situations, you know what I mean? I hope to see you all again one day. I have to go now.

Your fearless leader,


“Yeah, that’s Harry all right.” Rena said with a nod. “So, when are we going to hunt for the mysterious place the death eaters are planning to use?”

“I’d say lets go as soon as possible.” Jen said.

“We won’t have time right now.” Kei said. “Tonks is coming to see us in a few minutes. She has a lot of questions about the letter Harry sent her.”

“Where is she now?” Rena asked.

“Heading to her office to send word to us.” Jen replied.

“Lets go see if we can answer any questions.” Rena said. “I think this might be a long day.”

“Why does Harry never make things easier for us?” Kei asked.

“That would be too simple.” Rena answered with a grin. “I wonder what he’s planning on doing now.”


Harry awoke refreshed and went to the kitchen to see his parents and Sirius eating breakfast with jokes being passed between Sirius and his Dad. He sat between them with a grin.

“You two never stop.” Harry said. “Who’s winning today?”

“I am, of course.” James said.

“I think you’re very mistaken Prongs.” Sirius said. “I’ve had today won since we started.”

Harry looked at Lily with a raised eyebrow. “Tied?” He asked.

“Basically.” Lily replied with a smile before returning to her breakfast.

“So, are you finally ready for the big adventure?” James asked.

“Of course I am.” Harry said. “But Salazar said he needed to see me before I leave.”

“Well, hurry up and eat so you can do that and we can get started.” Sirius said. “I don’t really want to wait another day.”

Harry laughed. “We aren’t waiting anymore.” He said. “We leave today.”

“Finally.” James said with an exasperated sigh. “I was getting so bored.”

“I feel we’ll be having more fun than you want quick enough Dad.” Harry said with a laugh. “Have no fear of that.”

Sirius laughed. “Exactly.” He said. “The kid has a way of attracting danger to him like metal to a magnet.”

“I’m not that bad.” Harry said with a smile.

“No, of course not.” Sirius replied. “Every boy who is seventeen has fought Voldemort six times or more, searched out a dangerous criminal, fought off dementors to protect the criminal, helped a criminal escape, cured a friend of being a werewolf, destroyed the strongest dark wizard ever, and managed to do it all with a smile.”

“Exactly.” Harry said with a laugh. “I told you I was a normal person.”

“You’re as normal as I am alive.” Sirius said with a barking laugh.

Harry smiled. “True.” He said. “For now at least.” With that said Harry went back to breakfast but wondered why everyone had gotten quite after he said that.


“So that’s all you know?” Tonks asked.

“Why would we know more?” Rena asked. “We’re guardians, we don’t speak with the dead.”

“At least not when they are dead.” Jen said. “We only know what the letter told us.”

“But how did he do it?” Tonks asked.

“We think he’s using the magic in him, as well as his determination and willpower, to force physical objects to do what he says.” Kei said. “At least, that’s what the Unspeakables said.”

“Do you think that’s what this adventure he was talking about is?” Jen asked Kei. “Harry going after the Heart of Eternity?”

“Its possible.” Kei said. “I don’t see why he wouldn’t if he felt he had to come back.”

“But he said if it didn’t work he would never be able to see us again.” Rena said. “What the hell can kill a dead person?”

“I think we might want to talk to the Unspeakables again soon.” Kei said with a thoughtful look. “I think they know more than they are telling us to keep us coming back.”

“Then let’s go.” Tonks said. “I’ll go with you. If they know anything we’ll find out about it.”


“You wanted to see me Salazar?” Harry asked as he walked into the man’s room and sat in his normal chair.

“Yes, and I must tell you of something of grave importance.” Salazar said. “It is about your quest.”

“What is it?” Harry asked as he sat forward in his seat.

“When a wizard dies he has magic with him.” Salazar said. “This magic goes with him in part. However, the body of the wizard was also attached to the magic it had in it, so some is stuck with the body.

“As the body decays so does the spirit become more powerful in magic. The problem is this.” Salazar continued. “Your body has yet to even begin to decay because of the magic that is still sustaining it. This means that you are, at most, only half as strong as you were when you were alive. You can be just as fast and strong as you were in life here, even stronger and faster as you already know, but your magic is not as strong. If you were to wait a hundred years you might still not have that same strength of magic as you did when you were alive.”

“So what are you telling me?” Harry asked. “I’m useless now because my magic is weaker?”

Salazar shook his head. “No, and you know better than to think that.” He told him. “I just wanted you prepared. You are going to need to remember this as you will need to use more of your magic than before to power your spells correctly. But please Harry, I beg of you, do not use dark magic unless you do as I taught you. The price here is much more severe.”

“What will happen Salazar?” Harry asked curiously.

“You could call on almost any wizard who ever died here and you would learn from them.” Salazar said. “You know this, you’ve spoken to Merlin himself. But to try calling on a dark wizard would summon the ones you must fight to get to the Heart.”

“The forsaken?” Harry asked.

Salazar nodded. “All the anger and hate corrupted their souls.” He said. “They are no longer human. To use dark magic as dark wizards do, you too will become one of them. Remember this well Harry.”

“I will Salazar.” Harry said. “Is there anything else I need to know?”

“As soon as you get the Heart of Eternity you must will yourself to your burial place.” Salazar said. “Wrap the two cords around your neck, both physical and spiritual, and you will be whole again, and in the same shape as before you went into that last battle. But you must do it immediately. If one of the forsaken manages to get the heart it could start a darkness even you couldn’t fight Harry.”

“I understand.” Harry said.

Salazar smiled. “Good, now go Harry. Be safe and be quick.” He said. “Your friends will need you sooner than you expect.”

“Thank you for all your help Salazar.” Harry said and went quickly back to his home in the ways of this new world.

“You’re back!” Sirius said. “That was quick.”

“What did the old snake have to say?” James asked.

“To take it easy so you two don’t get bored.” Harry said with a grin. “He has no doubt I could walk into the temple and destroy every one of the forsaken without even getting a hair out of place, but he worries that you two would hold a grudge against me if I did.”

“We would.” Sirius said. “We’ve been itching for some action.”

“Are you ready dear?” Lily asked Harry.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Harry replied.

“Good, lets get a move on then.” James said. “I suspect we should have a nice lunch after the morning stretch and all.”

A/N: I'm sorry writing this takes so long. I keep getting stuck while writing. Thanks to Michaelc for helping me out as he did. You should all check out his stories, as they are really good. I'm off for now in hopes of finishing chapter 4 today. Thanks for reading.

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