Raine rolled her eyes and followed her cousin out the door. She spotted Lily standing by her and Raine smiled. “Hey Lily!” she yelled. “How’s about you and me go down stairs to the party? Oh wait. That’s right! You’ve got to do that with Nate!” Nate walked up, grabbed Raine’s arm and walked her ten feet away from a blushing Lily.

“Nate, you dog! Why didn’t you tell me you had a date? A date with one of my best friends, none the less.”

Nate groaned, “Because if figured that if I told you, you would never drop it.”

“And Ella and my mother will?”

“Your mother hasn’t said anything and Ella being a bitch only said I could do better.”

"Ella is a slut. Have you seen her dress? Don't listen to her. Lily is like, perfect!" Raine squealed.

“My sister is not a slut. Yes I’ve seen her dress. Have you seen your own sister?”

"Nope, I have not seen my sister. I don't have to look at her to know she's a slut. Do you know who did my hair?" Raine said while trying to not talk about her sister.

"Could it be the boy that's standing there actually talking to Lily? While they wait on us to finish our conversation."

"Yep." Raine said with a smile. "James!" Raine yelled while running towards James as best she could in her heels and then jumping into his arms, giving him a hug. "Looks like you and me are stuck together tonight!"

"Until we get downstairs. I believe I have a very pretty blonde waiting for me." James replied grinning.

"Who? Why are you going to leave me by myself?" Raine questioned.

"You'll find out. I suppose you can stay with us if you behave."

"Who is it James? I don't want to be a third wheel. Just tell me now so I can plan on hanging out with some other people that have no date."

James grinned at her, "Trust me you'll love her. Now come on everyone is waiting on us to come down."

Raine sighed. "Fine, but if I don't like her I'm leaving and I will be down by the pumpkin juice bowl."

“Fair enough.”

As all the couples started to descend the stairs, Raine asked one more time just to see if she could get an answer. "James, just tell me who this girl is! I'm not going to stop asking you until I get an answer."

“You’ll see when we get down there.”

"When are going to get down there? In like an hour? These openings always take forever!" Raine complained.

"If you would shut up there is only fifteen minutes left my parents are already down there and since I live here I'm always the last with whomever my parents told me I was walking."

"Why didn't you walk with your new blonde ‘friend’?"

"She had someone else she had to walk down with." James explained slowly.

"I'm not retarded James. You don't have to talk that slow. Whom did she walk with?"

“Why does it matter?”

"I just want to know!" Raine stated.

“Well you can just wait until were down there.”

"Fine." Raine said defeated. Raine then smiled and asked "Are we there yet?" as they took one step down.

"Almost about ten more minutes. Oh look it's your sister."

"Oh, joy!" Raine said sarcastically. "Look! Nate and Lily!"

"Yep, Lily looks pretty. Oh Raine, you look lovely."

"Thanks James. You don't look to bad your self." Raine replied with a slight smile.

“I only look not so bad?" James with mock hurt in his eyes.

"No, I'm sorry James. You are the hotter than any guy here." Raine said. "Oh! Except for him." she finished while pointing to a guy already down stairs.


"Just kidding!" Raine said before giving James a peck on the cheek. "You know you’re the only hot guy in my life." She finished sarcastically

“Come on.”

"Where are we going? Wait, you mean, we’re actually moving?"

"Yes now keep your voice down and smile."

Raine immediately got quiet and put on a small elegant smile. She had been to enough of the Potter's parties to know that if you didn't act like a polite young woman, there would be consequences coming from your mother. James smiled and slowly guided Raine down the long staircase. When Raine and James reached the bottom of the staircase, they were introduced to the party guests before they veered off to the left.


“James, I'm guessing that’s your blonde friend." Raine said as she detached herself from James' arms.

“Abigail!” James called out and then wrapped his arms around the small cute blonde girl, “Raine this is my cousin Abigail.”

The girl grinned up at Raine and pulled on James’ hand, “Mommy told me to stay with you tonight.”

"Aw! James she's adorable!" Raine cooed. "Hello, my name is Raine."

The little girl grinned up at her again and declared, "I'm Abigail."

"Its very nice to meet some one in the Potter family with such manners as yourself." Raine grinned back.

"Thank you. James!"

"You're very welcome." Raine said as she smiled over to James.

"James! I feel short,” the little girl declared. James rolled his eyes and leaned down and picked her up.

"You know, I could learn a lot from you." Raine said as she smiled to the little girl. "He never listens to me." she finished as she pointed to James.

"That's because he loves me." the girl replied wrapping her small arms around her cousin's neck and kissing his cheek.

Raine pouted. "But, I thought you loved me!”

James rolled his eyes, “Of course Raine.”

"Yay!" Raine shouted. "James. I feel short too! Pick me up!" Raine said pleadingly

"Raine you're not even short."

"But, that doesn't mean I can't feel it. You never understand!" Raine said dramatically. Raine looked around the room and spotted Walter. "You know Abigail. My cousin is better than yours! Walter! Come here!"

Walter sighed and walked over to Raine. "What do you want, kid?" he questioned. "I want to prove to my friend Abby here that you’re a better cousin than Potter." Raine replied while pointing directly to James.

“And how exactly am I doing this?” Walter asked sighing.

"I haven't figured that out yet. Oh! I know! Give me a piggy back ride!" Raine demanded.

"Raine, you’re in an evening gown and this is neither the time nor the place."

Raine glared at Walter. "Abby, dear. What is James willing to do for you?" Raine smirked.

"Anything I ask of him." the girl replied placing her small head in between James shoulder and his neck.

"Really? Well, that’s interesting. Because my cousin Walt here is willing to do the same times a bazillion." Raine's smirk grew wider. "Are you willing to do the same James-y?"

James rolled his eyes, "Raine if it came to it I would die for her okay."

"Walter?" Raine whined, "Can I have a new kitten?"

“Didn’t you just buy one?” Walter asked.

"Oh, yeah." Raine said, suddenly getting sad. "Never mind. Abby, you do have the better cousin. Thanks for your cooperation Walter. You can have your "Quiberon Quafflepuncher's" tickets back. Nate has told me they aren't a real team."

"Raine follow." Walter said as he slowly started to walk off.

"What?" Raine asked as she followed him.

"I do have a real present for you but what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Raine stated. "Why do you ask?"

“I’m an Auror Raine I know when you’re lying.”

"Oh. I've heard that before. Maybe I should become an Auror. That way I know when people lie to me." She replied while rolling her eyes.

“Raine, what’s wrong?”

"This is not the place nor the time to be discussing this Walter," she stated mocking what her cousin had said to her, only moments before.

Walter groaned grabbed her arm and led her out of the room, "What's going on?”

"Well, I'm not sure. You just randomly grabbed my arm and led me in here." Raine said dumbfounded.

"Raine Aida de Luca. Tell me what's going on, now."

"Just, some relationship issues." Raine replied while looking away from Walter.

"Raine, come on tell me."

"Why are you so concerned? You weren't this concerned when James and I broke up." Raine asked.

"That's because you broke up with James."

"So? I was still a teeny bit heartbroken then."

“Well right now you look like you did when Magic died. So what's going on?"

"I told you, just some issues with Gideon. He's been cheating on me. No big deal." Raine said while starting to cry.

"I'm going to kill him." Walter said pulling Raine into a hug.

"He- he doesn't know I know yet." Raine muttered in between sobs. "I thought he was something different. I thought he could be different than his twin. But, I- was severely mis- mistaken."

"God Raine, I'm sorry." Walter replied holding her tighter.

"Why are you apologizing? It’s not your fault." Raine stated. "You want to know the reason he was with me in the first place? Nope. Not because he actually cared about me, because he needed a good shag. He needed to keep up with Fabian." Raine started to cry harder.

"Raine he never deserved you anyways and I swear I am going to kill him."

"Thanks Walter. But, I think if Nate sees him he is going to Avada Kedavra his arse with out thinking twice." Raine smiled a watery smile. " I can't lose two of my favorite cousins to Azkaban."

Walter laughed, "Well I'll just torture him then."

Raine smiled and sighed softly. "I guess if that’s what makes you happy. "

"It will are you going to be okay?"

"I- I don't know." Raine answered truthfully. "I think I will. Before you mentioned the cat, I was fine."

"Well I'll always be here for you and if you ever need me at school just write and I'll be there as soon as I can."

"You can't do that. Dumbledore wouldn't allow it." Raine laughed. "I don't think he wants a crazy Beauchamp in his school. Well, at least not two crazy Beauchamps. Nate is enough."

"He would too, or at least McGonagall would she adored me."

"I thought you went to Beauxbatons."

"I did I've met her before."

"How? I think we should head back to the party. Your date is probably worried sick."

"I've been to your school before and she and Dumbledore are part of this," Walter looked around to make sure they were still alone, "They are part of this thing I'm in, and Ophelia can wait I left her with your mother."

"Walter, you aren't in any kind of trouble are you?" Raine asked in a concerned tone.

Walter looked around once again, "It's not like that. I'm in a group fighting against Voldemort."


“You know about Voldemort don’t you?”

"Yes, yes, of course I do. But, why would you get involved? You're going to get hurt Walter."

"Everyone is going to get hurt sooner or later and as an Auror we are trying to stop him but they Ministry is holding us back."

"Walter," Raine sighed. "If you stay out of his way, you won't get hurt. Walter, I don't want to lose you. Did you ever stop and think that the Ministry is holding you back for a reason?"

"Raine they are going after muggles as well as muggleborns. Do you want me to sit back and do nothing? Some of your friends are in danger as well as mine."

"Well, I don't know. I don't want anyone to get hurt. But, it'll end up happening anyway. Voldemort is a power-crazed fool. Yet, so is the Minister of Magic. What happens if Voldemort and the Minister fall? Who’s going to take their place? Another power crazed maniac? How do you win in this war Walter?" Raine questioned.

Walter groaned, "I think you're just to young to understand because no one you know has been harmed yet."

"Really? How would you know?" Raine asked. "Although, I suppose you're right. I'm to young and naive to understand anything that goes on in this big wide world."

"I've lost people already to him Raine, some where killed others just joined him."

"How do you know if some one has joined him?" Raine asked seriously.

"Because I've had to fight against some already and they do have his mark on their arm."

"What's his mark?"

It's a skull with a snake wrapped around it and coming out of its mouth."

"What?" Raine gasped. "But- but- he wouldn't join him!" Raine was on the brink of tears again.

"What are you talking about Raine?"

"I thought it was just some tattoo he had gotten when he went to Ireland. I didn't think it meant anything." Raine said plopping down on the floor.

“Who Raine?”

Raine looked up at Walter with tears in her eyes. "Aiden." she replied in a soft whisper.

Walter sighed, "So you found out."

"So I did." Raine said in disbelief with tears rolling down her cheeks. "He's always telling me not to get involved with anything to do with the war. Why would he join Voldemort?"

"Ella." Walter replied running one of his hands through his hair.

"What? Ella is one of them? Oh my God." Raine gasped. "I guess next you'll be telling me Donnalyn's with them too." Raine said as she put her head in her hands.

Walter sighed, "Not yet but Demetrius is. So it's only a matter of time."

"Oh God." Raine sighed. "Wha- why is our family crumbling? I knew they didn't like the fact of me being in Gryffindor and they don't like me hanging out with muggleborns. But, I bet now they hate me because I'm not one of them. Is that why they never talk to you? Donnalyn just said it was because you owed them some money but, I didn't buy it."

"Yeah. Well the parents are staying out of it. I don't know Raine it's war nothing is going to stay the same."

"The day before Christmas I find out Gideon doesn't actually love me and on Christmas day I find out the Quiberon Quafflepunchers aren't real and that my siblings and one of my cousins are on his side. Thanks everyone." Raine said to herself. "Happy Christmas to you too."

"You're not the only one who is having a hard time. There are people out there who instead of having a Christmas are burying their families." Walter replied.

"Thanks Walter. Way to make me feel even worse." Raine stated before standing up and walking out of the room her and Walter were in.

Walter rolled his eyes. His youngest cousin was one selfish person. He walked back into the part and walked up to his aunt and his girlfriend.

"Walter, darling. Where were you?" Ophelia asked.

"Talking with my cousin sweetheart." Walter replied.

"Oh, how is she?" Ophelia asked while lacing her fingers with Walter's fingers.

"Are you talking about Raine? I need to ask her about the gift she received from Eugenio and myself. Is she in a good mood? I hate to talk to her when she's in a sour mood. She's rather difficult to deal with." Camille asked.

Walter sighed, "Horrid mood. Just found out about well the family, and apparently Gideon's been cheating on her."

"Oh dear." Camille said. "I better leave go and talk to her then. Where did she go?"

"I'm not sure. She stormed off." Walter replied.

"Alright. I'll give her some time to cool down. I'm going to find Marius. I'll see you two later." Camille winked before she walked off to find her brother.

Walter groaned, "I feel bad for her but she's just so..."

“So what honey?”

“Her world only revolves around her.”

"You know she cares for others. Maybe she's just feeling crappy and wants to have her world revolve around her right now. Plus, she's a teenage girl. Of course her world revolves around her. I haven't spent much time with her but around me, she doesn't act that way."

"Well from what I've heard from Nate and James it's been only her all year."

"They're guys. They exaggerate. You know that. What have they been telling you?"

"I don't want to talk about this right now." Walter replied.

"Walter, how long has it been since you've slept? I know after that "thing" you did, which lasted a week you came straight here. Maybe we should go home and sleep." Ophelia suggested.

"I'm fine Ophelia. I was told to be here." Walter snapped.

"Don’t you dare get snappy with me Walter." Ophelia snapped as she pointed her index finger at Walter. "By whom? If it was just to be here to see your family and old friends, you've done it. And already had an argument with Raine. Why can't we go home?" she finished, regaining her cool.

"My boss, Ophelia." Walter replied.

"He seems more important than me lately Walter. I haven't seen you in a week and when you do come back, we can't spend time alone together." Ophelia rolled her eyes and walked away from Walter towards the bathroom.

Walter groaned and walked off in search of his younger brother.

Raine was still somewhat mad at Walter for joining a side in the war. She wasn't paying much attention and ran into some one or something. Raine fell back onto her arse. "Sorry." Raine mumbled.

"It's alright, Raine."

Raine tried to stand up but failed when one of her heels broke. "That's just peachy keen isn't it?" she huffed while taking her shoes off.

"I can fix that for you if you would like."

"Sure." Raine said as she handed her shoes to the mysterious person. "Thanks." she said while looking down at her foot, which was starting to turn red from the fall.

“Solum reparo. Here you are.”

Raine grabbed her shoes and put them on before saying "thank you, so much. I would have been dead if Mrs. Potter caught me with no shoes on."

“Well that sounds like her.”

"It really does." Raine laughed as she stood up and looked at the helpful person. "Gideon." Raine said quietly and backed away a little bit.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?”

"No, don't you sweetheart me. I can't believe you Gideon."

"Can't believe me... what are you talking about Raine?"

"Don't play stupid with me. How many were there?" 

Nate and James saw Gideon with Raine and immediately walked up behind Raine and stood there with their arms crossed over their chests.

"What’s the problem?" James asked.

"Okay what the bloody hell is going on?"

"I told you not to play stupid with me Gideon Prewett. How many were there?" Raine said getting angry.

"How many were what?"

"How many," Raine took in a deep breath. "Girls were there?"

“What do you mean Raine?”

"Gideon, please just answer the question."

"I would if I knew what the bloody hell you were talking about?"

"How many bloody whores did you sleep with while we were together?" Raine shouted. The entire room got dead silent as everyone now had their eye on Raine and Gideon.

Gideon sighed, "Raine, do you really think this is the place to discuss this?"

"Actually, yes I do. Where do you suggest we discuss this?”

"Fine you want to know the truth? Yes I cheated on you."

"How many times? And with how many different girls?" Raine asked through clenched teeth.

"Three times, two girls." Gideon replied.

"Why?" Raine asked. "Oh, wait. Never mind. I know the answer to that! Silly me. To keep up with your stupid bloody git of a twin! Isn't that right?"

"What would you rather I had pushed you into having sex?" Gideon replied Fabian slowly walking over.

"I would have rather you waited for me!" Raine yelled. "You don't have to be in competition with him and Wood all the time!"

            “How would you know?”

            "Because, you are so much better than both of those to gits put together. You're great at playing Quidditch, you have great grades in all your classes, and you had a perfect relationship."

            "That's just it, nothing is perfect in my life. You were the only thing but I had to go and screw that up to."

            "Why did you if I was the only perfect thing? Huh?" Raine asked getting angrier.

            "Well there is no reason good enough but, things just have been really bloody messed up lately."

            "I'm so sorry Prewett." Raine spat. "You know. I actually thought you were different. I thought you were actually the one for me. I loved you Gideon, but of course I'm stupid and naive and thought you actually loved me back." Raine turned around and started to walk upstairs.

            "Yeah just storm off and don't even bloody bother to ask him what the bloody hell has been going on. You are one of the most selfish people I have ever meet Raine de Luca." Fabian Prewett yelled after her.

            Raine immediately turned around and slapped Fabian across the face. "Don't talk to me Fabian." Raine snapped. Raine then turned to face Gideon. "So what’s been going on that cause you to cheat on me?" Raine asked coldly.

            "Molly is pregnant with her third child, and my father died over the summer, Raine."

            "Oh, I'm sorry about your father." Raine started softly. "So, Molly being pregnant again caused you to cheat on me? Did you want to start a family of your own? Are you in a competition with Molly too? 'The baby games let’s see if I can have more kids before you!' Is that it?"

            "Come on Gideon." Fabian said pulling on his brother's arm, "You don't need this right now. She's just a selfish bitch who can't even take a moment to step back and think about other people for a moment."

            Raine once again came up to Fabian and slapped him, even harder this time, across the face. "At least I'm not a whore Fabian. I don't just get together with people, shag them, and then dump them because I'm "bored with my relationship". I actually care about people's feelings. Unlike you." Raine said in disgust. "Do you know how hard it is for me to actually believe that Gideon cheated on me? I never thought he would do something like that." Raine stated while tears were slowly falling from her eyes.

            "Done attacking everyone besides yourself yet. Now Gideon and I are going to leave now and if you smack me one more time I'm not going to hold back anymore. You're a stuck up bitch. You can't even take a step back and think about someone other then yourself for more then a moment. I'm surprised you even bothered to see what was wrong with Emmeline that day." Fabian said.

            Raine had had enough. "Stupido, auto vi siete concentrati il figlio di una femmina. Siete così scatto arrogante. Entrambi voi e Gideon. Non posso attendere finchè vi ottengo le mie mani. Sto andando ucciderlo con le mie mani nude!!" she yelled in Italian. She immediately jumped on to Fabian and started hitting him, kicking him, doing anything to cause him pain.

            Gideon groaned knowing he's brother was still too much of nice guy to do anything to Raine, "Raine get off him. We can tell we're not wanted so we're going to leave."

            "Fratelli stupido di Prewett. Pensi che possano comunicare con me tutto il senso desiderano. Pensano che possano curarli desiderano comunque." Raine muttered as she continued to cause Fabian pain. But soon she started to slow down and more tears started to fall more frequently. Raine finally stopped beating up on Fabian and was now crying her eyes out while still on top of him.

            Fabian sighed pulled her off of him and carried her over to Nate, "Sorry we've ruined everyone's evening. We're going to leave now."

            "Good." James spat as Gideon and Fabian made there way out the door.

            "Nate, I want to go to bed." Raine whimpered. The Prewett twins left. 

"Alright I'll put you in bed." Nate replied.

Everyone else in the room was still in a state of shock and didn't say a word. Nate carried Raine up the stairs bridal style as Raine wrapped her hands around his neck tightly while crying onto his chest.

"Nate, I don't want to be a burden. Put me in my bed please." Raine pleaded.

            "You're not a burden." Nate replied walking into his own room, "and you're not going anywhere by yourself."

            "Apparently I'm selfish. And I don't want to take up your bed and your time. So, please, just put me down and I'll walk to my room and sleep." Raine said quietly.

            "No." Nate replied sitting her down on his bed and reaching around behind her and starting to undo the buttons on her dress.

            "Nate, please." Raine pleaded. "Just let me go. I am selfish because you shouldn't be here right now. You should be down stairs enjoying the party and not wasting your time with me."

"It's fine Raine." Nate replied finishing up the buttons and then he went over to his dresser and pulled out a shirt for her to wear.         

"Raine are you okay?" Lily's voice came from the doorway.

            "I don't know Lily. I probably will be, but it doesn't feel that way. I should've never started the stupid conversation with James. All this crap is because of me. I ruined everyone's Christmas." Raine said while having a few tears roll down her cheeks. "I'm sorry Lily. I'm sorry Nate." she started. "I'm sorry everyone." Raine said in a barely audible voice.

            Nate sighed walked over to her with the shirt, pulled her up, handed her the shirt, and pointed to the bathroom.

            Raine nodded slowly and got up from the bed and walked into the bathroom, a couple seconds later she emerged from the bathroom with her evening gown in hand. "Where do you want me to set this Nate?" Raine asked softly.

            "I'll take it to your room Raine. I'll be right back." Lily replied grabbing the evening dress from her and walking out of the room before Raine could object.

Raine looked at the door for a few seconds and then slowly made her way to Nate's bed, where she sat down.

"Sleep. You'll feel better." Nate insisted.

"It didn't really help last time." Raine said. "It just covered up the fact that Gideon was cheating on me. Sleeping now will just cover up the fact that Gideon and I are over. When I wake up, I'll feel the same way as I do now."

Nate groaned, "God I'm trying to help you."

"I know Nate. And I am grateful for that." Raine said as she lay down on the bed and curled up on her side. "I'm sorry Nate. I didn't want any of this to happen."

"Like anyone would have wanted it to happen?"

"I know. I just thought I'd have a quite break up that didn't involve offensive words and violence. Fabian went to far." Raine continued. "Please tell James I am sorry. I'll apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Potter later. But, please, apologize to James for me."

"Yeah I will, but he was sticking up for his brother." Nate replied.

Raine rolled her eyes. "Okay, thanks. You know it was kind of unfair. Gideon had Fabian sticking up for him. But I didn't have anyone. You and James just stood behind me." Raine stated.

"I would have supported you but god Raine his father died. Wouldn't that bloody mess you up?"

"I said I was sorry for him! Why would he cheat on me though? That’s what I don't get. If you or anyone in our family died I wouldn't cheat on the person I was with!"

"Well since he hadn't told you apparently it freaked him out. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things. He probably did it to forget to put it out of his mind. God Raine at least he cared enough to not make you have sex with him."

Raine was thinking over what Nate just said and she then felt horrible. "Oh my God. Why do I have to always screw everything up? I always do stuff like this! Fabian is once again right. I am a selfish bitch." Raine said before starting to cry again. "I- I was ju- just so mad," she managed to get out in between sobs. "I should've pai- paid more attention to him. Then he wouldn't have ever done anything and we'd both be down stairs right now enjoying the party the Potter's threw."

"Well you think about that. I'd stay here and try to make things better. I'm going back down to the party. I'll be back up in about an hour to check on you. You better be in here." Nate replied standing up.

Raine slowly nodded her head in response. Nate leaned down kissed the top of her head and walked out of the room. He walked over to where Lily was waiting for him and they together went back down to the party.

As soon as Nate left the room Raine sat up from the bed and walked over to Nate's desk. She pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill, and some ink then she began to write a letter. 

Nate and Lily walked in silence most of the way, "Is she going to be okay?" Lily asked.    

"I don't know." Nate replied.

"What exactly did James say to her? I heard her say if she had never had that stupid conversation with James this would've never happened." Lily questioned.

"James told her the truth. That Gideon was cheating on her. She didn't believe him but she knew James wouldn't lie."

"He had to have said more though. Raine didn't believe that Gideon's father dying and Molly having another baby was the reason he cheated on her. It was probably something James said."

"Locker room talk. How he compared with he's brother and Caine over who had done what and such."

"If he was grieving his father's death when he was sleeping with other women, why would he talk about it in the locker room? Wouldn't you keep that to yourself?"

"He's a guy. We do things differently. No one probably knew besides Fabian and it's obvious he was having a hard time to. I don't think he would have lost interest in Emmeline if it hadn't happened. They don't have their dad anymore so they don't have that guidance they don't really have someone telling them if they are doing something wrong."

"Oh, okay." Lily said still puzzled. "Well, how do you think Raine is going to cope with everything? I don't think it's healthy for her to blame everything on herself."

"Well she needs to stop thinking she's the only one with problems. Walter is going through so much right now and she doesn't even notice. She is just to into herself sometimes."

"That's true." Lily sighed. "I just hope Raine will come to her senses soon. I don't like seeing her like this."

"I don't either, will you hold on I'm going to run up and check on her I told her I was going to wait an hour but..." Lily nodded. "Thanks." Nate replied kissing her cheek and then turning around, running silently back up the stairs and then he opened the door to his room.

Raine was sitting on his windowsill looking out the window and softly singing to her. "But I can't help, falling in love with you." She finished, then looked towards Nate and smiled a small, fake, watery smile. "Thought you said you'd be back in an hour." She said as she swatted the tears away from her face.

"You knew I was going to lie and come check on you. You okay?"

"Yeah. I suppose. It’s not like I can go back in time and erase everything. I tried to apologize but he just wrote back he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Nate, I didn't realize what I was saying. I was so mad at the fact that he did cheat on me."

"I'm sorry Raine. Do you want me to try and talk to him?"

"You can try. But, I know it'll be no use." she replied while turning her attention back to outside the window.

"Alright well I'll be right back." Nate replied walking back out of the room.

"Okay." she whispered.

Nate walked back down the stairs, "Lily I'm going to go talk to Prewett. Do you want to stay here or come with me?"

"I think I'm going to talk to Raine for a couple of minutes. But, I do want to go with you." Lily replied.

"Alright don't take to long I'm going to go see if Walter will apparated us there."

"Okay." Lily said as she started climbing the stairs to see Raine.

Lily knocked on the door softly and asked "Raine can we talk for a second?"

"I just want to ask you a quick question. What did James tell you when he also revealed Gideon was cheating on you? I know about the locker room talk but what else did he say?"

"Oh he said that Gideon probably would have broken up me after I slept with him and that Gideon was unfaithful to me and that he really didn't want to be the one to tell me this, that was pretty much it." Raine replied holding her knees.

"Are you sure? He had to have said something else though." Lily said more to her self.

“Like what?”

"He didn't say anything about Gideon being a man whore or something?"

"No I don't think so. He said that Gideon probably felt like he had to keep up with his brother..."

"So that’s where that came from." Lily stated. "Okay, thanks, hon. I'm going to go find Nate now okay? You just sleep." Lily said as she left the room.


"What?" Lily asked as she came back into the room.

"What are you talking about?"

"Some of the stuff you said had to have come from someone else Raine. You have never thought that Gideon would've cheated on you to keep up with Fabian. Some one had to have fueled the fire. Now, I really have to go Raine. I'll talk to you later on." Lily once again headed out of the room to try and find Nate.

"You ready?" Nate asked when he saw Lily.

"Yes. And I think I found out some things that might explain why Raine was saying some of that stuff." Lily answered.

"I already knew must of it was from what's she heard. Walter." Nate replied.     Walter grabbed both of their elbows and apparated them both to the Prewett front door, "I'll be back in about half an hour, okay?" Walter asked.

"Alright." Both Lily and Nate replied simultaneously. "She heard it all from James." Lily stated bluntly.

"I know." Nate replied knocking on the door.

Someone came to the door and said, "I think it's for you two."

Then the Prewett twins came to the door and unexpectedly saw Nate and Lily. "We don't want to talk to you guys right now." Fabian said.

"I figured that much but I can't go back to her until she knows how things are going and I think we both need to straighten things up, and I'm sorry to both of you." Nate replied.

Fabian snorted. "You bet we need to straighten things out." Gideon started, "How'd she find out about me and the other girls?"

"James." Nate answered.

"Ah. That explains it. Now, why did he tell her?" Gideon asked while leaning against the doorframe.

“Because he wants to get back with her.”

"Okay. What all did he say to her? Most of the things she said weren't true."

“Raine said that James said that you probably would have broken up her after she slept with you, that you weren’t faithful to her, and that you probably felt like you need to keep up with Fabian.” Lily answered.

 "Well two of those things are true. But, the other one isn't." Gideon stated.

“And that is?” Lily asked tossing her red locks over her shoulder.

"I didn't stay faithful to her and I do feel like I have to keep up with Fabian."

“I thought so. She feels really horrible about how she acted." Lily replied wrapping her arms around herself to block from the cold night air.

"Well, she should. She didn't have a right to beat up on me." Fabian stated. "Why don't you guys come in, its getting cold."

Nate motioned for Lily to go in first and then they both walked inside.

"Well wouldn't you have reacted the way she did having someone telling you the same things one of your cousins had just been telling you not even half an hour before. She freaked out and you were saying that in front of the entire party." Nate said.

"What did you tell her Nate?" Gideon asked.

“Who said it was I?” Nate asked.

"You are really the only cousin she talks too."

“It was my brother Walter.”

"So, what did he tell her?"

"Well, he told her some things going on with our own family and then that she wasn't the only one having a hard time." Nate answered.

"You know, if you ask me," Fabian started. "She isn't actually having a hard time."

"Oh finding out that your boyfriend is cheating on you and finding out that half of your family has become death eaters isn't a hard time." Nate replied glaring at Fabian.

"Not really. Finding out that your father just died and having to deal with your weeping, nearly hysterical mother is a hard time. Yea, Gideon cheated on her but she'll get over it. The way her a Potter have been acting, she'll get over Gideon quickly."

Nate glared at Fabian, "She was in love with him, Fabian. Yes you guys are defiantly having a harder time, but no one ever told her."

"That's not my problem Beauchamp." Fabian said. "Gideon told me that he told her. So I assumed...."

"Well she didn't know. I'm not here to get them back together or anything. I just need to let her know that at least Gideon doesn't hate her. I don't think she would mind if you did." Nate snapped.

Fabian just rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. "Why shouldn't I hate her? She always acts as if the world revolves around her. I bet she told you guys to come here." Gideon said.

"No she didn't. I know she does but she's still is growing up. She's the youngest out of our entire family so she's always had everything she's ever wanted. Everything was about her and she's realizing that now. She's not going to change over night. I don't know what she wants but I want to know that you don't hate her. It's not her fault that you didn't tell her. If you had maybe she would have been a hell of a lot more understanding." Nate replied.

"Maybe it would be different. But, she needs to grow up fast because nobody else she dates is going to be as lineate as I was." Gideon said.

"I bet the next guy she dates will dump her in two days." Fabian yelled from the kitchen. Gideon rolled his eyes.

"Look, I don't hate her. Nobody is physically or mentally capable to hate her. She just has that personality and that’s what I like about her. But, I don't think I want her back." Gideon stated.

"Good I don't want you two to date anymore." Nate replied.

"Good, because I don't plan to date her. Now, get out of this house. Your darling cousin is probably wanting you to wait on her hand and foot." Gideon stated while pointing to the door.

"Gladly." Nate replied.

"You all are so bloody immature!" Lily yelled before storming out the Prewett's house.

Gideon rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut, after Nate had ran after Lily. Gideon sighed and sat back down on the couch. Fabian came out of the kitchen and said, "Finally, they're gone. What’s wrong mate? I thought you were glad to finally break up with her."

“No.” Gideon replied.

"No what? They aren't gone?" Fabian asked stupidly.

"No I'm not glad I'm not with Raine anymore!"

"Why not? You're always complaining about her and how she never did anything for you or how she never put out." Fabian said.

“I don’t know. Fabian, I don’t know.”

"There has to be a reason and you know it. Why are you upset about not being with Raine anymore?"

"I really don't know. I don't like the way things ended, and I don't like the thought of her with someone else. You know as well as I do that she's pretty enough another guy will put up with her shite."

"True." Fabian started. "Wait, you really did love her didn't you?"

"I don't know right now. Fabian I'm so confused."

"Well, until you find your true feelings for that girl, you'll stay confused. I was confused about my relationship with Emmeline until I found out I really didn't love her. That's why we broke up. I don't think she really loved me either because she's already with someone else, that Lupin guy."

“Rebound, Fabian.”

"So. She still got over me pretty quickly." Fabian said while starting to go upstairs. "Now, I am going to wash up and go to bed. Having to just sit there while some girl beat me up is pretty tiring and I'm sure I have a couple bruises. Good night mate."

Gideon sighed, “Night, Fab.”

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