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Lily hurried into the common room after all her roommates had left for breakfast.  Scorpius was sitting in his usual leather armchair waiting.


“Hi.”  Butterflies tickled her stomach when he smiled up at her.  “Do you have your ring?”


In answer, he held out his hand and she saw the ring sitting on his palm as though it hadn’t moved from the previous night.


“I’m not sure about this, Lily.  I mean do you really want to be me?”


“Sure!” she bounced on her heels.  “It’ll be a whole new perspective!”


“To say the least,” he mumbled.


“Let’s put them on now.” She looked around the common room for stragglers.  Seeing they were alone, she held her ring out in front of her.  Scorpius stood to face her and she noticed how much taller he was.  They slipped the rings on their middle finger at the same time.  The effect was instantaneous.  With a small pop she stood looking down at herself.  She wondered if Scorpius felt awkward being so tall.  She reached up and lifted the pendant over Scor’s head.  Putting the necklace around her own neck seemed surreal. 


“No one will believe it’s me if you don’t have it.”  He looked down at the pendant and then pushed some red hair out of his face.


“How do you stand this stuff?”  She laughed marveling at the sound. 


“Okay, so we’ll meet back here before dinner.”




“Oh and since I’m going to the Quidditch pitch would it be alright if I borrowed your broom?”


“Sure, it’s under my bed.”


“Thanks.”  She bounced on Scorpius’s heels, but seeing her own raised eyebrows, she stopped immediately and tried to behave more Scorpius like.  “Well, good luck!” and hugging herself quickly, she rushed out of the room once again experiencing the sensation of little tingles in her stomach.


She hadn’t realized, until she was sitting in Scorpius’s first class, what a disadvantage she had put herself in.  While Scorpius already knew everything the first years were studying and would probably make her look really good, she kept tripping over his feet and embarrassing him by not being able to perform any of the third-year spells.  If it hadn’t been for an extremely adept potion’s partner, she would have earned Scorpius a T on his Shrinking Solution.


Sitting in Charms next to her brother Al was also an odd experience.  If felt strange not having to look up at him for once not to mention that Al didn’t use his patronizing voice when talking to Scor.


“Nice necklace.” Al said when he sat down.  Lily instinctively reached for her pendant before remembering she had given it to Scor.  Scor didn’t wear a necklace, did he?   Not wanting to give herself away to her brother Lily muttered a, “thanks,” still wondering what he could be talking about.  Al didn’t seem to feel the need to elaborate, however, and so the rest of the class passed without any more being said about the “necklace.”


By lunch she could tell part of her plan had worked.  Scor looked much more cheerful though she wasn’t sure if it was because he was wearing her face or not.  She took her seat in Scor’s Transfiguration class, glad that she had helped her friend but feeling a little down herself for some unknown reason. 


She tried to shake off her melancholy when a rap to the back of her (actually Scor’s) head made her turn around. 


“Malfoy, when are you going to stop slumming with the ‘Goody Gryffindors’ and get some Slytherin bollocks?”  She felt her heartbeat increase.  Was Scor teased for spending time with her? 


“As soon as you learn some manners, Vaisey, hmmm let me see, that will be…never.”


“Yeah I forgot,” the boy put on a simpering face, “you’re in wuv.”


“Shut up, Vaisey.”


“Can’t wait to see what Granddaddy thinks of your girlfriend, Malfoy.”


Lily turned back to the front as Professor Finnegan started class wondering about what Vaisey had said.  She had never thought of what Scor might have to endure to be her friend. 


When Transfiguration finally ended she made her way to the dungeons with less enthusiasm than she had started the day with.  She walked into Scor’s room and dropped to her knees next to his bed to retrieve the broom.  As she pulled the broom out from under the bed her hand brushed against something.  She pulled the object out with the broom.  It appeared to be a wooden jewelry box.  She sat it on the bed and leaned closer absentmindedly enjoying the spicy scent lingering on Scor’s bedsheets.  Knowing she probably shouldn’t, she opened the lid of the box and saw an assortment of items: a picture of Scor’s mum and dad standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, an old snitch that waved its wings feebly, a silver pocket knife, and her hair tie.  She lifted the piece of leather that seemed so out of place amongst these treasures.  He kept it? She heard some of the boys coming toward the room and quickly returned the tie and closed the box shoving it back under the bed just as the door opened.


She hurried down to the Quidditch pitch long before any of the boys appeared and stole into the locker rooms.  She took the Jock-itch Powder she had purchased from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and sprinkled a generous amount on each boy’s Quidditch uniform.  She wondered at her lack of excitement.  The elation she normally felt when pranking was absent.  Why am I even here? She left the locker rooms and mounted the sleek broom kicking off just as Thomas came into view.  She felt the engraving on the broom handle.  This was the broom that she had ridden at the Quidditch tryouts.  Scor had let her use his broom. 


She watched as the team members made their way to the pitch and entered the locker room.  Scor had done so much for her.  She looked down at her hands, his hands.   Each boy started jerking crazily on his broom, falling like a shooting star onto the grass in a convulsive heap.  She had never noticed how strong his hands were, how long and thin his fingers.  She flew over the greenhouses and landed in a small courtyard.  She reached up and pushed a lock of blond hair out of her face, his face.  For some reason she felt a weight settling in her heart as she made her way to Scor’s room to return his broom.  She pushed the door open and saw Sharpe folding a piece of parchment.


“Hey Scor.”


“Hey, what’s up?”  Lily hoped she sounded convincing enough.  Fooling Sharpe would be hardest.  She started across the room to Scor’s bed.


“I decided to tell Rose I fancy her.  We’ve been talking for months now and I really think she likes me too.  I wrote her a note.  What do you think?”


Lily stood in Scorpius’s shoes frozen in shock.  For a moment she couldn’t breathe.  Time completely stopped.  Rose?  He likes Rose?  She remembered her conversation with Scor before Christmas.


“Zabini likes roses.”  He hadn’t said roses, he had said Rose!  Darkness seemed to close in around her.


“Scor?” She looked at the dark handsome boy.


“Um…sure…” She barely registered the words she spoke, she barely registered her surroundings as she turned to leave, she barely registered Scor’s body as she bumped into the door frame.


“Scor, you alright mate?”




She managed to make it to the common room where her body stood looking at her with a raised eyebrow.  Walking past, she shoved the broom at herself and wandered toward the stone wall.


“Lily?”  Her own voice called, but she ignored it walking out the door and down the hall to the place she knew she had to go, to Tom.  She pulled the ring off as she walked and felt it slide out of her fingers, making a tinkling sound as it hit the cold stone.  Her legs shrank, her hair grew, but her steps continued toward the old attic room, and as she slipped into the room and past the veil that hid Tom from view she felt the despair close around her dowsing the last bit of hope, the last ray of sunshine, the last breath of happiness.

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