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something’s causing feet to fly,
rising like a dark knight
in silence
traffic’s slow with broken boats
heading for the sea
and I’m an island
I watched you disappear into the clouds
swept away into another town

Naomi Tarrison watched in horror. Nothing was really being absorbed by her brain. It was nothing like one saw in Muggle movies. Nothing in slow motion. It was actually too fast to understand. A curse, of course. A man, of course. A dead face, of course. Then not much else. A laughing group of evil people. A frozen smile. A mournful family. That was really it.

Percy Weasley was defending his dead brother and getting very mad and upset. He was weak and scrawny and unable to bear much weight. Helped by none other than the 'marvelous' Harry Potter, his body was being drug to temporary safety.

But Naomi only noticed the still, lifeless body being carried away. When she recovered from shock, she ran over to the body. “Don't leave me,” she begged, “don't go.” But it was worthless. Her boyfriend was dead at the very second the curse was fired. Tears were pouring out of her eyes. She cared about no soul in the universe more than this lost one. Now she felt her heart either harden or crack. She had never experienced the feeling.

Other things were going on. More death, more destruction, more ruined lives. Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers; people of all race and nationality; people were injured. And dying. And dead. Gone.

Gone. The word rang through the brunette's head like a bell. It taunted her mercilessly. She felt the air leave her lungs when she finally actually understood the fact that Fred Weasley was never going to live another second longer. His life was up minutes before.

the world carries on without you
but nothing remains the same
I’ll be lost without you
until the last of days

“Oh, what did you say?” Naomi said. She was depressed and confused since her boyfriend's death.

“Maybe you should try letting go, sweetie,” Mrs. Weasley said. “At least he died the way we all knew he wanted to die. Laughing. Happy.”

“I know, Mrs. Weasley. But look at this.” She pulled something out of her pocket and explained to her, when she had his body alone with her, she reached in his pocket for something he might have had handy as something to remember him by. She found something all right. A small diamond ring. It fit on her finger perfectly and even had a little love letter addressed to her.

Love, a pain,
Love, a joy,
Love is what this ring
means to you and me

“I'm really sorry. Try losing your son.”

“Try losing your world.” She looked at the plump woman with big hazel eyes. She was broken. Her heart was torn into pieces. Pieces unable to be sewn together. Pieces unable to be woven. Pieces unable to be fit together. Pieces forever broken.

“Naomi,” the older woman started, “you need to let go. He's happier now. I know he misses you, but at least he was smart enough not to become a ghost and stay on earth for the rest of eternity while the people he loves aren't.”

“That's a nice way to put it, but it hurts so bad.”

“I lost my brothers in the First War. Now I lost one more important person in my life.”

“How do you keep going?” the young woman asked tearfully.

“Just know you have a reason in life. My reason right now is to be with my family and help cope. You know, you may not have a clue what your purpose is right now, in a day, in a week, a year, or even a decade, but you should find it eventually.”

the sun is in the east,
rising for the beasts
and the beauties
if only I could tear it down,
plant it in the ground to warm your face

Naomi was sitting on a soft patch of grass on a warm, sunny day. The mound of dirt was where her boyfriend was. Six feet under, as they say, she thought.

The shining light was distracting and hard for Naomi to bear. Fred loved sunny days when they would play outdoor sports and take walks alone. Now the boy was cold and alone. No company but the worms and bugs underground.

If only he was still alive, she wondered. I wish he was. I'd be his fiancée. And maybe more. She couldn't bear those thoughts. Maybe, just maybe he's fairing well. Maybe he's not alone and cold. Maybe he's living on a sunny day months ago.
I built myself a castle on the beach
watching as it slid into the sea

I made myself our relationship, Naomi was thinking, and it's been destroyed. Demolished. It's gone forever. Or is it? Maybe our relationship is still there. We just can't improve it or anything. I never even asked him his favorite color! She started to cry. I built myself a mountain, and it's been grated down. And there is no way to rebuild it. No way- possible or not possible.
the world carries on without you
but nothing remains the same
I’ll be lost without you
until the last of days
until the last of days

Life, alas, wasn't normal from that fateful day for Fred Weasley. Naomi never received phone calls from him (since she was a Muggle-born, he decided to try Muggle means of communication), saw him knock at the door, or any of what she considered normal.

Her life was like running in circles. Do this, do that. She now understood what those little ponies tied to ropes at carnivals felt like; always returning to step one, and going to the next step, and the next step, and the step after that until they were back at the same place.

through wars and harvest moons
I will wait for you.
the world carries on without you
but nothing remains the same
I’ll be lost without you
until the last of days
until the last of days

“What was Daddy like?” little Lane Weasley asked.

“He was a very brave man, funny, charming, kind. I know he loves you,” Naomi said. Soon after Fred died, she became aware she was pregnant with a daughter that was now in front of her.

“Tell me more! More, Mummy, more!” the five-year-old begged.

“He knew how to make anyone smile. There were only few people that didn't like him. But that was only because he played too many pranks on them.” She smiled at her memories. “He had hair the color of yours, Lane.” The young girl's hair was fire-red. “And he had blue eyes. He looked very similar to you. Good thing you got his good looks.”

“Oh, Mummy,” the girl said, “you're very pretty.”


Naomi was now in her middle eighties. She was doing well, and her daughter had two girls and five boys, and her oldest had a daughter and a son, and the next oldest had three sons, and the middle had two girls. One of the younger children was expecting a child, and the youngest was engaged. Naomi's sad life was looking good from her view.

The old woman went to bed every night and kissed a picture of her child, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. And Fred. “Expect me in about fifty years, Fred.”


So this is what Heaven is like, Naomi thought. A peaceful forest surrounded her. She looked at her skin and she was still old.

“Naomi!” a familiar voice the old woman had been desperate to see for one hundred and twenty-five years said. The woman turned around. An old man was the one talking to her. A one-hundred forty-three-year old Fred Weasley was running towards her. He embraced and kissed her. “I've been waiting for you.”

A/N: Nothing besides the story line and Naomi belong to me. Unless you include my version of Heaven. But I'm pretty sure Heaven belongs to no one person. But God might. I haven't read my bible in a long time. ;) Well, please rate and review. It makes me happy. Especially the good reviews that include what you like and don't like about the story. And tell me if you're getting sick and tired of angsty stories. I might be able to try this thing people call 'fluff'.


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