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Perhaps, you are wondering if this is a trap. It isn't. I'm in earnest. This garden was your father's, as I'm sure you've guessed. I betrayed your parents once. Yep, you've guessed it,Peter Pettigrew. I know you don't trust me and probably don't believe me but I am sorry. I've decided to make it up to you. How? By bringing your parents back to life. No, they won't be inferi. Something better. They'll be whole and the same as they were before their death, except older. I may never have seemed the most brilliant of the Mauraders, but I learned form the best. I've created a potion. Once it is poured over the graves, it will take a week or two before they are brought back to life. They will appear at the place they died. I left instructions for the potion at their old house in Godric Hollows. That's where they will appear. Chances are, by the time you read this, Voldemort will have murdered me. Don't try to bring me back. If you're anything like your father I'm sure that's what you'll try to do. Always acting the hero.
Remember, this was my choice.

Peter Pettigrew

P.S. I've done my research. Trust me. This should work.

Harry stared at the letter, shocked.

"You guys?" He motioned for them to step forward. " Its from Peter Pettigrew."

"What?" Ginny asked outraged. She had never met Peter but he seemed like a git. Come on. He was a Death Eater. She tore the paper from Harry's hands and read it for herself. Her reaction was the same as Harry's, if not, worse.

Hermione, timidly, took the letter out of Ginny's hands and signaled for Ron to pull Harry out of the garden. She dragged Ginny out by the collar.

Harry locked the garden entrance and slipped the key into his pocket. To Godric Hollows.

"Harry, this is a really bad idea." Hermione repeated, trying to get the point across.

"I know Hermione."

"We shouldn't be doing this. It could be a trap."

"I've realized."

"Does any of that at least make you think twice?"



"Listen Hermione. I'm not making any of you go. Actually I would  prefer it if you didn't in case it is a trap. I'm going no matter what. There is nothing you can say or do that can stop me."

Hermione looked to her shoes. Part in guilt. Part in annoyance.



"I was just going to..."

"Don't want to hear it."

"Harry, if you would just..."


Hermione silenced. All of her body language showed that she was clearly not going to give up just yet. With a look from the others, though, she sighed. It was no use. She was beaten.

The journey to Godric's Hollow was harsh. Hermione had insisted that they travel on foot. They had decided not to use magic. Every time they had used magic before, in some form or another, was the threat of an attack from Death Eaters. They traveled on side roads and hidden paths.  Whenever they passed a village, they would diguise themselves without magic.

Ron was becoming more and more irritable each day. Even to Hermione, who took immediate offense with each thing he said. When it came to Ron, she had a lack of tolerance and snapped right back. Ginny and Harry tried to avoid being near both Ron and Hermione at once. The constant bickering was tearing the group appart, so when they finally reached Godric Hollows a feeling of relief fell over them.

"Well, there it is." Ron whispered. To everyone's immense surprise, there was no bitterness in Ron's voice.

They all stared at the ruins of the Potter residence. Harry was flooded by emotions. Happiness, sadness, and a sense of belonging washed through him. A part of him remembered the two-story house. It was no longer what it used to be.

Ginny looked at Harry and saw the fear in his eyes. She tried to imagine what it would be like in his place. She took hold of Harry's hand. When he showed no signs of resisting, she held on tighter.  

The four pushed forward into the house. The doors were ajar. In the living room,  pieces of furniture were strewn across the room.  In the center of the floor , was a skeleton. It glowed blue. From the build, Harry could tell it was male and realised it was his father. He grabbed a blanket and tossed it over the skeleton.

They explored the rest of the house. Hermione  found her way into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and was disgusted by what she saw. Old groceries and leftovers filled the fridge. With a swish of her wand the mess was gone.

Harry and Ginny had walked upstairs. One of the doors had been blasted open. A glowing light shined through. The two stepped inside and found yet another skeleton at the base of a crib. The build of this skeleton was petite. Harry's mother. Again Harry covered the skeleton with a blanket.   

All they had to do now was wait. The four friends found a spare room and fell asleep, waiting for the start of another day.

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