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Ch.2 Finding Friends

“Katie, what is it?” Hermione asked her, since she didn’t answer Ron. Katie walked to the tree, where she saw a foot.

“Harry, please come with me.” Katie said. Katie took Harry’s hand, they walked towards the tree. There lie a body. Katie’s hand went to her mouth. Harry comforted her friend with a hug. Katie began to cry again.

Ron and Hermione came up behind Katie and Harry. Ron hugged his cousin, and Hermione hugged Harry. Then Arthur Weasley came up behind his son and niece. “I think you four should go back to the school.” He said.

“But what about….” Katie said looking towards Ginger’s limp and lifeless body.

“We’ll take care of her.” Arthur told them. Katie nodded, and the four of them went back to the school.

“How are you doing, Katie?” Harry asked.

“Ok, now that I know Ginger isn’t somewhere, suffering.” Katie told them. They nodded.

They walked the rest of the way in silence.

When Katie got to the castle and went through the doors, Katie heard a familiar voice. Katie followed the voice to the Great Hall. And there standing by the Slytherin table was Katie’s boyfriend. A smiled formed on Katie’s face. Katie ran to Draco and wrapped herself around him. He hugged her back. “Hey.” He said softly, looking down at Katie.

“Hi.” She said back, she leaned up to his ear and whispered. “Where the hell were you?”

“Sorry, my dad took me back home. I’m sorry.” He said hugging Katie again.

“Can we go somewhere private?” Katie asked.

“Sure.” He said taking Katie’s hand and leading her to a private area.

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“Ginger’s d-.” Katie paused and rephrased. “gone.”

“Gone where?” He asked. Katie looked to the sky.

“To heaven.” Katie said tears forming once again.

“Oh, Katie, I am so sorry.” Draco said puller her in for a hug.

Out of nowhere a voice blurts out. “Pfft he’s not sorry, he doesn’t miss me at all.”

“What the-“ Draco started.

Katie looked around. “Ginger?” But there was no answer. “I think…” Katie started but then a young boy interrupted.

“Hi, Katie Weasley?” The boy asked.

“Yes, and who are you?” Katie asked.

“I’m Dean Creevy. I have a message from Dumbledore.” He stopped to take a breath. “He wants you to go to his office.”

“OK, bye Draco.” Katie said leaving the grip of her boyfriend’s arm.

Katie walked out of Draco’s sight. Then ran to Dumbledore’s office. She got to the Gargoyle. “Lemon Drop.” She said. Then the Gargoyle began to rise. Katie knocked on the door. “Come in.” the old voice said.

“You wanted to see me professor?” Katie asked.

“Yes Miss Weasley I do.” Dumbledore said. “The staff and I think you should go home for the rest of the term.” Dumbledore explained.

“Why, and how would I do my finals?” Katie asked.

“Well since Miss Potter’s death you have been extremely depressed. And we would send your tests to you.” Dumbledore explained again. Katie nodded in agreement, “OK sir.” “You may leave when you wish, Hagrid will talk you home.” He told her.

“Ok, thanks for your concern professor.” Katie said. Dumbledore nodded. Katie left for the tower to pack.

As Katie packed, Hermione, and Ginny watched. “So when are you leaving?” Ginny asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” Katie told them.

“Oh, we’ll miss you.” Hermione told Katie.

“I’ll write, and I’ll be back for the sixth year.” Katie said. Then a girl came up to the dormitory and says, “Katie this is a letter for you, Ron told me to give it to you.”

“Ok thanks.” Katie smiled and took the letter. It read:

Dear Katie,

Yes mom got a positive report. We heard about your friend Ginger, we are so sorry. It’s nice to hear that you have a boyfriend. We’ll see you at home soon.

Love always
P.S Mom and Kari say hi

Katie smiled at the letter. She knew she’d have to write home now. “I’m going to be a big sister again.” Katie told Ginny and Hermione. “Congrats.” They both said. She sat down on her bed and began to write. Then took the letter to the owlery, after that she went to find Draco.

She found Draco and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around. “Hey what’s up?” Draco asked.

“Hey not too much. I just came to talk to you.” Katie said to Draco.

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“I’m going back to Birmingham for the rest of the term.” Katie explained.

“What? Why?” Draco asked Katie.

“Because Dumbledore says I need to leave and comeback in the fall.” Katie explained.

“Oh, when are you leaving?” Draco asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” She said.

“I’ll miss you.” Draco told her.

“Me too, I’ll miss you too Draco.” Katie replied back. Draco took Katie into his arms. HE kissed her softly on the lips, she kissed him back. She parted from him, smiled and then went back to the tower.

In the morning Katie took her trunk and went to the main doors of the school. Hagrid met Katie and her friends there. They said their good byes.

Hagrid took Katie to London’s train station. Katie said goodbye to Hagrid then hopped on the train, which would be taking her home to Birmingham. The trip home for Katie would take two hours. Katie sat in a compartment with a man, with scars all over his face and he was asleep. As she watched him, every once in a while his one eye would open and close. “You know, it’s hard for a man to sleep with someone watching him.” said the man.

“Oh sorry.” Katie said and looked out the window.

“It’s all right, I couldn’t sleep anymore, anyways.” He said again. “The name’s Remus Lupin.”

“Katie Weasley.” Katie introduced herself.

“I see, Arthur’s niece.” Remus said.

“How do you know who I am?” Katie asked.

“I am a friend of you’re family’s and I’m in the Order.” Remus explained.

“Oh, now I remember you. Ron told me about you.” Katie said smiling. Remus nodded. “But why are you on this train?” Katie asked.

“Well I’m here to protect you.” Remus started to explain.

“Protect me from what?” Katie asked.

“From Voldemort.” HE said.

“Why?” Katie asked again.

“Well because your Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend and he wants you to be out of their way.” Remus told her.

“Oh…so do you think if I break up with Draco, I’m off the hook?” Katie asked.

“I don’t know. It’s really hard to say. But I’m protecting you for as long as I can.” Remus said.

“So Dumbledore sent me home because of this?” Katie speculated.

“That’s one reason, he still sent you home because of the death of your friend, because you two were so close.” Remus explained. Katie nodded.

“Ginger, that’s her name.” Katie said. “We were like sister, but we still had a few rough patches.” Katie told him.

Katie talked to Remus all the way, till they got to Birmingham train station.

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