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A./N.------I own nothing but the plot sadly.I wish I did,but J.k. Rowling got there before me.

Draco and Hermione had both been chosen head girl and head boy, (you all know the drill)they fought a lot at the begining but slowly started to fall in love.Ron blew his top when he found out that Draco and Hermione were together, Harry was semi excepting, and Ginny was all for it.

Soon the war begins and Harry goes off to find Voldemort,but he will not allow Hermione to come with her and urges her to stay with Draco and move back into a muggle city.

This story starts about a year after Hogwarts,Draco and Hermione are in love soon to be engaged,(draco was planning on proposing soon)and live together in a muggle town. (Draco has changed much since the end of Hogwarts,He and Hermione had fallen in love and Hermione had convinced him that it would be safer to live in a muggle city untill the war was over.)He had agreed but always knew some thing bad was going to happen.

The radio hummed quietly while Draco drove the cozy little car from the fancy restrant that he and Hermione had just dinned at,Draco paid no mind to the radio but Hermione was quiet glad the radio was playing it covered her soft sniffles.She was crying and was thinking about some thing that was breaking her heart and she knew it would break some one elses heart too.She wanted to talk to draco but she was scared of what might happen as an overall outcome.

Hermione finaly gathered up the coaurage to say some thing(Something that was very hard for her.)but as soon as she started her voice broke,and imeadiatly Draco turned off the radio and pulled over to the side of the road and said worried, "Hermione baby whats wrong?"

"Draco," she started but again her voice broke, "What is it Mione?" Draco said still the more worried. "Draco I think," sniff sniff, "we should see other people" she said sadly. Draco shook his head sadly looking agast,He said, "I was afraid this would happen one day," and he pulled a small neatly folded note out of his pocket and handed it to her,he turned away so she would not see the tears roling steadily down his cheeks.He was sad and knew some thing bad was about to happen.

Seconds later an eighteen wheeler truck smashed into the side of Draco's car,killing him on impact,amazingly not killing Hermione but leaving her greatly harmed,but she she jumped out of the car looking at it in horror,then she remembered the note that Draco had given her right before the acciedent,she pulled it out and read it,it said,

My Dearest Hermione,
I would die without your love.
Draco Malfoy

Hermione cried out sadly, "Me too." She walked weakly back to the car,fell to her knees and took one last look at Draco and died on the spot.Soon the police came to the site off the acciedent and found that the driver of the eighteen wheeler had been drunk when he hit Draco and Hermione,and was taken to jail.

A./N.-------------Just came up with a small idea to put somthing up,It's not that great I know,but at least its something,Please leave a review good or bad and I also know I dont have the best grammer but I do the best I can!See all you great readers around.Wasn't the ending sad?
(-: (-; d-: -------Elizabeth-----------

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