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AN~ when the girls speak in their heads it will be in { }. 

Chapter 4 - Suprises 

Sydne and Hermione decided they needed to be at home. Not that they didn't love The Burrow or The Weasleys but they needed to be at home where it was quiet so they could concentrate on speaking with their sisters. They needed to find them as quickly as possible. They apperated into their living room and sat comfortably on the couch.

" Sydne, you try first. "

" Ok sis."

{ Helloo.......... anyone there? }

A few moments passed by and nothing. They would have to keep trying to contact their sisters.
Both girls decided to get something to eat and try again. They went to the kitchen and made some sandwhiches and grabbed their favorite drinks Rootbeer for Hermione and Mt. Dew for Sydne. After finishing up they headed into the livingroom once again to try and contact their sisters.

" Sydne ? Do you think we will ever find them?"

" I sure hope so Mione. It may take us alittle while to contact them
but hopefully we will find them soon. Lets try again."

{ Hello , Can anyone hear me? }

{ Hi who is this? } Sydne and Hermione were shocked.

{ Uhhh. I'm Sydne who is this?} Sydne was a little hesitant.

{ Im sorry didnt mean to be rude. My name is Celone. }

{ Hello Celone, I'm Hermione.}

{ I never thought I would find you two.} Celone said.

{ Find us! We didn't even know you knew about us.} They both stated. They were shocked to say the least that Celone even knew they exsisted.

{ Of course I knew about my sisters. My parents told me all about my life.}

{ Hello? My name is Myla. Can anyone hear me?}

This voice sounded like a mother talking to a newborn baby. The three sisters did not want to startle their fourth sister.Hermione spoke first.

{ Hello Myla. My name is Hermione. I am one of your sisters.}

{ Hey sis. Let me get this right is your name Herminee? }

{ No. Pronounce it like Her-my-knee.}

{ Ok. Lets try this again. Her- my - knee ?} Myla said with question.

{ Thats right! Most people get it wrong. Some people never learn to say it right. Its rather simple though. You can just call me Mione though. Thats my nickname.}

Her sister agreed to this. She would stick to calling her Mione. That way if she did say it wrong she wouldn't feel so stupid not being able to say her own sisters name correctly.

{ Well, back to what we were doing, my name is Sydne. I am the oldest of the 5 of us. You can call me Syd or sis. Whatever you prefer. }

{ Ok sis. }

{ And last so far my name is Celone. You may call me Cell or even CC.}

{ Okey dokey! But thats only four. Where is Ellie? }

{ Ellie here! Was it me or did someone say my name. If you are my sister say yay, if not say neigh. }

{ Yay! }

{ Yay! }

{ Yay! }

{ Yay! }

{ Well,started Ellie, looks like we are all here! Ok now, every one that is not Sydne or Hermione you all know the plan! Got it? 1.....2....Get Ready, Set, GOOOOO! }

It was at that moment everyone cut out silence reined over Sydne and Hermione. They looked at each other in confusion. Then there was a knock at the door. They both made their way to the door slowly. Who would be knocking on their door they thought.

The 2 girls opened the door and........SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!
They were startled by what they saw before their eyes. Three very different looking girls stood at their door cloaked in purple, green, and orange. Hermione and Sydne stood there with their mouths opend and jaws to the floor. They stared at the three before them for a while before one of the other girls spoke.

" Are you going to stare at us all night or are you going to let your sisters in?" said Celone with laughter in her voice.

Sydne didn't know what to say .

" Uh yeah umm sure come in , but how did you , how did you know where to find us. I mean ."

" You know Sydne, your not the only one who knows how to scry." and with that Celone entered the house first followed by her other sisters who were led into the living room by Hermione.

After everyone had gotten comfortable in the living room they all talked about how they had been trying to find each other. Myla was very shy so she didn't talk much. Ellie isn't so shy but she likes to take her time and not be rushed. Celone on the other hand liked to take the lead and get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible. So she did most of the talking.

" So how did you even know about us." Hermione asked to her sisters.

" Well, like I said before. Actually all of our parents had told us about our lives and what we should come to expect. We knew about each other, we just didn't know if we would ever find each other. It was hard at first. I found Myla and Ellie first. We kept in touch as much as possible. We knew we had to find you and Hermione. We figured out once we turned 17 that we could talk to each other telepathicaly. We tried to contact the both of you , but never succeeded. We aren't sure why we couldn't talk with the both of you, we thought it was because the three of us were in America and the both of you were in London. So the distance made it harder. We learned that the distance didn't matter so we aren't sure why it happend that way." Celone let Ellie speak next.

" You see , my parents had been keeping a secret box from when we were all babies. In there were photos of all of us , and tiny pieces of what once was our baby blankets. Sort of like keep sakes. When I contacted Celone and Myla I told them I could try scrying for the both of you. It took us a while to get together since we lived so far apart and had to finish school. So this summer we decided to meet up and find our sisters. That is how we came to find you here."

Myla spoke quietly. " Once we were able to make contact with the both of you we scryed once more while we were all talking and it only made the connection stronger. By then we could pinpoint exactly where the both of you were. So we decided not to wait any longer and apperated accross the street and walked up to knock on the door. Praying you didn't hex one of us ,we wanted to suprise you. "

They all broke into laughter at Myla. She was right Sydne and Hermione were known to throw some pretty mean hexes in their life time.

" You know, we were told that once we were all together our concealment charms would fade. They haven't so far so I'm assuming maybe with the full moon later tonight they will disappear in our sleep." Ellie looked to her other sisters for an answer.

Sydne spoke up. " Your part correct Ellie. At midnight on a full moon when all of us come back together we are to stand under the light of a full moon holding hands. The force will break the concealment charms that were placed heavily on all of us."

Hermione went to the kitchen with Myla to get drinks and snacks so the girls could talk until midnight and get to know each other a little better. Sydne explained to the others what had happend to Hermione. Slowly Hermione has been regaining her old self again. She explained how all of them finally being together would help her be her old self once and for all.

Two hours later they all filed out to the back garden. The moon was shinning ever so brightly. They looked to one another before Sydne spoke.

" Well girls, its now or never. "

They all linked hands and formed a circle. The light above them kept getting brighter the longer they stood there. You could hear howling in the background but it never broke their circle.The bright moonlight was glowing down upon them. They stood there for 15 mins before the light started to dim. Finally their hands broke apart and they looked around at each other and were amazed by what they saw.

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